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                            Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund 

                               Report to the Legislature 














Joint Fiscal Committee  

Senate Economic Development 

Senate Natural Resources 

House Commerce 

House Natural Resources and Energy  


The Vermont Brownfield Initiative 

The Agency of Commerce and Community Development, in conjunction with the Agency 
of  Natural  Resources,  continues  to  focus  on  the  redevelopment  of  brownfield  sites  in 
Vermont.    Naturally,  there  are  environmental  benefits  to  cleaning  up  these  sites,  but 
from  an  economic  development  perspective,  it  allows  an  opportunity  for  job  creation 
and for new revenue to Vermont.  

Since  2005,  there  have  been  several  new  funding  programs  introduced  to  assist  with 
remediation of brownfield sites in Vermont.  The CDBG program, administered by ACCD, 
offers  up  to  $750,000  of  its  annual  appropriation  from  HUD  to  go  toward  brownfield 
redevelopment.  We also were able to secure $1 million in funding from EPA to support 
these efforts. 

This document will provide an update on the work that the agencies have done related 
to the brownfield revolving loan fund and other brownfield activities. 

Brownfield  Activity Update 

While  it  is  nearly  impossible  to  identify  every  brownfield  site  in  Vermont,  there  are 
approximately  sixty‐four  projects  that  are  considered  ‘active’  and  another  twenty‐six 
deemed  ‘complete’,  meaning  that  some  kind  of  institutional  control  is  in  place  on  the 
property  such  as  a  deed  restriction  or  land  record  notice.    A  list  of  these  properties 
compiled by the Agency of Natural Resources can be found at the end of this document. 

Also attached to this report is a list of sites that have been deemed ‘priority sites’ for 
funding.  Currently, only sites that are enrolled in the state’s Brownfield Redevelopment 
Environmental Limited Liability Act (BRELLA) program are eligible for funding, except in 
certain  cases  approved  by  the  Secretary  of  Natural  Resources.    There  are  currently 
fourteen  sites  on  the  priority  list  and  four  of  them  have  received  funding  from  the 
Brownfield Revolving Loan fund.   
ACCD  and  ANR  have  been  also  working  together  on  the  now,  standing  Brownfields 
Advisory Committee.  Recognizing that there is a need to get more properties qualified 
for funding, one of the suggestions that have been made is to remove the requirement 
that only projects in BRELLA be able to apply to the BRF.  Reducing barriers such as this 
one  will  enable  us  to  put  more  money  directly  into  clean‐up  and  ultimately 
redevelopment of these sites.  

ACCD,  in  addition  to  administering  the  BRF,  has  funded  two  other  brownfield 
redevelopment projects through its Community Development Block Grant Program.  The 
City  of  Montpelier  received  $194,336  of  Vermont  Community  Development  Program 
(VCDP)  funds  to  assist  in  the  cleanup  of  hazardous  materials  and  redevelopment  of 
property  on  Stonecutters  Way  in  its  downtown.    And,  the  City  of  St.  Albans  received 
$92,000 to remediate the former Leader Evaporator site that has been redeveloped for 
senior housing.    

The Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund 

In 2007, the Agency of Commerce received a $1 million grant from the Environmental 
Protection  Agency  that  allows  us  to  make  loans  to  projects  to  support  clean  up  and 
remediation  activity.    These  funds  were  augmented  by  a  state  appropriation  of 
$400,000 that also served as match funds for the EPA grant. 

Grants  and  loans  can  be  made  to  municipalities  from  the  state  portion  ($400K)  of  the 
program  and,  to  date;  there  have  been  three  grants  made  to  three  different 
communities to assist with clean‐up of brownfield sites.   

        Topsham  ‐  $30,000  to  remediate  the  former  Topsham  Plating  facility.  
        Specifically, the funds were to be used for disposal of demolition materials and 
        clean‐up at the abandoned site 
        Randolph  ‐  $106,000  used  to  clean  up  the  former  Ethan  Allen  in  Randolph’s 
        downtown site to allow for construction of homes and commercial space.   
        Hartford  ‐  $200,000  to  fit  homes  in  the  area  of  a  former  dry‐cleaning  business 
        with devices to prevent chlorinated solvents in the soil from entering the homes. 

There is still $64,000 available from the $400,000 appropriation.   

