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Hamel Real Estate by infoailenclark


Hamel Real Estate has been doing active business in the capital region for over 17 years.

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Hamel Real Estate has been doing active business
in the capital region for over 17 years. The office is
located in the heart of Center Square on the corner
of Hudson Avenue and Dove Street. They have
extensive experience and knowledge in buyer and
seller representation as well as property
management and home improvement.
They are dedicated to representing clients in the
most efficient manner while meeting their
requirements. The professionals work to develop
long term relationship with each client and
neighborhood they have the opportunity to work in.
By following an innovative approach in the
management technique, the firm maintains close
and personal contact with the clients.
Bill Hamel is the owner and operator of a real estate
sales and property management company, Hamel
Real Estate. He is currently responsible for
managing 220 rental units while specializing in
urban rental property sales, paying particular
attention to tenant-sales relations allowing for
successful transactions.
His     duties  include     property     management,
maintenance and rehabilitation as well as sales and
buyer representation. Bill is a licensed real estate
broker. He has excellent leadership skills with a
determination for success. He has excellent
knowledge of all facets of real estate industry. Under
his supervision, Hamel Real Estate operates
diligently with energy and enthusiasm offering
prompt and honest communication with clients.
They focus their management efforts in the Center
Square and North Allen Street areas of Albany. Their
professional staff offer a different set of skills and
experience ranging from construction management,
mortgage, tax and REO properties to municipal water
works management.
Hamel Real Estate has an excellent track record of
hundreds of happy and satisfied customers. There
are many online reviews written about the company
praising their efficient and reliable services. Hamel
Realty has made a strong presence in Albany's
Center Square over the years.
They are looking forward to becoming more
involved with community activities, social events
and building strong and long-lasting relationships in
the beautiful downtown neighborhood. It is a
complete source for all real estate needs. For more
details,       please         browse         through

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