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WRAP Technical Support System for Air Quality Planning_ Tracking


									                               VIEWS / TSS Overview

Decision Support System (TSS)                             Architectural Goals:
    Guidance, Analyses, and Results
                                                          ·   Build Upon Existing Efforts
                                                          ·   Incorporate Lessons Learned
                                                          ·   Add Value to Current Resources
                                                          ·   Incorporate New Features
Data Support System (VIEWS)                               ·   Expand Our Future Vision
   Data, Resources, and Infrastructure

     Policies, Procedures, Guidance, Expertise        Software Infrastructure

                                                   Data          Metadata     Spatial
     Database Web/FTP          File      GIS
        Hardware and Network Infrastructure           Database Infrastructure

                           VIEWS / TSS Architectural Components
                                VIEWS / TSS Vision

End-to-end Air Quality Data and Decision Support
        Data                           Applications           Decisions

                 TSS Website

                TSS Databases

  •   Acquisition                  •   Visualization          •   Assessment
  •   Import                       •   Analysis               •   Interpretation
  •   Unification                  •   Exploration            •   Planning
  •   Management                   •   Search                 •   Controls
  •   Manipulation                 •   Source Apportionment   •   Regulation
  •   Retrieval                    •   Modeling               •   Tracking
Integrated System Solution Chart
                    VIEWS / TSS Future Vision

            Goals and Development Plans
• Provide comprehensive comparison and analysis of monitored,
  modeled, and emissions data with an integrated suite of tools
• Enhance and expand decision support applications
• Enable providers to upload manage their own data & metadata
• Promote an open, extensible, service-oriented architecture
• Provide services, components, and tools to air quality developers
• Incorporate satellite and meteorological data
• Investigate climate change and epidemiological applications and
• Facilitate collaboration and development between organizations
                                        VIEWS / TSS Data Import


                                                                                     Metadata Import System


                                                                                     Data Import System
                                                             AIRDATA_SOURCE                                            AIRDATA_OLTP


    Data Acquisition System                   Metadata Import System                 Data Import System
·   Emailed updates from data providers ·     Facilitates the entry of new       ·   Extracts data from the source database
·   Automatic HTTP extraction of source       metadata                           ·   Scrubs data and performs conversions
    data files                            ·   Validates new metadata entries     ·   Maps source metadata to integrated metadata
·   Database replication                  ·   Detects overlap with existing      ·   Transforms the data into an integrated schema
·   Imports data “as-is” into the source      metadata                           ·   Verifies and validates imported data
    database                              ·   Technologies: VB .Net, ASP .Net,   ·   Loads data into the back-end OLTP system
·   Technologies: ASCII text files, Excel     and SQL Server stored procedures   ·   Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server DTS,
    spreadsheets, Access databases, etc.                                             stored procedures, SQL scripts, and Visual
                                                                                     Basic routines
                                     VIEWS / TSS Database Architecture

OLTP:                                       Data Warehouse Generation System:          Data Warehouse:

• Functions as the “back-end” database      •   Extracts data from the OLTP            •   Functions as the “front-end” database
• Fully relational and in 3rd normal form   •   De-normalizes and transforms data      •   Uses a de-normalized “star schema”
• Used for data import, validation, and     •   Loads data into the Data Warehouse     •   Used for querying and archiving data
  management                                •   Builds table indexes                   •   Automatically generated from the OLTP
• Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server        •   Archives “snapshots” of the database   •   Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server
                                            •   Technologies: VB, stored procedures
                                                        VIEWS / TSS Page Architecture
                                                                               TSS GIS Server

                                 ASP .NET page requests a map from the
                                                                                                                     The mapping service assembles the requested layers into a map image
                         3       mapping service on the GIS server, via                                      4       using the specified centroid and zoom, then returns the image to the page.
                                 HTTP GET, SOAP, or similar protocol.

                   TSS web server executes (submits)               Mapping Service Call          Map Image
            2      the appropriate ASP .NET page.

       User visits a page on the TSS web site and
                                                                              ASP .NET Page
  1    specifies map arguments using controls on
       the web page (layers, centroid, zoom, etc.)
                                                                                  Create Map                     5    The page displays the image.

                                               Chart Request
                                                                                  Create Chart
             Request                             Chart Image

                    TSS Web Server                                             Display Raw Data

                                                                      Database Query        Formatted Data

TSS Architectural Overview:
Displaying a Map
This example gives a very high-level description of the
procedural steps involved in requesting, creating, and
displaying a map using the proposed TSS mapping
component and/or web service.                                              TSS Database Server                                           Modified: 11/10/2007
                                                                                                                                                 Created: 10/4/2005

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