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					英语报刊选读 7

     Unit 3


 Iraq War (2003)

 Text   Army Study of Iraq War Details a
         “Morass” of Supply Shortages

 Discussion
• Hu Jintao, top CPC leaders meet the
                  (from China Daily, Oct. 22nd, 2007)

• Composer Tan Dun to employ "organic
  music" in Olympic production
                  (from China Daily, Oct. 22nd, 2007)
                          Iraq War

• What do you know about the Iraq War
  in 2003?

• Video material
—— a newsreel: Fahrenheit 9/11
          Best picture of 2004 Cannes
  Film Festival
                 Fahrenheit 9/11

• Fahrenheit 9/11 is a film by American
  filmmaker Michael Moore that presents a
  critical look at the presidency of George
  W. Bush, the "War on Terrorism", and its
  coverage in the American news media.
  The film holds the record for highest box
  office receipts by a general release
  political film.
                    Fahrenheit 9/11

• In the film, Moore contends that American
  corporate media were "cheerleaders" for the
  2003 invasion of Iraq and did not provide an
  accurate and objective analysis of the
  rationale for the war or the resulting casualties
  there. The film's harsh attack on the Bush
  administration generated much controversy
  around the time of the film's release, including
  disputes over its accuracy.
                Fahrenheit 9/11

• The film debuted at the 2004 Cannes
  Film Festival in the documentary film
  category and was awarded the Palme
  d'Or (Golden Palm), the festival's
  highest award.
                     Fahrenheit 9/11
• The film had a general release in the United
  States and Canada on June 23, 2004. It has
  since been released in 42 more countries. As of
  January 2005, the film had grossed nearly
  US$120 million in U.S. box office, and over
  US$220 million worldwide, an unprecedented
  amount for a political film. Sony reported first-
  day DVD sales of two million copies, again a
  new record for the genre.
                Fahrenheit 9/11

• The title of the film alludes to Ray
  Bradbury's 1953 novel Fahrenheit 451,
  a dystopian view of the future United
  States, substituting the burning
  temperature of paper with date of the
  September 11, 2001 attacks.
       Reading for general idea

• What harassed American forces, according
  to the first official Army history of the Iraq
• What do you know about the Army Study?
• Do you know the writing purpose of this
                    Further reading

• Opening                              (para.1)

• Supply shortage                  (para.2-17)
  radio deficiency                   (para.18)
  disappointing psychological operations
  no reliable intelligence         (para.22-24)

• Closing                            (para.25)
• What’s the most important motive of Bush
  administration to make the decision of
  invading Iraq?

• How do you make a personal appraisal of
  Iraq War? Was it a just war?

• Could you make a prediction about the
  future of the Iraq War?

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