Currently, only loans can be made from the EPA funds, and there is one loan that has 
been  made  to  date.    The  recipient  of  that  loan  ($80,000)  is  HRH  Management,  LLC  of 
Bennington,  which  purchased  the  former  BCIC  building  in  North  Bennington.  The 
Vermont  Economic  Development  Authority  administers  the  loans  for  the  Agency  and 
there  remains  nearly  $1  million  in  that  account.    As  mentioned  previously,  some 
changes to the interest rates and terms were made several months ago in an attempt to 
encourage more potential projects. 

Moving Forward 

This year, we recognized the need to get more funds out for projects, and there have 
been  two  changes  made  to  the  program.    First,  working  with  VEDA,  we  reduced  the 
interest  rate  from  4%  for  five  years  to  2%  for  a  fifteen  year  term  hoping  that  would 
generate more interest in the program.   We have flexibility to do this internally and will 
continue to adjust the rates as necessary.  We will be following up this change with an 
increased marketing push. 

The  second  proposed  change  will  allow  us  to  grant  some  of  the  EPA  funds  that  are 
currently  only  available  for  loan.    ACCD  has  been  working  closely  with  EPA  to  make 
amendments  to  the  original  grant  agreement  to  make  the  necessary  changes.      We 
should  hear  shortly  whether  EPA  will  accept  this  amendment.    We  are  confident  that 
the  combination  of  reduced  interest  rates,  additional  marketing  and  greater  grant 
availability will help remediate more sites around the state. 

Reutilizing brownfields for housing, economic development and other more productive 
uses is a very important objective of the Douglas Administration. We know that this goal 
is one shared by legislators and over the past few years we have made important strides 
but  brownfield  reclamation  can  be difficult,  time  consuming  and  expensive.    We  must 
continue  to  be  creative  and  focused  in  order  to  make  real  progress  recycling  these 

                                Brownfields Revitalization Fund

                         Priority List Pursuant to 10 V.S.A. §6654(f)(3)

Site Name                                          Town

10 West Second Street LLC                          Barre

Adams Paper Mill                                   Wells River

Bennington County Industrial Corporation           North Bennington

Former H-Our Mart                                  Rutland

Fulcrum Arts, LLC                                  Brattleboro

Gerrish Motors                                     Woodstock

Jones & Lamson                                     Springfield

Plant #1

PVDC                                               Springfield

Salisbury Square                                   Randolph

Solo Cup                                           St. Albans

Tip Top Tire                                       Hartford

Topsham Plating                                    Topsham

Vermont Electric Co-op                             Johnson

Vermont Tissue                                     Bennington
SiteTown      SiteNum    SiteName                                SiteAddress                ContConcern                    InstitutionalControl   Status

Arlington     20073687   PS Service Station                      3885 Vermont Route 313 W   Petroleum                                             Active

Barre City    20083890   10 West Second Street                   10 West Second Street                                                            Active

                         Former    Twin       Cities    Custom
Barre City    20093892   Sandblast                               32 Granite Street                                                                Active

Bennington    770032     Vermont Tissue                          Route 67 A                 Metals and Dioxin in Soils                            Active

                                                                                            PCB, Metals and VOC soil and
Bennington    770138     Jard Company                            Bowen Rd                   groundwater                                           Active

Bennington    951896     Bennington County Industrial Corp       Water St                   Metals and PAHs in soil                               Active

Bennington    20043196   U S Tsubaki                             222 Bowen Rd               Cutting oil, metals                                   Active

Bennington    20073684   JARD/BCIC                               Bowen Road                 PAHs/soil                      Other                  Active

Brattleboro   20033084   Bradley Lot / Bushnell Block            Flat Street                Naphthalene                    Land Record Notice     Active

Brattleboro   20053351   Estey Organ                             16 Birge Street            Soil: PAHs, Arsenic, Lead      Deed Restriction       Active

Brattleboro   20063618   Basketville - Brattleboro               34-68 Birge Street         Chlorinated solvents, Pahs     Land Record Notice     Active

Brattleboro   20083834   64 Elm Street                           64 Elm Street                                                                    Active

Brattleboro   20083836   26 Depot Street                         26 Depot Street                                                                  Active

Burlington    770144     Vermont Transit                         343 N. Winooski                                           Deed Restriction       Completed

Burlington    931359     Former Gracie Roofing                   87-111 Archibald St                                                              Active

Burlington    20012892   131 Battery St                          131 Battery St                                                                   Active
                        151 South Champlain St.       - Blinn                                 chlorinated     solvents         in
Burlington   20033098   House                                   151 South Champlain St.       groundwater and soil                  Other                Active

