Yes_ There Will Be Holiday Decorations In Scotch Plains

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Old Clubhouse At Scotch Hills Has Rich Colonial History
. By JOAN MONAHAN It began life a s a small Dutch Colonial farmhouse, way back in 1749. Today, it i s a clubhouse for the Scotch Hills Municipal Golf C o u r s e , In between, t h e interesting old house h a s had a wide and diversified history. At one point it served a s a nightclub which featured the noted black entertainers of the 1940s, Last week, a representative of the Scotch Plains Women's Club approached the town fathers of Scotch Plains seekinga Master Plan for the i m p r o v e ment of the club over the next few y e a r s . In the view of M r s , M a r i e Gllpnnon, of the Women's Club, the clubhouse now s e r v e s many loca 1 groups, who u s e it for meetings and civic activities, but it needs a plan for decorating and structural improvement. Those who have never visited , ——•— Scotch Hills (which had included room, suitable for receptions and this reporter) might be I n t e r - meetings. It is approximately ested in just what the old build- 22 by 60 feet in size, and it makes ing houses. We toured the f a - no pretense of adhering to the cility this week with M r s . G l l - historical authenticity of the main gannon and Charles Detwiller, body of the room, A very wide a local architect who i s known new brick hearth and fireplace nationwide for many of his ef- built in 1964, is centered on the forts in restoring old buildings. long wall. This room has bare His work includes Stage House floors. The Women's Club is Village In Scotch Plains and a contemplating the addition of an building in Mystic Seaport, Con- acoustical tile ceiling as a connecticut. tribution. Scotch Hills, not unlike many To the left of the entrance room another 18th century building, is a small passageway type room, was a sturdy farmhouse which with the original brick hearth and has grown, m o r e l e s s in a h e l - Dutch . oven. However, a new t e r - s k e l t e r fashion through the front of brick has been construc-

Yes, There Will Be Holiday Decorations In Scotch Plains
Fanwood Goes A'Caroling
The Fanwood Community Carol Sing, a highlight of the Christmas Season in Fanwood, has been scheduled for Wednesday, December 21. Everyone in the borough is invited and urged to join their fellow citizens in welcoming in Christmas with a healthy round of old-time traditional carols, a few rounds of jingle Bells, some Deck the Halls, etc, Audrey Martin and Evelyn Troy will lead the song and Sackel, popular music teacher at La Grande School, will accompany. The setting is designed for the cover of a Christmas card, as everybody gathers around the lovely community Christmas tree at the Community Center, northside of the Fanwood Railroad Station. Ho: cocoa, coffee and cookies are on the schedule for postcarollng warmupl Everybody's welcome. The Fanwood Recreation Commission urges you to take an hour or so and spend it in a meaningful way, amidst your fellow citizens in a spirit of fellowship and holiday cheer. Remember - see you on December 21 at 8 p.m. around the hia tree.

Businessmen Received Many Inquiries, Mayor Says Proposed Construction Delayed Decision
A bare, unvarnished, undecorated center of town in the pre-hollday season apparently got to many a local resident, according to reports from some of the businessmen in the Park Avenue shopping district. Some have been receiving telephone calls of complaint from irate citizens who want to know where the garland decorations are this year. In previous years, the garlands were strung across the business district, and were lighted just after Thanksgiving, and the municipal Christmas creche scene was in place on the lawn of the municipal building. According to Mayor Albert around $400 annually, and the elTheurer, Scotch Plains will ob- ectrical bills were monumental, serve the holiday season. The since the strings, which were tied lack of decorations has occurred into each store's electrical outthrough one of those uncontrol- let, were on 24 hours a day. lable Situations and not by deOne owner of a business, who sign, First of all, Theurer asked not to be identified, said pointed out, the Christmas crib the store has received numeris always located on a section ous telephone calls of complain! of, the lawn in front of tha old about the lighting. The mermunicipal building, and directly chant said few people realize in line with the path of a new pipe- that In almost all towns the lightline which was to be laid in con- ing projects are undertaken by junction with new construction, the Chamber of Commerce and/ When would the lawn be dug up or Businessmen's Association for the new sewer pipes? Nobody rather than municipal officials. knew, Theurer pointed out, and However, "we are not Westfield therefore the Recreation Com- or Plalnfield" but only a very mission had to wait until very small shoppingarea, reported the close to Christmas to determine store owner. The total of apthe contractor's plans. The pips- proximately $4,000 each year for line will not interfere with the the project was carried by so Christmas season, and at last few businesses located within the report, the crib scene was sched- town limits but outside the busuled to be erected at any mo- iness district were often unwillment, i t is Lhe same creche ing to becom* involved, it was which was used last year, with noted. statutes of the family and the Mayor Theurer said he had apan'.-nals. proached Mr, Ted Miller of BowFor mA.iy years, the township craft, who has been a leader in had a live animal scene, which the decorating projects in past years, and Miller had agreed to attracted considerable traffic and accompanying headaches for see what could be done to arsafety officials. The scene was range for a more limited decorating project, discontinued last year. As for the garlands, only a Members of the Father NelHlimited number will be put up p n Council #5730, Knights this year. One local business- of Columbus, sought a meeting man detailed the problems which with Theurer some time ago a handful of merchants have faced to discuss the question of decoin the past with regard to the gar- rations. According to Al Berlands, The decorating project tolotti, a member of the KC was undertaken by the Business- group, an offer was made by that men's Association, which now is organization to fund decorations, ' defunct. There is no longer an However, Bectolotti noted that organized group of businessmen. Theurer had worked with the In past years, not all the mer- Knights and also had sought the chants and businesses were will- cooperation of the businessmen. ing to participate financially in the project, leaving only ft limited number to bear lhe bcu.ii <f > the project. There are still bills overdue from last year's Christmas lighting project, and the The Fanwood-Scotch Plains handful of merchants feel they Jaycees would like to tell the cannot afford to go ahead once children that "Santa's coming again. to town," How much did the project cost? On December 16th at Fanwood A lot more than the average Railroad Station between the citizen might realize, a merchant hours of 9 a.m. and 12 noon reported. Ha said manpower Santa will hand out candy canes and maintenance to hang the and the Jaycee-ettes will serve lights cost $100 per string each cocoa. Christmas season. This does not Chairman, joe Hobbs would like include the cost of the garlands to remind you if you get there themselves, since they were paid early you will see the "fat little for some time ago. The insur- man" in the red suit arrive on a ance for the total project tallied fire engine.

