Homework 1 by babbian


									  What can you see?
                                                                      What is
   Which                                                              implied that
   countries do                                                       Germany will
   each                                                               do in the
   character                                                          future?
                                                                      What did
 What are the two                                                     Britain do
 characters in the                                                    because of
 front doing?                                                         this fear?

What does this imply                                                  Who
about their                                                           produced the
friendship?                                                           cartoon?

 What facts is this                                                   Propaganda,
 referring to?                                                        celebrate,

                      The cartoon is by W.K Haselden, a patriotic British
                      cartoonist, published in 1905.
      The source suggests the Kaiser was to blame for the Morocco
      Crisis 1905. Do you agree? Use your own knowledge and the
      cartoon to answer (6)

   Who produced the
   cartoon and when                                      Was it fair to
   (significance)?                                       blame the
                                                         Kaiser? What
   What does it imply                                    had France and
   about the Kaiser and                                  Britain done?
   his aims and what he
   will do next?                                          Purpose?
   What facts is this
   referring to?
What does it imply about the    The cartoon is by W.K     judgement –
French and British friendship   Haselden, a patriotic     fair/biased/to
as a consequence of the         British cartoonist,       some extent
Morocco Crisis?                 published in 1905.
Answer the question in full sentences. When you have finished use the checklist below?
Have you commented on the main point being made by the source?
Have you commented on what facts support the message of the source?
Have you commented on the significance of the DATE,AUTHOR,PURPOSE?
Have you shown the limitations of the source giving examples from your own knowledge?
Have you reached a balanced judgement overall?

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