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What Our Members Say - Qype


									                                      99 Barkby Road
                                         LE4 9LG
                                      0116 274 7018

Thank you very much for taking an interest in our gym. We realise you have many choices
available when it comes to weight loss or fitness and we‟d like to take the time to thank you
for allowing us to present some information regarding our business to you.

Having been involved in the fitness industry for several years, we become increasingly
frustrated at the poor standards in our industry. Quite simply we became sick and tired of
clubs where membership numbers were more important than member results, and good
training programs and qualified instruction were almost impossible to find. We set out to
create the solution. And we did.

Joe Hanney Weight Loss Coaching has been serving as the East Midland‟s only high energy,
state-of-the-art Weight Loss Company since April 2006. Due to our immense international
success, our Company had no choice but to re-brand to „Results Weight Loss‟ this definitely
took our company to the next level. Results Weight Loss Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching is
your alternative to large, impersonal health clubs. We focus on relationships with our
members, customer service that exceeds your expectations, and education designed to help
you get the most out of your workouts. We are not your typical “social club” warehouse type
gym, nor are we the “hard core” gym depicted in most magazines and television shows. We
are a gym that caters to people who have never been to a gym before, as well as people are
who are gym members that all want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

All our memberships include a personal results coach. We have various memberships
available for people needing nutritional guidance, or weight loss and fitness coaching.

We believe we have the best weight loss services in the area with the most attentive and
knowledgeable staff, the most cutting edge training methods and a clean and comfortable
department. You won‟t find a more qualified or more highly trained weight loss coaching
team anywhere. We also believe we offer so much more than any of the other fitness
businesses in the area.

But we feel that talk is cheap, though, and every owner will tell you that he or she is proud of
the gyms they own and that member results are very important to them.

What truly sets us apart from the rest of the Health clubs and personal trainers in the area is
that we are the only weight loss company / gym in the area you can experience for 30 days
before you make a commitment. You can come in and meet with one of our coaches and see
if our gym is for you without any obligation. More importantly - we are the only gym whose
sole focus is not on membership numbers - but on our member‟s results. So come in and you
can meet with one of our qualified coach‟s (we don‟t have salespeople), and decide for
yourself. If we‟re not up to your standards, if we‟re not the best, then don‟t become a member.
It‟s that simple.

We understand that making a decision to work out is difficult. Will I really stick with it this
time? Will the staff appreciate my business after the sale? These are fair questions that can
only be answered by coming in to meet us and having a FREE no-obligation evaluation. It‟s
hard to hide bad service, poor staff or a lack of knowledge face to face.

We‟re proud of what we do here and feel that if we‟re given a chance you‟ll want to do
business with us. We‟ve been servicing members in this community for a number of years
and are proud to be a locally owned and operated business.

You can contact us by phone on 0116 274 7018 or email or
stop by and visit us in person to set up your free consultation and evaluation if you haven‟t
done so already.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and we look forward to personally meeting you.
Please view the rest of the website ( ) and the rest of this
welcome guide carefully to find out if we really are the company you‟ve been looking for to
help with all your weight issues and needs.

Kind Regards

Joe Hanney
Managing Director/Owner

International Personal Trainer of the Year 2008
Ambassador of the Special Olympics 2009
Nominated for HSBC Business Start Up Awards 2010
What Our Members Say...

I have been working with Results Weight Loss for almost 3 months now and I have seen
amazing results in this time. Week in week out I feel healthier and stronger. There team is
very passionate about fitness and are very easy going and are all very friendly around the
club. They make my workouts very challenging, creative and most of all they motivate me to
push through and past my perceived limits to get results. Personal Training with Results
Weight Loss has helped me develop incredible energy and improve my general physical
fitness and most importantly I am achieving my goal of losing weight!

The partnership with Results Weight Loss has given me new awareness about quality of life;
with their support I now understand the basics of excellent nutrition, cardiovascular fitness
and resistance training. I know I could never enjoy such great health without the support of
them to me who are competent and skilled personal trainers. They have provided me a
sense of security in being able to both face and enjoy the future.

Above all personal Training with Results Weight Loss is encouraging, stimulating, motivating
and continuous. If you are serious about changing your life for the better Results Weight
Loss will lead you to every step of the way to achieve your goals!!

Emma Stones
What Makes Us Unique
What you get at Results Weight Loss is results and you get this with an “experience.” What
makes us unique starts with our incredible team and our Core Values.