Restraining Order Is Served In Verdie Case

Scotch Plains Recreation Commission will conduct their annual Home Decorating Contest on Thursday, December 21st starting at 7 p.m. This contest Is open to any interested home owner in Scotch Plains. Please call the Recreation office at 322-6700, Ext. 21 or 22, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4;30 p.m. If you wish to enter your home for A temporary restraining order was served recently on Verdic's judging. Awards will be presenNursery, pending a Superior Court case expected to be heard around ted in the following categories: the first of the year. Under the temporary restraining order, the Most Original, best overall, best nursery may operate only under certain specified conditions, ' door decoration and best public Verdic's, located at the corner building display. You must regof Second Street and Flanders desist, refrain and limit the opister your house, door or buildAvenue in the Scotch Plains bus- eration of the processing of top Ing in order to be judged, iness district, has occasioned ex- soil, sifting, screening and storSanta Ciaus will arrive at the tensive complaint during the past age to specified conditions. Municipal Building on Friday evyear from residents in adjacent The mounds of top soil or dirt ening, December 22nd at 7 p.m. homes and from nearby home- stored on the lot must be in to greet all the children and disowners, because of a topsoil bus- mounds or piles which do not tribute Christmas stockings. Eviness operated at the location. exceed the height of a hedge loeryone is invited to make Santa's Residents appeared manytimes cated, between the Verdie proarrival from the North Pole a at meetinpoftheTownshipCom- perty and an adjacent residential welcome one, mittee, seeking cessation of the property. That hedge, according dust, dirt, and the noise created to the order, is approximately 10 •by trucks which carried the soil to 12 feet high. moved by Verdic's without unto the small corner lot and away The operation of all sifting reasonable delay. after the soil had been sifted, equipment, tractors, bucket loadThe restrictions are to remain Businessmen have also com- ers and bulldozers is limited to in force until a further order of plained of the mud caused when the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. the court. the topsoil spills Into the street on weekdays, The local Environmental Acand is wet, and is later tracked No topsoil, earth or dirt or tion Group had joined the resiinto stores. vehicles are permitted to be dents in their protests before The township was joined by parked on the public right-ofthe restraining order was issued. five homeowners inseekingcourt way borderingthe Verdie properMembers of that body had stated relief. Under terms of the r e s - ty, and if earth falls upon this that the dust and dirt in the air training order, Verdie' s Nursery right-of-way, the restraining orwere unhealthy for nearby resiwas commanded and enjoined t o . der specifies that it shall be r e dents.

years. The central core is the 1700's section - a classic example of a center hall Dutch Colonial, with many vestiges of its years still in evidence. As one enters the front door, he finds himself in a small living roomfoyer type room, The doorframe is the original, with the old side lights and doorway trim. The batten doors in this room are old and quite low, and early handmade nails can be spotted. The furnishings include a rock maple recreation room-type set of furniture and some old and rather soiled carpeting,. The room has pretty painted columns, and handhewn beams in the ceiling. Through a. doorway to the right, one enters a very large

ted over the original fireplace. An ancient black cauldron sits at the hearth. Once again, there are several old paneled and batten doorways, lower than one customarily finds today. Golfers who lunch at Scotch Hills use a third very small lunchroom which has been added somewhere along the line. It has four square tables covered in oilcloth, a counter with marblized tile topping, peach-colored synthetic curtains, and a Coke machine. In the back of the building is a very large room, now unused and condemned. While the" useable portion of the building is sturdy, (and old) this back room Continued On Fage23

Annual Home Decorating Contest

Santa Is Coming

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