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Report back on the review of road
     infrastructure standards

      RPF November 2003
•   Background
•   Activities in 2003/04
•   Progress
•   Way forward
 Chief Directorate:Transport Infrastructure

                                                Land Transport Management

                      Land Transport Infrastructure                      Land Transport Regulation

    Transport Infrastructure                          Transport Infrastructure
    Planning & Coordination                                Management

•Section: Integrated Infrastructure Planning
and Strategy                                     •Section: Network Development
•Section: Infrastructure Policy and Financing    and Operations Management
•Section: Infrastructure Network Systems         •Section: Infrastructure Standards
•Section: Regional and International             •Section: Overload control
Review of Infrastructure Standards

• Absence of leadership at national level in
  standards development and maintenance
• Sector wide proliferation of standards with
  no single point of reference
• Fragmentation of processes
• Inconsistent application of various
  standards, specifications and guielines
• Funding shortages for reviews, upgrades
  and new standards development
Activities in 2003/04

• Development of a comprehensive record of
  Standards, Specifications and Guidelines
  that are used for road construction in SA
  and SADC
• Assessment of status of Standards,
  Specifications and Guidelines
• Prioritisation of interventions for 2004/05
  MTEF period
Progress to date

• Record developed and continuously being
• Assessment underway
• Prioritisation yet to begin

• Difficulties accessing information from
• Need industry assistance with the assessment of
  standards, Specifications and Guidelines
• Prioritisation and intervention dependent on
  accuracy of information, the assessment and
  funding availability
• Access to information at SADC level
Way Forward

• Please forward lists of Standards, Specifications
  and Guidelines to NDoT*
• NDoT will prioritise interventions jointly with
  bodies such as the RPF, RCC, Provinces etc. to
  ensure appropriateness and relevance
• Process to be completed in March 2004

*Note: For assessment purposes only those of sector interest
which would traditionally fall under CSRA will be considered, but other
lists are accepted for record purposes.

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