                                                                                              Arsenic, chlorinated      solvents,
Burlington   20053357   Moran Plant                             Lake St                       soils, groundwater                                         Active

Burlington   20063540   Gosse Court Armory                      126 Gosse Court               Lead in soil                                               Active

Burlington   20083804   Burlington Grocery                      747 Pine Street                                                                          Active

Burlington   20083805   Browns Court                            0 Browns Court                                                                           Active

Burlington   20083807   134 Archibald St.                       134 Archibald St                                                                         Active

                                                                                              Former              USTs/Drywell-
Castleton    982567     Goddard Transportation                  Route 4A                      Investigations                                             Completed

Cavendish    20063567   Cavendish Village Site                  Route 131                     PAHs soil and groundwater             Deed Restriction     Completed

Dorset       931396     North Dorset Gas                        Rt 7                          Petroleum                                                  Active

Enosburg     20083760   Enosburg Diesel #1 Building             18 Duffy Hill Road            PAHs-soil                                                  Active

Fair Haven   20053461   Burke Auto                              26 Prospect St                Gasoline/fuel oil-soils               Land Record Notice   Completed

Fair Haven   20083817   Outlet Property                         Prospect and Adams                                                                       Completed

Guilford     20063505   Guilford Sewer Line                     Route 5/Mill Road                                                                        Active

Hartford     20033177   Twin State Fruit                        25 Railroad Row               Petroleum hydrocarbons                                     Active

                                                                1965     Hartford    Avenue
Hartford     20053356   former Tip Top Tire                     (Route 5)                     PAH/soil                                                   Active
Hartford      20063470   Former Parkway Drycleaners   Union Street              Chlorinated Solvents                                        Active

Johnson       20053458   VEC                          182School Street          PCBs, PAHs in soil                                          Active

Ludlow        20012858   Jewell Brook Mill            Route 100                 #6 Fuel Oil UST, VOCs, metals                               Active

Middlebury    951783     Pecks Rental Realty          112 Creek Rd              Auto Maintenance, Car Wash                                  Completed

Springs       911170     Parkers Service Station      Route 133 & 140           Former Service/Gas Station                                  Completed

Montpelier    20023024   Carr and Sons (former)       Taylor Street             PCB/PAH/Lead-soil                                           Completed

Montpelier    20043267   Salt Shed - Montpelier       Stonecutters Way          PCB/PAH soils                                               Complete

Montpelier    20043268   Turntable Park-Montpelier    Stonecutters Way          VOC/PAH soil                                                Completed

                                                                                PAHS, Petroleum, VOCs soil and
Morristown    982566     A O T Railroad Garage        Stafford St               groundwater                                                 Active

Morrisville   20083806   Morrisville Tannery                                                                                                Active

                                                                                PCB, Metals, VOCs        in    soil,
Newbury       20073651   Adams Paper Mill             Mill Street (route 302)   sediment and gw                                             Active

Northfield    20073648   Moot Wood Turning            98 Mill Street            Asbestos-Building & Soils              Easement             Completed

Poultney      770017     Staco                        Beaman Road, Route 30     Mercury in groundwater, soil                                Completed

Pownal        20043202   348 Center Street            348 Center Street         Petroleum                                                   Active

Putney        992607     Basketville                  Rt 5                      PAHs, petroleum hydrocarbons           Land Record Notice   Active

Putney        20073737   Wilson Wetland               Sand Hill Road            none                                                        Active

Randolph      20053445   Salisbury Street             Salisbury Street          PAHs, Metals                                                Active
Readsboro      20083808   Readsboro Masonic Hall                                                                                                             Active

                                                                                                gasoline plume and soil vapor
Richford       20002839   Sweat Comings                         Main St                         from offsite                                                 Active

Ripton         20083765   Silver Towers Camp                    56 Silver Towers Road           Fuel Oil USTs (15+)                                          Completed

                                                                17 Depot Street       Bellows   limited chlorinated    solvent    in
Rockingham     20002836   Waypoint Center                       Fall                            onsite groundwater                      Land Record Notice   Completed

                                                                                                chlorinated solvents, petroleum
Rockingham     20022989   TLR Complex                           1 Mill St, Bellows Falls        compounds                                                    Active

Rockingham     20043287   Boccelli Property                     46 Canal St                     Solvents, PAHs, metals. Soils           Land Record Notice   Completed

