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Announcement of


									                   Announcement of
           The XXIX International Colloquium on
           Group-Theoretical Methods in Physics
                        August 20-26, 2012
                  Chern Institute of Mathematics
                           Tianjin, China

International Advisory Committee
M. Atiyah (Edinburgh, UK)
H.-D. Doebner (Clausthal, Germany)
L. Faddeev (RAS, Russia)
C. Gu (Fudan, China)
V. Kac (MIT, USA)
Yu.I. Manin (MPI, Germany)
C. Vafa (Harvard, USA)
C.N. Yang (Tsinghua, China)

Standing Committee of the ICGTMP
S.T. Ali (Concordia, Canada)
L. Boya (Salamanca, Spain)
C. Burdik (Czech Technical, Czech)
E. Celeghini (Firenze, INFN, Italy)
V. Dobrev (Bulgarian Acad. Sciences, Bulgaria)
H.-D. Doebner (Clausthal, Germany, Honorary Member)
J.P. Gazeau (Paris Diderot, France, Chairman)
M.-L. Ge (Nankai, China)
G. Goldin (Rutgers, USA)
F. Iachello (Yale, USA)
P. Isacker (GANIL, France)
J. Van der Jeugt (Ghent, Belgium)
R. Kerner (P&M Curie, France)
P. Kielanowski (Cinvestav, Mexico)
A. Kostelecky (Indiana, USA)
M. del Olmo (Valladolid, Spain)
G.Pogosyan (Guadalajara, Mexico & Yerevan, Armenia)
C. Schweigert (Hamburg, Germany)
A.I. Solomon (Open, UK, Honorary Member)
F. Toppan (CBPF, Brazil)
R. Twarock (York, UK)
L. Vinet (Montréal, Canada)
A. Vourdas (Bradford, UK)
K. Wendland (Freiburg, Germany)
K.B. Wolf (UNAM, Mexico)

Parallel Sessions
1) Nonlinear Sciences (chairs: Q. Ouyang and W. Wang)
2) Quantum Algebras (chair: N. Jing)
3) Superintegrable Hamiltonians (chairs: W. Miller Jr., P. Winternitz and
K.B. Wolf )
4) Applications in Biology (chairs: R. Kerner and R. Twarock)
5) Quantum Information and Representation Theory (chairs: G.
Chiribella, M. Christandl, A. Harrow and L. Vinet)
6) Finite Quantum Systems and Combinatorial Physics (chairs: A.
Solomon and A. Vourdas)
7) Symmetries in String Theory and Supergravity (chair: E. Cheung)
8) Loop Quantum Gravity (chair: J. Lewandowski )
9)Tensor and Group Field Theories for Quantum Gravity (chair: V.
10) Conformal Field Theories (chairs: Y. Kawahigashi, L. Kong and C.
11) Supersymmetry and Quantum Groups (chairs: V. Dobrev and A.
12) Applications in Particle and Nuclear Physics (chairs: P. Isacker and
Y.-M. Zhao)
13) General Quantum Mechanics and its Mathematical Methods
Involving Group Theory (chairs: S.T. Ali and G. Goldin)
Anyone who intends to give a talk at a parallel session should contact the
chair(s) of this session, who will decide the scientific program of this
Brief Introduction to the ICGTMP
The series of International Colloquia on Group-Theoretical Methods in Physics was
initiated in 1972 following the efforts of Henri Bacry in Marseille and Aloysio Janner
in Nijmegen. The aim was to provide a forum for physicists interested in
group-theoretical methods which were mostly represented at that time by two large
communities, namely elementary-particle theorists and phenomenologists on the one
hand and by solid-state specialists on the other hand.               There were also
mathematicians who were eager to apply newly-developed group-theoretical
techniques and algebraic structures. Since then the colloquia have been held in
various places and have earned a strong scientific reputation around the world. The
following list of the venues confirms the claim of geographical diversity:-
1972 Marseille, France
1973 Nijmegen, The Netherlands
1974 Marseille, France
1975 Nijmegen, The Netherlands
1976 Montréal, Québec, Canada
1977 Tübingen, RFA
1978 Austin, USA
1979 Kiriat Anavim, Israel
1980 Cocoyoc, Mexico
1981 Canterbury, Kent, UK
1982 Bebek, İstanbul, Turkey
1983 Trieste, Italy
1984 College Park, Maryland, USA
1985 Seoul, South Korea
1986 Philadelphia, USA
1987 Varna, Bulgaria
1988 Sainte Adèle, Québec, Canada
1990 Moscow, Soviet Union
1992 Salamanca, Spain
1994 Toyonaka, Ōsaka, Japan
1996 Goslar, Germany
1998 Hobart, Tasmania
2000 Dubna, Russia
2002 Paris, France
2004 Cocoyoc, Mexico
2006 New York, USA
2008 Yerevan, Armenia
2010 Newcastle-upon-Tyne
2012 Tianjin, China
2014 Ghent, Belgium
2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Currently the ICGTMP attract theoretical and experimental physicists,
mathematicians and scientists in related disciplines who are interested in the latest
methods and applications of group theory in its widest sense.

The Standing Committee
The Standing Committee is the organising body of the series of colloquia which
oversees and maintains the continuity of the series. It places equal importance on
the need for physicists to approach physical problems using novel mathematical
settings and the need for mathematicians to construct their new mathematical
frameworks with reference to physical intuition. The Standing Committee is
represented in the Selection Committee for the Wigner Medal and the Weyl Prize.
      Aloysio Janner was the first chairman of the committee, acting from 1972 to
1986 followed by Lawrence Biedenharn from 1987 to 1993 and then Heinz-Dietrich
Dœbner from 1994 to 2008.

Supported by
Chern Institute of Mathematics
Nankai University
National Natural Science Foundation of China
Ministry of Education, China
Ministry of Technology and Science, China
Local organizers
Chengming Bai (Scientific Secretary)
Mo-Lin Ge (Chair)
Yiming Long
Weiping Zhang


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Chengming Bai <>

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