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					  Real Estate Executive                                                             Newsletter
                                                                                      April 18, 2011
  The Professional Resource for Northern California Agents and Brokers

          April 20 California Edition Update Adds 3 Classes
                                                                                  In This Issue
                                  On Wednesday, April 20, MLSListings             TOP STORIES
                                  will be adding three more residential
                                                                                  4/20 California Edition
                                  classes for East Bay listings to our
                                                                                  Update Adds 3 Classes
                                  California Edition application: lots and
                                  land, mobile homes, and residential             Matrix Mobile
                                  income properties (multifamily) with            Enhancements Now
                                  units 2-4, such as duplexes, triplexes,
                                                                                  Password Expiration
                                  Through a partnership across seven              Notices Coming 4/20
                                  northern California MLSs, California
Search listings in 7 MLSs from
one application with CA Edition   Edition offers an aggregated listing            The Latest Issue of Broker
                                                                                  Beat is Here!
          database, allowing agent to search and share listings with
          clients within a given territory regardless of the MLS in               MLSLISTINGS NEWS
          which the property is listed.
                                                                                  REALTOR Ratings Pilot
          For agents who conduct the majority of their business in                Program Progresses
          border-MLS areas, such as the Milpitas/Fremont area,
          California Edition is a significant time-saver. It also offers a        RPR Update: Progress,
          consistent and professional presentation with a single                  New Features and
          listing report format.                                                  Upcoming Plans

          California Edition is available as an included subscriber
                                                                                  Save the Date: Market
          benefit, accessed via the homepage at                                   Makers – a Broker Forum
 We are continuing to enhance this                  MyNewPro Site Featured
          application as one of the many benefits of subscription to
                                                                                  in Industry Best Practices
          MLSListings. Stay tuned for additional updates to come.
                                                                                  New Rules Changes
          Matrix Mobile Enhancements Now Available
                                                                                  IN EVERY ISSUE
                       Last month, we unveiled Matrix Mobile,
                       MLSListings‘ first mobile-enabled website for real         Key Dates
                       estate agents, integrated with professional MLS
                       data. It includes private remarks, showing                 Compliance Report
                       instructions, commissions and more, and it‘s
                       free to MLSListings subscribers. To access                 Customer Service
                       Matrix Mobile, direct your mobile browser to
                                                                                  Training Update
             , or if you have a
                       free mobile scanner app such as i-nigma, you               Market Data
                                                                                   March 8, 2010
350 Oakmead Parkway, 2 Floor           Sunnyvale, CA 94085       (408) 874-0200
                     can simply scan the QR code at (see above) with your
                     mobile device. Save the URL in your phone‘s browser for
                     quick access in future.

                     While Matrix Mobile is a read-only, limited version of the
                     desktop version of Matrix, it allows agents to search and
                     view listings, and agents and offices, according to a
                     variety of criteria, as well as to access saved listings
                     while on the road – from most web-enabled mobile
                     devices. For further details, please see our installation
                     instructions on MyNewPro.

                     The latest enhancement makes listings previously saved
                     in your Residential cart in Matrix accessible via Matrix
                     Mobile, in addition to the cross-class cart already
                     available. As we work with Tarasoft to further develop
                     this tool, additional features will become available.

                                            Weekly Sales and Listing Statistics

                     For the week beginning April 8, 745 new Class 1 listings and 195 new Class 2
                     listings were posted in the five counties represented by MLSListings, Inc. In
                     addition, 386 Class 1 properties were sold and 132 Class 2 properties were sold.
                     Total weekly sales volume for classes 1 and 2 for all Home Counties was
                     $327,864,033 and the average sales price was $632,942 for classes 1 and 2
                     combined.                                                   *as of 4/15/2011, 11:15am

                 New Listings, 4/8/11-4/14/11                                         Homes Sold, 4/8/11-4/14/11

           San Benito                                                           San Benito

             Monterey                                                             Monterey


                                                          Class 2                                                           Class 2
           Santa Clara                                                          Santa Clara
                                                          Class 1                                                           Class 1
           Santa Cruz                                                           Santa Cruz

           San Mateo                                                            San Mateo

                         0    100   200   300   400     500                                   0    50   100   150   200   250
                             Number of New Listings                                               Number of Homes Sold

                     Real Estate Executive Newsletter         Page 2 of 13                              April 18, 2011
              Password Expiration Notices Coming April 20

This coming Wednesday, April 20, we will be implementing a long-requested
feature in the system: 15 days‘ advance notice that a user‘s
password will be expiring, allowing users to choose the most convenient time to
reset their password and minimizing workflow disruption. Additionally, we have
implemented a ‗caps lock‘ warning to assist users in correctly entering a

For system security reasons, MLSListings passwords have a six-month lifespan.
While the system requires an immediate password reset upon expiration,
subscribers have requested a reminder system be developed to reduce impact
on their day-to-day activities.

