Novmeber 5_ 2007 - Clarion University by wuyunyi


									                                         Faculty Senate

                                       Clarion University

                                       November 5, 2007

                       3:30 p.m., Enid Dennis Room, B-15 Hart Chapel


Faculty Senate met on Monday, November 5, 2007, at 3:30 p.m. in B-15 Hart Chapel. E. Donato
chaired the meeting, with the following senators present: S. Courson, E. Foster, S. Heeter, S.
Hilton, F. Keen, P. Kolencik, T. Lavin, D. Lott, C. McAleer, J. McCullough, S. Montgomery, L.
Occhipinti, T. Pfannestiel, J. Phillips, B. Register, H. Savage, S. Sentner, B. Sweet, S. Traynor
and A. Turner. J. Grunenwald and M. Loveless were also present.

   I.       Call to Order

E. Donato called the meeting to order at 3:34 p.m.

   II.      Approval of the minutes

C. McAleer moved and B. Sweet seconded to approve the minutes of October 22, 2007. The
minutes were approved with several changes.

   III.     Announcements

- The annual International Cultural Night is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 9, at 7 p.m. in the
Gemmell Student Complex Multi-Purpose Room. The event is sponsored by International
Association, and is free and open to the public, but donations will be accepted to defray

- Equity Week kicks off next Monday 11/12 with a talk by F. Guhari in the Gemmell MPR at 7
p.m. On Tuesday 11/13 there will be a luncheon organized by the Presidential Commission on
Human Relations in 250/252 Gemmell at 11:30 a.m. on the theme “What does it mean to be a
global citizen?” The Social Equity Awards Dinner will be on Wednesday 11/14 at 7 p.m. in
- The play “La Ronde” will be performed in the Marwick-Boyd Little Theater, 11/13 – 11/17.

- On 11/132 the Honors Program will present the Fall Senior Honors Presentations at 6 p.m. in
Center for Academic Excellence.

   IV.      President’s Report – J. Grunenwald

J. Grunenwald informed senate that he signed the form this morning to conduct phone interviews
for the provost position. He said that there are some very strong candidates in the pool. On
Friday afternoon, he met with the search committee for the COBA dean, and they reviewed the
dean’s job description. This week, there will be a Council of Presidents’ meeting in Harrisburg.
He expects that there may be an update on the count in the high school program. The deans have
advanced requests for full time temp faculty for next fall. New software is being used for all full
time positions next spring, but there will still be paper forms used for spring quarter and half
time positions. He noted that the computer system for hiring is very robust, with fully integrated
forms. On Thursday evening Clarion will be hosting a delegation from Howard University of
 administrators and ABDs to discuss the Douglass scholars program. Also, J. Grunenwald
informed senate that Clarion trustee Richard Hilinkski had a stroke last week, and is in recovery.

   V. Student Senate – M. Loveless

Student Senate will vote today for a senator to fill a vacancy. Last week the senate dressed down
to raise money for Darfur, and recognized the Paintball Club and the Muslim Students
Association. Student Senate officers will be travelling to a leadership conference.

   VI. Committee Reports
        A. CCPS – S. Traynor

There will be a hearing this Wednesday for all proposals in Arts and Sciences, and on 11/14 for
all proposals in Education and Human Services and Nursing. A list of all proposals was sent
around last week. S. Traynor is anticipating that all of the circulating proposals will come to
Senate on 11/19. All proposals that receive a positive recommendation will be set on the table at
once, and senators can remove any that they want to discuss further, and the rest will go through
in a block. There are some standing objections. There was a brief discussion of which proposals
have objections.
           B. Student Affairs – J. McCullough

R. Levy agreed to serve as the faculty advisor for UAB.

           C. CCR – S. Sentner – No report

           D. Academic Standards – T. Pfannestiel – No report

           E. Budget – S. Montgomery

There is a meeting tomorrow with P. Bylaska, at 3:30 p.m. in the Carrier Board Room, to which
all senators are invited.

           F. Faculty Affairs – P. Kolencik

The next Faculty Author Seminar will be held on 11/14 from 12:15 – 1:15 in Level A of Carlson
Library. K. Welsh will be presenting.

           G. Institutional Resources – S. Courson

The Facilities Planning Committee met on 10/25. Major issues included the deconstruction of
Campbell Hall, which is beginning with asbestos abatement. There continue to be parking
issues, which the committee is looking at. Parking – lots have been lost. There will be a safety
walk this week, on 11/8 at dusk (about 5 p.m.) with students. S. Courson asked to have a
disabled student participate in the safety walk. There was a discussion of crosswalks and curb
cuts. S. Courson noted that the Science and Technology building is currently behind schedule.
There was a brief discussion.

A. Turner noted that there is no crosswalk between Founders and Carrier. J Grunenwald noted
that this is being addressed.

B. Sweet asked about the construction delays and penalties. J. Grunenwald replied that this is
open to negotiation. There was a brief discussion.
           H. Venango – D. Lott

The Venango Committee meets tomorrow, and will look at the recent honors conference. Lott
congratulated H. Savage on her election to the presidency of the National Collegiate Honors
Council, and thanked her, B. Register, L Hepfl, and the rest of committee, who put together a
wonderful conference.

   V.       Old Business - None

   VI.      New Business


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B. 2009-2010 Calendar

E. Donato noted that there have been questions about the final exam schedule, which were sent
to L Hepler, who replied that the final exam schedule has not been set yet. There was a
discussion of possible solutions. L. Hepler also informed E. Donato that make up exams will be
at the discretion of faculty – no time will be set aside in the exam schedule for them.

C. McAleer asked about the ending dates of the pre-session and summer session 2. There was a
brief discussion. C McAleer suggested that the number of minutes have to be counted.

C. McAleer moved and T. Pfannestiel seconded the motion, to approve the calendar with the
provision that pre-session and summer 2 ending dates have to be verified. The motion passed.

C. Other business

S. Courson asked J. Grunenwald if there is news on the chancellor search. J. Grunenwald replied
that he expects it will be addressed at the presidents’ council this week.

E. Donato reminded senators that R. Prioleau will be addressing senate on 11/19 and J. Groves
on 12/3. Also, the faculty-student senate get-together will be 12/3 in Moore Hall at 5:30 p.m.
VII. Adjournment

B. Sweet moved and C. McAleer seconded the movement to adjourn. Faculty Senate adjourned
at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Occhipinti

Secretary, Faculty Senate

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