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					Official Publication of the Tuscawilla Forest Deer Run Homeowners’ Associations 20, 21, & 23A

Holiday Time Again
It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were enjoying the candlelit streets of our neighborhood during the best holiday luminary we’ve had in years, thanks to some terrific weather. This year, the three Tuscawilla Forest HOAs would like to expand our holiday tradition to include additional activities throughout the community.  Starting the day after Thanksgiving, join us as we decorate the front entrance. We will be setting up new holiday lights and decorations to start the holiday season. Stop by and lend a hand on your way back from those daybreak holiday sales at the mall!  For all you Clark Griswalds out there, HOA 23A is hosting a holiday decoration contest for its residents. The winner will receive a $25 gift card to Chili’s to be awarded on December 16th. So, happy decorating!  Luminaries will be lit on Sunday, December 16th this year. In addition to the lights and Santa on the fire truck, we would like to encourage residents to set up “hospitality tables” in their driveways and sidewalks offering special goodies and refreshments of their choice to neighbors as they stroll by looking at the candles and holiday decorations. Consider teaming up with your neighbors to offer a wide variety of specialties. Goodies can be anything from soup to crackers to cookies to hot drinks. If you plan to participate (or for more information), please send an email to the HOA 23A board of directors at Let’s make this a holiday to remember!

Happy Anniversary, Tuscawilla Forest
As 2008 will be the 25th anniversary of our Tuscawilla Forest community, HOA 23A wants to mark the occasion with a pizza party at their January annual meeting. The HOA will provide pizza and drinks at the start of the meeting. After everyone has had a chance to get something to eat and drink, we will conduct the annual meeting. So, plan to attend and help us celebrate this special anniversary! Watch the neighborhood web site for updates on the plans (

Save the Date
Holiday Entrance Decoration November 23, 2007

October 20, 2007 8:00am – 3:00pm
Win a gift card to Chili’s by entering the “Price is Right” contest. Details at

Luminaries and Holiday Celebration December 16, 2007 HOA 23A Annual Homeowners’ Meeting January 2008 HOA 21 Annual Homeowners’ Meeting January 2008

Independence Day Picnic
On Saturday, June 30th, Tuscawilla Forest held the first annual 4th of July picnic on the peninsula. The three Tuscawilla Forest HOAs provided hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and sweets and many residents brought dishes to share. Residents played volleyball, listened to patriotic music, and caught up with neighbors. After a few hours of food and games, there was even an improptu fireworks display provided by a few lakeside residents. Everyone had a great time and we hope to make it even bigger next year!

Yard of the Season
Congratulations to 355 Buckskin Way for being selected as the summer 2007 Yard of the Season! There were many contenders and it was a tough decision. The fall winner will be named in early November and the winter award will happen in February so grab your rakes and pruning shears and get going! Winners receive a $25 gift card to Chili’s!

neighborhood. Overall, great progress was made in the neighborhood and the ACC will continue to work with residents to make our neighborhood the best it can be. Below are a few things to keep in mind:  Changes to the appearance of a home must be approved by the ACC. The HOA can force changes (such as the re-painting of a home) if changes are not approved ahead of time. The easiest and quickest way to submit an ACC request is to go to the web site (, click on the “HOA 23 Specific” link on the left, and then select the “Online ACC Form” link. This provides a form which will be automatically routed to the ACC and EPM Services for prompt service. The form can be downloaded from the website and mailed in as well but the process will take much longer (there is also a copy of the form at the end of this newsletter). The speed limit on our residential streets is 25 mph. Children and pets are unpredictable and often play near the street. Going faster than the speed limit endangers everyone. Please be courteous and try to avoid parking (or allowing your guests to park) in front of your neighbors’ houses or directly across from someone else’s driveway. Parties and special occasions can be an exception but remember, courtesy is the operative word! Pay attention to lawn cuttings especially if they are being blown into the street.


