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					Click on Help, then About at Main Screen to see Complete Version Number

----- Dec 10, 2012 Version 4.1 A.022 -----------------------------
Made Air and Fuel Flow calibrations for RPM channels more forgiving for
bad entries.

Program now also looks at the 4th RPM channel on DataMite 4 for Air and
Fuel Flow channels.

----- Nov 16, 2012 Version 4.1 A.021 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where weather calibration "tweeks" entered by the user
were not updated immediately (a pretty unusual situation).

----- Nov 9, 2012 Version 4.1 A.020 -----------------------------
Added more example Drag Race files for DTM III and DTM 4.

If you right click on the Open button in the Open File screen,
you are presented with an option to 'Open as Master'. This
lets you open a file as the Master DataMite specs (and Master
Dyno specs in the Dyno version).

Fixed bug where you could not set Color Warnings for all channels
on the Current Readings screen.

Corrected bug which affected calculated torque and power
results for Chassis Dynos where both roller inertia and absorber
dyno power are combined for a total power level. Added warning
message to explain this bug fix.

Eliminated gray vertical "bar" which can appear on some graphs.

----- Oct 25, 2012 Version 4.1 A.019 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where certain info was not always being saved, like test

Added BaseCorrFactor! to better predict a good range for Corr
Factor for warning if Corr Factor being out of normal limits,
and for more consistency with Warning messages.

Fixed bug where calculated RPMs greater than 65000 would show
error messages. Now it gets cut off at 65,530 RPM

Fixed bug where program did not always allow for RPMs greater
than 60000 to be graphed correctly.

Added command to stop streaming data when backing out of
Current Readings screen, in addition to turning off the Com Port.
This may help with box going back and forth between Current Readings
and recording on SD card modes.

Program now works with later versions of firmware with Accel Timer
and Safeties on Digital Outputs. New inputs have been added of
Debounce time for both Normal and Limit readings, and to turn
the safeties on All the time (255 command = 2).

These later firmwares now have the accelerometer channels matching the
older DataMite III boxes. Chip was installed different on the
latest DataMite III and DataMite 4 boards different than previous
boards. You need firmware versions of 2.16 or later to do
proper accelerometer measurements. (Only affects vehicle programs.)

Program will inform you on the DataMite specs screen if your
firmware is 'out of date' for the accelerometer readings.

Made some changes so Watch Streaming Data under Troubleshoot would
work better in DataMite specs screen. (Affects Black Box II only.)

Acceleration timer and 2 safety channels are now working for
firmware version 2.16 for the DataMite 4.

----- July 19, 2012 Version 4.1 A.015 -----------------------------
Fixed some bugs in the logic for allowing reversing logic for WOT
Recording switch, so NO switch would start and stop recording,
introduced in 4.1 A.014.

----- July 11, 2012 Version 4.1 A.014 -----------------------------
Probably fixed some filtering bugs for Summary Reports.

Put some limits on the 'More Filtering' done in v4.1 A.011 which
could have cause filtering to be WAY too high for distance graphs.

Program now allows Engine RPM to be used to determine tire slip
if you are using a single gear transmission, or are direct drive
as set in the Vehicle Specs screen in the Road Race/Circle Track

Created Sub FindMotorcyclePrimaryDrive so Motorcycle Primary
Drive ratio can be used for calculating Tire Slip from
Engine RPM.

Fixed some bugs in the Vehicle Specs screen which was not correctly
checking for valid inputs, especially for gear ratios.

Program now allows for a first gear ratio down to 0.5.

Program now better explains which gauge is missing some required
info for a calculated output.

Added Examples for of Absorber Dynos for DataMite III and DataMite

Added AllowUSBSwitchInput% = 3 to allow reversing logic for WOT
Recording switch, so NO switch would start and stop recording.
----- May 4, 2012 Version 4.1 A.011 -----------------------------
Modified filtering routine for torque and/or HP graphed vs MPH or
KPH so they look more similar to the filtering of an RPM graph.

Further refined the Dyno Controller so entered settings would more
closely match what the controller would produce.

----- May 1, 2012 Version 4.1 A.010 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where units for some engine specs on main screen were not
correct if you selected Metric for Engine Only.

----- April 26, 2012 Version 4.1 A.008 -----------------------------
Added note to Road Race version that the track map, friction circle,
etc do not time align with the graph unless you graph individual laps.

Added more preliminary Controller Stuff.

Fixed some bugs which happened when doing v4.1 A.004 involving the
calibration process.

Added new variable NoControllerWhenCalibrating% so the controller
would not start when doing calibration readings.

Added Controller Settings under DataMite III USB options.

----- April 22, 2012 Version 4.1 A.006 -----------------------------
Refined Track Mapping for situations when driver started recording in
and drove a relatively long way to the track.

Fixed 'nagging' message about 'Insufficient Memory...' when doing special
types of graphs.

When finding past tracks for determining the 'beacon' location for
new data, so laps can be better aligned between test files, the
program now gives better options for alternate courses of action.

----- April 15, 2012 Version 4.1 A.005 -----------------------------
Greatly enhanced the "Browse" button operation in Preferences to find
folders for certain programs.

Fixed some bugs where newer version DataMite III boards did not
record correctly for dyno version.

----- April 3, 2012 Version 4.1 A.003 -----------------------------
Program now allows for 1, 3 and 5 cylinder 4 stroke engines, which
produce a fractional pulses per revolution value, like 1.5 ignition
pulses per revolution.

Fixed bug where the list of tracks and beacon positions were not being
created or saved correctly. (Road Race/Circle Track version only)

Fixed bug where some analog channels allowed for a Correction to be
in the calibration table to shift the calibration up or down slightly,
did not actually apply the correction to the calibration.

HP and KW will now be displayed as Corr HP and Corr KW on the Current
Readings screen. Pro version Only.

Reports can do up to 9 columns.

Added ability for the USB Switch for DataMite III and DataMite 4 to
be held down for the entire test, so pressing and holding starts
recording and then releasing stops recording.

Allow recording frequency of 1/sec for recording for VERY
long times, like 8 hrs or more. Pro version Only.

Program now sets Graph Specs to 'Lap/Run 1' or 'All Data' if previous
for a Lap no longer exists for the current test. This used to be just
left blank.

Added a "Clear All" button to the Data Type lists in the Graph and Report
screens, to clear out all selected data types.

Fixed minor bug which occured if you had 2 cursors on graph and several
graph lines so the 'More' buttons appeared in the legend, letting you
scroll the legend values up and down so all could be viewed. If you
had clicked on the buttons to show the average, maximum or minimum values
between the 2 cursors, and then clicked on the 'More' buttons to scroll
through the values, the values would be returned to the single value at
the cursor line, not the average, maximum or minimum values.

Fixed bug where if the DataMite III or DataMite 4 loggers could not keep
up with the desiged sampling rate (typically 100/sec) to the SD Memory
Card, the program can now read this is happening and keep the data
timed accurately. This only occured in the vehicle loggers using the
SD Memory Card. Look for: DesiredTimeCnt& and ActualTimeCnt&

----- Feb 22, 2012 Version 4.1 A.001   -----------------------------
No changes as of yet.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   New v4.1 Feb 2012   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

----- Jan 20, 2012 Version 3.7 A.136 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where some of the Exh Thermocouple Bar Graphs would not appear
in Current Readings screen for DataMite 4.

Fixed bug where the WOT switch would not be used for marking the
or End of a dyno run on the DataMite 4 if connected to one of the new
DataMite 4 analog channels.

----- Dec 27, 2011 Version 3.7 A.135 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where a corrupt master datamite could not be overwritten.

Added Example DataMite 4 file for Road Race version.

Fixed bug where Road Race and Drag Race versions were not correctly
finding an acceleration for doing "Meas Tq/HP from Accel" type of runs.

----- Dec 20, 2011 Version 3.7 A.133 -----------------------------
Program now more completely changes the appropriate channels to Baro Pres
and Humidity when you select Internal Weather Station.

Program now allows you to format the memory card for the DataMite 4.

Added example DataMite 4 file for Drag Race version.

----- Nov 20, 2011 Version 3.7 A.131 -----------------------------
Fixed some bugs for the DataMite 4, which included:
- Spread out the option choices for which of the 16 channels get
  on the Current Readings screen.
- Made sure that all thermocouple channels are examined to see if the
  be displayed as an Exhaust Temperature in the bar graph section in the
  Current Readings screen.
- Made sure that calculated channels like HP, KW, MPH, etc (if selected)
  are displayed in the Current Readings screen.
- More correctly label the analog channels present on RPM A and RPM B
- Added "DataMite 4 USB Example" dyno example data file as template
  for DataMite 4 owners.

Made sure Warning and Safety colors are "blanked out" to white if the
Current Readings screen is changed. This ensures that a color warning
is not carried over from a previous screen.

----- Nov 7, 2011 Version 3.7 A.130 -----------------------------
Made program better to check for recording dyno files which are too
large for allocated memory and prevent causing errors.

Fixed a couple of minor bugs for doing printouts of reports.
----- Oct 28, 2011 Version 3.7 A.128 -----------------------------
Updated About screen to talk more about current DataMite loggers.

Added ability to determine Win 7 OS and make suggestions about

About screen now displays the Windows Version Type.

Fixed bug introduced in v3.7 A.118 which changed some code concerning
reading a DataMite Mini USB as a stand alone weather station. The bug
was that analog channels were not being read by the DataMite Mini USB
if that was the actual main data logger.

Fixed minor bug where the value of the X axis on graphs may get cut off
in the lower right corner of the graph.

----- Sept 30, 2011 Version 3.7 A.127 -----------------------------
Reduced the lower limits for vehicle weight and tire radius for
Vehicle Specs of Drag Race and Road Race/Circle Track versions, to
better allow for radio controlled vehicles.

----- Sept 10, 2011 Version 3.7 A.126 -----------------------------
Fixed bug for DataMite 4 for handling the 4 new digital inputs.

Fixed minor bug where if you were doing VERY fast accel or decel
tests and were doing Engine Inertia Corrections for absorber
dyno runs, the last few points of the curve would all be reported
as the same torque value.

----- Aug 19, 2011 Version 3.7 A.124 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where graph screen could be significantly more narrow than
the available screen.

Fixed bug where the raw torque channel could show a "Nm" newton meter
label but it was actually be graphed in units of Ft Lbs. Dyno
Version only.

----- Aug 19, 2011 Version 3.7 A.123 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where if you clicked on Edit, then Cut Beginning/End of Data,
and decided to save the section to a new name, then Cancelled out of
the program could still create a file but the file would be empty.

Fixed minor bug where if you made graph of 2 exactly same large (over
4000 data points) data files (like a copy of each other), the graph of
one may use different time increments than the other. Because they are
so large, the program would be required to use every 2nd data point on
the graph. However, one could use data at .00, .02, .04 seconds and
the 2nd could use the data at .01, .03, .05 seconds. Now the program
is more consistent at using data at the same time increments for both.
Program now more completely saves changes to the Torque Channel
Calibration when you change between English and Metric units in
Preferences for Dyno Version.

Fixed bug where Drag Race version produced error message when
trying to unlock.

----- Aug 9, 2011 Version 3.7 A.122 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where if front and rear wheel diameters were EXACTLY the
same size in Vehicle Specs, the program would not calculate MPH
from driveshaft or the Driven Wheel RPM.

Fixed bug where if you tried to set a Baro or Humidity Weather Channel
to some non-weather calibration, and then switched back to Internal
Sensors, the program now changes those channels correctly if you
click on them.

Got baro and humidity sensor calibration correct for DataMite 4.

Added Preference%(60) which allows to "Edit Out Very Low RPM Noise
Spikes" to pay close attention to spikes which can occur when RPMs
are being measured at VERY low RPM, like 100 RPM or less. This is
typically when vehicles are rolling at low speed.

Expanded History Log columns to better fill screen.

Made several changes so program could work with new, larger DataMite 4.

Program now uses Drive RPM if Driven RPM is not available even if box
has an accelerometer if you have set the Preference "Use Driveshaft
or Drive Wheel RPM for MPH instead of accelerometer" to "MPH and Accel"

----- July 18, 2011 Version 3.7 A.121 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where there could be an nagging message about GPS data
in the Road Race version if you were working with a Drag Race file.

----- July 12, 2011 Version 3.7 A.120 -----------------------------
If you have selected to use an external Mini USB as your weather station,
but do not have one connected, the program now warns you better of this
potential problem.

Program can now recognize SD memory cards as being acceptable for
recording data with Vehicle versions of software.

Program now warns NOT to allow for simply changing the sampling rate
of the SD Memory card.

----- June 29, 2011 Version 3.7 A.119 -----------------------------
Modified the method of Filtering (smoothing) data so the effect would
be about the same whether you recorded data at 25 or 100 samples
per second.

----- June 29, 2011 Version 3.7 A.118 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where you could not easily Cancel out of printing from a .xps
Windows Screen Printer.

Made the process for reformatting the SD Memory Card more accomodating
for various OS and computer speeds. Vehicle versions only.

Put in checks to prevent New Test screen from going too high off the
or too far left.

Fixed bug where if recording time was for 32000 to 60000 data points at
100 Hz, it would create an Overflow condition and an error message.

Made History Log more "forgiving" to keep things straight if it got

Occasionally the first data point in a graph could cause filtered data to
somewhat strange if it was not very similar to data points, 2, 3, 4, etc.
Fixed this bug which caused no error in data, just looked strange.

Fixed a bug in Dyno Version where the program would not accurately read
external Mini USB weather station if you were running the DataMite III
as your main logger.

----- May 28, 2011 Version 3.7 A.114 -----------------------------
Version A.113 seemed to get corrupted somehow and would not unlock
properly. This version fixes that bug.

Fixed bug where RPM graphs would only allow as many points as the
first RPM graph being produced, the current test on the main screen.

----- May 16, 2011 Version 3.7 A.113 -----------------------------
Program now no longer asks about recording data from the Current Readings
screen for Drag Race or Road Race versions of the software. Data is only
recorded to a test file via the SD Memory card.

Fixed bug where the Graph Buttons of "History Log" and "Set Scales"
did not work. This seems to be a bug introduced in v3.7 A.099 when
we started to allow the arrow keys to move the cursor on the graph.

