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					crédit photo Avavian - Service communication INPG
     In order to facilitate your settling down in Grenoble, you will find below a few tips to deal with the administrative
     procedures that await you. Do not panic, and in case of problem do not hesitate to contact us in the international
     relations office !


     The payment of this tax (about 55 Euros) will allow you to obtain the French residence permit « carte de séjour » (cf. A.)

A.     Residence permit, “Carte de séjour”
                                                                If you are a European citizen, or if your visa wears the
       If you are planning to stay more than three              comment “request a residence permit” or “see residence
                                                                permit”, you must then obtain a residence permit from the
       months in France, you will need a « Carte de             local Prefecture as soon as possible.
       séjour », unless you are holding a visa which
       wears the comment “ exemption from                       But before obtaining your “carte de séjour” you must
       residence permit ”.                                      find a permanent place to stay in Grenoble.
       This comment on your visa means that you are
       straight with the authorities and you do not             If you have asked for a room in hall of residence you are
       need to obtain a residence permit, your visa             fine. If you have chosen to rent a flat in town you
       serves as an official proof. On the other hand,          will have to wait for two documents :
       you will not be able to request housing benefit            –      Rental lease duly signed
       from the CAF (Family Allowance Office), and                –      First rent receipt given by the landlord
       you will have to pay the totality of your monthly
       rent. You should bear that in mind when                    Do not wait too long before doing it, because
       choosing your housing, knowing that a room in              the official date when you register your file at
       a hall residence is lessexpensive than renting             the Prefecture will also be used as an indicator
       your own flat in town.                                     by the CAF (see paragraph F.)
1.   As soon as you arrive.                               2.   Then you will have to go to CROUS BLEU.
                                                               (5, rue d’Arsonval – BP 187 – 38019 Grenoble cedex , 4th floor)
     Contact the International Relations Office of INP
     Grenoble (46, avenue Felix Viallet - Building B –         To obtain the double signature of your certificate, thanks to the
     third floor), where you will be delivered a               documents justifying your place of residence.
     “University – CROUS certificate” :
                                                          3.   You can now go to the Prefecture (Foreign students counter)
     You will need the following documents to obtain           12, Place de Verdun – 38 000 Grenoble
     your “University – CROUS certificate”:                    Opening hours : 9H00 / 11H45 – 13H30 / 15H30

•    Proof of financial support (bank statement –              You must go in person and bring the following documents :
     official award letter of scholarship – loan          •    University – CROUS certificate
     agreement),                                          •    Passport or I.D. card (with a copy of the pages showing your
•    Proof of health insurance for students from               photo, visa, and validity and expiration date)
     Europe and Quebec. One of the following forms        •    3 photos
     will be requested : E 106, E 109, E111, E121, or     •    Birth certificate (for non European, it has to be translated into
     E 128, SE401 Q106,                                        French by an accredited translator)
•    For non European students : if you are under 28      •    Student carte or enrolment certificate delivered by the
     years old, you have to subscribe to the French            registrar’s office of your host institution, showing your
     social security system when registering at the            registration in INPG
     registrar’s office (174 € in 2002/2003) if you are   •    for non Europeans citizens, an application to take a medical
     staying more than 6 months. If you are staying            examination (you can obtain this form at the Prefecture). Since
     for less than 6 months you can either subscribe           July 2000, this medical examination is free.
     to the local scheme (same price as above) or         •    A stamped envelope
     have a private insurance (in this case a proof of
     coverage translated into French is compulsory)            Before going to the Prefecture, do not forget to ask for your
     (We usually advise those students to take                 enrolment certificate at the registrar’s office.
     the French Health Insurance, because it is
     not as expensive as the privates ones, and it             As soon as you have requested you residence permit, you will
     provides good quality of services),                       be given a receipt (récépissé). About 10 days later, you will get
•    Letter of acceptance from one of INPG’s                   a provisory residence permit. It usually takes two to four months
     engineering schools or labs.                              before you are delivered the final paper.
B. Housing insurance                                             2.   For Students on a double degree

