Guylian surprises with new innovations in 2009

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					Guylian Corporate Press Release Jan 2009

Guylian surprises with new innovations in 2009
ISM 2009 – booth: Hall 10.2 – C 031 – C 039 23 January 2009 – Sint-Niklaas, Belgium Guylian, the World’s Favourite Belgian Chocolates, continues to perform strongly in the confectionery market. It is widely recognized as the leading Belgian chocolate brand, positioned as ideal for any gifting and sharing occasion as well as a popular choice for an indulgent treat. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or Valentine or any other day of the year, enrich your life with a delicious Guylian Belgian Chocolate.

Continuous Innovation in Sea Shells, our core chocolate product
Guylian is the market leader in the chocolate seashell segment. Guylian Sea Shells are instantly recognizable in shape and in taste. Guylian’s Chocolatiers have a strong tradition in creativity and innovation with the development in new fillings. Guylian Extra Sea Shells, for guilt free indulgence Guylian tempts with indulgent new extra dark chocolate Sea Shells with 74% cocoa filled with a unique hazelnut praline filling made to its traditional secret recipe. The new recipe includes ACTICOATM cocoa, which preserves the antioxidants that naturally occur in the cocoa bean and are normally lost in classic chocolate production. Guylian Extra Sea Shells are a perfect harmony between fine dark Belgian Chocolate with 74% cocoa and Guylian’s hazelnut praliné enriched with ACTICOATM cocoa. ACTICOATM cocoa retains up to 80% of the antioxidants naturally present in raw cocoa compared to less than 30 per cent in standard cocoa. Antioxidants are known for their health benefits: they help to protect against the aging process, to strengthen the immune system, help to maintain a healthy cholesterol and blood pressure. Two delicious Guylian Extra Sea Shells a day provide your body with more than 60 per cent of the necessary antioxidants to maintain a healthy balance between body and mind.


Guylian Corporate Press Release Jan 2009

Guylian Extra Sea Shells are available in the most popular 250g gift pack (22 pieces), but also in a self indulgence 125g pack (11 pieces) and a 65g trial pack (6 pieces). The pack design is clearly differentiated from the original marbled Guylian Sea Shells boxes: a deep dark brown background with tasteful swirl and Extra Sea Shells branding on the front panel in combination with the well known Guylian logo in bold luxurious gold colour. Guylian Sea Shells Limette, pure pleasure and freshness in Limited Edition Guylian Sea Shells Limette have a shell of premium dark Belgian chocolate (49% cocoa) and a fresh, creamy filling made with finest Belgian white chocolate and natural lime extract. The Guylian Sea Shells Limette are certain to be a huge sales hit during the spring and summer season. Crispy and smooth in texture, the filling strikes a perfect balance between acid and sweet with the sharpness of the lime complementing the sweetness of the white chocolate. Guylian Sea Shells Limette are available in an attractive 210g gift pack (22 pieces). The packaging is in line with the wellknown Guylian design: a window giving a clear view on the product, a gold foil logo to support the premium positioning, and the seahorse image as the brand icon. The fresh green colour combined with Guylian’s trademark darker brown makes this box a surprising eyecatcher on shelf, and also communicates the product’s identity. Guylian Sea Shells Strawberry, forever pleasure Guylian relaunches its Sea Shells with Strawberry filling. As market leader in the chocolate seashells segment Guylian comes with an improved recipe and packaging design for its Sea Shells with Strawberry filling. The texture of the filling has been improved. The new filling is made with premium Belgian white chocolate and natural strawberry powder. The new Sea Shells with Strawberry filling have a dark chocolate shell (49% cocoa). Guylian has chosen a dark chocolate shell because of a number of reasons: to avoid confusion with the Original Sea Shells, growing demand for dark chocolate because of its health benefits, a dark shell is a perfect taste combination with fruit flavours. The new Guylian Sea Shells with Strawberry filling are available in a new, attractive packaging. The packaging is in line with the packaging design of Sea Shells Limette and Guylian Extra Sea Shells: the seahorse icon, a gold foil logo and a golden inner tray to support the premiumisation of the box, fresh red colour combined with Guylian’s trademark darker brown. Guylian Sea Shells Strawberry come in a 210g gift pack (22 pieces) and in a 6 pieces trial pack.


Guylian Corporate Press Release Jan 2009

New Christmas Gift Design for Guylian Original Chocolate Seashells
This year’s Christmas and festive period Guylian’s Original Sea Shells carry a new luxurious sleeve in ice crystals and a warm bronze logo underlining Sea Shells as the ultimate gift!

Gift Wrap Ballotins with Guylian Seashells, La Trufflina and Opus chocolates
For this Christmas Guylian upgraded the gift boxes with new stylish Guylian branded wrapping paper for a premium and luxurious look, brown ribbon with a gold Guylian logo and a gift tag to personalize your gift.