Home Improvement Initiative, Part II
The discounted coach light project was such a success that the Board would like to suggest the next home improvement initiative: discount garage doors! The board has contacted a representative selling Genie garage doors (yes, they make doors, too!) who is willing to give us a discount on their Series 200 steel garage doors and installation. The amount of the discount depends on the number of residents that want to participate so, if you are interested, go to the website or contact Richard Martel of EPM Services at (407) 3275824.



Gentle Reminders from the Board
The architectural change committee (ACC) continued executing the thankless job of enforcing the covenants in order to maintain our 

These cuttings can blow into neighbors’ properties and accumulate at the end of the street. Please remind your lawn care providers as well.  If you see what may be a violation of the community CCRs or other problem, the website also has a form for requesting the board to look into specific situations. The link is: a_23_acc/acc_request_action.htm The HOA 23A board of directors (BoD) meets the second Monday of each month and the HOA 21 BoD meets the second Thursday of selected months. Both meetings start at 7:00pm in the library of the Winter Springs Community Church. All residents are welcome to attend any meeting if they wish to voice their concerns in person or just watch the board in action.

We hope the upcoming meeting will be wellattended as it is our 25th anniversary (and we’re serving pizza). The board is considering other incentives for coming years; suggestions are welcome.

Tuscawilla Forest E-Mailing List
Periodically, the BoD has a need to communicate with residents quickly. The easiest and most cost-effective way to accomplish this is through the Tuscawilla Forest electronic mailing list. If you haven’t already, just register an email address of your choice at This list will be protected and you will only receive communityrelated mail. So, join the e-neighborhood today!

Important Contacts
Seminole County
Animal Services County Commissioner Michael McLean EMS/Fire/Rescue Parks & Recreation Manager Sheriff's Office Solid Waste Management (407) 665-5201 (407) 665-7205 (407) 665-5113 (407) 788-0405 (407) 665-6600 (407) 665-2260 (407) 320-8350 (407) 320-8550 (407) 320-9050 (407) 299-5000 (407) 708-4722 (407) 823-2000

We Want You!

Public Schools
Red Bug Elementary Tuskawilla Middle Lake Howell High Valencia Community College Seminole Community College University of Central Florida

The HOA 23A BoD is looking for a few good residents to serve on the board. Contact the current board members at to volunteer!

HOA Related
EPM Services HOA 23 BOD HOA 21 BOD HOA 20 BOD Website (407) 327-5824

A Note Regarding our Annual Meetings
HOA 23A was unable to achieve a quorum at the scheduled annual meeting last January; this has been the case for the past two years. Most residents do not realize the impact of not attending the annual meeting or not sending their proxy. When a quorum is not obtained, elections cannot take place. The board extends their appreciation to the residents who have shown up and provided a token of appreciation in January. Twenty-five dollar gift cards to Chili’s were given to four residents who stayed for the entire annual meeting.

This application form is to be completed by the homeowner and submitted to the Architectural Control Committee for review and action before any work commences. All applications must conform to any applicable county zoning or building regulations. Send the completed application to:

EPM Services, P. O. Box 197043, Winter Springs, FL 32719
This section to be completed by Homeowner(s) PROPERTY OWNER NAME ________________________________________ PROPERTY ADDRESS ________________________ LOT # ___ MAILING ADDRESS __________________________________ HOME PHONE ( ) -_______________ WORK PHONE ___________________________ DESCRIPTION OF CHANGE (i.e., fence, pool, paving, paint, etc.

SPECIFICATIONS (must contain particulars, such as colors with samples attached, and materials list. If roof is involved, show outline
of roofline as related to existing structure. If fencing is involved, include color, style and height. Follow requirements in covenants and restrictions). You may attach additional sheets.


Note: Approval is valid for only 6 months from approval date. APPLICATION MUST BE SIGNED BY HOMEOWNER: DATE: SIGNATURE

THIS SECTION TO BE COMPLETED BY ACC COMMITTEE: APPROVED__________ DENIED___________ DATE__________ SIGNATURES AND COMMENTS OF COMMITTEE: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

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