                                                                                                Soil PAHs, Cadmium,          Lead.
Rockingham     20053339   Meatland                              46 Westminster Street           Indoor Air VOC.                                              Active

                                                                                                Dioxins,    Pahs,      chlorinated
Rockingham     20063480   Penta                                 Mill Street                     solvents                                                     Active

Rutland        20083813   Berwick Hotel Site & Rutland Herald   Center & Wales                  petroleum, metals                                            Active

                                                                                                Petroleum                        soil
Rutland City   951900     H-our Mart Inc                        263 West St                     PAH soil                                                     Completed

Rutland City   972194     Fillipo Dry Cleaners                  89 Woodstock Avenue             Chlorinated Solvents                                         Active

Rutland Town   900481     Flory Plaza                           Rt 4                            Petroleum-GW                                                 Complete

Rutland Town   20073732   Butterfield Property                  300 Route 7 North               Former Service/Gas Station              Land Record Notice   Completed

                                                                                                VOCs, Metals,         sVOC   -soil,
Shaftsbury     770073     Eagle Square (Old Stanley Tools)      Route 67                        groundwater                                                  Active

                                                                                                VOC/SVOC, metals, PCB            soil
Springfield    770122     Jones And Lamson                      160 Clinton St                  and groundwater                                              Active
Springfield      880286     Jones Center                       Clinton St                  Former Tooling Factory                                  Active


Springfield      972235     Precision Valley Development       Pearl St                    Chlorinated Solvents, Petroleum

                                                                                           Offsite  Contamination      from
Springfield      20063608   Lucas Industries                   201 Clinton Street          former MGP site                    Easement             Active

St Albans City   770126     CV Railway Inc                     2 Federal St.               Rail Road Property                                      Completed

                                                                                           Petroleum groundwater impacts.
St Albans City   20053412   Leader Evaporator                  25 Stowell Street           lead, PAH-soils.                   Land Record Notice   Completed

St Albans City   20053413   Lewis Auto Body                    22 Stebbins Street          Lead-soils                         Land Record Notice   Completed

St Albans City   20083777   Former Fonda Container Company     15-21 Lower Newton Street   PCBs-bldg/TCE-soil&gw                                   Active

St Albans City   20083815   Brickyard Tavern Building          29-33 Federal Street                                                                Active

                            St. Albans Municipal Parking Lot
St Albans City   20083818   No.1                                                                                                                   Active

St Albans Town   911109     St Albans Air Force Station        Bellevue Hill               Asbestos/petroleum/coal ash-soil                        Complete

Swanton          921295     Swanton Town Garage                Fourth St                                                                           Completed

Swanton          20053420   Litchfield Property                134 Grand Avenue            Petroleum soil/gw                  Land Record Notice   Completed

Thetford         20053374   Thetford Town Garage               Route 113                   PAHs, metals                                            Active

Topsham          770083     Topsham Plating                    Powder Spring Road          Metals in soil and groundwater                          Active

                            Haviland Shade Roller Mill and
Vergennes        20083809   Annex                              1-2 Canal St                TCE/PCBs/PAHs                                           Active
Warren       20083816   Warren Town Garage                      School Road                                                                    Completed

Warren       20083819   Warren Dump                             450 Dump Rd                                                                    Completed


Wilmington   20083803   Vermont Barnboard                       Mill Street Extension

                        18 Central     St.   (former   Lemire
Windsor      982466     Property)                               18 Central St           Petroleum soil and groundwater                         Active

                                                                                        chlorinated  solvents,    DEHP,
Windsor      20002797   Goodyear Industrial Campus              Mechanic Street         DEHA, metals, petroleu                                 Active

Windsor      20043237   Levesque Right of Way                   101 Main St             PAHs soil and groundwater                              Active

                                                                                        PAHs and CVOCs in soil and
Windsor      20073638   Parcel 251001.000 Railroad Ave          Railroad Ave            groundwater                         Deed Restriction   Active

Windsor      20083810   Windsor Technology Park                 7 Everett Lane                                                                 Active

Windsor      20083814   Downtown Windsor                        Downtown Windsor                                                               Active

Wolcott      982450     Abandoned Tank                          Route 15                N/A                                                    Active

Woodstock    870023     Gerrish Motors (Woodstock East)         Rt 4                                                                           Active

                                                                                        Gasoline and Diesel fuel in soils
Woodstock    20083784   A & B Motors                            25 South St.            as well as GW                                          Active

Woodstock    20083811   Woodstock Jungle Site                                                                                                  Active

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