     You are now renting a place and you have to                 •    Original and certified copy of your secondary school
     subscribe, within two days, to a housing insurance               diploma
     covering for the tenant’s risks (fire risk, water           •    Original and certified copy of the degree allowing you to
     damage...)                                                       register
     This insurance is compulsive, it is calculated for a        •    2 birth certificates in French language
     year ( whatever the length of your stay) according to       •    5 photos with your name on the back
     the size of your flat. You can purchase this insurance      •    Original and copy of your scholarship award letter
     at students’ complementary health insurance                 •    Proof of health insurance for European students
     schemes, it costs around 18.30 € to 30.50 € for a           •    Poof of civil liability
     room in a hall of residence.                                •    Letter of acceptance from the school
                                                                 •    Student card and a document certifying that you have
C. Student Registration                                               paid your fees in your host institution

     A registration file is to be collected at the registrar’s   D. Health Insurance
     office of your host school.                                 1. « Sécurité Sociale » is the French welfare system.
     Necessary documents to be handed back with this
     file in order to obtain your INPG student card :                 Since July 2000, foreign students registering to French
                                                                      universities for more than 6 months have to subscribe to
1.   For Exchange students                                            the French “sécurité sociale” (174 € in 2002/2003).
                                                                      Those staying for less than 6 months can choose
•    Letter of acceptance from the school                             between this scheme and private insurance (a proof of
•    Student card and a document certifying that you                  coverage in French has to be produced).
     have paid your fees in your home institution
•    2 photos with your name on the back                              We usually advise those students to take the French
•    Proof of health insurance for European students                  Health Insurance, because it is not as expensive as
•    Poof of civil liability                                          the privates ones, and it provides good quality of
•    Certified copy of your secondary school diploma                  services.
•    Original and copy of your scholarship award letter
2.   What to do if you are ill.                                   3.   For students from Europe and Quebec.
                                                                       Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM)
     Do not go to the hospital directly, except in case of
     emergency. You should go to an independent doctor                 The form supplied by the doctor has to be sent to
     calls “médecin généraliste”.                                      CPAM, with a letter stating your address in Grenoble,
                                                                       the particulars of your bank account (RIB), and a copy
     Usually, you always have to pay for your medical visits,          of your form : E 106, E 109, E111, E121, or E 128,
     and you are given a specific form by the doctor called            SE401 Q106.
     “feuille de maladie” and your prescription in 2
     exemplars (one for you and one for the pharmacist).               CPAM
                                                                       2 rue des Alliés,
     Then, you have to send the “feuille de maladie” filled            38100 Grenoble
     and signed to the local social security branch, to have           Tél. : 04 76 68 50 50
     a refund. To fill in the “feuille de maladie”, except
     writing your details, you should also stick on it specific   4.   For other students
     stickers called “vignette”, which are stuck on your
     medicines package. Usually, the pharmacist do it                  The form supplied by the doctor has to be sent to the
     himself when you buy your medicines, but not always.              organism you have chosen as claim office when
                                                                       subscribing to the social security scheme (SMERRA
     The refund is never total, and varies if you have                 or Mutuelle des Etudiants)
     subscribed to a complementary insurance calls
     “mutuelle” (about 12 € in 2002/2003).                             Mutuelle des Etudiants
                                                                       28 cours Jean Jaurès
     Of course if you buy medicine in a pharmacy without a             38 000 Grenoble
     prescription, you will not be able to claim for a refund.         04 76 87 38 88

                                                                       15 rue Saint Joseph
                                                                       38 000 Grenoble
                                                                       04 76 87 88 33
E.   Bank account                                                      CAF de Grenoble
                                                                       3, rue des Alliés
     If you qualify for housing benefits, or if you have been          38 100 Grenoble
     awarded a grant, you will need to open a bank account.            04 76 20 61 01
     Usually a minimum deposit is necessary to open the      
     account (the amount depends on the bank).

     With French cards, you will have to enter your PIN                The form to apply for housing benefits can also be
     number at every transaction.                                      collected at :
     If you have an international credit card, there are           •   CAC 38 on campus (last stop of the tramway),
     numerous cash dispensers in the city.                         •   CROUS BLEU

     Documents you will need to produce to open a bank                 Documents you have to produce:
     account :                                                     •   Birth certificate (or a copy of your ID for European
•    ID or passport,                                                   students),
•    Carte de séjour (residence permit),                           •   RIB (Relevé d’Identé Bancaire),
•    Proof of address (electricity bill, copy of rental lease…),   •   Certificate of enrolment,
•    Proof of financial support.                                   •   Proof of scholarship,
                                                                   •   Copy of your rental lease and receipt of you first month
     Do not forget to ask for the particulars of your bank             rent,
     account (RIB, Relevé d’Identité Bancaire), you will           •   Copy of your residence permit.
     certainly need it.
                                                                   G. Useful addresses for students choosing private
E.   Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF)                            housing

