Youth Ideas - Ways to Lose Communication With Teens

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       Youth Ideas -
       Ways to Lose
        With Teens
   Are you destroying your
    communication with

    Use Sarcasm
    “Anybody ought to know better than
    that!” -”You’re acting just like you’re
    two years old! Where’s your baby
    bottle?” It’s devastating to a
    teenager to be “put down” (talked
    sarcastically to) in front of his peers.
    Wait until alone with a teenager to
    discipline him or her if it is at all
    possible! Take them aside if needed.

  Publicly Embarrass Them
  If you know that show of affection in
  public is embarrassing to them,
  refrain from it. Do not try to
  monopolize conversation with their
  friends. Be sure that you are friendly,
  yet not trying to be “cute” and
  entertain their friends.

    Register Shock
    Under no conditions register
    shock by raised eyebrows, quickly
    drawn in breath, grimacing
    (various facial expressions that
    betray). Teens will be hesitant to
    be honest with you the next

  Be Dogmatic
  The more sure we are about our stand
  on a subject, the less dogmatic we
  have to be. If you feel that you are
  being reasonable, then you can more
  easily listen to the opinions of others.
  There is a lot of difference between
  the courage of our convictions and just
  plain stubbornness. When we’re
  wrong, we should admit our mistakes,
  not rationalize. They already see
  through it, and to say “I’m sorry” is
  one of the greatest tests of maturity!
  We grow ten feet tall in the eyes of a

    One of the most disgusting things
    you can do is bluff a teenager, As I
    said before, they know when you
    do this, they can spot it a country
    mile! We tend to lose respect for
    the opinions of those who bluff
    their way around!

   Be Negative
   Youth is so wonderful because they
   have not learned to say “It won’t
   work” or “We’ve never done it this
   way before.” One of their most
   thrilling attributes is that they are
   positive and enthusiastic and full of
   optimism. They will automatically
   reject negativism.

   Mold them into your own
   Challenge them as youth to be the
   best person they possibly can be,
   but don’t seek to make them a
   reflection of yourself or the person
   you’d hoped to be! They were born
   to be a dynamic expression of their
   own personhood. Challenge them
   to be their best!

    Make all the Rules
    How are the rules of discipline
    decided? Remember that if you
    make the rules together and decide
    on the discipline together, most of
    the time the teenager will be harder
    on himself than you would have
    been on him. They are mighty fair
    when they have a part in the rule-
    making. Each side will have to give a
    little. Remember that if you give in
    on some of the more insignificant
    things, that when the big issues are
    at stake, teenagers will be more
    amenable to compromise.

    Be In a Hurry
    It takes time for kids to mature!
    Expect teens to be teens and help
    them to mature. Look for those
    teachable moments and listen when
    they have those moments they want
    to share, no matter how busy you
    are. Don’t look at your watch as if
    you can spare only a few moments
    more when a teenager is telling you
    something very important.

    Betray a Confidence
    It is a sinful thing to betray a
    teenager’s confidence. This will
    close more doors than you possibly
    imagine! Never use a previous
    moment of confidence by a
    teenager to press home a point.
    This makes them sorry they ever
    confided in you at all!

   Criticize their music!
   Listen to their music. There are many
   signals as to what is going on in the
   young person’s mind as we listen to
   their music! The loneliness, the
   frustration, the fear of so many
   things, they’re all there! Teens also
   do not appreciate something with
   which they are not familiar. Instead
   of complaining about their music,
   see that some uplifting music is
   played within their hearing.


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