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					TEST REPORT                   IPTV Gateway

NetUP DVB-IP Gateway 4x                                                                                     0.98

Now You Can Be
an Armchair TV Director Too!
Up until a few years ago TV via Internet or Ethernet
was beyond our imagination. Today, however, high-
capacity fibre-optic cables and the continuing rollout
of broadband connections right to the living room                                           NetUP DVB-IP Gateway 4x
                                                                                         Perfect ease of use, combined with
have become a reality. IPTV is one option out of many                                      reliable technology – ideal for
                                                                                                   IPTV providers.
and these days competes against satellite and cable
                                                                                        On the front panel you find
television. Have you ever thought about how content is                                a two-line LCD display indicat-
actually distributed via IPTV?                                                        ing the current mode of oper-
                                                                                      ation and providing valuable
To answer that question we looked at the DVB-IP                                       help during initial installation
gateway offered by NetUP, which is the ideal system for                               of the network interfaces.

small systems like at hotels or hospitals, but also for                                 Speaking of which, there
private users or anyone else, who wants to distribute TV                              are a total of six such inter-
                                                                                      faces, all of which can be set
content on the Internet.                                                              up individually. Above these
The NetUP DVB-IP Gateway 4x is a professional product,                                connections there are 10
                                                                                      LEDs and to the right five but-
which means all technology is packed into a 19-inch                                   tons allow direct control of the
housing. On addition, all important connection interfaces                             unit. Apart from the network
                                                                                      interfaces mentioned above
are located both on the front and rear panels, which                                  there are two USB ports for
is another clear indication that the gateway is not for                               hooking up external storage
                                                                                      media and an RS-232 port for
presentation next to the TV, but should rather be installed                           putting out status information
in a dedicated server cabinet or professional 19-inch rack.                           to an external console.

12 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 10-1
                                                    1/2010 —
  Four satellite IF inputs
strike us when looking at the
rear panel. They are required
to receive the signals for fur-
ther processing.

  As we’re talking about a
professional device here it
goes without saying that each
tuner input is equipped with a
dedicated Common Interface
slot. This means a maximum
of four CI modules can be
used in connection with this
gateway, which also comes
with a mechanical power
                                  ■ Diagram of an IPTV network
  All    components      boast
extraordinary build quality,      of a standard vacuum cleaner.         a network connections has to            be selected in the PC’s web
with the integrated power         Watching TV next to the gate-         be established.                         browser. As soon as the first
supply unit alone letting most    way is virtually impossible                                                   IP address is assigned to the
competitors turn pale by com-     – but as mentioned previ-               To this end one of the six            gateway, all you need to do
parison. The modulator comes      ously, the gateway should be          available network interfaces            is enter this address in your
with 2 GB of flash memory         located in a dedicated server         is connected either directly            browser’s address line to
and a 1 TB hard disk.             room anyway, where the fans           with a PC or with a router,             access the built-in web server.
                                  can buzz away happily.                and is assigned an IP address.
   Professional use in most                                             The five buttons on the front             You need to enter correct
cases means permanent use,          The manufacturer ships this         panel come into play here, as           user name and password,
so a sufficient number of         system with a full range of           well as the LCD display.                which is set to standard values
internal fans is paramount to     mounting accessories so that                                                  by default. We strongly rec-
breathe in a steady stream of     the housing can be fitted into           In theory, you can set IP            ommend setting an individ-
fresh air. Without these, many    any standard 19-inch rack or          addresses for all three net-            ual user name and password
sensitive components would        server cabinet. The manual            work     interfaces    directly         to make sure the gateway is
risk overheating, which ulti-     that comes with the gate-             on the unit; for the sake               protected from unauthorised
mately would result in failure.   way has a very user-friendly          of simplicity we do recom-              access.
                                  design and should answer              mend to start with one port
   Here too, it is more than      any question that might ever          and deal with the remaining                The    web     interface   is
evident that this gateway is      arise.                                five through the web inter-             extremely easy to use and
not designed for use in the                                             face that becomes available             resembles MS Windows – so
living room, as the fans create     Before being able to access         once the first port is hooked           it will be familiar to most. In
noise that easily equals that     the gateway for the first time        up. This way all settings can           the main menu there are five

