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									PTA General Meeting February 27, 2008 I. Welcome and Approval of Minutes – Christy Halvorson Ross

Christy called the meeting to order and welcomed meeting attendees. She announced that the PTA has a full agenda, and will complete all official business by 7:00 when NetSmartz will begin their presentation on Internet Safety. Minutes of the 10/3/07 and 11/28/07 meetings were approved. II. LSRT Report – Sylvia Becker

The LSRT announced that Key Elementary has been nominated to be a Blue Ribbon School. In addition, the LSRT reported on an event recently hosted on “Life After Key,” and reminded parents that there are several open house events occurring at area schools. III. Principal Report – David Landeryou

Mr. Landeryou thanked Jen Felten for pulling together the educational program tonight. He also took the opportunity to recognize Mr. Brett Colton, Ms. Scholem, Ms. Hayes and Ms. Johnson for attending the General PTA meeting, and applauded their dedication to the students and the program for attending the event tonight. Mr. Landeryou thanked Michelle Mundt for all of her work in hosting the Key School open house. The open houses had tremendous turn out, which is a tribute to the entire program. The science fair will be next week, and there will be a special assembly next Wednesday afternoon. The science boards will come in on Thursday, with judging on Friday and the Science Night on Friday. Finally, Mr. Landeryou thanked Susan and Pete Kaminskas for all of their work on the auction. IV. Treasurer Report – Julie Scott

The Treasurer’s Report was posted on-line. If PTA members have specific questions please see or speak to Julie Scott. The PTA will approve the annual budget at the next general meeting so please submit your requests well in advance of that meeting.

V. a.

Committee Reports: Foreign Language – Caitlin Durkovich

Caroline Wolverton has pulled the committee together and there have been a number of volunteers that have helped bring the program to fruition. A survey was conducted in January to determine the level of interest in a foreign language program. There were 140 unique programs. Support for a foreign language program is overwhelming with almost 70 percent of respondents supporting the inclusion of foreign language in the curriculum. Ninety-four percent support including foreign language as an extra school program, with Spanish being most in demand followed by French and Mandarin Chinese.


Key Elementary School General PTA Meeting November 28, 2007

There were a handful of turn-key solutions available, but the program that seemed to be the best fit is the Montgomery County Foreign Language in Elementary Schools (FLES) program. They will conduct multiple classes a week. No English is spoken in the classroom. Teachers have a multi-faceted curriculum, undergo extensive training, and must be fluent in the language being taught. Most teachers, in fact, are native speakers. The instructors also include and incorporate cultural learnings. Key will launch a pilot program with FLES. There will be two classes – one before school and one after school. Each class will be 45 minutes and will meet twice a week. Tuition will be approximately $250 per student, and open only to Kindergarten and first grade. If the program works well, it will be expanded next fall to include students at least from K – 5. Maximum enrollment will be 15 students per class and if the response rate is high then there will be a lottery for the program. Enrollment forms will be sent home in early March, and will need to be returned in mid-March. The program will require a PTA-FLES liaison. Caroline Wolverton has generously offered to fill that role. Kim Snedden announced that Guy Mason will be holding introductory foreign language classes for adults. b. Spring Auction/Key Night Out – Michelle Mundt

The Auction is Saturday, March 14 – just more than two weeks away. People should RSVP, which will make things go much more smoothly. Raffle tickets are still available, and donations are in very good shape. The catalogue will go to print on Friday. Parking is available in neighborhood garages. Class projects will be available for viewing on Thursday and Friday before the auction. c. Science Fair – Amy Johnson

Mrs. Johnson spoke on behalf of the Science Committee. Everything is coming together for the Science Fair. There are more than 130 projects so the Science Committee needs parent volunteers to help set of the projects for display and judging. The committee also needs volunteers for Friday night to help serve food. VI. Adjourn – Introduce NetSmartz Presentation

Christy thanked Catherine Stirling for bringing the pizza for the children attending the meeting, as well as Mary Ann Svec for coordinating hospitality for tonight’s meeting. With that, the official PTA meeting was adjourned for the NetSmartz presentation.