Stylish Assorted Gift Boxes
Guylian enlarges its range of luxurious Belgian Classics gift boxes with a double layer gift box. The box contains a combination of Guylian’s most popular chocolates: Guylian Sea Shells Original Praliné, Opus Belgian pralines and La Trufflina, smooth Belgian truffles. The golden sparkles, the gold foil logo and the dark brown colour make this stylish box the perfect gift to delight your family and friends.


Guylian Corporate Press Release Jan 2009

New design for the Guylian Opus Collection
The Opus assortment features a new white packaging design with a light pink swirl and elegant lines to give the range a younger, more modern, feminine and premium gift image. The new packaging design is now in line with Guylian’s Original Sea Shells and La Trufflina, to strengthen the in store presence of the Guylian family products.

Guylian Twistwraps - Belgian Chocolate seahorses especially made for sharing
The selection of individually wrapped Belgian chocolates in the famous seahorse shape, Guylian Twistwraps are the perfect indulgent treat to share with family and friends. With six delicious fillings there’s a choice to suit all tastes. Next to the all year round 128g pack, Guylian offers an informal but festive new 200g Christmas gift pack for 2009.

New Valentine Gifts for your loved ones...
Guylian’s Valentine range has been broadened with new gift boxes to make Valentine’s Day a memorable occasion. To surprise your Valentine with a gift straight from the heart, Guylian offers two new ‘I Love You’ Praliné Hearts gift boxes: a 100g gift box (8 individually wrapped chocolate hearts filled with exquisite roasted hazelnut praliné) and a 125g heart box (10 pieces). For the Guylian Sea Shells lovers, there’s a red gift wrapped ballotin, with glossy hearts and a premium branded red ribbon.


Guylian Corporate Press Release Jan 2009

Guylian Sea Shell Bar, a taste of pure indulgence when on the move
Guylian’s Sea Shell Bar Original Praliné, decorated with the famous seashell shapes, now features a new wrapper. The new design includes stronger Guylian branding and is modern, dynamic and young. It’s the ideal self-indulgent snack for at home, in the office or on the road.

About Guylian Guylian is the market leader in boxed chocolates in Belgium with a total worldwide turnover of 120 million US $ (2007). Guylian was founded in 1960. With a team of 250 employees Guylian produces a wide range of Belgian chocolates in a state-of-the-art factory in SintNiklaas (Belgium), whilst still respecting its traditional chocolate-making heritage. Guylian exports to 112 countries on the European, Asian, Oceanic and American continents. Guylian sales teams in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain and Asia ensure that Guylian products are available in all major supermarkets, department stores, chocolate specialty stores, travel retail and duty free shops. Around the world, Guylian is synonymous with quality Belgian chocolate. Quality is our first priority. A unique blend of West-African cocoa beans forms the basis of our premium Belgian chocolate, made with 100% cocoa butter. Only the best hand selected hazelnuts from the Mediterranean are used for the roasted hazelnut praliné filling of our world famous Chocolate Sea Shells. The Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells remain Guylian’s star product. The hazelnut praliné filling is still produced according our unique recipe in the age-old traditional manner, a heritage of the company’s founding father. Our well-kept secret method of roasting and caramelizing hazelnuts gives Guylian chocolates their signature taste. A distinctive blend of the finest Belgian milk, dark and white chocolate gives Guylian Sea Shells their characteristic marbled look. Guylian Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells are the number one Belgian boxed chocolate brand distributed in travel retail and duty free shops.


Guylian Corporate Press Release Jan 2009

Guylian’s Commitment to Conservation Marine life is threatened around the world. Project Seahorse is dedicated to preserving seahorses and other marine life across the world. Guylian provides vital long term support for this crucial work and is a major partner since 1998. Project Seahorse was established in 1996 in response to the growing danger to seahorses from overfishing, incidental catch in non-selective fishing gear and the destruction of coastal marine habitats. More than 25 million seahorses - both dead and alive - are traded globally each year. The vast majority used in traditional medicines, but the aquarium and souvenir trades also put heavy pressure on the species. Project Seahorse engages in research and marine conservation at scales ranging from community initiatives to international agreements. Project Seahorse is based at the Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia (Canada) and has team members working in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Philippines, Portugal, UK and the USA. Seahorses function as the flagship symbol for a wide range of marine conservation projects. These magical but fragile creatures are a good indicator of healthy coastal ecosystems. Saving the seahorses means saving the seas! Project Seahorse and Guylian agree on the importance of seahorses as a sign of quality – whether it's for fine Belgian Chocolates or as an indicator of healthy coastal seas. Every time you buy a box of Guylian Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells, you are supporting Project Seahorse. To find out more about Project Seahorse, visit

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For further information, visit our website or contact: Mieke Callebaut Marketing & Sales Director Chocolaterie Guylian Europark Oost 1 9100 Sint-Niklaas Belgium Tel: +32 3 760 97 00 E-mail:

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