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OCTOBER 2008 • VOLUME 5, NO. 10

An Idea Alone Has Little Value
Contrary to popular belief, great companies are not born from great ideas alone. We’d all love to think that if we could simply invent the next sticky-note, we could sit back and watch the cash tumble in. But if great ideas don’t spawn great companies, what does? The short answer is: you. The longer, and far more complicated, answer is how you specifically position yourself and your company to execute an idea. Anyone who overhears your idea, has the same idea at the same time, or basically plans on doing anything similar, is already on the same playing field as you are. In order to differentiate yourself and your idea, you don’t need a patent or some proprietary method. You need a focused plan that allows you to execute above and beyond your competition every day of the week. Think of your competition like your favorite professional sports league. There are dozens of teams which have talented players on them, but only one team is going to perform better than everyone else. Your goal is to build that team.

execution is about going above and beyond the call of duty each and every day. It’s about reaching out to your customer when there are no problems just to see how they are doing. It’s about releasing a product feature faster than your competitor even when you’re already ahead. It’s being the first car in the parking lot in the morning and the last one to leave at night. It’s doing what the guy next to you isn’t willing to do.

Even a product that’s a total commodity, like food, can take on an entirely new meaning when you compare the service that comes with it.
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There is a massive chasm between having a great idea and executing flawlessly on a business model for a great idea. Lots of people have great ideas, but very few people ever execute them well. Execution isn’t just about showing up for work every day and punching a clock. For the team that wins,

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As I write to you this month, the financial world as we know it has changed, at least for the time being. The credit crunch has and for the short foreseeable future will continue to have adverse effects on economic conditions on local, national and international fronts. In a slower economy, the same numbers of firms compete for fewer customers and fewer dollars. As a result we have seen an increase in demand for BizX member’s products and services across the board, from construction, printing, travel and entertainment to dry cleaning. During this economic turmoil, we are expanding our business to meet the needs of our members. We have moved to larger offices in the Bay Area and have added staff to our teams in all departments in both cities. If you were to ask any team member at BizX what our purpose is, they would say, “to serve improve and grow our members’ businesses”. We do this in two ways. First we generate new sales for our members and second we help them use BizX for purchases, thereby saving their cash. Our members are benefiting over their competition by their use of BizX. They are continuing to get a stream of new customers and can continue to spend on their business operations in areas such as marketing, construction and other capital expenditures.

While credit from banks can be difficult today, qualified BizX members are also benefiting by being able to tap into BizX credit lines. They can borrow BizX dollars and use BizX members to continue to grow their business, while their competition may not have that luxury. Members of BizX have advantages and options in this tight economy. In 2007, BizX generated over $22 Million in new revenue for its members. In 2008, we can already see that this will be significantly higher. We continue to add new members at a record pace. We have added over 140 members so far in 2008. New members benefit everyone. They give our existing members new customers to sell to and new vendors to buy from. I want to thank you for your referrals and if you know of quality businesses that might benefit from BizX, we would be thrilled to know about them. I am hoping, as I am sure you do, that the economy will take a turn for the better, but regardless BizX is always here to help. On behalf of the entire BizX team, thank you for allowing us to serve you and your business.

Sincerely, ncerely,

Bob Bagga

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No Passport Required!
At just one hundred miles long by thirty five miles wide, Puerto Rico is a small island that offers intense diversity. The island has a large array of natural riches. Its central mountain range reaches 4,390 feet at Cerro de Punta; it has the only tropical rainforest in the US National Forest System, El Yunque; and its beaches brag warm, turquoise waters and soft, yellow sand. Just as Puerto Rico’s ecosystem boasts unique characteristics, the culture and way of life is also distinct. Many of the islands’ buildings proudly preserve their original Spanish style. Despite their status as a United States province, this is still an island of fiestas and paella. You are invited to experience thousands of years of history and four distinct cultures. Not to mention the beaches, biking, deep sea fishing, golf, horseback riding, kayaking, scuba, windsurfing, surfing and countless other activities the island boasts. BizX members have the opportunity to enjoy all that Puerto Rico has to offer without spending a lot of cash. Some barter options include accommodations, restaurants, bars, shops, spas and excursions. Contact your BizX Account Manager for a full list of options in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands.


Don’t Save Money at the Expense of Morale
During tough economic times every business owner and executive starts looking for ways to cut costs, and rightly so; it is the responsibility of business decision makers to guide the organization wisely so as to assure not just survival, but success. However, far too often these cost cutting decisions are made with little thought to their potentially damaging outcomes. Advertising and marketing services are well-known victims of short-sighted expense cutting, but one less regarded line item is the company holiday party. An annual holiday party is a benefit nearly every company should provide: employees work hard during the year and a little pampering during the holiday season goes a long way to build and maintain morale. For large companies it helps workers who normally would have no face time with the executives to see them in a relaxed atmosphere. For smaller companies it can be one of the few fun perks employees receive. And organizations of all sizes can benefit from the boost a gala event gives to the company image, especially during tough economic times. Fortunately, as a BizX member, you can continue (or start) to provide this morale and image building activity without depleting your cash flow. Through the exchange you can cover nearly every aspect of your event, including venue, catering, rentals, transportation, photography, entertainment and special gifts. And since you are already making the investment, why not expand your event outside the company: invite your customers and prospective customers. Showing these people that you appreciate their business in such a concrete way will help to build loyalty and will lead to higher sales in the future. Login to the BizX Member Website at or contact your Account Manager for help planning a holiday party.

