; Nationwide - List of all additional fees June 2012
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Nationwide - List of all additional fees June 2012


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									Remortgage and Transactional Cases

Additional Work                                 Additional Fee                    Comments
                                                                                  Any notice or other fee payable to the
                                                                                  Landlord or Management Company in
Landlord or Management Companies                Variable
                                                                                  accordance with the terms of the
                                                £95 + VAT and additional
                                                Land Registry Fee payable
First Registration at Land Registry
                                                (above £50 for remortgage
                                                and full fee for transactional)
                                                £95 + VAT (for remortgage
Leasehold Supplement
(only charged for complex cases that do not
                                                No fee (for transactional
meet the FastTrack criteria)
                                                £245 + VAT and any
                                                additional land registration
Transfer of Equity
                                                fees, searches, or stamp duty
                                                land tax payable
                                                £100 + VAT and any
                                                additional land registration
Registering a 3rd Party Transfer of Title
                                                fees, searches, or stamp duty
                                                land tax payable
                                                Hourly rate of £130 + VAT         To include dealing with indemnity
Defective Title
                                                and disbursements                 policies for title defects
Standard Deed of Postponement                   £195 + VAT per deed
Letters of Postponement from the Ministry of
Defence or Local Authorities on Right to Buy    £50 + VAT per letter
Simple Declarations of Trust                    £195 + VAT
                                                £195 + VAT and any
                                                                                  Remortgage - where buying an
                                                additional land registration
                                                                                  additional tranche only
                                                fees, searches or stamp duty
Shared Ownership leases                                                           Transactional - where purchasing a
                                                land tax payable in
                                                                                  property with a Shared Ownership
                                                connection with the
                                                                                  Lease in place
                                                acquisition of the tranche.
Deed of Guarantee                               £150 + VAT
                                                                                  Includes checking existing assured
Drafting Assured Shorthold Tenancy              £95 + VAT                         shorthold tenancies on transactional
                                                                                  buy to lets
                                                                                  Includes checking existing enduring
Drafting an enduring power of attorney          £95 + VAT
                                                                                  powers of attorney
Removal of second charges                       No charge
Removal of third and subsequent charges         £30 + VAT per charge
Telegraphic Transfer of surplus funds to the
                                                £20 + VAT per transfer
Telegraphic transfer to redeem each existing
                                                £20 + VAT per transfer
Assignment/Reassignment of life policies        £30 + Vat per policy
Forwarding pre-registration deeds and
documents (at borrower's request; the request   £10 + VAT
to be within 1 month of completion)
Admin fee for credit cards (minimum £4.50
                                                2.5% of balance + VAT
Admin fee for debit cards (minimum £4.50
                                                1.5% of balance + VAT
Admin fee to order documents/leases referred    £10 + VAT and document
to in office copies                             cost
Cancelling a cheque                             £25 + VAT
Completing Electronic ID Checks (per
                                                £5 + VAT
customer). Charge still applies if a referral
requires further hard copy evidence of identity

Dealing with independent solicitors                   £130 + VAT hourly rate
Dealing with independent solicitors (to send
                                                      £40 + VAT
purchase monies only)
Deed of Variation                                     £50 + VAT
Drafting a Matrimonial Separation Agreement           £50 + VAT
Drafting a Statutory Declaration                      £50 + VAT
Drafting RX3/RX4 forms                                £50 + VAT
Forwarding a copy Title Information Document
                                                      £20 + VAT
/ updated Registers of Title to borrower
                                                      £195 + VAT + LR fees,
Freehold Purchase Fee
                                                      searches, stamp duty land tax
Insufficient postage on documents received
                                                      £5 + VAT
from customer
Investigating Bankruptcy Entries per case                                             Where correspondence is entered
                                                      £30 + VAT
(Insolvency Check)                                                                    into with the Insolvency Register
Investigating the Title to Additional Land            £45 + VAT
Matrimonial waiver                                    £15 + VAT
Obtaining an indemnity insurance policy               £45 + VAT + policy premium
Obtaining/processing a change of name
deed/marriage certificate or verifying the            £10 + VAT
borrower's name or address to Land Registry
Obtaining a letter of undertaking re Search
                                                      £15 + VAT
Obtaining a letter of undertaking re Title
                                                      £50 + VAT
Other additional work not listed here                 £130 + VAT hourly rate
Pending repossession                                  £150 + VAT
Postponing a completion at the request of the
customer where the panel firm have received
all of the necessary documents from the               £30 + VAT
customer and submitted the COT at the
customer's request.
Processing an overpayment received from a
previous lender not due to the fault of the           £25 + VAT
panel firm
Repaying an unsecured loan                            £25 + VAT
Removing a personal charge                            £150 + VAT
Returning a mortgage advance to a lender
                                                      £25 + VAT + TT Fee
when completion delayed by borrower
Reversing legal completion                            up to £390 + VAT
Satisfy & remove a restriction / caution /
                                                      £150 + VAT
(inhibition in Scotland)
Satisfying a special condition in the mortgage
                                                      Hourly rate of £90 + VAT
Settling an IFA's professional fees                   TT Cost only
Split off from parent title / creation of servitude   £195 + VAT + third party
rights /burdens (Scotland)                            disbursements
Sourcing a shortfall over £1000.00                    £25 + VAT
Stamp Duty Land Tax Admin Fee                         £75 + VAT
Title Deeds Storage Fee (Scotland)                    £75 + VAT per annum
                                                                                      Includes entries on OS1 and on
                                                                                      transactional cases adverse entries
Unclear Searches                                      £75 + VAT
                                                                                      on Local Authority Search; Water &
                                                                                      Drainage Search
                                                                                      Including purchase of land with
Upgrading a legal title                               £50 + VAT
                                                                                      adverse possession
Fees Free Purchase Cases