                                                        — 10-1
                                                                                             1/2010 —   TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine   13
                         World from the Internet:
 Download this report in                                                                  specifications, however, the     we have come to expect from
 Arabic          ‫العربية‬
 Indonesian      Indonesia
                                                                                          NetUP DVB-IP Gateway 4x          receivers for use at home –
 Bulgarian       Български   will also be able to receive     such as automatic search,
 Czech           Česky
 German          Deutsch   DVB-T, DVB-C and analog sig-     extensive DiSEqC options,
 English         English
 Spanish         Español   nals, with reception modules     blind scan and other techni-
 Farsi           ‫فارس ي‬
 French          Français   being exchanged similar to       cal gadgets – are not avail-
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 Hungarian       Magyar   Plug&Play hardware compo-        able, as this is professional
 Mandarin        中文  
 Dutch           Nederlands
                                                                                          nents.                           equipment focussing on an
 Polish          Polski                                    altogether different scope of
 Portuguese      Português
 Romanian        Română     The manufacturer is cur-       application.
 Russian         Русский
 Turkish         Türkçe   rently working feverishly on
                         Available online starting from 1 October 2010                    implementing this feature,         With     the     NetUP      DVB-IP

items (Files, IPTV, System
Administration,       System
Configuration and System
Status), with configuration
and administration drawing
most attention, of course.                                                                                                                                     2

  With the help of this inte-
grated web interface all six
network ports can be man-
aged separately, and usage
data for each of the ports can
be retrieved as well.

  In case you’re wonder-
ing why a total of six Eth-
ernet ports are available,
when a single one should do,
the answer is quite simple:                                                                                                                                    4
With several Ethernet ports
it is possible to distribute
channels on various differ-
ent levels, which means that
one level might supply chan-
nels that are not available on
another distribution level.

   Thus it is possible to create
up to six different chan-
nel packages, which are all
received and processed by
the same gateway, but can
be made up of completely
different channels and which
can be distributed, marketed
or sold individually. In addi-
tion, each network adaptor
can be assigned different IP
addresses so that several
levels are available within the
same network architecture.
Finally, there is also the ques-
tion of bandwidth as high-               four DVB-S2 tuners, which                        because right now only satel-
                                                                                                                           ■ 1. Main menu of the web server
definition content may call for          means we were able to                            lite tuners are available.       2. The manual is stored right in the
                                                                                                                           gateway as PDF
distribution on more than one            receive, process and distrib-
connection.                              ute satellite signals.                              Each of the four DVB-S2       3. Four tuners are available for indi-
                                                                                          tuners can be set up and con-    vidual configuration

  Our test device came with                 Depending            on      customer         figured individually. Features   4. Setting reception parameters

14 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 10-1
                                                    1/2010 —

Gateway 4x it is possible to set
individual LOF parameters for
each tuner, as well as defining
simple DiSEqC 1.0 configura-
tion and activating the 22 kHz
signal. In addition you need
to key in the required trans-
ponder frequency, symbol rate
used and polarisation – com-
plete with the corresponding
power supply for the LNB.

  As soon as the gateway                                                                                                          3
has detected an active trans-
ponder based on the supplied
parameters, five green blocks
(for signal, carrier, FEC, sync
and lock) appear. If there are
reception problems, one or
more blocks is/are coloured
red, giving an indication of
where the problem lies.

   Channel selection comes
next. Once the tuner has
identified and locked a signal,
a dedicated menu item is                                                                                                                4
used to display the complete
transponder content. Each
detected channel (no matter
whether TV or radio) is shown
with all its technical specifica-
tions (audio and video PID).

  If more than one PID is
provided (in case of multiple
audio tracks, for example) you
can define which PID is to be
distributed. It is then neces-


                                                                                              ■ 1. All found channels are listed and
                                                                                              can be individually configured
                                                                                      6       2. Several multicast addresses and
                                                                                              Ethernet ports can be defined for
                                                                                              each channel

                                                                                              3. DVB-S2 transponders? No pro-

                                                                                          7   4. Thanks to four CI slots encrypted
                                                                                              channels can also be received and
                                                                                              processed. CI data is displayed right
                                                                                              in the settings menu

                                                                                              5. The current configuration can
                                                                                              be saved onto an external storage

                                                                                              6. Software updates are managed
                                                                                              through the web interface – talk
                                                                                              about convenience!

                                                                                              7. All six Ethernet ports can be confi-
                                                                                              gured individually

16 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 10-1
                                                    1/2010 —

sary to assign a multicast IP
address, a port and one of
the six Ethernet interfaces
to each selected channel. It
is also perfectly possible that
a channel can be assigned to
more than one Ethernet inter-
faces and multicasts or ports,
in order to distribute it on
several levels.

   It goes without saying that
the NetUP DVB-IP Gateway 4x
is able to handle EPG data of
received channels, which is
forwarded to the middleware
for further processing and
this way provided to the IPTV
set-top boxes.

  In our test setup we chose
to send signals from four
different satellites to the
gateway. In detail, the sig-
nals came from the following                                                                                                                            3
transponders: BBC on ASTRA
28.8° East, MBC on NILESAT
at 7° West, ORF on ASTRA
19.2° East and a fourth trans-
ponder on TURKSAT at 42°
East. Even when pushing                                                                                                                                     4
the tuners to the limit with a
rather weak signal from ABS1
at 75° East all four of them
were able to put out flawless
video and audio. We simply
could not ask for more!

