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Get the Best Houseboat Hire Now
Some people really like to take a ride on luxury houseboats. If you are one of these people,
then you are probably keeping an eye out for the best houseboat hire you can get. Well look no
further because Bella Casa Houseboats provide the best houseboat hire available using Murray
River houseboats.

What makes Bella Casa Houseboats the best source for Murray River Houseboats? For one
thing this business offers luxury houseboats for hire as part of your Murray River
accommodation on your vacation. These Mediterranean inspired houseboats are available both
in summer and in winter, so there is no such thing as an off-season period for this business. The
lounge of each luxury houseboats is located at the rear of the boat so you get a great
panoramic view of the river and surrounding environs. The kitchen is located near the lounge so
you can always use the dumb waiter to transport your food to the top deck, which makes it
more convenient for guests.

Each of the four bedrooms on the houseboat also has air conditioning so even during sweltering
summers you can cruise the Murray River in comfort. The top deck is the key feature of your
houseboat accommodation where you can take advantage of the 7-person spa, the sun
lounges, outdoor furniture complete with television, and a bar area fitted with a hooded gas
barbecue. Your houseboat accommodation is also child friendly as there are child-proof railings
all around the boat (just in case your toddler gets a little frisky and adventurous when you’re
looking at something else.) Should you require hot or cold running water, each houseboat
comes with that feature as well.

The kitchen on each Echuca Houseboats was designed with modern fixtures and amenities. For
instance, it has two door fridge freezers (full sized at that), a microwave for heating your food
quickly, and a dishwasher for those times when the dishes start to pile up (especially during on-
board parties). On the other hand, if you need to do some laundry quickly, you could use the
automatic washing machine that is also provided on board. In addition, the laundry area has
both an iron and ironing board if ever that is needed. And for quick clean ups, there is a vacuum
cleaner stashed on the houseboat as well.

There is much more to experience from your Murray River Accommodation aside from these.
So make a reservation today for your party and get to know luxury on the Murray River with
Bella Casa Houseboats.
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Phone: (03) 5480 6211

Description: We are luxury 12 berth houseboats located on the Murray River at Echuca. Bella Casa Houseboats has Luxury Mediterranean Houseboat Experience with accommodation.