Key Elementary School General PTA Meeting November 28, 2007

Key Elementary School PTA General Meeting November 28, 2007 I. Opening Marie Collins called the meeting to order. II. LSRT Report Mike Bailey spoke on behalf of the LSRT team, and announced that they had scheduled a “Life after Key” discussion at Key on December 5, where current Key families and former Key students and parents could discuss their experiences at Hardy Middle School, Latin Charter school, and beyond. III. Principal’s Report Principal David Landeryou offered thanks to Michelle Mundt for a successful Open House. Some 50 parents visited. He relayed that Key School had a special guest earlier in the day: Sherry Ullery (sp?), the Chief of Academic Teaching and Learning for D.C. Public Schools. Mr. Landeryou showed her around the school, and she was impressed by the program. The early childhood team met with Ms. Ullery. Julie Scott asked about the story on the plan to close 20 or so schools (Key was not one of them), as announced by the Mayor and the Chancellor. Mr. Landeryou responded that he had learned about it from the Washington Post too. There was a question about whether the closures would result in teachers from the closing schools being given priority to fill vacancies of other schools like Key. Mr. Landeryou said that he would fight to ensure that Key maintain its ability to hire its own teachers. He also said that the Chancellor’s budget request may include money for severance and relocation of teachers. Marie Collins noted that J.F. Cook elementary school was among those listed for closure. Bill Bravman had been working to establish a partnership with that school. IV. Treasurer’s Report Julie Scott unveiled the latest budget spreadsheet and had no significant changes to report from the last General PTA meeting. There was a question whether the Sally Foster gift wrap that was purchased for resale at the Christmas Tree Sale was included. Julie said no, and that Sally Foster internet sales receipts were not included either. V. Committee Report A. Holiday Secret Shop. Sharon Kuck reported on the holiday secret shop to be held on December 5-6, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. She explained that children would be able to donate to Children’s Hospital, as well as buy gifts for their family members. The committee has arranged the sale so that every kid will go home with something, even if they don’t bring money from home in order to participate. They ordered 2,300 items, and will have items for gift recipients of all ages, such as hot dog hats, trinkets, and stationary. B. Christmas Tree Sale. Nick Kennan and Todd Stein reported on the upcoming Christmas Tree Sale to be held on December 8-9 from 10:00 to 4:00 each day. Like last year, it will be held in the Key School parking lot. The suppliers are brining more trees and greens than last year to sell. They promoted the sale and made a request for volunteers to help sell and load the trees. 3
Key Elementary School General PTA Meeting November 28, 2007

B½. Fillmore fundraiser. Noe Davis (sp?) reported on the “Dinner with an Artist” fundraiser for the Fillmore Arts Center. She discussed that the plan was to hold 10 dinners, of 8-10 people each. If each dinner guest paid $100, that would net some $10,000 for Fillmore. She solicited interest in hosting a dinner. Responding to a question, Ms. Davis said that the host was responsible for providing the food but wasn’t expected to pay the donation. Marie Collins also solicited ideas for artists to participate. C. Winter After School Enrichment Program (ASEP). Marie Collins provided an update, as ASEP Chair Lena Nirk was absent. The program will be offered in the weeks between January 14 and March 17. The class offerings will be similar to the previous year. She reminded parents to keep in mind that the goal of the organizers is to provide every student something that he or she wants, and that they should select one class for their child(ren) so that a large number of students have the opportunity to participate. D. Community Service. Marie Collins provided an update, as the co-chairs were absent. She said they were working with Sharon Kuck on coordinating the Children’s Hospital contribution from the holiday secret shop. They have also arranged a visit for Ms. Palm’s class at the Grand Oaks retirement facility. Mr. Landeryou noted that a group called “Wheels for Africa” came by to discuss their program to collect used bicycles and send them to Africa. He referred the group to the Community Service committee. VI. Other Business A. Parent information/education program. Christy Ross brought up the ongoing discussion about offering parent education through the PTA. Topics being discussed include health, wellness, safety, and Internet safety. One thought is to tag such sessions on to the end of the mid-year PTA general meetings, which tend to be shorter than the first and last meetings of the school year. The next general PT A meeting will include a session on Internet safety. Christy said this program will require volunteer assistance. B. Fillmore supplies contribution. Catherine Stirling relayed how Linda Reveal discovered, at a meeting of the six school council, that the Key School was not contributing to a fund to purchase supplies for Fillmore, as some of the other schools were doing. She mentioned that the PTA Executive Committee had made a consensus recommendation to donate $2,000 from the PTA’s general fund toward Fillmore supplies, and to include it as a line item in future budgets. Marie Collins explained that this situation was similar to Key’s own process for providing supplies to classroom teachers, which is a combination of parent and PTA support. A motion to approve the $2,000 contribution for 2007-2008 from prior year surplus was made and adopted. C. Other items. There was a question about the prospect of foreign language instruction. Marie Collins said that Caroline Wolverton was working with a parent group on this issue, and that they were about 75 percent of the way through the process. They hope to present it to the PTA in the near future. Marie Collins noted that the Science Fair had been moved from May 15 to March 7, to allow Key students to participate in the District-wide competition. Julie Scott said that including science in ASEP, with a focus on the projects, might be good timing. March 15 is the auction date, with a site yet to be selected. The meeting was adjourned.


Key Elementary School General PTA Meeting November 28, 2007

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