----- Apr 9, 2011 Version 3.7 A.111 -----------------------------
Made the Preference to Auto Save with Refresh to be the default.
Program now prints the correct setting for "Correct for Engine Inertia
Effects" on Printouts.

----- Feb 7, 2011 Version 3.7 A.108 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where the Analog Converter and some other settings for RPM
other than RPM were not working correctly. Not sure when this "bug" was
introduced into the program.

Reduced the minimum possible bore size and now allow for negative chamber
CCs for the Compression Ratio calculator.

----- Jan 24, 2011 Version 3.7 A.107 -----------------------------
Fixed bug in Dyno Version where the "Pk" label for torque and power peaks
could be "doubled up" (Pk Pk) for some situations if you did printouts.

----- Jan 23, 2011 Version 3.7 A.106 -----------------------------
Added some mods so the DataMite Mini USB could be used for an external
weather station with the DataMite III USB logger for dynos.

Made a mod so the program was more accepting of the Baro and Humidity
channels to be used for simple analog inputs for the Dyno Version.

Fixed error which could affect coastdown losses for dyno.

Results from Dyno Coastdown test now start the time at 0.0 seconds.

Added feature to better time align GPS data with other recorded data.

Program now better explains error if you try to open a file from the
History Log that does not exist.

Program now no longer constantly informs you that a particular file was
saved in different units than what the program is currently set for
(English vs Metric).

Added another Example Vehicle Data File "DTM III Acutal Vehicle Data"
for Road Race / Circle Track version.

----- Nov 17, 2010 Version 3.7 A.105 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where the "Combined Gs" for the Road Racing version was not
being calculated correctly for the DataMite III.

Fixed a but where the color warnings on the Current Readings screen
were not working well for the Exhaust Thermocouples with the DataMite

----- Oct 7, 2010 Version 3.7 A.104 -----------------------------
Some computers use the F1 key to bring up Help, so F1 can NOT be used for
starting to record data. Therefore, we now allow the F7 key to also be
to start recording. Pressing either F1 or F7 will do the same thing. F2
is still used to stop recording.

The Large Labels on the main screen for displaying peak torque and peak
are now better spaced out, and have the fonts correctly picked to
display better.

Large Font Peak tq and HP display now done slightly differently because
on some operating systems, the background was shown in black and was
not readable. Changed background style to transparent.

Program now better labels the torque from a chassis dyno is torque at the
engine flywheel, after the power losses through the driveline. Before
it was labeled "rear wheel torque", now it is "flywheel torque (after

Program now warns about some Troubleshooting methods not working for USB
type loggers.

----- Sept 10, 2010 Version 3.7 A.102 -----------------------------
Added new Preference to "Allow a Power Signal for Dyno Tq". If you
turn on this preference, then the DataMite can read a "HP" signal from
which output a HP signal for a trace recorder, and calculate the torque
from that channel. This makes it very convenient to add the DataMite to
that type of dyno, typically chassis dynos.

Fixed minor bug where the Current Readings screen would not read right
doing a calibration where you clicked on the 'Read' button.

Fixed bug where the 'Read' button for doing a calibration or Correction
a sensor would not read the voltage as accurately as it could. Now
better checks for very accurate calibration readings.

Now you can include a "Correction" for a Custom Table calibration. If
you turn
on 'Allow Correction in Calibration of Selected Recorded Channels' under
'Calculations' tab, now the 'Correction' input in the Calibration screen
is enabled. Note: You can still not Read the value. You must just
the amount you want all values in the curve to be shifted UP. For
if you want all values to be increased by 1.5, enter 1.5. If you want
reduced by 30, enter -30.
Made program more reliable to Stop Recording <F2> if the <F1> key was
accidentally pressed more than once.

----- Sept 2, 2010 Version 3.7 A.100 -----------------------------
Program now better says what a dyno run is being analyzed as after you
make a pull, like "Measure Tq/HP from Dyno" for an absorber dyno.

More preliminary work with DataMite 4.

Program can now better find an absorber dyno run for some unusual
circumstances when RPM is accelerating quite quickly to the max RPM
very early in the recorded data segment.

----- Aug 24, 2010 Version 3.7 A.099 -----------------------------
Program now trims off any extra characters when you enter the letter
drive for changing sample rate on Memory Card.

When zooming on graph by clicking on the zoom button, the cursor now
remains on the screen the the zoom is centered on where the cursor is.

Arrow keys will now move the cursor left and right on the graph.

Shift + Arrow keys will now SHIFT the graph up, down, left and right.

Ctrl + Arrow keys will now ZOOM in or out on the graph either vertically
or horizontally.

----- Aug 20, 2010 Version 3.7 A.098 -----------------------------
Modified Program to better handle cards formated for just 4 segments.
Vehicle Versions only.

Program was not always handling GPS data correctly when you downloaded
a new data set from the SD Card from DataMite III USB.
Road Race version only

Program now allows you to change the sampling rate for the DataMite III
USB. Previously it was held constant at 100 samples/sec. To do
this, Click on the 'Store Settings in DataMite III USB' button, then
select 'Change/Save Sampling Rate on Memory Card' Road Race version only

Program now asks if you want to save change the Sample Rate for
recording on the Memory Card if you change it in the DataMite Specs.
Vehicle Versions only.

Program now has a 'Rec. Time' button in the DataMite Specs
to show possible recording times for various Sample Rates
and Segments. Vehicle Versions only.

Program now provides for faster downloads, but more quickly
checking for which files exist on the Memory Card. Vehicle Versions
----- Aug 18, 2010 Version 3.7 A.097 -----------------------------
Added new Preference to allow you to turn on a 'Bug Fix' for some
versions of Windows 7 (not all version of Windows 7 need this).
It is under the Operation tab in Preferences.

----- July 16, 2010 Version 3.7 A.096 -----------------------------
Added Air Flow as a possible Frequency Input. Need multiplier to
convert frequency in Hz to CFM.

Added Volumetric Efficiency as possible Graph and Report data.
Pro version only.

----- July 7, 2010 Version 3.7 A.095 -----------------------------
Added 3rd Preference choice for 'AutoSave Current Data' under Main Screen
in Preferences of 'Yes, with refresh'. On some computers, after you
downloaded a run, the main screen's data would not refresh until you
had gone into another screen, then came back to the main screen.

----- June 11, 2010 Version 3.7 A.094 -----------------------------
Refined explanation about weather data being unusual, especially if you
are using a thermocouple for "Eng Intake Air" temperature.

Added new Preference to force program to use driveshaft or drive wheel
RPM for determining vehicle speed instead of accelerometer (under the
'Calculations, cont.' tab).

----- June 9, 2010 Version 3.7 A.093 -----------------------------
Added Preference to allow the DataMite Mini USB to be used as a
separate weather station instead of the now obsolete Black Box.
Preference is under the Operation tab as "Use USB Mini Weather Station"

Fixed minor bug where program would not filter out noise spikes if there
were 0 data points recorded on the first channel (which is VERY unusual,
but program should still allow it to happen).

Added several features to make the Weather Readings from the Mini USB
Weather Station more accurate.

Made the barometer readings from the Current Readings display more stable
for the DataMite Mini USB. The accuracy of the baro readings for
doing dyno testing was never a problem. This just improves the readings
on the display.

----- Mar 9, 2010 Version 3.7 A.088 -----------------------------
Added Preference(55) to add a large display of peak tq and HP at bottom
of graph on main screen for Pro version of Dyno Version only.
Added Note in Preference menu to keep 3 settings under 'Calculations'
tab set to No unless told otherwise by Perf Trends.

----- Feb 13, 2010 Version 3.7 A.087 -----------------------------
Program now looks for "Front Wheel" and "Rear Wheel" for finding
channels of front or rear wheel RPM. Prior to this it only looked
for "Front" or "Rear".

When making a "timed backup" of your changes, the program now presents
the message using a different method, which may prevent "hang up"
problems on certain computers.

----- Dec 21, 2009 Version 3.7 A.085 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where the backup routine would not work unless you had saved
a Graph Format.

Added new Preference under Operation tab to let you choose how often
to be reminded about backing up your test data.

Fixed minor bug where Program could tell you it was turning off the fan
to a DataMite USB data logger even if you did not have that type of

Fixed minor bug where program gave a misleading error message if you
to open a file withtout first clicking on the file

----- Nov 3, 2009 Version 3.7 A.084 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where Custom Calibration Tables or DT2-AFx sensors were
not always being displayed correctly in graphs and reports.

----- Oct 31, 2009 Version 3.7 A.083 -----------------------------
Program now checks the Memory card for the Vehicle DataMite III USBs
to make sure the special formatting has not been corrupted.

Fixed bug where if you clicked on Run Log below the first run for the
Vehicle DataMite programs, the program would bomb out.

Program now better explains how you can delete several consecutive runs
from the Run Log for Vehicle DataMite programs.

Program now better allows you to right click on a single row in the Run
Log for Vehicle DataMite programs and choose to delete or open it.

Fixed bug where if SD card's DIR file became corrupt, the program would
not bomb out.

Fixed bug where if a file did not exist and was also open, the program
could bomb.
Program now gives better description that something is quite different
between the'Programs Settings and the DataMite III USB's settings and
how to correct it.

Made the process of Re-Formatting SD card more user friendly.

----- Sept 15, 2009 Version 3.7 A.081 -----------------------------
Program now better handles configuration files which have already become
corrupted by the Board Temp correction problem. Previous fixes installed
in v3.7 A.075 and later only prevented the program for creating new
files, but did not let the program handle files which were already

----- Sept 11, 2009 Version 3.7 A.080 -----------------------------
Added new Example Drag File "Example DataMite III" to Drag Race version.

Tried to make program more compatible with very fast computers when
the DataMite II for Current Readings display.

Further tried to fix bug where Board Temperature calibration could
the calibration file so it could NOT be opened.

Program now does not continually ask about using weather channels if you
have said the DataMite does NOT have an internal weather station.

----- Aug 31, 2009 Version 3.7 A.078 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where the "Read" button for doing calibrations may not have
used the correct conversion factors for reading signal voltage.

Fixed bug where the torque being displayed for Metric Nm was converted
to Ft Lbs for the display.

Torque values now have the label "FtLb" and "Nm" included on the
Current Readings screen.

----- Aug 21, 2009 Version 3.7 A.077 -----------------------------
Vehicle versions of program now let you specify that the Front Wheel
should be used for acceleration even if you have an accelerometer.
This is for the DataMite III USB Only. In DataMite specs, if you
choose "Front Wheel RPM" for an RPM sensor, a new option is presented
of "Use for acceleration" where you can choose Yes or No.

----- Aug 13, 2009 Version 3.7 A.076 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where if the Rel Humidity read less than 0 (because no
sensor was installed) the program would convert this to a Dew Point
which was too high.
Fixed bug where Weather Readings for separate Black Box weather station
may not read correctly (show all zeros).

----- Aug 11, 2009 Version 3.7 A.075 -----------------------------
Fixed bug so now WOT switch can be used on DataMite III USB to mark
beginning and end of Absorber Dyno tests.

Fixed minor bug where Tire Radius was mistakenly called Tire Diameter
in the Meas feature in Test Conditions to figure out ratio of engine
to dyno RPM for Chassis Dynos.

Fixed bug where the Board Temp calibration could become corrupted so
your couldn't open the file.

----- July 7, 2009 Version 3.7 A.073 -----------------------------
Increased the effect of moving the lines for the 2 new Preferences
in v3.7 A.071 under Printing Tab to allow adjusting the printed
border on the left side of the graphs, which may not always line
up with the rest of the printed border.

Now the color warnings on the Current Readings screen can be set
to the nearest .01 units (like 12.43 psi). Previously, it was just
only to the nearest whole unit (like 12 psi).

----- June 30, 2009 Version 3.7 A.071 -----------------------------
Fixed minor bug where the graph cursor drawn the very last data point
be shown as occuring somewhere in the middle of the track (not last

Fixed bug for emailing, where it did not always work correctly.

Added new button on Ascii File export screen to let you automatically
email the ASCII file.

Provided info comment about this new feature if you try to print and
a report and no appropriate PDF type printer is found.

Changed Help option on main screen to Request Remote Assistance which
now call

Added 2 new Preferences under Printing Tab to allow adjusting the printed
on the left side of the graphs, which may not always line up with the
rest of
the printed border.
----- June 1, 2009 Version 3.7 A.069 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where the Corr Factor being displayed in the Current Readings
screen may NOT be accurate if using a separate Eng Intake Air

Program now warns if the Eng Intake Air thermocouple is disconnected or
way too high.

Now using the Cam Analyzer's CheckCopyingForVista routines to copy more
from VirtualStore folder.

Fixed bug where the very last data point on a graph could be wrong if you
over 4000 points being graphed, and the program has to graph every 2nd

Fixed bug where GPS track maps from different tests were not drawn
on top of each other in the Road Race version.

Fixed bug where the location on the Track Map and Friction Circle may not
be correct for the cursor location on a graph line in the Road Race

Fixed bug where the Track Map and Friction Circle on the graph screen
not always of the current file when you were doing overlay graphs in the
Road Race version.

----- May 18, 2009 Version 3.7 A.066 -----------------------------
Put in extra checks and warnings when you delete a test file or a test
folder in the screen for "Open (from all saved tests)".

Fixed Graph Flash again in Sub Flash so not all graph lines flash.

Fixed program so if you were doing zoom or shift buttons, then did flash,
the shift and zoom button effects would continue to be done by mistake.

----- May 13, 2009 Version 3.7 A.065 -----------------------------
Added Preference% under Printing tab "Reduce Graph Within Border"
to allow printed graph to be sized within the printed borders.
This allows for better printouts on some unusual printers and screen

----- May 5, 2009 Version 3.7 A.064 -----------------------------
Fixed bug for road race version where error would not allow track
map/friction circle/ etc to be displayed if the engine RPM was 0 or
exactly the same through the entire run.
Set the Upper Limit for the Dew Point and Relative Humidity to 100 for
the Metric Road Race version. Before this was 50, which was not high
enough for Rel Hum.

Now program should require you to 'Allow' it to run in Vista (same as
right click on desktop icon, then select 'Run As Administrator').
This should make the program more Vista compatible.

----- Apr 20, 2009 Version 3.7 A.063 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where the Backup process may not work if you had not yet
saved a graph format.