     Whatever the date of your arrival in France, as long as           GEG (Gaz et Electricité de Grenoble)
     you are not registered as a “ resident ”, you are                 8, Place Robert Schuman
     considered as a “ tourist ” and you cannot qualify for            BP 183
     housing benefit, which is reserved for residents.                 38 042 Grenoble cedex 9
                                                                       04 76 84 20 00
     European students do not have to show their residence
     permit to obtain housing benefit from CAF, but that
     does not exempt them from getting this official
    Documents and Information you have to produce:   H.   Transportation
•   Precise address (floor, door code…),                  TAG (Transports de l’Agglomération Grenobloise)
•   Copy of the rental lease,                   
•   Name of the former lodger,
•   Surface area of the place of residence                To obtain a monthly pass “Carte AVANTAG” (for
                                                          tramway and bus), you will have to produce 2 photos
•   RIB (Relevé d’Identité Bancaire).                     and your student card.
                                                          Rates (June 2003) : 22 € / month
    Régie des Eaux de Grenoble
    6 rue Colonel Dumont                                  You can buy these passes at the Tourist Office, or at the
    38 000 Grenoble                                       tram stops at the railway Station, Grand’Place, and Louis
    04 76 86 20 70                                        Maisonnat.

                                                          You can buy tickets at most newsagents and tobacco
    Documents and Information you have to produce:        shops (by 10, 20 and 40), or at the machines at every
•   Precise address (floor, door code…),                  tram stops.
•   Copy of the rental lease,                             Rates (June 2003) :
•   Name of the former lodger,                       •    10 tickets : 9 €
•   Copy of ID,                                      •    20 tickets : 17 €
•   A cheque.                                        •    40 tickets : 30 €

    France Télécom                                        SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français)
•   6 bd Jean Pain - 38000 GRENOBLE             
    0 800 10 14 38 (Free)                                 Tel : 08 92 35 35 35 (0,34 Euro / minutes)
•   1 r St Jacques - 38000 GRENOBLE
    0 800 10 14 38 (Free)                                 For a season ticket (Campus Pass Rhône Alpes), you
                                                          must fill a form (available at the train station), and
•   Centre Commercial Grand Place - 38100 GRENOBLE        produce 2 photos, and a document justifying your place
    0 800 10 14 38 (Free)                                 of residence.
                                                          You can also find some information through the event
    You will need to produce:                             “Espace Logement” from August 18th till September
•   ID,                                                   26th, 2003 (from Monday to Friday 9H00 / 18H00)
•   number of the former lodger,                          The place is to be determined, but you can be informed
•   precise address                                       on
                                                          In “accueil des étudiants”, “espace logement”.
                      INP Grenoble Addresses                                            ENSPG (École Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Grenoble)
                                                                                        961 rue de la Houille Blanche
Administrative Center (Viallet Site)                                                    Domaine Universitaire – BP 46
INP Grenoble (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble)                              38402 Saint Martin d’Hères Cedex      
46 avenue Felix Viallet
38031 Grenoble Cedex 1                                     ESISAR (École Supérieure d’Ingénieurs en Système industriels Avancés
Including the International Office: Bâtiment B, 3rd floor                               Rhône-Alpes)
                                                                                        50 rue Barthélémy de Laffemas - BP 54
EFPG (École Française de Papeterie et des Industries Graphiques)                        26902 Valence Cedex 9                  
461 rue de la Papeterie
Domaine Universitaire – BP 65
38402 Saint Martin d’Hères Cedex                                            USEFUL ADDRESSES
ENSEEG (École Nationale Supérieure d’Électrochimie et d’Électrométallurgie de
1130 rue de la Piscine                                                                  CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie)
Domaine Universitair - BP 75                                                            2 rue des Alliers
38402 Saint Martin d’Hères Cedex                    38100 GRENOBLE

