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									The Miyun 50m radio telescope
and possible upgrading project

       Jin Chengjin & Zhang Juyong
   Miyun Radio Astronomy Group, NAOC
               2003, 11, 03

  Brief history of the Miyun 50m project
  The current status
  The possible upgrading plan
Brief history:
• The Miyun Station was founded in 1960s.
• The MSRT and the Miyun 15m telescope
Scientific motives for building a
new 50m radio telescope:
   •   Long-time monitoring of pulsars
   •   Gravitational wave detection
   •   IPS observations
   •   A VLBI unit
The conceptual design in the
beginning (~2001,11):

                  • L-band telescope
                  • Metal mesh
                  • Light weight
Some improvement afterwards

               Chinese Lunar project
               • S/X band
               • Metal plate + mesh
               • Much stronger
The status:
 • The contract was signed in Oct, 2002.
 • The technical design has been finished.
 • In parallel, we have organized several
   technical reviews for the antenna design.
 • The prospection was completed.
 • The antenna is schedueled to be completed
   in the first half of 2005.
The technical review meetings:

 • Reviewed by domestic experts (2002, 4)
 • Reviewed by experts from Germany, the UK
   and Australia (2002, 6)
 • Reviewed by structure engineer from NRAO

 Constructive comments & suggestions
The 15-m Radio Telescope

             This telescope was built
             in 1992.

              The first pulsar
             observation was
             performed with this 15-
             m telescope.
The prospecting apparatus(2003, 7):
   50m Telescope Design Specifications:
Dish diameter            :     50 m
Mounting                 : Altitude-Azimuth

Surface                  : metal plate + metal mesh
          Metal plate    : inner 30m
          Wire mesh      :  outer part
RMS surface accuracy     : 1.0mm (inner 30m)
                           3mm (outer part)
Short wavelength limit   : 2.0cm(15 GHz) (inner 30m)
Pointing accuracy        : 19 arcsec
Slew rates (elevation)   : 0.5 degree per second
Slew rates (azimuth)     : 1.0 degree per second
Optics                   : Prime focus f/D = 0.35
Possible upgrading plan:

• The reflecting surface
• The pointing accuracy
• The optics

              Goal: up to 43GHz
The reflecting surface
• Active surface
The pointing accuracy:
 • Pointing model & A new servo system
The optics:

   • Secondary focus
   • Enough space and weight load
The upgrading plan:

• A doctor student is working on this project.

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