Added "Related Documents" file YourResName.res to be more Vista
Compatible to force users to Run As Administrator in Vista.

Added routine to check if Vista VirtualStore files have been copied
back to normal DataMite folders.

Fixed some bugs for Metric Units when trying to graph or report vs
KPH or MPH with Chassis Dynos.

----- Apr 15, 2009 Version 3.7 A.061 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where Reports of Shock Velocities did not work (graphs did).

Added line #s to the Backup routine to troubleshoot problems better.

Fixed bug where the Engine RPM divider for the DataMite III could
get set to a very high value by mistake. It should be 1,2,3 or 4
but it could get set to, say, 256 which really screwed up the Engine
RPM data.

Fixed bug where the red and yellow labels for the DataMite III
for the Analogs A breakout cable were reversed. Since these channels
are typically weather channels, it had little effect on most users.
Now these color labels in the DataMite Specs screen are correct.

----- Apr 4, 2009 Version 3.7 A.059 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where in the VERY UNUSUAL chance that there happened
to be 1 noise spike in the dyno RPM, the program could call the
entire test run the "test" and not just the acceleration.

Updated screen to 'Est. Required Inertia' to handle metric dimensions
and torque entered as Nm and OzIn.

Fixed bug where the MPH and/or KPH displayed on the Current Readings
was not correct if you were using Metric units.

Fixed bug to not allow you to select to have both MPH and KPH being
displayed on the Current Readings screen.

Refined the printout of Dyno Specs for Chassis and Absorber Dynos
----- Mar 2, 2009 Version 3.7 A.058 -----------------------------
Added ability to have 2 flow meters and add or subtract the flows from
each other to produce a Total Fuel number. This Total Fuel number
is also used to determine BSFC. To do this, you specify 2 of the
RPM channels as having fuel flow sensors in the calibration, and
also set the Preference under "Calculations, cont" tab of
"Fuel for BSFC" to either "Add 1st and 2nd channels" or "Subtract
2nd channel from 1st".

----- Feb 26, 2009 Version 3.7 A.057 -----------------------------
Refined the temperature calibrations for the DataMite Mini USB.

Increased acceptable Gear Ratios in the Dyno Specs screen for the
"Clc" button screen to .3 to 100.

----- Feb 23, 2009 Version 3.7 A.056 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where Metric version of Road Race software was not converting
and/or labeling vehicle speed and distance to KPH and Meters correctly

----- Feb 3, 2009 Version 3.7 A.055 -----------------------------
Released a Full Metric version of the Road Race version.

----- Jan 16, 2009 Version 3.7 A.054 -----------------------------
Added Option in Current Readings screen to allow you to Save or Open
your gauge and scaling settings, color warning settings, etc.
Pro version only.

Added Option in Current Readings screen to allow you to turn OFF ALL
color warning settings.

----- Jan 11, 2009 Version 3.7 A.053 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where if you set up the graph screen with Dual Cursors and
then printed the graph, the Dual Cursor info (like avg, max or min
readings) were not printed on the graph.

Fixed minor bug where the program name "DataMite Data Analyzer v3.7"
could extend into some other fields of a printed header in a report
or graph.

Added new Preference when using Dual Cursors on the graph and requesting
info for Max, Min or Average values between the 2 cursors. Now you can
choose to have the X Axis value reported as either the difference between
the 2 cursors (current method) or the value of the 2 cursors (new

----- Jan 8, 2009 Version 3.7   A.052   -----------------------------
Fixed minor bug introduced in v3.7 A.051 where there was an
"Error 9" warning which did not affect anything.

Made more enhancements to the Test Conds screen when working with
Metric Weather conditions. Also fixed a bug where you could not
manually enter a metric barometer greater than 150.

Fixed bug where you could not email the data files from the main screen.

----- Jan 7, 2009 Version 3.7 A.051 -----------------------------
For the new Preference under Main Screen tab to allow you to shrink
the height of the Graph and Grid on the main screen, made this setting
have an even larger effect.

Fixed a bug where the very first torque reading could be abnormally high
or low if the raw torque readings had lots of variation. Typically this
was not a problem unless the very first readings are not critical because
they are so far away from the torque and HP peaks.

Made more enhancements to better work with metric units, including:
 - KPH limits for chassis dynos.
 - Specifying either lbs/Kg and mm/inches in the Dyno Specs screen.
 - Printouts which include additional info (like Test Conds) show the
   correct units.
 - Calculating Tire Radius correctly in mm for metric units and metric

----- Dec 30, 2008 Version 3.7 A.050 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where "ghost" images of the graph cursors were being printed if
you were trying to print a graph to a PDF file.

Fixed bug where the "Coastdown" option was not being included in the
list of Test Types in the Dyno Version.

Added new Preference under Main Screen tab to allow you to shrink the
height of the Graph and Grid on the main screen. Some unusual
computers (lap tops) would cut off the bottom of these on the main

----- Dec 22, 2008 Version 3.7 A.049 -----------------------------
Added another Troubleshoot option for the DataMite II, for reloading
the configuration.

Fixed bug recently introduced where program would not use Eng Intake
Air temperature for the Correction Factor shown on the Current Readings
screen. Note: Eng Intake Air WAS being used correctly for the data
that was recorded, just not shown correctly on the Current Readings

----- Dec 18, 2008 Version 3.7   A.047   -----------------------------
Fixed a bug where if All Recorded Data was the dyno run, the program
not choose the correct data section for analyzing.

Added ability of DataMite III USB to only use every 2nd, 3rd or 4th pulse
when reading Engine RPM. This allows uneven firing engines (like
to be read accurately if you set "Use Ign. Pulses" to "Every 2nd Pulse",
"Every 3rd Pulse", etc. instead of "Use All Pulses". This can also help
smooth out the RPM recorded from engines with lots of cylinders, like V-
This setting is shown if you click on the Sensor and Calibration for
Engine RPM (first Frequency channel) in the DataMite Specs screen.

----- Dec 17, 2008 Version 3.7 A.046 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where some data was not displayed correctly if you set the
Preference 'Do Fast Current Readings Calcs' to Yes.

Fixed major bug introduced in v3.7 A.045 where the Current Readings
screen was incorrect if you had set the Preference 'Do Fast Current
Readings Calcs' to No, which was the default condition.

----- Dec 3, 2008 Version 3.7 A.045 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where program would warn that Metric weather readings being
even though they were correct.

Fixed bug where the DataMite III USB would produce readings of half the
true RPM
if the box had Firmware Version 1.06.

----- Nov 6, 2008 Version 3.7 A.043 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where sometimes the Board Temp on the new DataMite III USB
would not display correctly on the Current Readings screen.

Fixed bug where the program would not correctly break up Circle Track
data into laps from the front wheel speed sensor.

If you have set to use Dyno Recording Switch but do not have it plugged
in or working properly, the program will now warn you.

Now program only allows Dyno Recording Switch setting in the Dyno version
of the software.

Fixed bug where Baro Pres for Metric was not being done correctly in

Program now includes more labels on Current Readings screen for units,
like Volts, deg F, etc.

Fixed bug where some text files were missing for programs using Metric
units.   This resulted in some labels being blank on some screens.

----- Oct 28, 2008 Version 3.7 A.041 -----------------------------
You can now use the 4 channel "Switch" channel on the DataMite III
USB to start and stop data recording for the Dyno software.

----- Oct 6, 2008 Version 3.7 A.040 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where Calculated Engine RPM was not being displayed on
the Current Readings screen for the DataMite III or Mini USB.

----- Oct 2, 2008 Version 3.7 A.039 -----------------------------
Program now turns fan on 100% of the time (not cycling) for the Mini
USB data logger for weather station.

Added a Preference so that you can select to turn OFF the fan in the
DataMite III USB when you shut down the program. The fan is always
shut down on the DataMite Mini USB.

The program now gives some explanation on the workings of the fan when
you have turned it off during program shutdown.

Fixed bug where the Custom Table calibration was not being done correctly
for the new USB DataMites.

----- Sept 28, 2008 Version 3.7 A.038 -----------------------------
Refined Rel Hum calculation for USB DataMites because they have less
internal heat being generated than Black Box II.

Program now limits the Rel Hum being reported for USB datamites to a
range betweenn 0 and 100.

----- Sept 27, 2008 Version 3.7 A.037 -----------------------------
Made Graph Legend more readable for different text sizes for Road
Race/CT version, especially when showing track map and friction
circle screens.

Program was not always "refreshing" the Graph Track Map/Friction
circle screen when you change the lap(s) to be displayed.

----- Sept 25, 2008 Version 3.7 A.036 -----------------------------
Problem encountered for road race version if VERY large file, which
appeared to not produce a .lap file. Added a check for reasonable
.lap data, and did not use the .lap file data if not reasonable (=0).

Fixed bug which we inadvertently let out in A.035 which would not
let the USB loggers read RPM correctly.

Made change so the new "discard count" could be use if firmware version
was 1.07 or later.

Made program not display the Estimated Performance and Troubleshooting
Notes twice on the main screen, which made their display area too big.

In the installer, now there is a file "USB DataMite Dyno.CFG" in the
My-Tests folder, which should make it better for first time installers
to default to the USB DataMite Dyno.CFG test file.

----- Sept 23, 2008 Version 3.7 A.034 -----------------------------
Added new features for writting ASCII files of report data.

Added DataMite USB command options in the DataMite specs screen.
These allow for you to reload thermocouple calibrations or fan
cycling info, and more.

For Road Race Version, added calculated channel "GPS Lat Gs".

Updated Preferences Help file (Helppf0.txt) to describe all new
to now be read from Notepad so it can be scrolled through and printed.

Added several features to Writing Ascii data files from a report,
emailing a pdf file.

----- Sept 3, 2008 Version 3.7 A.032 -----------------------------
Added button in Graph Settings screen to "Load Settings for Std Tq/HP

Fixed bug where Edit, Cut Beg/End of Test was not working correctly
for DataMite III or Black Box II.

Added ability for DataMite III to read and store Board Temp to nearest
approx 0.1 deg F.

----- Aug 25, 2008 Version 3.7 A.031 -----------------------------
Added Preference under 'Main Screen' tab to allow a comparison graph
of the previous dyno test to be included on the main screen for
comparison. This is very handy to immediately check how repeatable
your runs have been, and if a repeat is necessary.

Added a "Click here..." warning when the dyno results look to have
problems. This label appears on the main screen, and when you click
on it, a list of possible problems and solutions appears in Notepad.

Make check in Preferences to NOT allow both 'Tq/HP Use Same Scale'
to 'No' and 'Show Comparison Run' to 'Yes' under the 'Main Screen' tab.

Made program less 'fussy' about what it would call a noise spike for
analog channels.
Added 'Performance Estimate' Preference for doing either a 1/4 mile
or 1/8 mile ET and MPH for the dyno version, based on the power
curve(s) on the main screen.

----- Aug 18, 2008 Version 3.7 A.030 -----------------------------
Added DIN correction factor as an option.

Added ability to read the Switch State from Analog #13 on the DataMite

Added the Logger Type of DataMite Mini USB.

Program now tries to better match the Max RPM and Min RPM inputs in Test
for doing Absorber Dyno runs.

Moved the Preference of choosing to have graph and report RPM increments
the Main Screen from the Operation tab to the Graphing tab.

Added Preference to allow program to correct for engine inertia when
Absorber dyno tests. You must turn on this preference under the
Calculations (cont.) tab and then also request it in the Test Options

Program now highlights in blue the Short Block specs used to estimate
the Engine Inertia in the Engine Specs screen. These are used if you
to "Correct for Engine Inertia Effects" in the Test Conditions screen.

----- June 16, 2008 Version 3.7 A.027 -----------------------------
Fixed bug in Road Race version where GPS Track Map could bomb for some
special cases.

Fixed bug where if Rezeroing All sensors, the process may not work if
unusually high readings were found.

Program also now does not let the Rezeroing All sensors unless you have
turned on the Preference to all 'Allow Correction in Calibration..."

----- May 30, 2008 Version 3.7 A.026 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where Thermocouple Type "C Large" was not working properly,
typically read zero.

Program now allows the Recording Switch to work with the DataMite III
USB when either Std Analog Channels or RPMS, Thermocouples,... are
being displayed.
----- May 29, 2008 Version 3.7 A.024 -----------------------------
Fixed bug created in v3.7 A.017 where the "Read" button for some
calibrations would not work correctly.

Now the Current Readings screen update rate can be controlled for the
DataMite III USB. Prior to this, DataMite III USB update rate was
always 10/sec no matter what the Update Rate setting was.

Program now defaults to 0-5 Volts as the "Based On" for new calibrations.

Fixed bug where the Recording Switch was not working for the DataMite
III USB in the Dyno version.

----- May 22, 2008 Version 3.7 A.023 -----------------------------
Added new Preference to allow you to turn off Auto Save Current Data

Program now better blanks out unused readings on Current Readings screen.

Added new Preference and a method of doing calcs much faster for USB
Datamite, Black Box II, and DataMite II on the Current Readings screen.

You can now write a default thermocouple calibration table to the
DataMite III USB data logger. (Only available if directed to do so by
Performance Trends technician.)

Program now will use the RPM Config on the data recorded on the SD card
to input the RPM results. Before the program assumed the settings in the
program matched the settings on the card.

----- May 8, 2008 Version 3.7 A.021 -----------------------------
Improved the "Troubleshoot" button on main screen to graph critical
dyno channels to troublehoot problems with dyno runs.

Program now prints graphs better for different printer types and screen

Program now better remembers a printer change.

Added ability to reload fan duty cycle and accelerometer cal info.

Made several refinements to finding laps and segments with GPS data for
very long data sets (road course data).

Current Readings screen now better puts 'n/a' but readings which are
not being displayed for the DataMite III USB.

Made the Graph Screen faster when drawing the track map & friction

Program now shows Lap Times on the main screen for each lap.
Program now shows Lap Times on graph screen if you click on View, then
Density Altitude/Lap Times.

----- Mar 21, 2008 Version 3.7 A.017 -----------------------------
Added ability to read firmware version # for DataMite III USB. This
is required for DataMite III USB boxes with firmware version 1.04
or later.