  Altogether we arrived at an                                                                                    ■ 1. Precise statistical data is collec-
                                                                                                                 ted for each Ethernet port
impressive 32 TV channels              able to zap up and down a list          meant we had to devise a test
which were bundled into a              of 32 channels in next to no            that would give the gateway       2. Network routing
multicast using the IP address         time at all. Of course there’s          the hardest time imaginable.
                                                                                                                 3. A MySQL server as well as a time We also               no point in setting up such             What about transmitting Brit-     server are also available
could have left the port with          an IPTV network for a single            ish TV to a colleague in Thai-
                                                                                                                 4. Lots of VOD content can be stored
1234, for example, and distrib-        client receiver, which is why           land via IPTV?                    on the built-in 1 TB hard disk
uted the individual channels           we expanded our installa-
using separate IP addresses            tion to include various PCs in            Off we went and started         offers uploading speeds in
such as,               our editorial office for IPTV           with setting up a VPN con-        excess of 20 MBit/s. Anything and so on.             access.                                 nection using two Netgear         less would not be sufficient
                                                                               VPN routers at each end           for high-resolution content. At
  At the receiving end we                 The VLC player software              before turning on the IPTV        any rate, our Thai buddy was
used an AzBox Ultra HD (see            (available at www.videolan.             gateway. Only seconds had         overwhelmed by the audio
test report in previous TELE-          org for various operating sys-          passed before our colleague       and video quality as well as
satellite issue 08-09/2010),           tems) has turned out to be a            contacted us on Skype to let      zapping speed of the IPTV
which currently is one of only         handy solution for IPTV recep-          us know that our attempt was      package we sent to him.
very few receivers capable             tion on the PC, and no matter           successful.
of processing IPTV alongside           how hard we tried, there                                                     Thanks to DVB-S2 sup-
DVB-S2. Setting up the AzBox           was no way we could ever                  For what it‘s worth, we do      port the gateway is not only
for receiving the channels of          make the gateway falter. As             have to mention at this stage     capable of receiving and dis-
our very own IPTV network              a matter of fact, there wasn’t          that we have very fast Inter-     tributing SDTV but also HDTV
was a breeze and we were               even the slightest hiccup. This         net access at our office, which   MPEG4/H.264. We detected

18 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 10-1
                                                    1/2010 —
no fault when playing back             the operating mode last used.             In most cases, however,               here again we can say with
HDTV content via IPTV. In              Voltages from 90 to 240 VAC             the DVB-IP gateway will be              conviction that the manu-
addition, the gateway auto-            and 47 to 63 Hz can be han-             used as an integral compo-              facturer does not offer half-
matically detects and adjusts          dled by the power supply unit,          nent in a much more com-                hearted solutions: Both the
to technical parameters such           which allows for global use of          plex IPTV network. To this              DVB-IP Gateway 4x and the
as modulation and error cor-           the gateway. When running               end the gateway is connected            IPTV Combine 4x with built-
rection, which is a feature we         the NetUP DVB-IP Gateway 4x             to middleware which creates             in middleware are based on
cannot praise highly enough.           draws approximately 100 W               a provider-specific graphic             exactly the same hardware.
                                       of power.                               OSD and presents channels               So if a client already oper-
  The    overall   impeccable                                                  processed by the gateway in             ates the DVB-IP Gateway 4x
impression of the NetUP                   While the NetUP DVB-IP               an easy-to-use and visually             and needs to upgrade his
DVB-IP gateway is further              Gateway 4x is one component             pleasing design. Operators              system to IPTV Combine 4x
complemented by a number               of many that make up a fully-           may even add VOD (video                 with built-in middleware and
of routing options, the inte-          fledged IPTV network, it can            on demand), billing or other            VOD services all he needs
grated 1 TB hard disk as               of course also be used for its          customer-specific    features,          to do is purchase extended
well as a very user-friendly           own sake, just like we did in           which make such an IPTV                 software to magically unlock
software update feature. All           our test setup. It is respon-           network a perfect system for            all Combine 4x features with-
it requires is to download             sible for processing and con-           hotels, hospitals, apartment            out having to change a single
the latest firmware from the           verting a DVB signal into an            buildings or similar fields of          hardware component.
manufacturer’s website and             IPTV compatible format and              application.
then transfer it to the NetUP          thus serves as an interface                                                       This upgrade option is
DVB-IP Gateway 4x via the              between DVB input signal and              We should add at this stage           also one of the reasons why
network using FTP. It imme-            IPTV network.                           that NetUP does not only                every DVB-IP Gateway 4x is
diately appears in the update                                                  offer its gateway as a single           shipped with an enormous
menu, complete with exact                 Client receivers, on the             component, but also com-                1 TB hard disk in the first
version number, and can be             other hand, simply switch               plete IPTV systems by way of            place. Its full capacity is
loaded and installed with a            between channels and pack-              turnkey solutions. These may            only required once the gate-
simple click.                          ages     using    different  IP         include corresponding mid-              way has turned into an IPTV
                                       addresses and ports. With               dleware and VOD, apart from             Combine 4x with VOD, when
  All six Ethernet ports are           this approach in mind the               the gateway at the core of the          the hard disk is filled with
10/100/1000 Mbit LAN com-              gateway might act as a con-             network.                                content for users to watch
patible, which means they              venient backbone for supply-                                                    whenever they feel like it. We
support the current maximum            ing signals to several monitors           The IPTV Combine 4x is                believe you can gather from
that is technically feasible.          within a building, and – natu-          one of these systems, and               what you have read so far
The gateway itself is capable          rally – for distributing sat-
of simultaneously processing           ellite, cable or terrestrial
up to four transponders with           signals via a network or the
an overall bandwidth of up to          Internet. Speaking of which,
240 MB/s. With its dimension           it yet remains to be seen
of 430x44x411 it exactly fits          whether we will be allowed
into a standard 19-inch rack           to disconnect our test gate-
or a server cabinet, and its           way, as our Thai colleague
weight is a whopping 11.5 kg           seems to have become a BBC
(mainly due to its high-end            addict in the meantime. He is
power supply unit). As you             strongly opposed to us ending
would expect from profes-              this test, as the BBC channels
sional equipment, the gateway          he can receive at the moment
automatically reboots after            are not available otherwise in                 AzBox HD Ultra channel list consisting of both DVB-S and IPTV channels
power failure and returns to           Thailand.

