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HOW-TO troubleshoot your computer

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									Troubleshooting for iPad ----

iPad Touchscreen Problems:
-Dampen and wring out a lint-free cloth. Wipe the iPad screen off, then dry the screen
using a dry cloth.

-Remove any gloves before using the iPad. If your hands are wet, dry them.

- Remove any protective covers from the ipad and test the touchscreen. If the issue is
resolved either use the iPad without a cover or test other covers to see which works

iPad not recognized in Windows iTunes:

-Switch USB ports the iPad is currently plugged into. Restart your computer and open
iTunes. Do not plug the iPad into USB ports on your keyboard or monitor.

-Hold down the power button on the upper-right edge of the iPad until a red tab appears
in the upper-left corner of the screen with a message that says "Slide to power off."
place your finger on the tab and slide it to the left to shut down the iPad. Press the
power button again to turn the iPad on. Enter your pass code if prompted, open iTunes
on your computer and check beneath "Devices" for your iPad.

-Update iTunes by clicking help at the top of the iTunes toolbar then clicking "Check for
Updates." Click "Download iTunes" if an update is found, then click "install." Click "Yes"
when the update is done installing to restart your computer and finish the update. Open
iTunes after the computer restarts and check beneath "Devices" for your iPad.

Malfunctioning apps:
- Press and hold your finger on the malfunctioning app until it wiggles, then press "x" in the
upper-left corner of the app. Tap "Delete" to remove the app. Tap the "App Store" app on your
iPad then tap "Search" at the bottom of the application. Enter the name of the app you just
removed in the Search box and tap "Search." Tap the app to open its information window. Tap
the price, then tap "BUY NOW." Tap "OK" when a message tells stating you have already paid
for the app appears to download it again. Tap the app when it's done downloading to test it.

-Tap the "App Store" app on your iPad, then tap "Updates." If your malfunctioning app is listed,
tap it and then tap "Update." Test the app after the update is complete to see if it's still having

-Open iTunes and highlight the name of your iPad beneath "Devices." Click the summary tab on
the right side of the screen, then click "Check for Update." Click "Yes" if asked to download and
install an update for your iPad.

iPad won't turn on:
- Charge your iPad's battery completely-- neglecting to do this will cause your iPad not
to turn on. According to Apple's iPad user guide, charge your iPad for at least 10
minutes with your iPad turned off.

- Turn your "hold" button to the "off" position. When you "hold" button is in the "on"
position, your iPad will not respond to commands.

-Reset your iPad. To do this, press the bottom on top of your iPad and hold it until you
see a red slide bar appear. Slide the bar, then press the button again until you see the
Apple logo, according to Apple's support web page.

- Turn your iPad on. If the iPad still does not come on, reset it again. To do this, hold
down the button again, along with the "hold" button, until you see the Apple logo. This
process should take around 10 seconds.

If our solutions do not fix your problems, you can contact Apple to see if your iPad is still
under warranty.

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