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									  STATEMENTS OF

relativement au dossier d’Abousfian

Abousfian Abdelrazik à Montréal dans les années 1990.
 “We judge it unlikely that, should Abdelrazik’s
  detention in Sudan become public knowledge,
  there would be the same sort of outcry that
  surrounded Maher Arar’s arrest and deportation
  from the USA.”
  Signed by R.S. Heatherington, Director of Foreign
   Intelligence Division with DFAIT, October 16, 2003
             DFAIT documents (2003 to 2005), p. 2117
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Abousfian Abdelrazik
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Abousfian Abdelrazik


    Friday, September 12, 2008 12 Noon

          Human Rights Monument

         Ottawa and Halifax, Canada
CSIS’ Official Position

"CSIS does not and has not arranged
 for the arrest of Canadian citizens
 overseas…In the case of Mr.
 Abdelrazik, CSIS reiterates that it
 acted in accordance with the CSIS
 Act, law and policy.”
 Isabelle Scott, CSIS spokeswoman comment to
  the Globe and Mail, March 4, 2009
DFAIT’s “Unofficial” Position

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  Excerpt from Secret DFAIT Memo, December 16, 2005
“As a Canadian citizen he has a right to
 return to Canada.”

           Internal Memo obtained from DFAIT through Privacy
            Act request (2003-2005), Stamped “CSIS”
“We will take no extraordinary measures,
 such as sending in a government airplane
 or a private charter, to effect his [Mr.
 Abdelrazik’s] departure from Sudan.”

    David Hutchings, Ambassador, Canadian Embassy
     in Khartoum, October 18, 2004
     DFAIT documents, (2003-2005 Privacy Act request) p. 912
 Le gouvernement soudanais n’a porté aucune
  accusation contre Abdelrazik:
    “[Abdelrazik] n’appartient à aucune organisation ni parti
     politique ni à une secte ou autre qui soit fondée sur la
     compréhension religieuse, ou politique ou raciale. (…) sa
     présence (…) et ses mouvements ne constituent en aucun
     cas un grand danger ni contre la société ni contre les
     individus. Sa présence en tout lieu ne peut constituer aucune
     menace pour aucuns intérêts internationaux.”

               Lettre d’exonération du Bureau de Procureur de crimes entamés
                contre l’état, Ministère de la Justice du gouvernement du Soudan
               le 26 juillet 2005
“ I wish I had a magic wand and make this
 case go away.”
       • Odette Gaudet-Fee, DFAIT Consular Case Officer,
       • Internal Email dated July 13, 2005
       • DFAIT documents Privacy Act request (2003-2005) p. 434
“Should [Abdelrazik’s ex-wife] get a private
 plane, there is very little we could do to
 stop him from entering Canada. He would
 need an [emergency [passport] and I
 guess this could be refused but on what
     Odette Gaude-Fee, DFAIT case officer
     Internal Email dated July 30, 2004
      DFAIT Privacy Act Request (2003-2005), p. 736
“I would like to remind you of our
 commitment, (…), to ensure that he has
 an emergency travel document to facilitate
 his return to Canada.”

    Sean Robertson, DFAIT Case Management Director,
     Letter to Abdelrazik’s lawyer dated April 18, 2008
 “With respect to your assertion that “Canada’s
  delay and extreme negligence” caused us to
  miss out on an offer made by the Government of
  Sudan to provide an aircraft to return Mr.
  Abdelrazik to Canada, I would like to confirm
  that no such offer was made to Departmental
  officials by the Sudanese government.”

Sean Robertson, DFAIT Case Management Director
Letter to Abelrazik’s lawyer, dated April 18, 2008
 “It is becoming increasingly urgent that we seek
  authorization from the centre to repatriate Mr. A
  or written instructions as to how they want us to
  handle this case. Otherwise we run the very real
  risk of being accused of having failed to deliver
  adequate protection and for allowing security
  concerns to override the provision of consular

 September 29, 2004 Internal DFAIT Email from Dave
 Dyet to Konrad Sigurdson
 “The Government of Canada is not prepared to
  contribute to the cost of the flight and also not
  prepared to provide an escort for Mr. Abdelrazik
  on the flight.”

 October 31, 2004 Response of Canadian Consul to
 Government of Sudan’s offer to fly Abdelrazik back to
“His return has been the subject of
 discussions at the highest levels, including
 Ministers, and a decision was taken that
 he was “entitled to a one-time Canadian
 travel document that would allow him to
 travel to Canada.”
           DFAIT Internal Memo Obtained Through Privacy Act
            Request (2003-2005)
 “Mr. Abdelrazik is subject to an assets freeze,
  arms embargo and travel ban. Note, however,
  that as for all Canadians, Mr. Abdelrazik retains
  the right to return to his own country of
  nationality. International law expressly
  provides for a right to return, and prevents
  states from denying return to own’s [sic]
  state of nationality.”
            DFAIT Internal Document Obtained through Privacy Act
             Request (2006-2008)
Secret Correspondence to Foreign
 CSIS “has no current substantial information regarding
  Mr. Abdelrazik.”

              Jim Judd, Director of CSIS, November 6, 2007

 The RCMP “has conducted a review of its files and was
  unable to locate any current and substantive information
  that indicates Mr. Abdelrazik is involved in criminal
              Mike McDonnell, Assistant Commissioner, National Security
               Criminal Investigations, RCMP, November 15, 2007
“Passport Canada will issue an emergency
 passport to Mr. Abdelrazik, upon his
 submission of a confirmed and paid travel
       • Letter from Passport Canada to Mr. Abdelrazik’s lawyer,
         December 23 2008
UN Al Qaida and the Taliban Regulations

 3. No person in Canada and no Canadian
 outside Canada shall knowingly provide or
 collect by any means, directly or indirectly,
  funds with the intention that the funds be
used, or in the knowledge that the funds are
    to be used, by the Taliban, a person
   associated with the Taliban, Usama bin
           Laden or his associates.

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