How to Wrap a Gift

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					How to Wrap a Gift:
We always say that with a gift it is the thought that counts, but often we neglect the most important part of the whole package – the wrapping. Always remove the price tag first, and, if the gift has an irregular shape, make your life easier and find a box to put it in before you wrap. Use the best-quality paper that you can afford.

1. Place the box on the wrapping paper and unroll enough paper to cover it, allowing for an extra two inches of overlap. Getting the amount of extra paper right is key to tidy wrapping. 2. Place the object in the center of the gift-wrap and bring one end over to the center of the top of the box or gift. Secure it with a small piece of clear masking tape (so it can be removed from the gift without spoiling it).

3. Fold the opposite edge over the taped paper one inch and bring it to the top of the middle; pull tight and tape down. 4. Turn the box so that one of the open ends is facing you. Press the vertical sides inwards and smooth against the edge of the box to form two triangular flaps at the top and bottom of the edge. Crease the edges of the flaps to define the edges of the box.

5. Bring down the upper flap and tape; repeat with the bottom flap. 6. Turn the box so that it rests on its closed end and repeat steps 4 and 5 with the other open end. 7. Wrap a length of ribbon lengthwise around the box. Tie a double knot where the ribbon meets on top of the box and cut the ribbon, leaving six inches to spare.

8. Make the two ends of the ribbon curl by running it along the edge of a pair of scissors and your thumb. 9. Attach a gift tag.

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