Additional work                                      Additional fee            Comments
Acting for lender supplement                         No fee
Acting in an auction situation                       £175 + VAT
                                                                               Where purchase involves more than
Additional land                                      £75 + VAT                 1 title number or plot of land and
                                                                               further investigations are needed.
Contaminated Land issues                             £130 + VAT hourly rate
Contract Race                                        £100 + VAT
Dealing with independent solicitor on related sale   £130 + VAT hourly rate
Deed of Covenants                                    £95 + VAT
Discharging charges over unrelated property          £90 + VAT
                                                                               To include breaches of contract;
                                                                               misrepresentation of sale particulars;
                                                                               leasehold valuations tribunal; failure
                                                                               of a party to complete; boundary
                                                                               disputes; NHBC claims; complex
Disputes                                             £130 + VAT hourly rate
                                                                               missives. Some firms may refer to
                                                                               another law firm or department. If so
                                                                               a further quote must be given to the
                                                                               customer before any work is carried
                                                                               Required on all cases as well as
                                                                               certified copy ID for law firms to
Electronic ID Checks (per customer)                  £5 + VAT
                                                                               comply with Law Society Practice
                                                                               Note on Anti Money Laundering.
Environmental Search upgrades                        £95 + VAT                 To enable them to be "Passed"
Equity release or lifetime mortgage loans            £95 + VAT
                                                                               This is to include dealing with
                                                                               whatever work is necessary to have
                                                                               squatters or tenants evicted. Some
Eviction of squatters or tenants                     £130 + VAT hourly rate    firms may refer to another law firm or
                                                                               department. If so a further quote
                                                                               must be given to the customer
                                                                               before any work is carried out.
File Scanning and Storage                            No fee
                                                                               To include whatever work is
                                                                               necessary for dealing with insurance
                                                                               companies or to rescind contract.
                                                                               Some firms may refer this to another
Fire between exchange and completion                 £130 + VAT hourly rate
                                                                               law firm or department. If so a
                                                                               further quote must be given to the
                                                                               customer before any work is carried
                                                                               To include checking existing
Flying freeholds                                     £95 + VAT                 indemnity insurance and obtaining
                                                                               new or top up indemnity insurance
Gift or loan from 3rd party                          £95 + VAT per gift/loan
Grants of easements or rights of way                 £130 + VAT hourly rate
Key Undertaking / Caretaker Agreement                £50 + VAT
Lease Extensions and Amendments                      £130 + VAT hourly rate
Leasehold title                                      No additional fee
                                                                               To include approving a licence
                                                                               drafted by seller's solicitor or
                                                                               landlord's solicitor and fulfilling
Licence to Assign a Lease                            £150 + VAT
                                                                               landlord's requirements to enable
                                                                               lease to be assigned, eg. Deed of
                                                                               Covenant; character references;
                                                                                proof of eligibility.

Merger of leasehold and freehold                       £150 + VAT
New build or plots of land                             £150 + VAT
Obtaining planning permissions and building
                                                       £20 + VAT
regulation consents
Other party not represented                            £150 + VAT
                                                                                This is to apply where the customer
                                                                                is buying from a seller who has died
                                                                                and the law firm needs to check the
                                                                                probate documents received. It is
Probate                                                £75 + VAT
                                                                                not the fee for obtaining probate for
                                                                                a customer as most firms would refer
                                                                                this to another law firm or
                                                                                Does not include a lender restriction
Registering a new restriction / caution / inhibition   £150 + VAT               as no separate fee is agreed for that.
                                                                                To include corresponding with
                                                                                seller's solicitor or third party to
                                                                                obtain consent to breaches. If
                                                                                matter is disputed some firms may
Restrictive covenant breaches                          £130 + VAT hourly rate
                                                                                refer this to another law firm or
                                                                                department. If so a further quote
                                                                                must be given to the customer
                                                                                before any work is carried out.
                                                                                To include bridging finance; key
Second charges                                         £95 + VAT                worker loans; housing association
                                                                                loans; private mortgages
Self build - stage payment mortgage                    £50 + VAT per tranche
                                                                                To check all rights and use of septic
                                                                                tank. Does not include registration
Septic tank investigations                             £50 + VAT
                                                                                of tank with the Environment
Telegraphic Transfer fee to send funds to seller's
                                                       No fee
Transferring share in management company               £50 + VAT
Unregistered title                                     £95 + VAT

Co- purchaser Agreement                                £195 + VAT
Statutory Notices (Scotland)                           £95 + VAT

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