Children’s Sermon - Workers in the Vineyard by sappken


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  Children’s Sermon
   - Workers in the

    In grace, God gives us
     gifts not because we
    are good, but because
           HE is good.

   Central Teaching Truth
   God is generous and treats us all

   Bible Text
   Story of the Workers in the
   Vineyard (Matthew 20:1-15)

  Obtain M&M (snack) rewards or
  other rewards like bookmarks etc.
  for everyone

   What to do/ say

   1. Begin by asking the children if
      they like to play ‘Let’s pretend’.
      Who do they like to pretend to
      be? Ask children what they
      would like to be when they
      grow up?
   2. Do any of them ever pretend to
      be servants? Would they like to
      be servants when they grow up?
      Probably not!

 3.   Announce that you are going to
      have a pretend game now and give
      out some jobs that some
      volunteers can pretend to do for
      you. Perhaps someone could
      pretend to clean your car. Someone
      else could pretend to cook your
      dinner. Others could make your
      bed, tidy your bookshelves, iron
      your clothes or whatever. Come
      prepared with a list relevant to your
      situation. Finally, ask the rest to
      pretend to hang up your coat. Then
      call a halt to the proceedings, and
      announce that it is time for the
      payments to be made for the work
      done. Everybody receives one

   Talk about what has taken place
   and ask whether the children think
   it is fair that everybody received
   the same reward. Sometimes life
   doesn’t seem fair…. but God is
   always fair. But I never told you i
   was going to give anyone a gift. A
   gave you a gift for helping me
   because I am a generous person. I
   didn’t give it to you because you
   were good, but because I am good.
   God gives us gifts, not because we
   are good, but because HE is good.


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