1. Bring your best
2. Be professional
3. Have integrity, be honest and transparent
4. Have only good days and great days
5. Be “we”, not “me”
6. Constantly learn, always improve
7. Have fun and a sense of humour
8. Strive for profitability
9. Exceed expectations - WOW
10. Keep leading

Everything we do, every decision we make, every conversation and interaction we have,
every need we aim to meet, every program we write begins with our core values in mind. We
truly are a team here at Results Weight Loss. We work together to make sure we are the
best part of our members‟ day every day. This is why we have award winning coaches not
just regionally but internationally also.

We are unique in that you will find no „fixed‟ machines in our gym and that even means no
cardio machines. This is by choice.

We are unique in that unlike most gyms we have a dedicated Program Writing Department
that is responsible for writing specific individual programs for each member based on our in
depth Integrated Kinetic Chain Assessment, Hormonal and Lifestyle profiling, personal
nutrition and dietary assessment, motivational and goal assessment.

Simply put, we love what we do here at Results Weight Loss. We are passionate about
people and changing lives by changing the way fitness is traditionally done.
Meet Our Team
Joe Hanney      Owner

Joe Hanney, International Personal Trainer of the Year winner 2008, specialises in one thing
only and that is FAT LOSS RESULTS!

In the fitness industry Joe is best known for his ability to design fat loss programs. It is what
he writes about and gives expert advice on most. In other words, Joe‟s creation of Joe
Hanney the weight loss company is the result of lots of research, experience, observations
and „putting it together‟ in a useable real world format.

After years of frustration, and the realisation that most fitness professionals lack the ability to
not only get results – but to deliver any type of predetermined outcome, because of basic
and uninformed programming skills – Joe decided to create a company specifically for
weight loss results.

Our weight loss coaches are amongst the best in the industry certified by top organisations;
they will help motivate you to reach your weight loss goals. We work as a team here at
Results Weight Loss to help all of our members get the results they are looking for. It is not
only the personal knowledge of your individual coach you will be receiving but also that of
Joe Hanney himself through his vigorous mentoring program that all of his coaches
continually work through.

The program you are given to train with will be written by one of our program design
specialists and will change every 2-4 weeks. Your program will not change regardless of
which coach is working with you at any one time.

What fellow professionals Say...

My name is Stephen Jack and I am a consultant, facilitator, speaker, and club owner in the
fitness industry in the UK. I have known Joe in a professional capacity for over three years
now. In that time Joe has impressed me with his desire to learn, constantly seek new ways
of improving what he does, and applying this knowledge to his client base. Joe has
embraced innovative ways of communicating and interacting with his customers, both in a
one to one face to face setting, groups and through the internet.

Joe is a true fitness leader in his region constantly being in the media, both in print, and on
radio. His desire to spread weight loss information and programs to those in need is second
to none. I have witnessed Joe develop and grow over the last few years to become the
dominant force in fitness for his region, I fully endorse Joe‟s work.

Stephen Jack, Project Manager – Bodywize Studio, London
Sam Hanney      Head Results Coach

Following is his brother footsteps, Sam‟s ultimate goal is to reach every individual who wants
to change the way they think, eat and exercise so they can lose weight, whilst achieving
ultimate health, success and happiness in their lives.
Would you like to try our club with no risk
           and no obligation?

If you are interested in joining our gym, we’d like to give you
    the option to try our club with our 30 days for £49 trial

At the end of the 30 days, if we haven’t earned your business
      then we didn’t deserve to have you as a member.

  The 30 day trial membership is an excellent opportunity for
    you to experience everything that we do here at Results
 Weight Loss. This includes a thorough motivation and goals
    assessment, personal nutrition requirements, a complete
   lifestyle and hormone profiling assessment as well as an
  integrated kinetic chain assessment whereby we can create
 that bespoke individualised program for you and your goals.
   Included also is a complimentary gym membership, two
 personal training sessions a week with a coach as well as an
                unlimited group class sessions.
If this is something that you would be interested in then please
 let us know a convenient time for you to come and meet with
    one of our highly successful coaches to discuss your own
                    individual requirements.
         Call today to make your first appointment –
                        0116 274 7018
What our members are saying….

                   Before                              After
“I have lost 3 dress sizes!!! From a 16 to a 10....”

“When I was young I was always slim, and enjoyed being able to fit into all my size eight
dresses, and I never even though about sliming!

It was only after having my first child that the weight started to pile on, and at first I was using
the usual excuse of „I have had a baby…I will lose it soon, I don‟t have time at the moment‟.
As you can imagine, the excuses carried on for many years, and I started dressing down,
wearing tracksuit bottoms and large t shirts to cover my lumps and bumps. My self esteem
was probably at its lowest and I hated clothes shopping!!