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Stop dreaming about how nice it would be to have granite countertops, floors or showers and call them today. For details, visit, or call Chuck Weinberg at (360) 691-1477.

Variable Data Production Services
Marcan provides marketing solutions and fulfillment for businesses looking to increase sales and grow. They provide graphic design, printing, promotional items and media duplication. And, for businesses looking to make the most of their marketing budget, Marcan offers variable printing, a tactic that has been proven to increase your ROI. Visit for more information. Contact Zach Foster by email or at (206) 442-4705 to start your campaign.

Phone & Internet Service for Business
WCI combines its own long distance network with the best voice and data networks in the country to deliver the products you need to make your company run efficiently and cost-effectively—all with a single point of contact, and on one bill. They know that different kinds of businesses have different needs, and with their wide range of product offerings they can customize the best solution for you. Learn more at Contact Chris Shrope at (206) 442-4718 to switch your phone and internet service.

Advertise to Wedding Couples
With Wedding Expo and BridesClub. com, you can advertise to thousands of soon-to-be newlyweds through booths at local expositions and advertising in bridal magazines and on a highly visited wedding website. Expositions are coming soon to Portland, Bellevue, Tacoma and Everett. This is a great opportunity to invest your BizX to increase your cash business. For details, contact Brad Buckles at (425) 922-7924 or visit

Improve Your Credit Score Today
American Advisory Associates can help you safely and legally boost your credit score by dozens if not hundreds of points almost overnight. Call today and wipe negative items from your credit report, save thousands of dollars in interest fees and get back buying power so you can take advantage of financial opportunities. For details visit For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, contact David Murphy at (206) 621-1175.

Flowers for Special Occasions, Events & Decoration
Whether you need to say “thanks” to someone special, bring some brightness to your next event or liven up your place of business, flowers are the perfect solution. Through BizX you can purchase a wide variety of floral arrangements, with delivery available throughout much of the Puget Sound. Login to the BizX Member Website to find a florist to fill your needs. Contact Lucas Soltman at (206) 442-4714 for assistance.

Upgrade & Improve Your Property
Priceless Granite imports more than 100 different types of granite, performs custom fabrication and provides installation. They do all the work from start to finish so they can make sure you get high-quality service throughout your project.

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wallets, custom belts and buckles. Visit, or stop by their shop, located at 2060 Union Street in San Francisco. Or, contact them directly at (415) 567-1996.

A New Smile While You Relax in Comfort
Are you ready for a unique and relaxing dental experience? Cosmetic Dental Spa provides state-of-the-art dental services, complete smile makeovers and massages in beautiful downtown Pleasant Hill. Learn more about their services and staff, see before and after shots and read patient testimonials at Call them at (925) 687-2299 to schedule an appointment.

A High-Energy Team Building Event
Take your friends, family or corporate team to GoKart Racer for highperformance indoor electric Prokart racing. They supply each person with a racing suit, helmet and instructions to get you started. You supply the thrills, racing wheel to wheel on one of three European-designed road courses, complete with hairpins, high speed sweeping turns and an elevation change! But fear not, it’s easy, it’s fun and everyone can do it! This is the only pit stop your group needs to make for a great event. Get revved up for excitement at To book your event, contact Dave Robison at (650) 692-7223.

Professional, Comfortable & Effective Skin Care
Relax. Although it seems like you hear about a new cosmetic treatment to help you look younger just about every day, the professionals at Encore MedSpa have already done the research for you. They offer the most effective and lasting procedures available today, in luxury and comfort, using only the best products and the finest equipment available. Their menu of services include laser hair removal, facials, peels, laser skin rejuvenation, massage therapy and product treatments such as Botox®, Restylane® and Fraxel®. Learn more at Contact Corey Sayles at (510) 343-8347 to make an appointment.

Mobile Phone Sales & Bill Management
Mobile phones are a core element of most businesses operations. provides sales of basic phones and PDA phones such as the Treo and Blackberry. They also provide bill management solutions to help you save money and time on your mobile phone system. For more information and to see their inventory, visit Contact Andrew Lopez at (510) 343-8344 to order and for your free mobile phone bill analysis.

Quality Holiday Gifts
The Obsession Box Company provides “quality gifts for quality people” at reasonable prices for any occasion. All orders are shipped with a complimentary gift box or gift wrap with ribbon and bow. They can be customized with gifts for any holiday, birthday, anniversary, corporate event or just because. For more information, or to place an order, contact Pauline Yore at (408) 370-9880, or visit

Leather Jackets & Accessories
Look your best with a beautiful leather jacket from Fog City Leather. With many different styles and colors, there’s something leather for everyone. Fog City also has

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An Idea Alone
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In your city there may be a hundred places where you can order a filet mignon, but only a handful that are considered top notch. The difference is that the elite restaurants understand that in order to differentiate their product, they need to rely on better service. They pay attention to every detail of your experience, from the greeting you get from the host to whether you’re given a white or black napkin based

Unlike a large company, you can offer the personal service and attention your customers love that they’re probably missing from your bigger competitor. You can leverage your speed by releasing new versions of your product faster and responding to market conditions more quickly. You can offer talented managers stock, while a big company can only offer another bonus plan.