Added ability to change the 'Hold Off' time in the RPM channels for the
DataMite III USB before the next pulse can be read. This will let us
tailor the RPM channels to not false trigger on multiple pulses.

Moved several of the DataMite III USB configuration steps to a separate
routine for better code organization.

----- Mar 17, 2008 Version 3.7 A.016 -----------------------------
Made program better for old 4 channel DataMites to find start and
stop of runs when user had pressed the Pause button.

Updated the example dyno file "USB Dyno DataMite" to better reflect the
current channels being used in the current software v3.7.

Added "thermocouple" labels in the DataMite Specs screen for the 4
thermocouple channels for the DataMite III USB configuration.

Program now always keeps the GPS channels turned on for the Road
Race/Circle Track version.

----- Feb 28, 2008 Version 3.7 A.013 -----------------------------
Made program more reliable at configuring the RPM channels on the
DataMite III USB.

Program now saved an RPM config change to the box for both dyno and
vehicle versions.

Program now can check if the type of DataMite does match the Master
DataMite Specs.

Made program even more reliable at configuring the RPM channels on
the DataMite III USB.

Eliminated the GPS and Accelerometer channels from the DataMite III
USB Dyno version software to avoid confusion.

----- Feb 26, 2008 Version 3.7 A.011 -----------------------------
Expanded Preference to allow for 3 or 4 decimal places after decimal
point for reporting torque and HP.

Eliminated redundant warnings about Inertia Value being zero for inertia
Got Coastdown tests working as a Test Type option for the Pro version of
the Dyno
software. Click on Test Conds at the top of the screen, then choose
Coastdown for
the Type of Test. This Type of Test can also be chosen in the Start New
Test screen.

Made several refinements to the Send command for sending Road Race/Circle
Track data
to Suspension Analyzer v2.0 for the new DataMite III USB.

----- Jan 14, 2008 Version 3.7 A.010 -----------------------------
Added 'Rezero' so all Suspension Sensor channels could be rezero'd at
one time.

Also added routine to obtain just 1 sample from DataMite III USB.

Made communications more reliable for DataMite III USB.

----- Dec 13, 2007 Version 3.7 A.009 -----------------------------
Added compatibility with the new DataMite III USB data logger.

The program displays Corr Factor and Dry Dens Alt in the Current Readings
in Pro Dyno Version.

Added Troubleshooting button on Main Screen to graph channels used to
troublehshoot dyno runs.

Added "File Name" as the possible things to "Filter" to locate a certain
test file. Click on Open (from all saved tests), then Filter, then
File Name and enter a phrase or group of letters you want to find in a
file name.

For Advanced Save function, now program shows a 'Save' button instead of
button. Also made the Advanced Save option produce only a ".cfg"
extension name.

Program now updates Run Log when you change specs contained in the run
log (Drag
and RR-CT versions only).

Program now keeps the current time and date when you choose to edit it,
and shows
a button to let you choose to 'Load Current Time/Date'.

Road Race/Circle Track version accepts GPS data from DataMite III USB.

Program now displayes GPS speed is in units of MPH.
'If no driven wheel RPM, the program looks for GPS for MPH and distance.
currently assumes that accelerometers are available for accel.

Made a "good" fix for changing graph scale factors when a channel is
always a negative
value which does not change very much. Prior to this, the program would
expand the scale of this channel to the detriment of the other channels.

For Circle Track/Road Race version, the main screen display now shows
more of
the complete lap. Prior to this, the program was omitting the last 2
from this summary.

Added a default email address of

If Text1 in frmEmailing is blank, now assign it value of msgSubject so it
is not blank.
This fixes Erl 1121.

Added Preference for DataMite USB for using either trailing edge or
edge for RPM inputs.

When editting out noise spikes, the program now just gives one message
the noise spikes found, not one for each channel.

USB DataMite now loads weather from internal sensors into Test Conditions
and Log Book.

Program now checks to see if Freq Config on flash card matches Freq
Config settings
in program.

Made several standard calibrations more compatible with the USB DataMite.

Program now always checks the last flash drive letter before any others.
This should
fix a bug where the flash drive with the SD card was not always found.

Program now displays zeros in the Current Readings "Live" display if it
looses communications
with USB DataMite.

The status of the USB communications is now displayed on the Current
Readings display.

Added 6 new possible USB DataMite installation orientations.

Added new pic to show proper internal TC channels for USB DataMite.
The program now better uses the accelerometer channels for doing Gs, Tq
and HP
calculations with vehicle data.

Added 2 new Calculate outputs for the Current Readings screens for the
gauges, Gallons
per Minute (GPM) and Clutch Slippage %. Click on Options at the top of
the Current Readings
'screen and these appear at to bottom of the choices for the Dial and Bar
Gauges screens.

Possibly fixed bug where calculated power in KW for Current Readings may
have been fixed.

Fixed bug where GPM on the Current Readings screen was calculated

Program now does some filtering on the GPM value.

Added more Metric conversions, still not finalized.

For the DataMite III USB, you can choose analog channels 1-4 for the

Added Default Filtering and Max Expected as settings for each channel in
the DataMite
Specs screen.

Added CorrelationGraph menu option in Graph screen so you can check
correlation of various
data at the cursor for correlations.

Bumped up the limit of number of tests which can be picked for graphing
in the History Log
from 6 to 8.

Switched over to using Board Temp for all weather corrections on DataMite
III USB. This frees
up one more analog channel for recording data.

Fixed bug where the DataMite III USB would not display sensors which used
calibration tables
like the DT2-AFX.

Program no longer reports "Draw Tabs Error = 380", which was not causing
a problem anyway.

Fixed some calibrations for DataMite III USB which assumed some settings
for the
Black Box II.

Program will now use a thermocouple with the "Eng Intake Air" setting for
correction factors
for the Dyno Version. Box temp is used only to convert Relative Humidity
readings to Dew Point.
This feature only works on the Black Box II and DataMite III USB boxes,
with internal weather sensors.

Also had to make the Corr. Factor in the Current Readings screen use this
air temp.

Fixed bug where Road Race laps were not being found correctly from GPS

Added new "Track Map" graph type, to allow overlaying GPS laps.

'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ v3.7 July 17, 2007

----- July 13, 2007 Version 3.2 B.160 -----------------------------
Recompiled this version for Road Race version of software because the
earlier version had problems reading the DataMite II v2.48 firmware.

For the Drag Race Version, there is a new View option from the Graph
screen called Log Book. Now you can open up the Log Book from the
Graph Screen (Pro version only).

----- June 13, 2007 Version 3.2 B.158 -----------------------------
Program now better explains how to get 'Dyno RPM' on the first RPM
channel when you display the RPM specs for channel 1 in DataMite Specs.

Program now forces the 1st RPM channel to an Engine RPM calibration
(not a Dyno RPM calibration) if you have changed the Dyno Type to
something other than 'Engine, no Clutch'.

Weather Station screen's caption at the top now shows whether it is
reading from a BB1 or BB2.

Added new variables for "DMPE Dyno" option. This also allows for
a maximum RPM option, which will also turn off digital outputs if
it is encountered. The feature with Digital Outputs IS NOT
RELIABLE enough to be used a an overspeed safety.

Added option of Gallons per Minute "Fuel GPM" for Fuel Flow output
in graphs and reports.

----- Apr 12, 2007 Version 3.2 B.154 -----------------------------
Program is now setup for the "Second Generation" much more accurate
dual compact thermocouple amp. It will no longer work with the
"First Generation" dual compact thermocouple amp.

----- Mar 28, 2007 Version 3.2   B.153   -----------------------------
Program now accepts responsed from an early DataMite II with a fast

Fixed bug where if you chose to open a file from the History Log, and
then the program
prompted you that there could be a problem with the file, the program
would not actually
open up that test file, but it would assume that was now the name of the
current test
file, the file on the main screen.

----- Mar 18, 2007 Version 3.2 B.152 -----------------------------
Program now will display torque and HP curves farther to the very last
point tested. Previously, if you ran the engine to 7000 RPM, but asked
the program
to display data in 500 RPM increments, data would not be shown for 7000
RPM unless
you ran the engine all the way to 7250 RPM (half the RPM increment BEYOND
the last
RPM increment to display.

----- Mar 16, 2007 Version 3.2 B.151 -----------------------------
For Road Race/Circle Track version, made program more compatible with
Suspension Analyzer v2.0.

For Road Race/Circle Track version, made a new Preference to let you
choose to work with Suspension Analyzer v1.1 or v2.0.

----- Mar 1, 2007 Version 3.2 B.150 -----------------------------
Made program more forgiving at working with data which could have a
bad bit in the sample time channel for the Black Box II. This could
put large gaps in data sets.

If box is very cold or humid, the weather channels can start to look like
'Frame Separators'. Then the box will actually look like it's not
Tried to fix these errors with some software modifications.

Put in better diagnostic messages for when BBII can not communicate.
will now give an indication of how far along in the start up procedure
it gets through before it looses communications.

----- Feb 28 2007 Version 3.2 B.149 -----------------------------
Added a 5th TC type, the Quad Channel amp, to pick from.

Fixed bug where the DataMite II configuration could get corrupted if you
one of the new thermocouple types on an Analog channel input (which you
be able to do).

Fixed bugs where if you saved to a floppy disc or CD, the program would
track of the current test file name. This could cause errors when saving
a floppy or CD, and cause problems when you shut down and reopened the

If a CD or floppy drive is not available at the default drive letter
(in Preferences), the program will now ask for a different letter drive.

----- Feb 13 2007 Version 3.2 B.147 -----------------------------
Fixed a bug where some flags were not being reset if you clicked on
the Start Dyno Run which were set if you clicked on File, then New,
then Start Dyno Run. This could cause unexpected behaviour if
you aborted Starting a New Test, or were doing some of the Edit

'Fixed bug where program would bomb when starting a new dyno run
if the file name happened to be just the number 9, like "9.cfg".

Added more detailed debugging when testing Digital Outputs.

Put in more forgiving Test Com Ports feature, to call port OK if
get a Carriage Return character before the rest of the string.

Put in more debugging info for reading weather station.

If program found a Black Box I (not II) weather station,
it says it found a good one and does not look at other ports.

If the program does try other ports when looking for a weather
station, it now will NOT try the same port the data logger is on.

Now all thermocouple readings on the Current Readings are shown
to the nearest degree. Previously it could show .01 degrees for
temps under 100 deg, and this made the readings appear very jumpy.

Moved the 'Digital Outputs' to an option under the DataMite II
options in the DataMite specs screen. Only DataMite II can use
this option.

----- Jan 25 2007 Version 3.2 B.142 -----------------------------
Default update rate for Current Readings screen now set to 10.

Made additional comments in the "Flywheel RPM Warning" report to now
include MPH limitations for chassis dynos.
Added option in DataMite specs under Options for Testing the Mini Black
Box for Digital Outputs.

Added Thermocouple 'Type' factors, so that several different thermocouple
amps can be
selected as the type of amplifyer being used. This simplifies
calibrations and
allows these external amps to have their data displayed as thermocouple
temps, like
in the exhaust bar graphs in the Current Readings screen.

Fixed a bug where the thermocouple correction factor was not always

Made minor adjustment to humidity calibration for Black Box II.

----- Jan 10 2007 Version 3.2 B.138 -----------------------------
Reduced minimum dimensions for engine dimensions for RC car specs

Program now forces critical Test Setup Specs like "Corrected To" to
some value, if blank

If a file which has been set to Graph? = Yes in the History Log has
been deleted, the program now sets Graph? = No in the History Log,
so an error message does not continue to be displayed.

Program now will accept more "ups and downs" in the engine/dyno RPM
for an absorber dyno run doing a "Start High, Drag to Low RPM" run.
How much RPM variation allowed is determined by the "Minimum RPM"
setting the the Test Conditions menu. The farther the RPM is from
"Minimum RPM", the more RPM variation it will accept.

'Speeded up the Recording Switch for Black Box II to trigger twice
as fast as before.

Added a "Do not exceed RPM" warning in the dyno specs screen, and
a button for more information about flywheels and rotating components.

----- Nov 16 2006 Version 3.2 B.135 -----------------------------
Added a method to see if Black Box II data which appears to have
just 1 or 2 corrupt data points can be repaired.

----- Oct 19 2006 Version 3.2 B.134 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where the inertia for a chassis dyno with an absorber dyno
was exagerating the effect of the roller inertia on the total torque
being measured.

Fixed a bug for when graphing Engine Accel Rate on other data, the other
data could be shifted to slightly higher or lower RPMs.
Completed the menu command of 'Copy Calibration to Another Channel'.
This is available in DataMite specs by clicking on File.

----- Sept 1 2006 Version 3.2 B.131 -----------------------------
Fixed a bug where when you were using the Edit option of Cut Beg/
End of of Test, the program now shows a "Please Wait" when processing.

Fixed bug where the first few data points of a test could be "off"
the filtering process could erroneously average in a "bad" data point
with good data. This only had an effect on the very first couple of data
points, or when doing Engine RPM/Sec graphs and the accel rate was

Added Help Item on Main Screen of Ask for Remote Assistance, so our
Tech Help can better serve you.

Added Preference for Using 'Divide by 2' IPU.   Very few users should
set this to Yes.

Program now gives better explanation of where "noise spikes" are found.
Program now specifies if it is an "Analog" or "Frequence" channel
and the channel #.

Added Help Option of Email Current Test to Performance Trends, so
our Tech Help department can better help you.

----- June 30 2006 Version 3.2 B.126 -----------------------------
Fixed bug where Black Box II did not work for any frequency inputs
other than RPMs, like Fuel Flow.

Fixed bug where Black Box II weather station cal factors could
change when going into and out of the DataMite specs screen.

Fixed bug where Black Box II weather station cal factor could change as
was recorded for a new test.

Added preliminary feature for selected absorber dynos, the program now
adds in the engine inertia torque.

Now give better explanation of which specs do NOT match Master DataMite

----- June 6, 2006 Version 3.2 B.122 -----------------------------
Program now has WOT Switch as a Channel Option for the Black Box II.
This lets you mark a section of recorded data as the "TEST", for
the program to assume the engine was at full power during this time.
The program then uses all the data during this time for doing
power curves.
----- May 16, 2006 Version 3.2 B.121 ------------------------------
Program now allows baro calibration values from between -4 to 1.
If baro cal is between -4 to -2, it assumes a different type of baro
sensor and uses a different calibration curve.