20 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 10-1
                                                    1/2010 —
that we were truly impressed           NetUP uses very low thresh-
with the DVB-IP Gateway 4x          old tuners which deliver a                                              DIAGRAM
during our test. Extraordi-         stable signal even under far
nary build quality and perfect      from perfect reception condi-
ease-use are among its key          tions.
                                                                                           Apparent Power
                                       Thanks to a total of six Eth-                       Active Power

  While you have a com-             ernet ports output signals can
prehensive and well written         be freely configured and dis-
manual at hand at all times, it     tributed on different levels.
would probably even be pos-         An additional highlight is                                                      Mode      Apparent Active    Factor
                                                                                                                    Active    100 W    98 W      0.98
sible to set up and run the         hidden behind the convenient
system without it. Naturally,       update feature that can easily
technical details and useful        turn the gateway into an IPTV
hints can only be found in the      Combine 4x with built-in mid-
written documentation.              dleware and VOD.

                                                                                                 Expert Opinion
  Glossary:                                                                  Excellent build quality
  DVB-IP Gateway                                                             Easy to use
  Converts DVB signals received via satellite, cable or antenna              Low threshold tuner
                                                                             Versatile network options
so that they can be distributed via an IPTV network.
                                                                             SDTV and HDTV reception                                            Thomas Haring
                                                                             DVB-S2 compatible                                                      Test Center
  Middleware                                                                                                                                            Austria
                                                                             Upgrade option to IPTV Combine 4x standard
  Takes care of displaying content in a visually pleasing way.
Creates on-screen menus for IPTV receivers and thus provides
a graphic interface for end users.                                           Fan noise

  Allows permanent access to stored multimedia content.                                                       DATA
Users are able to start, pause and stop playback at any time,          Manufacturer                           NetUP, Olof Palme Street 1, Floor 7 resp.
                                                                                                              Postbox 87, 119311 Moscow, Russia
without being restricted to scheduled times.
                                                                       Fax                                    +7 499 143 5521


                                                                       Model                                  DVB-IP Gateway 4x

                                                                       Function                               IPTV Gateway for DVB Signals

                                                                       Tuners                                 4

                                                                       Max. simultaneous Transponders         4

                                                                       Max. bandwidth                         240 MB/s

                                                                       DiSEqC                                 1.0

                                                                       Ethernet ports                         6 x Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 MB/s

                                                                       CI Slots                               4

                                                                       USB Connector                          yes (2)

                                                                       RS232                                  yes

                                                                       Dimensions                             430x44x411mm

                                                                       Power                                  90 ~ 264 Volt, 47 ~ 63 Hz
    MBC4 via IPTV on the AzBox Ultra HD
                                                                       Weight                                 11.5kg

                                                                       Consumption                            ~ 100W

                                                      — 10-1
                                                                                           1/2010 —         TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine            21

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