My second son came along, and again I started to use the same excuses and was eating
unhealthy foods because it made me feel better (Well that‟s what I thought at the time!).

It was only when I saw a photograph a few years ago of myself taken at my friends hen do
that made me realise that for my health and well being I need to lose weight and get fit and
healthy. I did not recognise myself in the picture. At first I sulked, got upset, tried fad diets
that didn‟t work and didn‟t have a photograph taken.

It was then that I spoke to a cousin who told me about Joe Hanney, and praised how good
he was. I also saw the results as she had lost a lot of weight and looked very good.

I immediately logged onto Joe‟s website and took interest in the women‟s fit camps he was
running across Leicester, I thought I will go for the 30 day trial and see what happens!

I met Joe and Sam on the first day of my fit camp session, and found them to be really
friendly. I joined in (Bearing in mind I had not exercised for over 10 years!!). I found it hard
but really enjoyed the session…until I got home and I could not walk for the next 3 days…
and that is no joke! However I persevered with the support of my husband and now I am still
a member of Results Weight loss gym and have never looked back.

My confidence has grown, I love clothes shopping (Bit of an addict now!) and I have lost 3
dress sizes from a 16 to a 10, and I am still working on my long term goals. I found that
Results weight loss has the whole package- it‟s not just about losing weight quickly, but it‟s
about a healthy life style change. Joe and Sam are a fantastic team, always supportive and
passionate about each and every one of their clients. They have helped me to change my
life around, by looking good and feeling fit and healthy. Thanks Results Weight Loss xx”

Sejal Modha
Why can Results Weight Loss offer a money-back guarantee?

Very simple - our system WORKS!

We are so confident in the results our members get, that we offer a money back guarantee.
If you do not achieve our mutually agreed goal within 28 days, we will give you your money
back and terminate your membership. As part of our money back guarantee you will be held
to our “honest effort” policy.

                             Alone, we cannot and will not
                      guarantee your fitness success!

Our definition of “honest effort” implies that there are no missed training sessions on your
part; you maintain the required food diary and any other materials requested by your coach;
and you follow our nutrition recommendations. Along with this you will also be expected to let
your coach know if you are having any physical difficulty meeting your goals so that he/she
can adjust your program accordingly. Please contact us immediately regarding any
concerns about the program.

Experience proves that success is best achieved when your exercise program is consistent,
a priority and progressive. A successful coaching process means listening to your coach
more than you listen to yourself, understanding that the behaviour or task that your coach is
telling you to do may be something you are unfamiliar with and you may not want to do it.
Trusting means doing it without needing an explanation as to why.

We are the ONLY gym in the World to offer guaranteed results when it comes to weight loss.

If you follow the program laid out for you, you WILL meet your desired goals, or we'll give
you your money back!

Doesn't get any easier than that, right? Resistance Training. Cardiovascular Training.
Reasonable Nutrition Plan. The program works, and it really is just that simple. All you have
to do is follow it!

Our Training Team

The Results Weight Loss system makes us completely different from any other club you may
have visited. We have developed the components that take the guesswork and trial-and-
error out of reaching your goals and puts the science back in. We provide a complete
training system and a highly qualified coach who will personally walk you through every step
of the way on the path toward achieving your personal goals. We operate from a very simple
premise that „if you‟re not assessing you are guessing‟ and we don‟t believe that our
members should pay the kind of fees they pay us based on a guess.

We all require a specific program. Everyone has specific goals and a specific body. For
customised results you need a customised program. Results Weight Loss Training offers a
scientific alternative. We get faster results. We get better results. Using the application of
science we develop a customised approach to fitness, health, physique enhancement and
well being.

Our coaches are amongst the best in the industry certified by top organisations and will help
motivate you to reach your weight loss goals. We work as a team here at Results Weight
Loss to help all of our members get the results they are looking for.

Fitness Coaching Sessions

Results Weight Loss offers fitness coaching in semi-private sessions. This gives our
members all the benefits of one-on-one training and supervision, but in a fun group setting
with two or three like-minded people. It‟s a great way to meet people and a fantastic way to
get in shape. You will receive an individualised program every 4 weeks. We believe that
personal training is more than just adjusting seats and counting repetitions. Our belief is that
the public should not only be motivated and assisted with exercise, but should be educated
on proper technique that compliments the body‟s natural motion rather than “gym science”.

Our Nutrition Program.

Based on years of research into different diets and the most effective nutrition programs
science has to offer we have developed what is quite probably the most unique and
comprehensive nutrition program in the world today.