If your idea is great and novel, the onlyguarantee is that it will be copied. If it’snot, you have to wonder how great of an idea it really is.
on your pant color. Exceptional service is by no means a commodity. It’s a rare and unusual thing that very few companies can deliver. Chances are your competition isn’t going to go the extra mile to service the heck out of your customer, which creates an incredibly powerful competitive advantage for you.

If your idea is great and novel, the only guarantee is that it will be copied. If it’s not, you have to wonder how great of an idea it really is. When your idea does get copied, the only thing you’ll be able to rely on is your team and your execution. All of the points about going above and beyond the call of duty, servicing your customer, and exploiting the weak spots will soon be used against you. The only defense against the next up-and-comer, and the only way to consistently create value around your idea, is to stick to fundamental execution. Nothing else has value. - By Wil Schroter via Barter News
Wil Schroter is founder and CEO of the Go BIG Network, the largest network of startup companies and entrepreneurs at He is also the author of the new book Go BIG or Go HOME.

Every weak spot that you can exploit is another way to add value to your idea. Once you’ve identified the points, the more pressure you put on those weak spots, the more value you’ll build for your own product.

It’s not uncommon for a startup company to go toe-to-toe with a much larger company offering a very similar product. On its face, it looks like the startup is at a severe disadvantage. Surely the behemoth megacorp can provide better execution and better service with its vast resources than a scrappy little startup can. If you were to try to compete against the behemoth on their terms you’d get crushed. That’s why startups tend to look for the weak spots in larger companies and exploit them. You can easily differentiate your product from a larger company by focusing on stuff large companies tend to fall short on.

Outmaneuvering your competition isn’t about doing any one of these things – it’s about doing all of them consistently.


Jet Blue Barters with Texas University
In exchange for advertising on the Longhorn Sports Network, Jet Blue will provide the University of Texas athletic department with tickets and vouchers for air travel. The University of Texas athletics will in turn provide video board animation advertisements for JetBlue at sporting events, which will include football as well as men’s and women’s basketball games. - Barter News

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But he still has the desire to A constant challenge of business take care of his employees. is to keep employees happy and “With BizX we were able to motivated by creating an atmosphere splurge on a holiday party. of teamwork and camaraderie. Not We rented limos, got a suite only are happy employees more likely at a Sonics game and went to stay with the company, reducing out to dinner. We were able costly turnover, but they will also be to create a really memorable more productive. Businesses looking event spending nothing but for a creative and exciting way to BizX,” something for which develop their employees’ team spirit they would not have paid and communication skills should cash Hitch said. consider working with Geoteaming. Hitch enjoys working Geoteaming combines the latest with BizX members because technology with outdoor adventure they are an additional source to create a high-tech treasure Geoteaming President Adam Hitch (left) works with participants. of revenue that he would not hunt based on the international have had otherwise. And with the economy sport of geocaching. Armed with a GPS GEOTEAMING AND BIZXCHANGE receiver, pocket PC, two-way radio and Principals of Geoteaming began slowing, he is hoping that more companies digital camera, your team will test their discussing the benefits of barter with will be looking to barter with Geoteaming communication skills, build trust and BizXchange representatives at a networking so they can offset some of their cash costs. sharpen their competitive edge while they event, and decided that it would be a great “I like the concept,” Hitch says about search for hidden caches. way to improve their business. Among BizXchange. “We look forward to earning other things, they “saw the value in using and spending more BizX.” BizX to improve their cash flow,” according We wanted to market to Geoteaming President Adam Hitch. Aside from wanting to conserve cash, to a new segment that Geoteaming also had a desire to increase wouldn’t have heard of us their client base. “We wanted to market to FEATURED MEMBER otherwise. The BizX a new segment that wouldn’t have heard SNAPSHOT of us otherwise,” says Hitch. “The BizX community allowed community allowed us to do that.” Name: Geoteaming us to do that.” Being marketed on BizX promotions Industry: Team Building & Coaching like the member website, Weekly eUpdate Since Geoteaming is a fast-paced game and at Member MiXers is just the tip of the Location: Seattle, WA where every minute counts and objectives iceberg. They also have an account manager Contact: Adam Hitch must be met by a deadline, it is the perfect that is talking to other companies that might Member Since: May, 2006 opportunity to build skills necessary for benefit from the Geoteaming experience, the work place. “It was amazing to see the getting them some additional exposure. “Joe Main Spending Areas: group momentum shift from an individual (BizX Account Manager for Geoteaming) Employee Incentives team position…to one of collaboration helps to set up appointments with other More information: and mindfulness of the entire company BizX members,” says Hitch. goal,” said one employee participating in a Cash conservation is important when Geoteaming event. running a small business Hitch explained.


Photo Courtesy of Geoteaming

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