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									The industry’s most acclaimed reputation system

— Secure Computing’s TrustedSource
Proactive security based on global intelligence.
One of the most important characteristics of enterprise security is proactive anticipation of threats in order to identify and stop them before they cause any damage. Through our TrustedSource™ technology, Secure Computing® has added a new dimension to its proactive approach to security. The most precise and comprehensive Internet host reputation system in the world, TrustedSource characterizes Internet traffic and makes it understandable and actionable. Its unique approach evaluates both information content and entity history, creating a profile of all Internet activity. Based on the past behavior of the IP domain, TrustedSource then generates a “reputation score” to be used by Secure Computing appliances around the world.

The Power of the “Network Effect.”
“TrustedSource displays all the qualities of the network effect described by Metcalf’s law applied to Internet security.” – Chris Christiansen, VP Security Research, IDC The most powerful attribute of TrustedSource is that it becomes more effective and useful as it collects more data, and therefore provides greater and greater benefit to users. TrustedSource is a cornerstone element that delivers this critical layer of protection in real time to Secure Computing’s suite of Enterprise Security solutions, allowing them to instantly judge the reputation of all entities encountered.


Hack A�ack

Hacker Sites

DoS, DDoS, misc other a�acks



Ac�ve Content Malware Virus

Compromised or malicious Web sites or URLS

Ac�veX, Java, VB code from infected Web sites


Phishing Spam IP

Zombies, botnets, other sources

Image spam, virus, worms, Trojans




Image Message

Source reputa�on

Content reputa�on

Reputa�on for iden��es

Secure Computing is the only vendor that delivers

Next-Generation Enterprise Security
Broadest protection from the industry’s most trusted security vendor.
To adequately protect your enterprise in today’s unpredictable Web environment, securing the corporate perimeter is no longer enough. While traditional IT defense solutions have not kept pace with Web-based threats, Secure Computing’s enterprise security platforms are focused on providing the necessary real-time defenses to secure primary mission-critical business applications across the enterprise. Powered by Secure Computing’s patented TrustedSource global intelligence technology, our award-winning portfolio of solutions secures your entire network, including all Web communications, email, and Web applications across the entire extended network. Secure Computing proactively guards against all inbound and outbound threats, known or unknown.

Data & Users

Secure SafeWord Secure Mail (IronMail)
. An�-Spam . An�-Virus/An�-Malware . Compliance & DLP . Encryp�on . Token-based two-factor authen�ca�on . Remote Access . Web Access

Secure Web (Webwasher) Secure Firewall (Sidewinder)
. Geo-Loca�on . Reputa�on Filtering . Encrypted Traffic Filtering . Layer 7 Proxy Authen�ca�on . Web Filtering . IPS . SSL Scanning . Compliance . Cache . Web Filtering . An�-Malware

Global reputa on intelligence



Constant innovation dedicated to securing your business.
The stakes are high, and your organization needs a security vendor that is completely focused on security. Our constant innovation and focus on delivering integrated, best-of-breed security solutions keeps you two steps ahead of hackers, data thieves, and other cyber-criminals. Only a dedicated security vendor can bring you the protection you need today and in the future. Secure Computing meets today’s security challenges with comprehensive security appliances that anticipate and protect against the latest wave of sophisticated threats.

Award-winning support.
Secure Computing’s support is the industry’s best—bar none. We are so certain of this that we post our service call stats right on our Web site.

Enterprise Security defined
Secure Computing’s enterprise security strategy represents the next generation of protection. Adapting to meet the security challenges brought about by the ever-changing face of the Internet, our solutions provide unbeatable security protections, bi-directional application intelligence, built-in compliance mechanisms, best-of-breed processing efficiency, and real-time visibility for making on-the-spot security-related decisions to detect and dismantle even unidentified dangers before they can cause harm.

Secure Web
(Webwasher) Comprehensive protection against malware, viruses, data leakage, and Internet misuse, while ensuring policy enforcement, regulatory compliance, and a productive application environment.

Secure Mail
(IronMail) Total inbound and outbound email security to protect against zero-hour blended threats, spam and spam surges, data leakage, and policy violations.

Secure Firewall
(Sidewinder) Next generation firewalls provide total protection for high value targets, ensuring the availability and security of critical networks, applications, assets, and data and virtually eliminating all exposure to unknown attacks and attackers.

Secure SafeWord
Safe access to applications, data, and resources through policy-driven security and strong two-factor authentication.

Given the rapid changes in corporate IT environments, enterprise security must have these important characteristics which we’ve built into our product lines:
Proactive anticipation Integration Bi-directional application intelligence Real-time global intelligence Multi-layered defense
of threats to catch them before they cause damage across devices, protocols, and platforms in order to provide the broad protection necessary in today’s changing environment monitors and protects both incoming and outgoing traffic provides active protection through mutual sharing of real-time security intelligence and reputation knowledge incorporates multiple security techniques to ensure a complete blanket of security coverage

Secure Computing has developed a vision for comprehensive
enterprise security that embodies the following core design principles:

Flexible platform delivery.
Mix and match between appliances, hosted services, and virtual appliances to build the unique security solution required for your business.

Bi-directional protection.
Scrutinize inbound traffic and block bad traffic, while simultaneously performing deep inspection of outbound content to prevent critical protected data from escaping the enterprise.

Secure Web Solutions
Secure Web (Webwasher) Secure Web SmartFilter

Application and content awareness.
Inspect and interpret gateway content and gain deep knowledge, understanding, and control.

Proactive protection.
Thwart attacks in real time with protective systems that instantly ascertain and deal with potential dangers.

Secure Mail Solutions
Secure Mail (IronMail) Secure Mail Edge Secure Mail Encryption

Secure Firewall Solutions
Secure Firewall (Sidewinder) Secure SnapGear

Centralized policy, management, and reporting.
Streamline your policies and gain real-time visibility by maintaining consistency across multiple appliances. This reduces cost of ownership and increases ROI.

Performance and scalability.
Scale as your business grows to handle future traffic volumes. From the edge of the network to the gateway, Secure Computing security appliances keep pace with required performance levels.

Secure Firewall CommandCenter Secure Firewall Reporter

Secure SafeWord Solutions
Secure SafeWord Corporate Headquarters
55 Almaden Blvd., Suite 500 San Jose, CA 95113 USA Tel +1.800.379.4944 Tel +1.408.494.2020

European Headquarters
Berkshire, UK Tel +44.0.1344.312.600

Asia/Pac Headquarters
Wan Chai, Hong Kong Tel +852.2598.9280

Japan Headquarters
Tokyo, Japan Tel +81.3.5339.6310

Worldwide, 24/7 Support
Secure Computing’s strategy also encompasses its award-winning service and support organization. We are proud to provide our customers with unwavering 24x7, world-class support. Tel +1.800.700.8328 Tel +1+651.628.1500

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