Nutritional Supplements

We carry a full line of nutrition supplements to complement your workout, maximise your
results and make up for any possible dietary deficiencies. Our knowledgeable and certified
team will answer any questions you have on proper food supplementation
What our members are saying….

Nearing 30 and having gained over a stone since my wedding I decided that I seriously
needed to start taking care of myself.

 Like most people I have joined numerous gyms, gone religiously for the first month, tried all
the classes and then got bored.

My problem is that I am very impatient! If I don‟t see results quickly I lose interest and give

 Hearing about the Skinny Jeans Challenge that Results Weight Loss do through a friend I
thought I would give it a go. To be completely honest I loved the idea of the challenge. Most
women have a pair of jeans in the back of their wardrobe, which they are hanging onto,
secretly hoping that one-day they will be able to squeeze into them again. Also I absolutely
hate cardio so when Joe mentioned that there would be no treadmills involved I was
completely sold!

 Although loving the idea I was still very sceptical – I remember meeting Joe and thinking I‟ll
sign up but there is no way I will ever fit into those jeans again – no cardio – eating more
often - and the jeans were 2 sizes smaller than my current size!

 The start of the challenge was intense – adjusting to the nutrition was hard enough but not
having exercised for the last 6 months didn‟t help either. It was a real shock to the system
but by the end of the second week I was starting to adjust.

 By week 3 at the half way stage I remember thinking I really don‟t care about the jeans
anymore by now I was addicted to the classes and how good I felt. I was still not convinced
that I would ever fit into the jeans but I found inspiration in the other members around me.
This was a huge part of the whole program for me. I never thought I would give up but I have
always found it extremely hard to motivate myself when it comes to exercise. Being able to
go to the classes regardless of what kind of day you were having or how you felt
and knowing that there were others there who really cared about your personal goals,
supporting you throughout really made a difference.
 6 weeks on and I couldn‟t have been more wrong! I got into my jeans and feel amazing!
These jeans wouldn‟t even go over my bum let alone fasten! Now I feel more confident than
ever and have been given so many compliments.

 I‟ve always been a strong believer in the saying “there is no I in team” – I couldn‟t have done
it without Results Weight Loss and I‟m so glad I signed up.

 This has truly been the most worthwhile and rewarding challenge I have ever achieved in
terms of my health.

Elizabeth Mitchell

"Results Weight Loss has given me the real spur to continue and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Incorporating the 3 sessions every week was difficult at first what with work and general life
goings on but I soon found out that that was no excuse. The 45 minute sessions were easy
to fit into my routine and I never gave it a second thought. Meeting new people is great and
knowing you are all there for the same reason provides great encouragement and
support. The main incentive for me was seeing that it actually works, seeing the results of
losing weight and inches of my stomach, thighs and general all over was enough for me to
continue and carry on with the routine.

I would highly recommend any woman who has been through the diet yo-yoing and the "this
is never going to work" attitude to give Results Weight Loss a try it has worked for me and
the friends I have made through going. The Results coaches are very enthusiastic and want
to see you get the results you desire, their motivation and commitment gives you a real drive
to continue and gain the results your aiming for by supporting you through exercise and
advice on healthy eating."

Kishan Kotecha
Getting Started

Your first thirty days in the club are the most important for you as well as for us. Not only is it
important for you to get comfortable in your club, but also this is when you will learn the most
about weight loss/fitness and working out with us. During the first thirty days you will learn
how to work out properly and start on the road to achieving your weight loss goals.
Therefore, we have many programs and materials to get you on your way to better self
esteem, better bodies, and more confidence. As always if you have any question about your
weight loss or anything at all during your membership, please ask a staff member. We are
here to help.

As a potential or new member, you'll be scheduled for a very helpful appointment with one of our
coaches. During your appointment, you and your coach will review your health history, goals
and your past and current exercise experiences as well as complete a lifestyle and hormonal
profiling, and personal nutrition and dietary assessment. The coach will then assess your body
in its current state – using a full postural evaluation.

Your coach will assess you through a range-of-motion analysis and an Integrated Kinetic
Chain Assessment – which assesses your ability to perform several basic movement
patterns, squatting, correct muscle firing patterns etc. We also assess abdominal strength
during this session. This session is very important as they screen for potential problem areas
in your body, areas of weakness or inhibition and provide us with a blueprint to reach your
goals, so please wear comfortable workout attire. While you won‟t be exercising per se – you
will be moving quite a lot.

Our program design specialist will then customise a resistance-training program for you
based on your goals, exercise preferences and workout schedule. A plan of action will then
be developed that will help you achieve your weight loss and/or fitness goals.