ENSERG (École Nationale Supérieure d’Électronique de de Radioélectricité de             CROUS BLEU
Grenoble)                                                                               5 rue d’Arsonval - BP 187
23 rue des Martyrs – BP 257                                                             38019 GRENOBLE CEDEX
38016 Grenoble Cedex 1                
                                                                                        Mutuelle des Etudiants
ENSGI (École Nationale Supérieure de Génie Industriel)                                  28 cours Jean Jaurès
46 avenie Felix Viallet                                                                 38000 GRENOBLE
38031 Grenoble Cedex 1                                
ENSHMG (École Nationale Supérieur d’Hydraulique et de Mécanique de Grenoble)            16 rue Saint Joseph
                                                                                        38000 GRENOBLE
1025 rue de la Piscine
Domaine Universitaire – BP 95                                                           CAF (Caisse d’Allocation Familiale)
38402 Saint Martin d’Hères Cedex                       3 rue des Alliers
                                                                                        38100 GRENOBLE
ENSIEG (École Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs Électriciens de Grenoble)
961 rue de la Houille Blanche                                                           GEG (Gaz et Électricité de Grenoble)
Domaine Universitaire – BP 46                                                           8 place Robert Schuman BP 183
38402 Saint Martin d’Hères Cedex                    38042 GRENOBLE CEDEX 9

ENSIMAG (École Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique et de Mathématiques                  Régie des Eaux de Grenoble
Appliquées de Grenoble)                                                                 6 rue Colonel Dumont
681 rue de la Passerelle                                                                38000 GRENOBLE
Domaine Universitaire – BP 72
38402 Saint Martin d’Hères Cedex          
A.       CULTURE                              Palais des Sports               Cyber-Café
                                              14 boulevard Clémenceau
                                              38100 GRENOBLE                  Cybernet Café
Museums                                       Tel : 04 76 44 54 91            3 rue Bayard
Centre National d’Art Contemporain de                                         38000 GRENOBLE
                                              La Rampe
Grenoble                                      15 avenue 8 mai 1945            Tel : 04 76 51 73 18
Site Bouchayet-Viallet                        38130 ECHIROLLES
155 cours Berriat                             Tel : 04 76 40 05 05            Le New Age Cyber Café
38000 GRENOBLE                                                                1 rue Barnave
Tel : 04 76 21 95 84                          Summum                          Tel : 04 76 51 94 43
                                              Avenue d’Innsbruck              38000 GRENOBLE
Musée archéologique                           38100 GRENOBLE
Eglise St-Laurent                             Tel : 04 76 39 63 00            B.    SPORT
2 rue St-Laurent
38000 GRENOBLE                                Théâtre de Grenoble
                                                                              Sport at university
Tel : 04 76 44 78 68                          4 rue Hector Berlioz
                                                                              SUAPS INPG
                                              38000 GRENOBLE
                                                                              Bâtiment IEG - Rue de la Houille Blanche
Musée de Grenoble                             Tel : 04 76 54 03 08
                                                                              Domaine Universitaire
5 place Lavalette
38000 GRENOBLE                                Théâtre de poche                Grenoble Université Club : GUC
Tel : 04 76 63 44 44                          182 cours Berriat               Piscine Universitaire - Rue de la Passerelle
                                              38000 GRENOBLE                  38406 ST-MARTIN-D’HERES
Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation   Tel : 04 76 84 01 84
de l’Isère (MRDI)
14 rue Hèbert                                 Cinemas                         Autres infos utiles :
Tel : 04 76 42 38 53                          Les 6 REX                       Patinoire d’Agglomération
                                              13 rue St-Jacques               Avenue d’Innsbruck
Theaters & Entertainment Places               38000 GRENOBLE                  38100 GRENOBLE
                                              Tel : 08 36 68 00 31
Le Cargo / Maison de la culture               Multiplexe NEF-CHAVANT          Bowling
15 rue des Colibris                           21 boulevard Maréchal Lyautey   19 avenue de Grugliasco
38100 GRENOBLE                                38000 GRENOBLE                  38130 ECHIROLLES
Tel : 04 38 49 95 95                          Tel : 08 36 68 00 31
                                                                              C.    General Information
Hexagone Scène de Meylan                      LA NEF
24 rue des Ayguinards                         1 rue Emile Augier
                                                                              Please go to the « Pole Grenoblois » website:
38240 MEYLAN                                  38000 GRENOBLE
Tel : 04 76 90 00 45                          Tel : 08 36 68 00 31

L’Entre-Pot                                   PATHE-ECHIROLLES
8 rue Auguste Genin                           9 avenue du 8 mai 1945
38000 GRENOBLE                                38130 ECHROLLES
Tel : 04 76 48 21 48                          Tel : 08 92 68 22 88

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