Program now longer allows deleting from the Examples folder.

Fixed bug where RPM Increment in Report Specs is now filled in
with increment from Main Screen if it is blank.

Fixed bug where if a Calibration's 'Data Name' was blank, the program
not save the calibration correctly. The program now forces you to enter
Data Name before saving a calibration.

----- May 8, 2006 Version 3.2 B.119 ------------------------------
Added output in Estimate Required Inertia calculations of MPH for the
wheel being sized. This will help estimate required dimensions for
chassis dyno rollers.

Fixed bug where Black Box II Internal Weather Station Corr factor was
not being used on the current readings screen, only on data recorded
during the test.

----- Apr 24, 2006 Version 3.2 B.118 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where MPH/KPH and possibly HP was not displayed on the Current
Readings screen for the Black Box II.

Program now allows Rel Humidity Corr for Black Box II for -15 to 15
(was -5 to 5).

Program now more reliably reads the weather station after the dyno test.
Occasionally, its first weather readings would be off by a very large,
obvious amount.

----- Apr 11, 2006 Version 3.2 B.117 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where Channel Name was not always being used for custom

Fixed bug where Very Large data sets could get hung up (or even bomb)
when filtering out noise spikes.

Fixed bug where DataMite II and Black Box II specs were not being
printed exactly correct when printing with a report.

Fixed bug where calibration TABLES were not being done correctly on
recorded data for Black Box II.

Added "built in" calibration for the DT2-AFG Gauge   A/F gauge.
----- Mar 16, 2006 Version 3.2 B.116 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where the MSI calibration was not being done correctly for
the Black Box II for analog channels 1-3.

----- Mar 6, 2006 Version 3.2 B.115 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where if Black Box II or DataMite II was not using the first
frequency channel (Engine RPM), the program assumed that there was no
data recorded.

Road Race/Circle Track version: Made graph legend more easily read
when the Friction Circle/Track Map is included at the bottom of the
graphs screen.

For old Black Box weather station, fixed bug where very fast computers
did not establish communications correctly.

----- Feb 18, 2006 Version 3.2 B.113 ------------------------------
Lowered the min temp the program thought was reasonable for Black Box II
internal weather station, from 38 deg to 33 deg. Baro limit was also
lowered from 25" to 24". This eliminated warnings from the program for
actual good weather data.

Fixed bug where Channel Type on DataMite config printout would overrun
the 'Used' column for the DataMite II.

Fixed bug where the Black Box II was only record for about 36 seconds.
Now it records for 2 minutes or more.

----- Jan 1, 2006 Version 3.2 B.111 ------------------------------
Fixed a couple of items where the Current Readings screen was not being
correctly when it was Maximized.

When eliminated variables UseDveRPM%, in v3.2 B.107, program will now
give more error
messages than before. Fixed this bug.

A recent revision introduced a bug where the program incorrectly hid
numeric readings
in Current Readings display for Basic version of software using DataMite
II or Black
Box II. Fixed this bug.

Program now will create its own specs for Gauge Settings if you have not
set them
(they are blank).

Revised many of the page numbers in Help to better correspond with the
new user's manual.
----- Nov 11, 2005 Version 3.2 B.109 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where not all parts of Main Screen would be redrawn when
was brought back from being minimized.

The program could hang up   when reading the Black Box II stand alone
station after downloading   data from a DataMite or DataMite II. It was
looking for 3 consecutive   readings of Baro that were within .01" Mercury
to each other. This spec    was opened up to .03" mercury.

----- Nov 4, 2005 Version 3.2 B.108 ------------------------------
'Added better debug info for Corrupt Preamble for DataMite II.

Fixed bug where the Exhaust Thermocouple bar graph would get out of
scale if you set the Preference which allowed you to resize it.

----- Oct 21, 2005 Version 3.2 B.107 ------------------------------
Added many routines to use the Microphone input for new, preliminary
DataMite EZ.

Fixed bug where the 'Measure Both RPMs' button after clicking on the
button in Test Conditions screen did not work for Chassis Dynos with the
Black Box II.

Added 2000 and 4000 as Max RPMs for DataMite EZ RPM options

Fixed bug which now makes it more likely that DriveRPM will be used for
calculations if DrivenRPM is not available.

Program now checks to see if RPM being used for CT/RR version for finding
laps is not all zeros. If it is all zeros, the program goes to the next
most desireable RPM to determine lap patterns and laps.

Added a new routine for finding CT/RR laps, which is particularily good
if the
laps are not consistent for the entire test.

If no wheel/driveshaft RPM available for track map, program now gives
error message about problem.

If only 1 or no lap beacon signals are available for breaking the CT/RR
data into laps, the program will give message saying it will use wheel
or engine RPM instead.

----- Sept 29, 2005 Version 3.2 B.102 ------------------------------
Fixed bug in Road Race version where if you picked certain laps to be
and then switched to doing only a Single Graph, the laps you picked would
be blanked out and other problems would occur. Also, if you picked more
1 lap to graph, doing Single Graphs would be automatically turned Off.

Fixed bug for dyno version where program would not use the Recording
for the DataMite II unless you had selected to display the digital Switch

----- Sept 23, 2005 Version 3.2 B.101 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where program will load newest version of DataMite II firmware
in the first pass. Before, it took 2 passes to load it.

Changed button for downloading screen to "Abort Reading Weather Station"
when weather station is being read.

Program typically uses the Drive RPM (driveshaft or driving wheels) to
the beginning and end of Drag Race runs. However, with noisy Drive RPM,
is better to use the driven wheel (typically front wheel). The program
tries to pick the best RPM to use for finding Drag Race runs.

Fixed a bug where the program was adding a new entry to the run log each
you had the program Redetermine Beg/End of Rus (Drag Race or Road
Track versions)

----- Sept 7, 2005 Version 3.2 B.100 ------------------------------
If not getting good data from Black Box (not II) weather station, the
program will now show the readings after 10 "ReadAgnCnt%" and display

Program can now work with DataMite II Configs higher than 2.40.

Added the sensor option of "DT2-AFx A/F Sensor-Gas" to the list of
pre-programmed sensor calibrations.

Now do not display Bar Graph in Current Readings screen in basic
version for Black Box II or DataMite II. The menu options for this
were not being displayed by the bar graph was, creating some confusion.

----- Aug 10, 2005 Version 3.2 B.098 ------------------------------
Eliminated the message the "Recording did not Start/Stop". This message
would pop up even if the DTM II (with large memory) did Start/Stop
recording .

Added ability to do Engine RPM accel report from just dyno RPM if you
have specified Dyno Type as Engine, No Clutch or Engine, Direct Drive
and set the Preference of "Engine RPM is Calculated RPM" to Yes.

Put in checks for at least 4 points being in the Shock Velocity

Added 'Find Ports' button in screen to Check Com Ports to let program
what it thinks are valid com ports. The Check Com Ports screen is
available by clicking on Troubleshooting in the DataMite specs screen.

----- Aug 3, 2005 Version 3.2 B.095 ------------------------------
Added Troubleshoot option for Watching Streaming Data for Black Box II.

Added option for Engine RPM channel with DataMite II to turn the active
filtering OFF. This can help with rough running engines or if certain
ignition systems produce erratic Engine RPM data.

When communicating with DataMite II, program now shows the additional
specs of large vs std memory, and std vs fast clock rate.

----- Aug 1, 2005 Version 3.2 B.093 ------------------------------
Modified program to now display calculated HP for the Black Box II
systems for the Current Readings screen in the Dyno version.

----- July 25, 2005 Version 3.2 B.092 ------------------------------
Changes for Road Race/Circle Track version:

Program now has option to change the step size for the Track Map/Friction
Circle Animation on the Graph screen, under the 'Options' button above
the Track Map.

Fixed bug where lap segments always seemed to get reset.

Added options to 'Invert' the standard accelerometer calibration for the
DataMite II, so you could choose to have either direction be + or -.

Added Shock Velocity histogram options to Graphs

Added 3 new custom calculations:   Combined Gs, Ackerman Steering and
Slip Angle

Added new Preference of Wheelbase for the Ackerman Steering and Slip
Angle calculations.

----- July 14, 2005 Version 3.2 B.088 ------------------------------
Program no longer lets you delete the folder 'My-Tests', which caused
problems if deleted.

Program no longer lets you delete the folder where the current test is
stored, which caused problems if deleted.

Fixed bug where program had problems with user clicking on 'OK' button
immediately after entering a new folder name in the 'Save As' screen.

Added much better explanation of what to do for saving data after
recording data with the Black Box II.

Fixed a bug where the program could be too strict about what it called
a valid reconfiguration of the DataMite II. It would have loaded a
valid config, but the program would say it had not.

Now when you right click on a folder to delete, rename or copy it, that
folder is now selected also. Previously, you had to left click it to
select it, then right click it to have the options presented to you.

----- June 2, 2005 Version 3.2 B.086 ------------------------------
Fixed a bug where a noisy Weather Reading could lock up program.

Added the ability to read switch inputs on Current Readings screen
for the DataMite II.

Added ability to start and stop recording of DataMite II with
keyboard or mouse or external switches.

Added new type of Switch Calibration of "Start Recording Switch".

Dropped the Humidity calibration factor back down about 10% because
it was showing over 100% RH for some conditions for Black Box II.

----- June 9, 2005 Version 3.2 B.085 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where "1 cyl, 4 stroke" did not record engine RPM correctly
for the Black Box II only.

----- May 13, 2005 Version 3.2 B.084 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where Black Box II recording switch would not work if voltage
went all the way to 0.00 volts.

Fixed a minor bug introduced around vB.070 for Black Box II. Zero RPM
was being recorded as 406 RPM (for 1 pulse/rev). Now zero RPM is
being recorded as zero. Current Readings display was always correct.

----- May 12, 2005 Version 3.2 B.083 ------------------------------
For Black Box II, now have new Analog Channel Calibration called
'Recording Switch'. Attach a normally open switch to most any analog
and you can press the switch to Start and then again to Stop data

Choosing Windows Print Setup from Graph Screen returned you back to Main
Screen.   This is fixed.

Put tighter limits on analog channels to better find noise spikes

Now program allows you to cancel out of reading Black Box II Weather
if nothing is being received from a weather station during downloading.

Added Labels for Torque and Power to graph on main screen.

Fixed bug caused in v3.3 B.078 where printing of a report could "hang

Now critical engine dimensions are saved to nearest thousandths of an

Made several adjustments to the Vehicle Description specs in the Test
Conditions for Chassis Dynos. Program now checks that blank specs
are not saved, duplicate names are not saved, and specs for saved
names are presented as options for you to load when you pick a
Vehicle Description from the drop down list.

Eliminated the "Force a Reconfiguration of the DataMite II"

Added note about "chassis rolls" torque and HP.

Menu Name in New Test Screen now changes or Black Box II and DataMite II
to better describe the action you will get.

Readjusted the Relative Humidity calibration because the Black Box II's
internal temperature is slightly higher than the original calibration

----- April 21, 2005 Version   3.2 B.080 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where dual cursors   was not reporting averages/max/min for
graph curves where the right   cursor was on the last data point or
beyond (to the right of) the   last data point.

Now program will correctly use Black Box II weather sensor temp readings,
even if some are zero. This creates much more accurate weather readings.

Now program saves the history log every time the history log is updated.
This better ensures that if the program bombs before you close it, that
History Log log is saved.

Fixed bug where you could not abort out of reading the Black Box II
station when downloading data from DataMite II.

Fixed bug where if weather station readings were very wrong (like a
went bad), the program could "bomb".
----- April 8, 2005 Version 3.2 B.078 ------------------------------
Now program allows for writting a debug file for Black Box II
communications, if directed to do so by Performance Trends.

Now check when leaving DataMite specs to see if a calibration is
"Not Being Used', but the channel is marked 'Yes' for 'Used'. Program
warns user of this and turns that channel Used to No

Program now does not allow a Pulse/Rev of 0, which would cause the
Black Box II to hang up during communications.

Program now allow multipliers up to 10,000 in the Graph screen, which is
better for RC engines, with high RPM but very low torque and HP.

Found a couple of spots where needed to do Engine RPM correction
for the option and Preference of allowing Engine RPM up to 60,000. This
caused problems corrupting Report and Graph data if you had the 60,000
RPM options turned on.

If graphing Engine RPM/Sec for a decelerating dyno test, fixed a bug
where the graphed or reported data could get corrupted.
The data on the main screen was always OK.

Turned Off 'Weather' menu option in Current Readings screen for
Black Box II's Internal Weather Station. That is because these readings
are displayed on the Current Readings screen.

Column Titles that are very long and require more than 1 line in Printed
Reports are now divided more correctly to split the title on 2 lines.

----- Mar 25, 2005 Version 3.2 B.076 ------------------------------
Added checks and actions for trying to salvage partially corrupted data
recorded from Black Box II.

----- Mar 20, 2005 Version 3.2 B.074 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where if you went to read Black Box II data for calibrating
you click on the 'Read' button in the Channel Calibration screen, certain
configuration settings were not set correctly (unless you had looked at
the Current Readings screen first).

Also made it so BBII would be sure to add the channel being calibrated
as an active channel.

If you don't pick number of magnets for an RPM channel, the program
will now assign it as 1 magnet.

----- Mar 18, 2005 Version 3.2 B.073 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where not all channels were being checked for Noise Spikes
for the Black Box II logger.

Eliminated several graph and report data types being shown which did not
have any actual data recorded and could have caused problems for Black
Box II.

Fixed bug where VERY long dyno test runs (with long coastdowns or long
recording times for dyno runs) would not be broken up into laps

Eliminated some "data flicker" on the Current Readings screen for Black
Box II.

Program no longer asks if you want to see the Current Readings screen
like a demo if you have unlocked the program for DataMite II.

Program now works with Black Box II as a 'stand alone' weather station
for DataMite and DataMite II data loggers. You will select Black
Box as the Weather Station and the program determines if it is the older
Black Box or the new Black Box II.

Program now reads Black Box II data for calibrating when you click on the
'Read' button in the Channel Calibration screen.

Modified the Black Box II configuration process in an attempt to speed
up the reading and configuring of the Black Box II for Current Readings
and recording data.