It is a no stone unturned one of a kind assessment we use to build your fully exercise,
nutrition, and lifestyle and hormonal support program. We operate from a very simple
premise that „if you are not assessing you are guessing „and well we don‟t believe our
members should have a program geared to results based on a guess!
What Our Members Say...

All I knew in September 2007 was that I didn‟t want to be fat and 50! It seemed like I had lost
an escalating battle to maintain weight let alone lose it. With the early stages of the
menopause kicking in I was gaining a dress size every month. I knew something had to
change and whatever I attempted to do with my diet didn‟t make any difference. So I decided
to give Joe Hanney a go. I‟d read encouraging things about the results his clients were
achieving; what could he do to help me?

Joe introduced me to a different way of exercising than I had experienced before. He
encouraged me to write down my fitness goals and insisted I kept a weekly food diary. So I
committed myself to three sessions a week. After my body settled down from the initial
shock of exercising again I grew to love those sessions and couldn‟t wait for the next one
because I knew Joe would set me another challenge.

Within a short space of time I noticed changes in myself, not only was I losing weight but my
figure was changing too. I had loads more energy and those unexplainable outbursts of
emotion had gone.

In June 2008 I achieved my goals. I never imagined in September 2007 that I would wear
size 10 clothes again; I never imagined in September 2007 that I would be able to do press-
ups but Joe Hanney did. On 22nd June 2008 I celebrated my birthday, not as a fat 50 year
old but in a bikini, and it felt great.

Harriett Gilbert
Fitness Facts

Strength Training
Strength (also known as resistance or weight) training helps you get stronger, increases your
metabolic function and reduces your risk of injury. Strength training increases muscle tissue
and gives shape and structure to your muscles. Because fat is burned in muscle tissue, the
more muscle you have, the greater your fat-burning potential. Weight training burns 4-10
calories per minute, depending on your size and fitness level.

You are likely to experience the positive effects of resistance training very quickly. Research
shows that muscle performance increases by 45-65 percent after two months of strength
training. Resistance training should be performed 2-3 times per week, or as recommended
by your coach.

Cardiovascular Exercise
Proper metabolic training or “cardio” training increases your cardiovascular fitness,
circulation, endurance, burns calories and body fat, reduces stress and improves overall
health and well-being. Cardiovascular exercise utilises body fat and carbohydrates for
energy, allowing the body to deliver a significant amount of energy for long periods of time.
The body burns fat most efficiently if the muscles work with short very intense (anaerobic)
burst of energy followed by short periods of rest then repeated.

High intensity interval training, HITT, has proven, both in the science lab and in the gym to
be far superior for fat loss than traditional steady state aerobic exercise. Essentially, intense
anaerobic exercise in short bursts followed by short periods of rest for 20-30 minutes forces
the body in to what is called the after burn effect. In the after burn your body will continue to
burn calories at an accelerated rate, with a slower taper, for up to 48 hrs. The effect does not
occur with a traditional steady state aerobic exercise.

Body Composition
One pound of fat burns approximately eight calories daily and stores 3,500 calories of
energy. The two keys to changing body composition are performing activities that cause
your body to use its stored fat and strengthening muscles to become better fat burners. This
can be accomplished through a healthy diet, resistance training and cardiovascular
workouts. One pound of muscle tissue burns approximately 35-75 calories daily and stores
450 calories of energy.

While rapid weight loss may be temporarily satisfying, your percentage of body fat may not
decrease significantly. By fuelling your body with proper nutrients, your body will transport
fat into the muscle to be metabolised and result in a decrease of fat tissue.
Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

It is important that altered body composition and fitness goals are attained through fat loss
and lean muscle tissue gain, not weight loss. Calories are burned in muscle tissue. One
pound of muscle burns approximately 35-75 calories daily and stores 450 calories of energy.
Conversely, body fat is a storehouse for calories. One pound of fat burns approximately 8
calories daily and stores 3500 calories of energy.

A minimum of 25% of weight lost quickly (more than 2.5 pounds per week average) will be
lost from lean muscle tissue. If 25% or more of the weight you lose is from lean muscle
tissue, you will easily regain the lost weight, and will likely gain additional weight.

Rapid weight loss and under-eating cause muscle tissue to be used for energy, which
decreases metabolism. Providing your body with the food and nutrients it needs, will
sufficiently fuel working muscles, initiate fat loss and develop a healthier metabolism.

Supplementation and your weight loss goals

When attempting to lose fat while gaining muscle tissue it becomes virtually impossible to
receive the necessary nutrients from food alone.

