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					Getting Prepared to Spa….
Take a couple hours at home to organize your mobile day spa. Once you have your bags packed for the first time, it’s only a matter of spending 20 minutes after each spa cleaning and re-filling your supplies. Do yourself, your hostess, & her guests a favor. DO NOT OVERPACK! Too much stuff makes it hard on you; too many products confuse the guests; both make it more challenging to get those bookings & recruits! Take advantage of the opportunity to spa “shadow,” & go with a more experienced consultant to a few of her spas. This will help you determine what you think will work best for your own Spa Escapes & your Spa business! Preparing for the Spa…… You need 1-2 Spa Bags (preferably Beauticontrol Spa Bags) & 1 Rolling Suitcase. You can actually pack all you need in 1 spa bag so this is personal preference. If using 1 spa bag, you will just open at sink and then close up and move with you into the living room area to finish the spa. Your goal is to have everything organized and ready to spa when you arrive so that you can spend more time visiting with the hostess instead of stressing and organizing After you get there.

Spa Bag #1: For set up in Kitchen….Should include-Gold Cleanser, Facial Scrub, Warming Trend, Tonic (cut

up towellettes- put in Tupperware bowl all ready to use like wipes), gentle facial towelettes (can tear in half for facials), Herbal Serenity Foot Cream, Lip Apeel, Herbal Serenity Show of Hands & stir stick/spoon (put in a frosting container with lid so it doesn’t leak in your bag), Extreme Repair, Q tips (cut in half). -Side pocket-Neckwrap, Clipboard, Calendar, Hot Date List, Calculator, Hostess Envelopes, & Recruiting “Gift For You” Guides.

Spa Bag #2: For set up in Living Room… Should Include- Eye Pads, Regeneration Serum, Eye Repair Cream,
Cell Block C AM, Moisturizer from Skin Care Set used at sink, Microderm Abrasion, Detox Bath Soak (bottle for show, leave open bottle at home so not to leak) -Side pocket-Lap Boards, Tickets for Ticket game, Mini Set for gifts, 1 Make Up set, Make up Brushes, Alcohol to clean brushes, Foundation Selector, Consultant Guide, Flip Cards, Candle, Spa CD, paper bag for trash (use a paper gift bag that can be tossed at end of spa)

Rolling Suitcase #1: To take in with you…..Should Include- Hostess Neckwrap tied with tuelle or some kind
of ribbon, Hostess Gift (can put inside Glamour Bags from BC…use spa socks, massagers, headbands, ect from the Dollar Store, add minis from BC), Any gifts the Hostess earned for having her spa, Container for tickets for ticket game, Dream Bag, 10 Washclothes (pre-soaked in Detox Bath Soak, rolled up, and placed in a Zip Lock Freezer bag). -Also have 2-3 each of the Spa Sets made up and with you for clients when they purchase a set that night. 2-3 of each Facial Sets; 2-3 Morning Spa Sets; 2-3 Evening Spa Sets; 2-3 R&P Sets is all I take. It is also good to have different Wet/Drys with you in case they buy the BeautiU by BC set so that you can send them home with something in that set….you will never be able to have those sets fully available to send with them that night: to unpredictable. The most common colors are P2, P3, Y2, Y3, N2, N3. To make Lap boards: To make: cut 3-ring binder along insides of spine with a box cutter. Carefully pull 2 halves apart & discard spine/rings. Do necessary trimming with scissors. You should have 12 pockets each filled with a Set sheet. In the pocket you will want the order form and Consultant Agreement.

Setting up Clipboard: I put a copy of the client price list in a plastic sleeve and tape it to the front of my clipboard for easy reference. I do the same with the problem/solution guide and put it on the back, and the hostess letter on the inside the lid. Get all the forms from forms on file. My calculator, pen, extra order forms, checks & cash, product guide (mark it “office copy” or it will walk away!), etc. all fit inside so I don’t have to run all over looking for it when people are ordering.

Spa Set Up:
*Upon arrival, the Kitchen Spa Bag sits on the kitchen counter or table. Take out the SOH and Extreme Repair & set at Bathroom sink. I have the Hostess help her guests with this. You will do Facials at the sink. Set out towellettes. Set the Foot Cream, Lip Apeel, and q-tips on the table so they can use as they enter. Unzip Spa bag, leaving product right in it. Shows the value of the bag for travel/organization, ect. Leave your tools for the closing of the spa in the bag at the table. You will pull them out when you meet individually with everyone, back at the kitchen table, at the end of the spa. Heat extra neck-wrap to start passing around. *Set the Living Room Spa Bag on the coffee table/card table in the Living Room. Unzip the bag again, leaving product in bag. Set out Makeup to pass around later, and light candle. Paper bag out for garbage. *Rolling suitcase also goes in Living Room…set out the Hostess Gifts on the table, Detox Cloths set out for relaxation part, ticket game container, & dream bag. Set suitcase aside to refer to sets later. You are ready to spa!!