----- Mar 2, 2005 Version 3.2 B.072 ------------------------------
Added Preference to direct computer to provide more power to Com Port,
to 'better power up the "self powered" Optical Isolators.

----- Feb 18, 2005 Version 3.2 B.071 ------------------------------
Tried to make Black Box II communications more reliable when first
establishing communications without asking user if they want to try

----- Feb 16, 2005 Version 3.2 B.070 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where low RPM recorded data (approx. less than 1000 RPM) was
not being calculated correctly.

If communications are not good for Black Box II, this version now
re-opens the COM port to re-establish communications.

----- Feb 15, 2005 Version 3.2 B.068 ------------------------------
When you graph OzIn torque and HP only, the program will try to
display the HP curve the higher of the 2, by making its multiplier
Fixed bug where the RPM data recorded with the Black Box II was correct
(fixed in v3.2 B.064), but the displayed RPM was still wrong.

----- Feb 11, 2005 Version 3.2 B.067 ------------------------------
Fixed some bugs about the internal weather station. It was not
looking at just the data it should for each reading, but also data
from adjacent channels.

Put in check for 'Bad Config' when downloading data from DTM II.

Added new Torque Preference of Oz In for output.

Added new Preference for graphs on Main Screen for Dyno Version.
Now you can choose that torque and HP can be on different scales.

----- Feb 7, 2005 Version 3.2 B.064 ------------------------------
Now allow you to turn off some 'nag' screens about saving files and
allowable file names.

Fixed bug where Samples/Second Option was not always displayed correctly
in DataMite Specs screen.

Now program does not allow you to save to or modify the files in the
Examples folder provided with the program.

Examples folder is now also not a choice for saving tests or starting
new tests.

For real time display for Black Box II, now screen out improper readings
better, when both RPM channels are reading 0 and only RPM data being

'Now program correctly displays the Torque Channel in Dyno Specs if you
make a change from Inertia to Torque Arm dyno. Before you had to exit
Dyno Specs, then go back in for this to be refreshed correctly.

Fixed bug where if Preference%(26) = 1 (allow to 60,000 RPM) and you
were running an absorber dyno with dyno RPM on channel 2, the torque
could be double. Now don't allow Preference%(26) = 1 with absorbers.

Determined that Black Box II Dyno Tq channel should be on Analog 4,
Channel 6, just like the DataMite II.

Now warn if trying to assign Dyno Torque to any channel other than #6.

Now check if Internal Weather Station readings for Black Box II are
typical. If they are not (like the box does not have the correct
or any sensors), program asks if it should turn off the Internal
Weather Station.

Now program does update the Internal Weather Station weather data for
Black Box II if you update the Weather Calibration factors in the
DataMite screen.

Added possible fix for DrawTabs Error message (only a nuisance).

Fixed bug where if downloading config to DTM II and the # segments were
to be
changed, the program would not do this in just 1 step.

Added some screen action when downloading a config.   There was nothing
happening for 5-10 seconds.

Changed criteria for finding beginning of an accelerating run when
for a dyno test. The new change should work better for engines with very
peaks and valleys in power curve.

Added debuging and writing ".raw" file for BlackBoxII. Have file
in App folder to create SaveBlackBoxDebugFile% = 1 flag.

Added further refinements to reading BlackBox real time, esp RPMs = 0 and
RPMs being recorded.

Added loop to stop Streaming Data when re-opening the BBII.

Fixed bug where RPMs for the Black Box II were not being calculated

----- Jan 13, 2005 Version 3.2 B.057 ------------------------------
Got more reliable way of finding data segments with Black Box II when
one or both RPM channels are all zeros.

Exit out of Black Box II 'getting data' routine better if the program
did not find the data.

Fixed bug where sampling frequency was not being taken into account
when creating a data set for Black Box II (major error).

Added several portions to the program to handle the internal weather
station for the Black Box II. This still needs some work.

----- Jan 5, 2005 Version 3.2 B.055 ------------------------------
Made several refinements for the Black Box II for better reliability
and data accuracy.

Now keep dual cursor results of Avg, Max or Min on the printed graph

Fixed a bug when filtering out noise spike. The program was not always
smoothing the actual spike, but sometimes the data close to the spike.
----- Dec 13, 2004 Version 3.2 B.053 ------------------------------
Added Custom features for the "XDyno" inertia dyno for RC motors.

Added some more mods/features for the Black Box II data logger.

Now print both cursors on graph screen if both activated.

Now restore cursor lines after printing graph.

----- Oct 19, 2004 Version 3.2 B.050 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where if the track map was requested on the graph screen the
first time the graph screen was drawn, the track map data may not have
been available and error was given.

Made several mods to allow for 60,000 RPM; in program and in text files.

Made main screen size adapt for "wide screen" aspect ratio.

Graph printed title now auto sizes to make sure long file names will
fit within the border.

Made several changes to allow picking Com Ports up to Com 20.

Added slightly longer delay times in DTM II communications. This
seemed to allow better communications, especially with PCMCIA card
COM ports, and hopefully with USB adapters.

----- Aug 3, 2004 Version 3.2 B.047 ------------------------------
Program now keeps PrinterOrientation, Landscape vs Portrait.

The installation now warns if you are installing over an older v2.0
program, that this could turn off your working v2.0 program.

----- July 17, 2004 Version 3.2 B.046 ------------------------------
Added "Std RTD xx PSI" pressure sensor as new sensor types, where xx
can be 30, 80 150 and 400 PSI.

Now look for file CheckComPort.txt to set PrintDebugComPortFile% to write
a DebugComPort.txt file #DebugComPortFileNum% to debug real time

----- July 12, 2004 Version 3.2 B.044 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where a Custom Calibration (not table) did not work well when
a negative (-) number had been entered.

Added ability for program to find start and end of a dyno run (or Tq/HP
run in the vehicle versions) based on the closing and opening of a
switch. In the DataMite specs, you must assign a switch channel as
"WOT Switch" for this feature to be used.
Increased Com Port availability up to Com 8

Refined the New Test summary for Circle Track/Road Race version.

The new Correction feature for selected DataMite channels would "screw
up" the graph legend names by including the correction in the names.
This bug was fixed.

Road Race / Circle Track version now updates the 'Fastest Lap' time in
Test Options and Log Book with Lap Time found by the program when
determining lap times and lap break points in data.

Added an option for Road Race/Circle Track version to tell program that
more than 1 lap timer beacon on the track, from 2-6 beacons.

Added feature to do a track map even without a wheel RPM, but just
using the front/rear accelerometer. This method is not as accurate
as using a wheel RPM to determine vehicle speed.

----- June 17, 2004 Version 3.2 B.042 ------------------------------
Drag Race Version: Added Preference of "Approx. Minimum ET". This is
to disregard runs which are too short to be real drag race runs. Before
this, without a front wheel RPM, the program could see burnouts as drag
race runs. Set this preference for the shortest ET you want the program
to consider a real run.

----- June 15, 2004 Version 3.2 B.041 ------------------------------
Made Fuel Flow an RPM input option in the Vehicle versions.

DataMite II would create a warning message when checking config which
was not correct, there was no need for the warning.

----- June 10, 2004 Version 3.2 B.040 ------------------------------
Fixed bug where on XP Home (and perhaps others), the program not
follow F1, F2, etc keystrokes for the 4 channel DataMite.

----- June 9, 2004 Version 3.2 B.039 ------------------------------
Determined if XP/2000 and add extra height to menus, esp Test Conds

Fixed bug where Basic version for Dyno's Test Options screen was not
displayed because the Help Frame was assigned as being farther to the
than previously designed for.

Fixed some bugs created by recent changes which did not allow Switch data
to be analyzed correctly.

Got the 'Correction' factor for sensor calibrations to work correctly
for Analog Converters, for RPM (freq) channels.

----- May 28, 2004 Version 3.2 B.035 ------------------------------
Fixed a bug where the Lap Segments were not always being done correctly.

Fixed bug where Distance Graphs were not being done correctly. This bug
was caused by some recent changes for the Lap Segment analysis reports.

Fixed bug where software was always redetermining the lap segments
before doing a segment analysis report.

Added the ability to Save, Open and Delete lap segments in the Track Map

Added Correlation Graphs and Correlation Reports as options for Road Race
version when doing Lap Summary Reports.

----- May 25, 2004 Version 3.2 B.034 ------------------------------
For an inertia dyno run, the program only has to now see a 25% change in
from Starting RPM to finish RPM to call it a valid run. This was 30%
to this.

Fixed a bug where the "Aux RPM/Analog Converter" calibration screen would
disappear as soon as you clicked on it.

Added more checks for bad DTM II Configs, and more error messages to
Force a Reconfig' if the program suspects a bad config.

Added the 'Correction' factor to many sensor calibrations, which allow
the user to shift a recorded channel up or down slightly. This
replaces the "T/C Corr." that was available only for thermocouple
channels previously. This feature is especially useful for shock travel
sensors, where you can enter the calibration for the sensor, and then
"zero out" the sensor at static ride height.

Changed the drawing of the steering wheel so that + positive steer
values are drawn with the steering wheel turning left.

Changed to "Allow Thermocouple Correction" to "Allow Correction in
Calibration of Selected Recorded Channels" because the program now
allows corrections for many more types of analog channels.

----- May 17, 2004 Version 3.2 B.032    ------------------------------
Enhanced analysis of results graphed or reported vs RPM when the results
did not
include torque and HP. These situations would always start at 0 RPM even
the first valid RPM was much higher.

Added Lap Segment Time Analysis for Road Race version.

Now allow user to manually adjust, add or delete segment points if

Now allow Default Floppy/CD drive to be from A through Z.

Fixed bug where the data name was omitted or incorrect for the graph
for Editting a test run (cutting Beg or End or data)

Fixed bug where the built in calibration for MSI Pressure sensors was
up because the calib could beeither "Analog 100 PSI MSI6000 Sensor" or
PSI MSI6000 Sensor".

Shock Velocity is now a graph and report option for Drag Race and Road
Race versions.

----- Apr 27, 2004 Version 3.2 B.028    ------------------------------
Turned off 'Send' menu command on Main Screen for Dyno Version.

Fixed bugs where very large data sets were not being read correctly for
DataMite II.

----- Apr 24, 2004 Version 3.2 B.026    ------------------------------
Fixed bug where if program looked for fuel flow channel for calculating
BSFC, it did not also check to see if that channel was set to being
Used also.

Program now checks to see if the DataMite 'Type' is blank and gives
warning about what to do if it is.

Fixed bug where the accelerometer and Box Power channels (analogs 17-20)
were not being displayed correctly on the real time screen.

----- Apr 8, 2004 Version 3.2 B.025    ------------------------------
Program now checks if any of the Absorber Dyno Test Specs have changed in
Test Options screen. If they have, the program warns you that the
will redetermine the beginning and end of a test, which can have a
significant impact on the results.

Switched to a new version of Resize32.ocx library file to make program
more compatible with NVidia video drivers.

Program now warns dyno operators if they are not requesting a Dyno type
of test when starting a new test, which can cause unusual results to be
calculated. A new Preference lets you turn off this warning.

For absorber dynos, the program now allows a new 'Type' of run to be
specified in Test Options of 'All Data is the Dyno Test'. This means
the user determine how much data is used for a run by pressing the
Record and Stop Record buttons on the control panel.

The program now stores a complete DataMite II Configuration so that
corrupt configurations can be more easily fixed with the "Force a
Reconfiguration of the DataMite II" menu command in the DataMite specs

----- Mar 10, 2004 Version 3.2 B.023    ------------------------------
Possibly fixed problems some users had with DTM box not clearing memory
<F3> without error messages.

Added "Throttle" as an input channel name for analog converters.   This
will have uses added in the future.

Added a menu option for the DataMite II under DataMite II Options of
Force Reconfig Of DataMite2. This may be necessary if the config in the
DataMite is “really screwed up”.

Checked to ensure that recording Battery Voltage worked. Added a 1.4V
offset to this signal to account for losses in DTM II Box.

Added new Preference "Config DataMite II for Engine PPR" to hopefully
solve a possible problem recording Engine RPM for some situations.

----- Mar 8, 2004 Version 3.2 B.021    ------------------------------
Fixed a bug where if Dyno RPM was on channel 1 and was being used for
calculating engine RPM problems, problems could occur. This was being
done correctly at one time, but a recent enhancment for some other
feature introduced this bug into the program.

----- Feb 17, 2004 Version 3.2 B.019    ------------------------------
Fixed a bug that for very fast accelerations, the program would not find
the beginning of the power run correctly.

Added a Preference to allow very high engine RPMs to be calculated,
up to 60,000 RPM. If you choose this preference, then an option appears
in the DataMite specs you must also choose to allow engine RPMs up
to 60,000 RPM. These options seem to work if you are calculating
engine RPMs up to 60,000, but do not allow the measurement of Engine
RPMs up to 60,000. This will require further updates.
----- Feb 9, 2004 Version 3.2 B.018    ------------------------------
Made MaxLength for Comment field 3000 characters, up from just 400.

Changed minimum torque value for Est Req Inertia screen to .1 ft lb

Added MSI Pressure sensors as a standard sensor type

Added PTI-CFM3 calibrations for 1.0 and 1.5" air meter orifices in 3"

Made several enhancements to the process of automatically finding COM
for the DataMite.

----- Jan 21, 2004 Version 3.2 B.017    ------------------------------
All reports are specifically printed with standard (not Bold) font to
save space.

Revised column spacing for printing reports.

Program now passes Com Port number to the DataMite II UpdateFirmware
Previously it only worked on Com 1.

Made many changes for Road Race/Circle Track version for Lap Report
and the Track Mapping/Friction Circle displays.

Made program more forgiving when opening its previously used file and the
has been moved (that file/path does not exist). This should allow the
to start up better when first installed on a new computer or moved to a

Made several refinements to the communication feature to our Suspension
for detailed of shock and steer sensor data for Road Race/Circle Track
Drag Race versions.

Made several refinements to the Log Book for the Road Race/Circle Track

----- Jan 9 Version 3.2 B.014    ------------------------------
Fixed a bug where in the process of looking for Beg/End of runs for an
dyno, program could hang up (infinite loop).