The formula for losing fat, while increasing lean muscle tissue, is a combination of a
nutritionally dense caloric intake and proper exercise prescription. In order to continue
building muscle, it is necessary that your diet includes a specific amount of nutrient-dense
calories, which must continually increase as your lean muscle grows.

The three primary purposes of supplementation are to provide nutritional insurance for
optimal health, to provide nutrients without the addition of calories and to provide readily
available nutrients at the proper times and in the proper quantities, in response to exercise.

The key to achieving your ultimate body is to direct the body to use its stored fat to supply
the extra calories needed to build or sustain muscle, therefore, simultaneously reducing your
fat stores. This is building and sustaining muscle at the expense of your body fat. This can
be accomplished through proper food intake, resistance training and cardiovascular

A coach will provide you with more information on the benefits of supplementation and
recommend the supplement protocols that may help you reach your weight loss/fitness
What might I expect to do during a workout?

A typical workout at Results Weight Loss… we are the complete reverse to the traditional
workouts used in the commercial gyms and instructed by personal trainers. We have no
cardio equipment, not even one treadmill but yet we are still the leading gym when it comes
to weight loss or fitness results!!

Every workout will start with some soft tissue work called Self Myofascial Release which is a
form of self massage done with a foam roller or other appropriate tool. SMR is used before a
workout to help release knots in the muscles and soft tissue of the body. It is used after a
workout to loosen muscle and increase blood flow to assist in recovery and soreness.

Next will be some flexibility work to help lengthen shortened (tight) muscle and soft tissue.

This will be followed by what is called a dynamic warm up. Dynamic warm ups can include
calisthenics, mobility, flexibility, and sometimes light plyometrics if one is able.

Corrective work will be next. These exercises are used to target areas where an individual
may need specific assistance because of problems arising from tightness, weakness,
immobility or pain. These problem areas are corrected so that the individual can achieve full,
pain free range of motion and impeccable form to avoid injury.

Core work will be addressed next in your program. These exercises, though working many
different muscle groups will emphasise the muscles in the abdominals and low back to
strengthen the core in all plains of motion.

Next will be the resistance or strength portion of the program. Exercises are prioritised in the
resistance portion of your program based on information gathered from your body Integrated
Kinetic Chain Assessment. You will work muscle groups in both the upper and lower body at
each workout. We work the whole body every workout.

Next, will be your metabolic or „cardio‟ work. Depending on which phase of your program you
are on an appropriate interval workout will be prescribed. Many tools can be used here
ranging from bodyweight movements to ropes, kettlebells, etc.

The whole workout will last about an hour. This can be individualised if time is a limiting
factor. We design program around the amount of time you have available.

After your workout you can head to our shake café for a delicious recovery shake. Our
shakes are gluten free, lactose free, and have no added sugars, preservatives, or artificial
What Our Members Say...
What can I say about my time spent with Joe- he‟s not only shaped my body- he‟s shaped
my lifestyle. I‟m addicted.

Barrie Stephen

"I don‟t know how I would have coped without Results Weight Loss leading up to the
marathon. They helped me to lose weight and improve my overall fitness. I just want to
thank Results Weight Loss for their support and confidence in me."

Cllr. Ross Grant
Leicester City Councillor
Lost 38lbs in 8 weeks

"Since training with Joe I have lost 5 stone in weight gone down 8 dress sizes. 4 bra sizes.
½ a shoe size. I have gained in confidence and self esteem. I have had a career move and I
am now an Assistant Manager. I manage a team of 30 staff and this will soon be increased
to 55 staff. (This is something I never thought possible.) I have compliments nearly every
day from various people. (I still have issues with this but I am getting better at dealing with
them. I have never had compliments before and it does take time to get used to them.) I feel
I have been given my life back and how many people can say they have been given a
second chance. I have to keep going and reach my goals. Looking back to how I was is very
scary to think that I could be there again unless I grab this opportunity and learn from
everything I have been taught. I knew that I would not have made this progress without the
encouragement, support and guidance Joe has given me. He has been there for me every
step of the way. Joe gives quality time to people, sometimes you just need to talk things over
and he listens. I knew that he is my mentor and if I can help people to change their life for
the better like he has changed mine, that makes me happy."

Sarah Pole
"Since signing up with you last January, not only have you helped me achieve my goals you
have kept me motivated all throughout the journey. At times it has not been easy, and at
times you knew when I was giving up. Your support throughout the last year has helped to
shape a better me mentally and physically. I am more confident as a person, and I actually
love it when people compliment me on my look! Although we both know it has taken a lot of
hard work, sweat and god knows what else to get here, but one thing is for sure you are no
longer just a Weight Loss Expert you are a friend! Thank you a million times over!"

