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									illuminate Hollywood Celebrates 18th Anniversary of Servicing Major Studios, Independent Producers

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Illuminate Hollywood, formally known as High Technology Video, is celebrating its 18th anniversary as a
leading provider of production and post production services to major studios, TV networks, independent
producers and distributors.

Online PR News – 17-April-2013 – For Steven Weiner, Chairman: “In 1995, I founded High Technology Video
Inc. now known as Illuminate. Jim Hardy, our CEO, joined me as a partner in 1998. Our mission at that time
was to help provide high quality services to studios and independent producers. Since that time, while our
products and services have greatly expanded and evolved to stay ahead of technology developments, our
mission and focus on quality work have remained unchanged. I want to thank all our clients. Many of them
have been with us since 1995. This means a lot to us.”

For Jim Hardy, CEO: “Initially, our focus was on mastering and re-mastering films and TV shows. As
technology and client needs evolved, we expanded our services to include editorial, digital effects, 3D
conversions, digital deliveries, Digital intermediate. We also have scanning capabilities in 2K, 4K, 16mm,
35mm, 65mm and 70mm. With the acquisition of the HD Vision Broadcast Center completed in August 2012,
we now offer clients the ability to take a project from production through post. Illuminate Studios is a
state-of-the-art, fully equipped broadcast, multi-camera HD production facility with three pre-lit stages, and
social TV connectivity.”

“While we started as a service provider, we rapidly became a technology leader in our field as we developed
a number of pioneering proprietary software platforms that went on to set new industry standards. “

“iConform is the only tool to convert SD masters of films or TV series to HD 2K or 4K, from the vaulted film
footage, without EDL. iConform allows us to handle this remastering process more reliably, and much faster
than the manual, labor-intensive eye matching process. This allows us to be more competitive and
 iConform allows clients to generate new streams of revenues out of their library assets.

“Our current focus at Illuminate Post Production is helping movie studios and TV networks, independent
producers and distributors monetize sleeping assets in their libraries by converting them to the latest
broadcast standards--2K or 4K-- even if no EDL is available. At illuminate studios our services have

expanded to respond to the rise of web TV, social TV and after-shows.”

"We also developed iRecreate, which ushers new standards in color imagery matching. And last but not least,
we developed a number of custom software tools to improve key aspects of digital restoration, including
flicker, film warps and stability.”

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