Fixed problem in B.008 where the 'MPD' label would not show in the About
Fixed bug where the "Meas." calculations (calibration for Chassis dynos
in Test
Options) were not being done correctly.

Made some refinements to the way the Basic Dyno version for Absorber
dynos would
find the Beg/End of dyno runs.

Made graph flash rate independant of computer speed.

Added several features for Friction Circle, Track Mapping, lap summary
for road race version.

Fixed a bug where the first entry in the Report Specs menu was not being
when the program shut down.

Added "Throttle" and "Brake" as DataMite Channel Names for special uses
Road Race and Drag Race version.

Added variable "FirstAbsorberTq" which is only used for filling in the
1st "FILTR"
points for absorber type of dynos. This could possibly clean up spikes
at the beginning of tq/HP/Gs data. This should have only been a problem
DoingAbsorberPlusInertia = 1 dynos.

Fixed bug where Report Specs menu would be blank if you selected a lap
other than
lap 1 or run 1 previously.

When breaking up a dyno file into runs, program now allows you to ask
each run
it found to be a seperate test file for the DataMite II. Previously this
only done for the 4 channel DataMite.

Made more refinements to finding the Beg/End of runs for absorber dynos.
changes would mostly affect dynos with gear reductions between the engine
the dyno.

----- Nov 7 Version 3.2 B.008    ------------------------------
Refined looking for Beg/End of laps for road race runs

Fixed a bug where if run (lap) was over 30 seconds (If TestTimeTemp > 30
it would not display on the main screen correctly.
Modified routine that looks for noise spikes so that it now looks 5 data
ahead to see if the signal dropped back down to a "normal" level (used to
only 4 data points).

In installer for Dyno Version Config and Curdat files are now not
reinstalled if
you have asked for an Update install only (Moved these files to User

Basic version for Absorber Dyno when only method is starting at high RPM
Dragging down to low RPM would hang up in infinite loop.

Reduced Max Trace Recorder setting you could set down to 2 from 5.

Added Preference "Engine RPM is Calculated RPM" so now you can display
Calculated Engine RPM from dyno RPM on the Current Readings screen’s

Made some modifications to the Motorsport Product Development’s version
for combining inertia dyno torque and absorber dyno torque.

----- Sept 3 Version 3.2 B.004    ------------------------------
Can now graph and report Chassis Dyno data vs KPH in addition to MPH

Expanded available Com Ports the program can use and check up to 8.

Added a Preference to allow turning On/Off the Resizing of the Current
Readings screen. Users can try either to see which gives best results
on their computer.

Can now use Ctrl+N to start a new test from the New Test Screen. Tip:
Press a Ctrl+N from the Main Screen to get the New Test Screen, then
press Ctrl+N again to start getting data. (Saves time and keystrokes
and eliminates mouse strokes.)

Fixed bug where Very large file sizes would not be read the data

Program now checks for reasonable Black Box weather readings. Some
users reported that if a “glitch” occurred while the weather station
was being read (say a Barometer = 30000), the program just kept it.

----- July 28 Version 3.2 B.001    ------------------------------
Added ability to update DataMiteII firmware from inside DataMite program.

Added 'Open/Edit/Save These Settings' button and commands to Report
Specs screen. This allows you to save Report Settings (Format) much like
is possible in the Graph Screen for several common combinations of specs
to quickly reproduce report settings you want to create often.

Program now allows the Current Readings screen to be Maximized to fill
the entire screen.

Added ability to read digital switch channels and box power. This will
likely require new firmware, especially for the "box power" channel.

Fixed bug where data from channels calibrated with a Custom Table were
not displayed as accurately as possible due to rounding of the data.

Got Accelerometer channels displaying correctly in real time display.

Channel 4 in the DataMite II now has the ability for improved RPM
accuracy, even with slightly mis-spaced targets. This can greatly
improve accuracy and repeatability for inertia dyno results if
Channel 4 is assigned as the Dyno Wheel RPM channel.

----- June 27, 2003 Version 3.2 A.045    ------------------------------
Now enabled elevation in Test Options so you can change it if you have
weather station. This does not effect the correction factors, just Corr

Fixed bug where the torque and HP calculated vs RPM (not time) would
slightly if you included Engine Accel (RPM/Sec) in the graph or report.

Fixed a bug where the process of downloading a new test from recorded
data, the History Log (Pro version only) would erroneously copy info
from this latest test (top row of History Log) to the 2nd most recent
test (2nd row from the top in the History Log).

Fixed a bug where if a noise spike occurred from VERY low RPM (say an
inertia dyno run starting from 0 RPM), and erroneous noise spike could
cause problems when the program tried to find the Beginning and End of
a run. Not correctly finding the Beginning and End of a run will
produce inaccurate torque and HP curves.

Fixed bug where if you specified the Ending RPM (max RPM) for an absorber
dyno, it did not always give data up to that RPM even though you recorded
up to and past that RPM.

----- June 2, 2003 Version 3.2 A.042    -------------------------------
Better ensure BSFC is displayed to .000 in graphs.

Fixed bug where if you had the program read a calibration from a box,
the Current Readings screen was displayed.

Got calculated channels for MPH, KPH & HP working for displaying on
“Current Readings” screen for 4 channel DataMite.

Pk Tq & HP now reported in correct Metric units for printed graph

----- Mar 25, 2003 Version 3.2 A.040    -------------------------------
Fixed bug where Fuel Flow or Blank calibration for Analog Converter
disappeared as soon as you tried to change anything.

Fixed bug where 0 fuel flow (or some RPM inputs) for the DataMite II
not always show zero

DataMite Specs screen can now be printed

Color warnings now allow limits up to 30,000 (previous limit was 10,000)

Color warnings now work better for warning if a reading goes BELOW a set

Now the 4 channel DataMite can have all commands executed from the
keyboard: Start Recording, Stop Recording, Clear Memory, Setup Mode, Next
Channel in Setup Mode, Exit Setup Mode

----- Feb 21, 2003 Version 3.2 A.036    -------------------------------
Program no longer allows commas in file or folder names. This created
problems opening files for some users on some Windows operating systems.

Made larger separation between columns when printing reports when number
of columns is 8 or less.

Fixed bug where graph cursor was not drawn if all numbers were less than

Fixed a bug where you clicked on a graph name in the legend, to get that
line to flash, the program would bomb in you pressed the <Esc> button.

Added ability to display the button panel from the computer screen. This
also allows you to control the DataMite’s recording, clear memory, etc
from the computer, thus eliminating the need for the button panel.
NOTE: This feature will require a new chip for the 4 channel DataMite
and a new firmware upgrade for the DataMite II. This feature is not
yet completed.

Refined the accuracy of the thermocouples used with analog converters.
They will read slightly higher now at high temps (around 40 deg at
1600 deg), which we believe is slightly more accurate

Fixed a bug where an Analog Converter configuration screen would
as soon as you tried to change anything, if it was set to Custom Table
as the Calibration Type.

Fixed bug where Color Warnings in the Current Reading gauges had stopped
working for the 4 channel DataMite (due to some changes made for the
DataMite II).

----- Jan 20, 2003 Version 3.2 A.032    -------------------------------
If you set the Preference 'Display Lap Summary' to No, the program also
omits messages stating that 'Data was downloaded' and letting you review
and accept the Weather Station readings. This should save time and
key strokes when downloading data.

Fixed bug if you were using Cstm Table for a sensor calibration, the
calibration table disappeared if you tried to change anything.

Slightly modified the calibration of the temp sensor for the Black Box
weather station.

Fixed Dyno Gear Ratio Calc Menu, if you click on ‘Clc’ button by Gear
Ratio in the Dyno Specs screen.

Made the labels for the digital readings in the Current Readings screen
match the user specified name, not the calibration type.

Fixed a bug where trace recorder did not always display on the Current
Readings screen.

Occasionally, tests would not graph if "Laps to Graph" was set to 0 in
the History Log. Now this is checked for and the 0 is changed to a 1.

Now you can use RTDs to measure temps on analog channels. RTDs are
the inexpensive type of temp sensors used by the automakers. "Std RTD
…" is now a choice in the Sensor and Calibration.

----- Jan 1, 2003 Version 3.2 A.025    -------------------------------
Added Troubleshooting for RPM signal states

Fixed bug where if the Dyno Type was set to “Engine Dyno, No Clutch” in
the Pro version, the Menu for setting Engine RPM did not work right
you specified "Dyno" as the source for the RPM. Now it works for Engine
RPM as source also.

Fixed a bug where the Engine Accel rate was not always calculated,
or displayed correctly.

If you set the Preference 'Display Lap Summary' to No, the program also
omits messages stating that 'Data was downloaded' and letting you review
and accept the Weather Station readings. This should save time and
key strokes when downloading data.
----- Nov 18, 2002 Version 3.2 A.021    -------------------------------
Allows barometer calibrations of over 10".

Added Troubleshooting for RPM signal states

Fixed bug where if Engine Dyno, No Clutch in Pro version, the Menu
for setting Engine RPM did not work right unless you specified "Dyno"
as the source for the RPM. Now it works for Engine RPM as source also.

----- Oct 26, 2002 Version 3.2 A.018    -------------------------------
Added ability to save graph formats and scaling to various names. Click
on Format, then Save/Open/Edit Current Format or press <F3> to view
these options.

Added ability in Dyno version to Filter (find) files for different
Correction Factors, Density Altitudes and Dry Density Altitudes.

Fixed a bug where recent changes had introduced problem with graphing
chassis dyno data vs MPH.

Added a preference for chassis dynos where torque can be displayed either
as engine torque (corrected for difference between engine and dyno rolls
RPM), or as torque at the dyno Rolls.

----- Oct 14, 2002 Version 3.2 A.017    -------------------------------
Fixed bug where clicking on Advanced from the Open a File screen did not
work properly.

This version now allows graphs to be done at specific RPM increments as
identified in Preferences. This allows the RPM increments and filtering
seen on the main screen to be the same as on all graphs and reports.
This can eliminate confusion users may have on why peak torque and HP
can be different on different screens. In the Basic version, this
condition is forced.

Torque and HP curves now average more data together, which has the effect
of slightly lowering the torque and HP numbers in this latest version.

----- Sept 5, 2002 Version 3.2 A.015    -------------------------------
Converted to 32 bit programming. This allows for several improved
features, including:
  - You can use long file names (up to 40 characters including spaces)
  - You can easily delete or change names using the Open option,
      similar to most Win 95/98/Me/XP/2000 programs
  - You have more compatibility with newer printers, esp. USB printers.

Program now displays inertias less than 1 to nearest .001 lb ft^2.

New Choice for Analog Converter signal of "Head Thermocouple"
In Current Readings, "Head Thermocouple" is always shown only to
nearest degree.

In Current Readings, "Analog Filtering" is now an option to reduce
the amount of jumping of the gauges and number displays (but also
reduces the response time and possibly slows the update rate). RPM
displays are not affected.

Made changes for absorber dynos with a gear between the dyno and engine
the engine torque and HP is corrected for the gear ratio between the two.

Allow for adding, deleting, renaming Folders in Save File Form

Now allow to Open files from list of Found (filtered) Tests

Now allow you to pick which folders to look in for Find (Filter)

Added picking of User Defined Graph Colors in Preferences for changing
graph line colors.

Graph Format option of Disabling the Graph Multipliers now available
Click on Format, then Data Multipliers, then No Multipliers.

Added option of showing 2 or more reports (columns of numbers) for
Comparison Reports.

Allow the Saving of combination of Graph Scale settings.   Click on Set
button in Graph Screen, then Save, Delete or Open.

Program now reads Perf Trends Black Box weather station.

Use new type computer hardware #, which should be more stable. This
you probably won’t have to call for new unlock # if you make a change to
your computer.

Now can specify dyno RPM coming in on Channel 1 and program calculates
Engine RPM based on DynoGr from Dyno Specs. Only available for Engine,
No Clutch dynos, Pro version.

Fixed bug where program got in endless loop of editting out noise spikes
on download of data, then started downloading again.

Eliminated Double Click as an option for immediately opening a file
(double click seemed to cause errors).

Fixed bug where the Preference "Automatically Edit Out Noise Spikes"
seemed reversed (Yes/No) from what it should have been.

Fixed bug where T/C Analog Converter readings were not being read
via the RPM input channels for the DataMite II
Added pulses/rev option of up to 100 for RPM signals

Fixed bug where 0-5 V Analog Converter readings were not being read
via the RPM input channels for the DataMite II

For Engine Accel TImes report, added interpolation routine to more
calculate times (to .001 seconds) and added Corrected Times based on
weather correction factor.

Fixed bug where printed graph jumped to different scales if you were
zooming or shifting the graph prior to printing.

File name is now printed in main screen printout.

Main Screen printout of 8 labels is laid out better

Fixed bug in comparison reports if starting point or number of points
not the same between runs.

Added a new RPM channel calibration called Fuel Flow, since most all fuel
sensors give an RPM output. Choose this option and enter the fuel
sensor's K
factor given by Performance Trends as the Multiplier. This channel will
calculate Fuel Flow in lbs/hr using the specific gravity entered in the
Options menu (or default to spec gravity of .70 if no spec gravity number

New calculated channel option of BSFC is at the bottom of the list of
graph and
report data types, calculated from Fuel Flow and observed HP.

----- Mar 25, 2002 Version 2.00 A.077    -------------------------------
Fixed bug where program did not always know if Engine RPM was being set
to “Yes” for being used. This was only important for Absorber Dynos
that were Engine, Direct Drive.

A bug was fixed for Absorber Dynos running “Start Low RPM, Release to
High RPM” tests, the program did not always identify the beginning of
the test correctly.

----- Mar 22, 2002 Version 2.00 A.076    -------------------------------
Added ability to display calculated channels of HP or KW and MPH/KPH or
Current Readings screen.

Enhanced the saving and updating of Engine Numbers.   Now program does not
keep numbers in the list it already has.

Give note now that Absorber Tq channel must be on channel #6 or less if
is being combined with inertia torque numbers.

The Basic version with absorber dyno must do runs which start at high RPM
and pull down to low RPM for program to find a run.