Shifali Saini

O.M.G!!! Not only do they fit… „I look good in them!‟ I have worked more effectively in the
past 6 weeks than I have in the past 25 years, and that speaks volumes as I used to work in
this industry! I feel that I want to say it was easy… and in some ways it was because I could
see the results happening, but in other ways it has been tough. Not the eating, I managed to
get myself in to the correct mind set from day 1, but the gym sessions… they were hard but
in a weird way, I really enjoyed them. I am 40 years old and feel better about my body now,
than 10 or 15 years ago, I am so so so much fitter – I can do so much more and I can even
do press ups now, which, when I started 6 weeks ago I thought would be impossible!

I am so impressed with what Results Weight Loss have got me doing and the results gained
in just 6 weeks that I have joined for the year… if my body and mind can change this much
in 6 weeks…. I can‟t wait to see what can happen in 12 months… watch this space….

Sue Keates-Robinson
What Our Members Say...

Fitness is not about size for Joe. It's not just about how much you weigh. Joe takes time to
understand his clientele, their issues with their weight and then sets about to transform their
lives with his knowledge of nutrition and exercise.

 His approach is subtle, not obtrusive and yet incredibly effective. He eases into your life and
without you realising he starts on his quest to transform your life. Not only is he your fitness
instructor, he is a life coach. He doesn't just put you on the path of fat loss - he takes you on
a life changing journey which transforms lives.

 Joe has done more for me than 20 years of gym membership has ever done. I hated going
to the gym and like all over weight people I managed to always have an excuse not to go.
When I did go to the gym, I never knew what to do and the results were so slow that I got
bored easily. As for diets - I always counted down the days to when my diet would end. Joe's
diet doesn't end as there is no diet. He educates you on healthy eating and exercise with a
plan that forms part of your life forever.

 He attacks your weight issues; he educates you on nutrition and manages to introduce
exercise into your life - exercise that is never boring because the results are miraculous.
Weight loss aside, he manages to resolve issues with confidence, low self-esteem, poor
health, and lethargy. His approach and simple weight loss diet tackles all these issues at the
same time - so as you start to look better, you feel better and grow in confidence. I speak
from my own experience and also from having seen the change in his other clients.

I went to Joe looking for a weight loss solution with all the usual scepticism. Joe gave me a
solution and more. He doesn't just resolve your weight loss problems - he transforms your
life. He is more than a weight loss expert - he is my life coach and has set me up to continue
to live a fulfilled life. I am a new person. Not only have I lost weight - my entire body shape
has changed; I look good; and I feel great. My confidence has soared and I have so much
energy and a renewed enthusiasm for life. I thank Joe for making me complete. I would not
be the person I am today without him. He is a complete inspiration.... no one deserves the
accolade of International Personal trainer of the year 2008 more.

Suman Tanna
Our Members at one of our Appreciation Events that we
One Of Our Members Gave Us This Poem As A Gift.
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is,
you will know what to do for that person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.

They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to
aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.

They may seem like a godsend and they are.

They are there for the reason you need them to be.

Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do
something to bring the relationship to an end.

Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take
a stand.

What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done.

The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or

They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.

They teach you something you have never done.

They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.

Believe it, it is real.

But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons, things you must build upon to have a solid
emotional foundation.

Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person and put what you have learned to use in all
other relationships and areas or your life.

It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Thank you for being a part of my life, whether you are a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Hi Joe and Your Team of Coaches,

I saw this and thought of you. It's one way of saying thank you for all your help,
support and guidance. Hope you like it.

Since training with Results Weight Loss I have lost 5 stone in weight gone down 8 dress
sizes. 4 bra sizes. ½ a shoe size. I have gained in confidence and self esteem. I have had a
career move and I am now an Assistant Manager. I manage a team of 30 staff and this will
soon be increased to 55 staff. (This is something I never thought possible.) I have
compliments nearly every day from various people. (I still have issues with this but I am
getting better at dealing with them. I have never had compliments before and it does take
time to get used to them.) I feel I have been given my life back and how many people can
say they have been given a second chance. I have to keep going and reach my goals.
Looking back to how I was is very scary to think that I could be there again unless I grab this
opportunity and learn from everything I have been taught. I knew that I would not have made
this progress without the encouragement, support and guidance Results Weight Loss has
given me. Results Weight Loss has been there for me every step of the way. They give
quality time to people, sometimes you just need to talk things over and they listen. I knew
that they are my Mentors and if I can help people to change their life for the better like they
have changed mine that makes me happy."

