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									                                     MRM Region
                              2012 Leadership Conference
                                    Northern Colorado

 Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
All   Star Leadership Conference
Chapter Membership

   2011-2012 Chapter President: Vicki Lucero, CRM
   # of Members – Beginning of Year: 40
   Current # of Members: 42
   Chapter Size Category: Medium
   Membership Goal for 2012-2013: 5% growth = 2
   Recruiting and Contacting – methods: Regular emails to large
    distribution group; Seminar brochure mailings to various companies in
   Chapter volunteers – recruiting, involvement (activities):          Board
    members are quite active; couple of volunteers from the general membership
   What months and day of the month do you hold educational
    meetings: 2nd Thursday of month (bi monthly)
   Methods of communicating with members: Emails; website

     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
    All   Star Leadership Conference
Board of Directors
   # of Members: 7
   Types of Positions: 4 Officers; 3 Members at Large
     Elected Officials: All
     Appointed Officials: One MAL is our Webmaster
   Meetings (how often and method i.e. in person, conference
    calls): Planning meeting in person; monthly meetings via conference call
   What was Good about your BOD: We work well together; everyone
    shows respect for one another
   What Challenges did your BOD face:                Finding time to work
    together; each of our jobs take a great deal of time
   Board Transition of Members – at end of year:         Secretary
    stepped into MAL; new Secretary; one new Member at Large
   Recruiting/Succession planning methods:                 Not all of our members
    enjoy support of their employers (financial or otherwise) to attend our events;
    we sometimes struggle with regular participation of our members; even more
    so with soliciting individuals for further commitment of board obligations.
    We are surely not alone in this challenge.
     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
    All   Star Leadership Conference
Chapter Finances
   Beginning Balance: As of May 31, 2011 - $6,926.86
   Current Balance: As of May 31, 2012 - $10,092.30
   Savings Accounts – include CDs:
   Does your Chapter conduct annual financial audits? Monthly
    Treasurer reports audited/balanced with bank statement.
   Do you have monthly Treasurer reports? Yes
   Does your BOD review monthly bank statements? Yes

     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
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    All   Star Leadership Conference
September 2011

   Co-hosted Contoural Symposium with Mile High Denver
    Chapter (along with other co-hosts/sponsors)
   Meeting Date: Sept 13, 2011
   Time of Day: 3/4 day
   Attendance #’s: possibly 6 out of our Chapter
   Topic: Advanced Records & Information Management and
    Litigation Readiness Symposium
   Speaker: various throughout day
   Comments: No cost to chapter, just marketing; overall good
   Revenue/Loss: 0

     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
    All   Star Leadership Conference
November 2011

   Meeting Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2011
    Platte River Power Authority; Fort Collins
   Time of Day: 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
   Attendance #’s: 18 registered (6 non-members) / 4 no shows
   Topic: This presentation explained where cloud data lives, how it is accessed, the
    key benefits and the new risks and challenges the cloud presents. It also examined how
    information governance professionals can leverage their skills and help their companies
    in making the right decisions when selecting cloud technologies.

   Speaker: Galina Datskovsky, Ph.D., CRM
   Comments: This was well received, lots of questions, and
    attendees thought it was very interesting.
   Revenue/Loss: ($304.06)

     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
    All   Star Leadership Conference
December 2011
   Meeting Date: Thursday, December 15, 2011
    Mimi’s Café; Loveland
   Time of Day: 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.
   Attendance #’s: 14 (3 guests)
   Topic: Charity sponsorship for the Weld County Food Bank;
    annual awards; general networking
   Speaker: none
   Comments: Prior to this event, held an online vote of members for
    which charity we should sponsor (5 different); overwhelming vote for
    Weld County Food Bank ($70 and bag of food)
    Note: Most supported online poll of Chapter members with 37 votes total (16 for Weld)
    (others were Catholic Charities / Elderhaus / Homeless Prevention / Larimer Food Bank)
    Special Thank You to Carol Ann Hartnagle of TAB for purchasing beverages.

   Revenue/Loss: ($43.50)

     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
    All   Star Leadership Conference
January 2012

   Mile High Denver Webinar
   Meeting Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2012
    Platte River Power Authority; Fort Collins
   Time of Day: Noon
   Attendance #’s: 15-20 (mostly employees of PRPA)
   Topic: Metadata in Court: What RIM, Legal and IT need to
   Speaker: John Isaza, Esq.
   Comments: Our chapter wasn’t going to hold a January
    program, but decided at last minute to piggy back onto the
    MHD Webinar. Shaky at the beginning to get online, but it
    was good program overall.
   Revenue/Loss: 0

     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
    All   Star Leadership Conference
February 2012

   Social Governance: Where Facebook and RIM Collide
   Meeting Date: Thursday, February 9, 2012
    City of Longmont, Firestation #3 Community Room
   Time of Day: 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
   Attendance #’s: 12 (1 nonmember)
   Topic: Social Business Technologies / IT Appreciation Day
    (3rd Annual)
   Speaker: Jesse Wilkins, CRM, CIP
   Comments: $15 Gift Certificates to went to a non-
    member and a new ARMA member to MHD chapter; many of the attendees
    sat around an additional half hour talking about various aspects of the
    presentation, some great discussion on this topic.
   Revenue/Loss: ($32.98)

     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
    All   Star Leadership Conference
April 2012
   CIA: It’s Not Just for Spies
   Meeting Date: Friday, April 20, 2012
    Larimer County; Fort Collins
   Time of Day: - 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
   Attendance #’s: 9 (4 nonmember / 5 members)
   Topic: Data is widely dispersed throughout an organization. Understanding where
    all the data resides is a challenge most Records and Information Managers face each
    day. Organizations need to maintain appropriate levels of confidentiality, integrity and
    availability of data. Discussions will concentrate on the variety of storage devices
    available to an organization. And the similarities and differences between cloud and
    non-cloud security. Along with questions to consider prior to picking a storage solution.