Fixed a couple of bugs for situation of direct drive, absorber Engine
runs correctly. It was not correctly finding the torque and dyno RPM

Added the ability to set Engine RPM to “not being used” in the DataMite
specs screen for Engine Dyno, Direct Drive only.   This then enables
Dyno RPM instead of Engine RPM to be used for doing all calcs, since
Dyno RPM = Engine RPM and Dyno RPM is usually cleaner and easier to get.

The Edit command of Del Beg/End of Run now lets you pick which of the
first 4 frequency channels to be used for editting.

Weather real time screen now displays Corr Factor, and Density
Altidudes also for Pro version only.

Added ability to display graphed test comments at graph screen
by clicking on View, the Test Comments (Pro version only).

----- Feb 11, 2002 Version 2.00 A.066    -------------------------------
Enabled the feature to Cut Beg/End of test for DataMite II.

Allowed Cut Beg/End of test to cut to the nearest 0.1 second interval.
was previously the nearest full second.

DataMite II Only: Allowed for changing limits on Exh Temp bar graphs in
Current Readings screen.

DataMite II Only: Allow user to select HP/KW and MPH/KPH for display on
Current Readings gauges

DataMite II Only: Fixed a bug where the Bar Graph display in the Current
Readings gauges where the number on the bar graph was not always correct.

For the run type Meas Tq/HP from accel, now the program lets the run
start at
the very beginning of the data recording. Previously it required at
least 1
second of the run to pass before it would let a power run begin.

Fixed a bug for the inertia dyno power calculations, where at the
of the run, the power would incorrectly start way too low, for about 1-2
RPMs only.

Fixed a bug for the inertia dyno power calculations, where close to the
end of the run, the power would incorrectly drop too sharply, for about
RPMs only.

Pro Version Only: Added ability to open, save and delete vehicle
of tire size and gear ratios in the Test Conditions screen for chassis
Can now also measure one of these conditions from measuring dyno and
RPM through the DataMite.

Basic Version Only: Now force absorber dyno in the Basic version to look
start and stop of a run the same way as with an inertia dyno run. Basic
does not ask for start and stop RPMs or whether accel or decel. The run
must be
an accel.

----- Dec 10, 2001 Version 2.00 A.064    -------------------------------
Fixed a bug where Peaks (tq, HP, etc) were not correctly identified in
Time Reports.

Fixed some bugs for using the Analog Converter with a 'Cstm (user
supplies table) type of analog sensor calibration.

Fixed a bug where CFM was not displayed correctly in Current Readings
if you were using one of the standard PTI orifice meters.

Enhanced the update rate of RPM readings for the DataMite II by changing
DataMite II configuration.

----- Dec 10, 2001 Version 2.00 A.060    -------------------------------
Fixed a bug where Peaks were not correctly identified in Time Reports.

Fixed a bug where the Comp Ratio Calc Menu was not coming up properly
in Engine Specs in the dyno version.
Added 2 Bar Graphs for Current Readings screen for DataMite II.   These
can be customized by the user just as the dials can.

Improved 'error recovery' if you were saving to floppy and you
an error.

----- Nov 18, 2001 Version 2.00 A.057    -------------------------------
Made the Graph Legend more readable on very high resolution displays.

Increased max "Calc Gear Ratio" from 20 up to 40.

Program now continues downloading a new configuration to the DataMite II
box even if the box currently has a corrupted configuration.

Fixed a bug for case of calculating corr Tq and corr. HP encountering /0

Added a new preference for Nm and HP output.

----- Oct 29, 2001 Version 2.00 A.052    --------------------------------
More 'robust' Boot Message Troubleshooting.

Added a Preference to disable checking all Com Ports.

Program previously did not allow any graphing or reporting
in Dyno version unless a channel was designated dyno RPM
or dyno Tq. Now it also checks if SingleRPM% is being used
but still allows graphing even if no dyno torque can be calculated.

Added Real Time display for DataMite II with many more readings
showing and bar graph for exhaust thermocouples.

Added ability to read DataMite II when calibrating sensor channels
('Read' buttons are shown for 'Dyno Tq', 'Cstm (user supplies specs)'
and 'Cstm (user supplies table)'.

Added ability to set limits in the real time display for warning
colors to show when values exceed or drop below certain 'user
selectable' limits. Click on Options, then Warning Color Settings
in the Real Time screen.

----- Oct 11, 2001 Version 2.00 A.048    --------------------------------
Program now updates the Preview in the library and printed Test
Summaries so the Peak Tq/HP numbers match those on the Main
Screen for Dyno version.
History Log now expands in width to better fill the screen width.

Fixed a bug where reconfigurig the RPM channels in the DataMite specs
screen on very large files caused the program to bomb.

----- Oct 9, 2001 Version 2.00 A.047    ---------------------------------
Fixed bug for DTMII not letting Dyno RPM be used for inertia dyno.

Fixed a strange bug where Graphics Server (the program we use for making
would "bomb" if engine RPM was 0 for the entire run and the Pause button
had been pressed at some time during the run.

----- Oct 5, 2001 Version 2.00 A.045    ---------------------------------
Program can now more accurately find the true end of a dyno run, even
if the engine RPM drops immediately at the end of a run and the
inertia dyno RPM keeps spinning (from disengaging a clutch).

Added enhancements so the program can now more reliably reconfigure
the DataMite II box.

Added a troubleshooting menu item in DataMite screen with several options
to troubleshoot DataMite and DataMite II operation.

Added a feature to read the boot up message from the DataMite when it is
first powered up (used for troubleshooting).

Added 2 major Chassis Dyno enhancements:
  - New Dyno option in Dyno specs screen for "Chassis Dyno, no eng RPM".
     Select this option if engine RPM is faulty and the program will
     calculate engine RPM based on Tire Size and Gear Ratio settings
     in the Test Conds menu.
  - Program will now combine the effects of the Absorber and Inertia
     of an absorber chassis dyno (correcting for the inertial of the
     on absorber chassis dynos).

----- July 24, 2001 Version 2.00 A.041    -------------------------------
Added more relavent notes in Test Conds for Road Race version.

Added Suggested Jet Feature in Log Book for weather conditions.

Fixed a Graph bug with large data sets (like road race data)
where it would say problem with Graphics Server

Main Screen now shows complete laps for larger data sets (like
road race data).

Program is now more thorough at finding laps from Road Race data.
Started working on DataMite II Real Time data display.

Program now shows 'Real Time' results for channels which use
the Calibration Table.

----- June 28, 2001 Version 2.00 A.038    -------------------------------
Program now can download the # Recording Segments to DataMite II Box

Fixed a couple other bugs for DTM II concerning downloading config
info and checking master DTM specs.

Fixed bug where 1 cyl, 4 stroke did not read correctly (or at all) on the
'real time' screens.

Com Port Checking now tries to identify the ports as Modem ports,
which are not usable by the software.

Software now checks ports 1-4 for Real Time screen.

For chassis dynos, all tq and HP are now identified as "rear wheel"
and engine inertia effects are not available to be used. This
ensures the program always calculates rear wheel tq and HP.

Finished Calc Menus in Test Options for Chassis Dynos for Final
Drive and Transmission ratios.

----- June 28, 2001 Version 2.00 A.033    -------------------------------
Added several DTM II enhancements, bug fixes, etc.

Added a Calibration Table for describing non-linear sensors.

Added input to let you Base Sensor Calibrations on either 0-4096 counts,
0-5 V or 0-10 V full scale.

Fixed bug where Inertia Dyno data could show bad data on last point
very high or very low).

Fixed bug where filtering was not being done if graphing results vs MPH
or distance.

----- June 12, 2001 Version 2.00 A.031    -------------------------------
Can now display DataMite "Header" info in DataMite screen. Header
info if mostly useful for Performance Trends' Technicians.

Fixed bug where Graph History was defaulting to Graph=Yes for all
new tests.
Fixed bug where History was not being updated correctly if the program
broke up a test file of several runs into several test files, all of
1 run each.

History Log is now printed correctly for Dyno version.

Now allow specifying Com Ports 1-6 (5 and 6 were added.   Program still
only looks for 1-4 automatically.

Added several features and bug fixes for the larger DataMite II.

Fixed a new bug which gave an error when you tried to change "Correct for
Engine Inertia Effects" in Test Conditions in Dyno version.

----- Apr 27, 2001 Version 2.00 A.028    --------------------------------
The dyno test summary of Peak Tq and HP now matches the numbers shown
in the reports.

Fixed a bug where torque and HP curves were not plotted correctly (one
could have been shifted a couple hundred RPM high or low) when the engine
RPM was EXTREMELY eratic.

Time graphs of torque are now calculated correctly when you have
that you are using a direct drive engine/dyno configuration and are using
wheel RPM to calculate engine RPM.

----- Apr 9, 2001 Version 2.00 A.027    ---------------------------------
Addid minor modification to Tq and HP calculation to help eliminate large
negative spikes in Tq/HP at end of run.

Added ability to calc CFM from PTI orifice meter.   Channel is identified
"Std PTI-CFM" followed by ID of orifice.

Program looks for file a file 'evansped' on start up. If it finds it,
torque will
be dyno torque, not engine torque from absorber, chassis dynos. (One
requested this.)

Added numerous features to handle the new 31 channel DataMite II.

Program now hides 'Correct for Eng Inertia' in Test Options if an
absorber dyno.

Added new Preference for Nm and KW output.   This feature has not been
thoroughly debugged.
----- Mar 15, 2001 Version 2.00 A.023    --------------------------------
Improved ability of program to read DataMite and weather station from
same com port using a switch box.

Added note that Briggs motors are '1 Cyl, 2 stroke' engines for RPM.

 Program now limits the specification of how many runs to graph from
1 test to 4. Previous version let you specify more, but only graphed 1st
of the 4 runs.

When downloading test, and several runs are in test, and you select
to have program break the file into several tests, the program
previously had the 1st run of the file remain as the current test
on the main screen. The program now makes the last run the current
run, which helps to keep run numbering consistent.

----- Feb 27, 2001 Version 2.00 A.021    --------------------------------
Added more refinements in filtering out Noise Spikes.

The process of finding the beginning and end of dyno runs has been
improved, even if dyno wheel RPM is not stable for a few seconds.

Fixed bug where Drag Race version did not always find the correct
transmission gear ratio.

Fixed a bug where 512K systems had problems downloading large
data sets.

Now program checks if File Exists when Saving to Floppy.

Now program saves DataMite changes before going to See Current
Readings screen so you can immediately see your DataMite updates.

Improved the program's handling Large Data Sets (512K data sets).

----- Feb 13, 2001 Version 2.00 A.018    --------------------------------
Fixed a bug where Peak Tq and HP values did not match the corrected
data if you selected the SAE 77 deg correction factor.

----- Feb 13, 2001 Version 2.00 A.017    --------------------------------
Added option to display details when program can't communicate with
the DataMite. These are used for debugging.
----- Feb 10, 2001 Version 2.00 A.016     --------------------------------
Made many changes for Chassis Dyno runs and Absorber Dyno runs:
  - Dyno screen now shows inertia table for a chassis dyno, either
    using inertia or an absorber torque arm for torque measurements.
  - Outside diameter of Main Wheel, Section 1 is now assumed to be
    the outside diameter of the chassis dyno roller.
  - The absorver dyno specs which describe the type of run (accel
    or decel) and the RPM limits are now moved to the Test Options
    menu, from the Dyno specs menu.
  - Test Options menu now also contain vehicle specs like gear ratios
    and tire size so slip calculations can be performed.
  - Graphs and reports can now be made for data graphed vs MPH in
    addition to Time (sec) and engine RPM.

----- Feb 8, 2001 Version 2.00 A.015    ---------------------------------
Tried to improve 'Find beg/end of runs' for both inertia dyno and
absorber dyno runs.

----- Feb 2, 2001 Version 2.00 A.014    ---------------------------------
Fixed 2 bugs in Basic Dyno version:
  1 Pk Tq & HP did not match that in the actual reported data
  2 Now the "Open Test" Summary does not show engine specs
      which the basic version does not allow access to

----- Feb 2, 2001 Version 2.00 A.013    ---------------------------------
Improved routine for finding noise spikes in inertia wheel RPM

Added 150-230 deg VDO temp sensor calibration.

Graph flash rate now is more consistent for computers with very
different speeds.

----- Dec 22, 2000 Version 2.00 A.012    --------------------------------
Improved "Editting our noise spikes" of some data channels.

Fixed a couple of minor bugs with Mouse Pointer not being correctly

Picking or changing Example Trans Gears works more correctly now.

Specifying Motorcycle w Primary Gear Reduction works correctly.

Dyno version, added better data filtering and finding beginning and end
run for'absorber dynos.

Dyno version, added another type of dyno "Engine, no clutch' 'and
ability for program to use just 1 RPM for 'inertia dyno

Added Safety Factor to Est Inertia Calculations

Now save file (and comments) before closing down program

Improved function of reading Weather Station.

Added prompt when reading Weather Station and DataMite from
same Com Port.

----- Sept 15, 2000 Version 2.00   A.006   -------------------------------

Analyze feature (with 2 cursors on graph screen) now reports data
corrected for any multiplier fraction (like x .1)

Added ability to read weather station when downloading data.

Program now warns you that the scale settings you have set in the
graph menu by clicking on 'Set Scales' is too small to be displayed.

Dyno version now shows all RPM data on main screen. It previously
did not show the last 2 RPMs to show more typical power curves.

----- June 15, 2000 Version 2.00   A.004   -------------------------------

Graph now fills entire screen if you are using greater than 480 x 640
screen resolution.

Main screen now fills entire screen better if you are using greater than
480 x 640 screen resolution.

Added 'Analyze' option on graph screen which produces 2 cursors and
lets you 'Analyze' (average, max and min) the data between the 2 cursors.

----- June 15, 2000 Version 2.00   A.003   -------------------------------

Added feature which will break up files with more than 1 dyno run into
separate files if you choose.

Fixed bug which sometimes let the same data from 2 different files be
graphed at different multipliers.

Added Density Altitude and Dry Density Altitude calculations in the
Test Conditions screen for Pro version.
----- May 31, 2000 Version 2.00   A.002   --------------------------------

Fixed a bug if you were graphing very large number of data points.

Added 'explanation' for problem if you were clicking on the cursor
too fast on graphs (cursor could not keep up).

Fixed a bug where the Edit Command of 'Cut Beg/End' was not always
graphing Engine RPM correctly.

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