Sarah Pole

"I have spent the last fifteen years fighting a losing battle with an ever increasing weight
problem. There isn't a magazine, book or pamphlet left on the planet that I haven't read in an
attempt to control my weight or curb my crazy eating habits. I have joined club after club,
watched my weight drop and then watched it go straight back up again - by the beginning of
this year when I arrived in Leicester I was absolutely desperate to somehow gain control
over my life and my weight. Then salvation arrived in the shape of one Mr Joe Hanney - his
details were passed to me by one of the staff at Greens Gym. We met for a chat and hey
presto three months later and two stone lighter I am here to tell you that there is a light at the
end of the tunnel.... that you can lose weight and keep it off, that you can regain your waist
and lose those double chins, and that you can start to enjoy food without it controlling your
entire life. Don‟t waste another day of your life feeling desperate about your shape or weight;
just pick up the phone or email Joe and I promise you that you will never regret taking that
first step. Go on do it now!"


Health complications meant increased apprehension when considering weight loss and
improving my fitness. However, these rapidly diminished once I braved the services of
JHPT. Motivation and fear were no longer an issue. In just a short time, the benefits have
been increasingly obvious. Much of the progress I have made would not have been possible
without the excellent advice, expert instruction or the tremendous support that I have
received. Suffice to say, it really has been a life-changing investment – the best I have ever

Helen Neal
                  Membership Programs
Thank you for considering our club!

Please keep in mind that we want to be more than just a place where you have a
membership. We feel strongly about fitness and weight loss and what it can do in
your life and we want to help you get the most out of your time with us.

Our club

      We are the ONLY Award Winning Fitness and Weight Loss Company in the
      We guarantee that anyone who joins the club in the future will never pay less
       than you do today.
      We promise to never raise your prices as long as you‟re a member of this
       club. Simply stay current with your membership, or renew within 30 days of
       expiration, and we will honour your current rate for as many years as you wish
       to be a member here.
      Our mission here is simple: we want to be best part of your day every day.

Our 30 Days for £49 Trial Membership

Everyone who is considering joining this club is given the option to try our club with
our 30 Days for £49 Trial Membership. We feel we have the best club in town but
talk is cheap. We want you to come meet our staff, meet the other members
and give us a chance to earn your business.

Our Trial Membership includes:

      4 fitness coaching sessions
      An individual program
      Unlimited group coaching sessions
      Gym membership
                                            At the end of the trial membership, if we
                                            are not the club for you, simply walk away
                                            and you will be under no further obligation.

                                            Many people who come through our doors
                                            have already made up their mind to join
                                            the club through referral or by our
                                            reputation in the community, but for those
                                            who haven‟t yet decided, trying before you
                                            commit is the best way to get started.
Annual Membership Options
Group Coaching Membership£107 x 12 months
      Unlimited access to high energy group fitness coaching sessions (max. Of 8 per

      A scientific designed group fitness program (changes once per month) designed to
       boost your metabolism, decrease injuries, increase your strength and function better
       in your daily activities.

This membership is recommended if you do not have any special circumstances such as
injuries or limitations which require you have a specific program design for you.

All Access Membership         £227 x 12 months

Includes all the benefits of our Group Coaching Membership PLUS:
     One fitness coaching session per week (4 per month) working on your specific needs
       and goals in a semi private session (1-3 members)
     Individualised program design written specifically for you (changed every 4-6 weeks)
     Personalised nutrition program to support your specific needs and goals
     A weekly strategic goal/progress meetings with quantifiable indicators
     Unlimited use of the gym along with a copy of your individualised program
     Gym membership

All Access Gold Membership £367 x 12 months

Includes all the benefits of our All Access Membership PLUS:
      A second fitness coaching session per week (for a total of 8 sessions per month)

Short-Term Membership Options

3 Month Group Coaching Membership          £207 x 3 months
All the benefits of our Group Coaching Group Membership with only a 3-month commitment.

3 Month-To-Fit All Access Membership       £349 x 3 months

All the benefits of our All Access Membership with only a 3-month commitment.

3 Month-To-Fit All Access Gold Membership£469 x 3 months

All the benefits of our All Access Gold Membership with only a 3-month commitment.

Need more sessions?

Add more sessions on any of the above memberships. You can purchase additional fitness
coaching sessions

      4 sessions for £170.
    We are so confident in the results our clients get that we offer a 30 Day money back
guarantee. If you do not reach our mutually agreed goals, we will give you your money back
 and cancel your membership. As part of our money back guarantee you will be held to our
                                    “honest effort” policy

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