   Speaker: Mike Crouch, State of WY Enterprise IT Security
   Comments: Good discussion and questions throughout
   Revenue/Loss: ($11.54)

     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
    All   Star Leadership Conference
May 2012
   Free Personal Shredding Event
   Meeting Date: Thursday, May 10, 2012
    Platte River Power Authority; Fort Collins
   Time of Day: 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
   Attendance #’s: unknown
   Topic: Personal document shredding event sponsored by Platte River
    Power Authority and Cornerstone Records Management in cooperation
    with the Northern CO ARMA Chapter
   Comments:

     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
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    All   Star Leadership Conference
June 2012
   Annual Chapter Meeting and Business After Hours
    FaFiFo Event (Fabulous Finger Food)
   Meeting Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2012
    Platte River Power Authority; Fort Collins
   Time of Day: 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
   Attendance #’s: 14 (2 from Wyoming Chapter)
   Topic: Topical discussion points on Electronic Records Mgmt; Successes &
    Challenges of Off-site Storage; To keep or not to keep? That is the question; Best
    RIM decision I ever made / Board Officer installation / Annual CMOY/CLOY Awards

   Comments: Great discussion going on with discussion points at
    each table. Chapter Member of the Year – Laurie Wheat (her
    work on Seminar committee) / Chapter Leader of the Year – Clint
    Andrews (Chapter Webmaster and Member at Large)
   Revenue/Loss: Unknown, but in the red because this event is for
    our membership.

     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
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    All   Star Leadership Conference
Annual Seminar
   Information as a Business Asset: Governing with GARP®
   Meeting Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2012
   Time of Day: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
   Attendance #’s: 31 (1 student / 6 nonmembers / +9 vendors)
   Topic: Structure (Foundations of Electronic Records Management) / Direction (Policy,
    Process, and Special Topics) / Resources (Training, Technology, and other resources)
   Speaker: Deborah H Juhnke, CRM
   Attendee Fee Structure: Members of ARMA/AIIM/SRMA/CMC - $80
    / Non members - $100 / Students/Retirees - $40
   Vendor Involvement/Support: 1 GOLD@$500 / 3 SILVER@
    $350 / 3 BRONZE@$250
       • The vendors were amazing support for this. We integrated 2-30 minute
         sessions throughout day for them provide additional substance to the
   Special Activities:    RIM Innovation Award – creativity or innovation in the
    RIM area. Anything from process changes, software, hardware, you name it!
    Received 4 submissions. Awarded to Jeanne Caldwell, CRM for work with
    ‘RulesMapper’; a cloud based inventory and retention scheduling tool.
   Revenue/Loss: $589.33
     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
    All   Star Leadership Conference
Special Projects

   Community Involvement – charities, services etc.
    Polling the membership to see which would receive our
    Holiday Charity was one of the best poll’s we’ve done in
    terms of high response.
   Other professional organization projects/relationships
    Have continually done online polls, surveys, evaluations, and
    elections for members. Need to add this online component to
    our bylaws.
   Scholarship programs/promotions - NA
   Mentoring activities: there are a couple new CRM candidates
    in the area that we’ve been in touch with.
   Vendor Relationships: Developed new or continued
    relationships with the vendors in this region. They were the
    key to a successful Annual Seminar. We will keep their
    contact information on our website for an entire year to
    reward them for sponsorship.

     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
    All   Star Leadership Conference
Successes, Challenges & “Different”

   What were your chapter’s top successes? (1 to 3 examples)
    1. Website! (our webmaster is awesome; we’ve submitted for
    Website of the Year with ARMA International.
    2. Annual Seminar
    3. Obtained new chapter members through word of mouth;
    and maintained current membership.
   What really challenged the Board and/or Chapter this year?
    (1 to 3 examples)
    1. Attendance at programs and seminar
    2. Making any profit at our programs
   What would/could the BOD have done different or would try
    next time? (1 to 3 examples)
    Looking for ideas to market and have attendance numbers
    look better.

     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
    All   Star Leadership Conference
Successes! Chapter Website
   Chapter Website has made a complete turn-around in past 2
   It was stagnant, we had basic package that only included 10
    pages; could go nowhere with it in terms of development,
    substance, news, events, etc.
   Webmaster Clint Andrews took over in 2010, and site is now
    more dynamic and user friendly.
   Use Google Apps for Calendar / Surveys / Registrations
   Upgraded to Premium webhost package for unlimited pages
    and other capabilities.
   Submitted Letter of Intent to ARMA Int’l for Chapter Website
    of the Year (submitted 10/17/2011 for 2012 Award)
   Can ‘Like’ us on FaceBook; photo streaming of events on
    home page.
   Northern CO Chapter is also a Group on LinkedIn!
     Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
    All   Star Leadership Conference

    Please share one or two expectations or ideas you have for
     the coming Chapter year.
     We’ll be focusing at our planning meeting on understanding
     how to make our monthly meetings more salient and
     meaningful to the various segments of our members.

  Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region
 All   Star Leadership Conference

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