Beginning 15 days prior to the expiration of a password, users will be taken to a
screen notifying them of the upcoming event, where they can immediately
change a password, or delay the update to a more convenient time for them
(however, the expiration deadline remains the same).

To reset a password, users must validate their identity. This can be done one of
two ways: either by entering their pre-selected validation answers or by entering
a one-time password (OTP) text messaged to their mobile phone. (The OTP
feature is available only for those users who have included their mobile phone
number in their strong-authentication profile.) Users are encouraged to review
Real Estate Executive Newsletter   Page 3 of 13                  April 18, 2011
and update the status of their OTP settings and validation questions at MyInfo
before the password expires.

   The Latest Issue of Broker Beat eNewsletter is Now Available!

                                     We have recently distributed the newest
                                     issue of Broker Beat, our exclusive
                                     eNewsletter publication targeted to our
                                     broker community. The issue is available
                                     here, and on our public website at
                            under the ‗agent
                                     resources‘ tab.

                                     This month‘s issue includes important
                                     updates on MLSListings initiatives including
                                     new MLS rules changes and the Realtor
                                     Ratings pilot program, market outlooks on
                                     both local and national fronts, the latest
                                     data and tips on social media usage in the
                                     real estate industry and much more.

                                     We also provide stories specifically
                                     designed for repurposing to clients, helping
                                     brokers and agents further their role as a
                                     trusted partner to homebuyers and sellers.
Brokers – let us know how we can improve on this resource and increase our
value to you! If you have a story you‘d like published, please contact Deb

     MyNewPro Site Featured in COVE „MLS Showcase‟ April 11

Last week, MLSListings was invited to participate as a
presenter in the MLS Showcase, a national industry best
practices event sponsored by the MLS Cooperative
Venture (COVE) a group of 22 of the nation‘s largest
MLSs, including MLSListings, who work together as a
consortium to address industry issues and to keep
abreast of industry trends which affect MLSs and the
broker community we serve.

On April 11, Deb McManus, Senior Director of Marketing
Communications shared the planning, implementation and success of our
MyNewPro online information resource, launched last June to provide
subscribers with timely tools, updated information and training relating to the
progression to Matrix. To date, more than 30,500 visitors have been to the site,
translating to more than 350,000 page views. The program also included the

Real Estate Executive Newsletter   Page 4 of 13                  April 18, 2011
                                   development of YouTube videos for training
                                   and information sharing, which have
                                   collectively garnered more than 50,000 views
                                   since June 21 of last year.

                                  The success of MyNewPro led to the launch
                                  last fall of a sister site dedicated to our
                                  PERKS program of best-in-class business
                                  building services, as well as several additional
                                  sites coming in the next few months. We will
continue to expand on this program as we look to the December 2011 transition
to Matrix, and further broaden our on-demand services to our subscribers.

               REALTOR Ratings Pilot Program Progresses

The REALTOR Ratings Pilot Program is
well underway, and test-participant
brokers are actively employing this
program with their agents to determine
its effectiveness in consistently and
objectively collecting and marketing
customer feedback after the close of the

We greatly appreciate the involvement
of brokers from Alain Pinel Realtors,
Altera Real Estate, Bailey Properties, Intero Real Estate Services, Legacy Real
Estate, Realty World, Sereno Group and Vanguard Realty, Inc. in participating in
the development of this unique partnership program with the California
Association of REALTORS® (CAR).

MLSListings recently released a new training video to assist agents and brokers
in getting started with the REALTOR Ratings Pilot Program, and it provides an
overview to those subscribers who may be curious about what it is designed to

The video guides agents and brokers through the setup process to generate
surveys, and answer questions they may have about REALTOR Ratings in its
current iteration.

Content includes:
    Broker and Agent Opt-in/out options
    Agent use of MY INFO tab within PRO to confirm Opt-in/out status
    Agent use of MY PRODUCTS tab to confirm Opt-in status
    Agent use of MY MESSAGES and MY LISTINGS to start survey process
      once a listing has been moved to SOLD status

Real Estate Executive Newsletter    Page 5 of 13                  April 18, 2011
       Agent requirements when filling in the Buyer / Seller information
       Setting expectations of survey process and timelines once the agent
        submits the Buyer / Seller information.
       Accessing the QSC website for survey status‘ and reports

The video is available for on-demand viewing in the Training Videos section of
MyNewPro, here.

Additionally, CAR has engaged QSC to create weekly reports for the pilot brokers
containing those completed transactions that still require the input of client
contact information into the MLS to begin the survey process. This report will
allow participating brokers to follow up with their agents regarding client
information. Stay tuned as the pilot program progresses and more details are
made available.

       RPR Update: Progress, New Features, and Upcoming Plans

                              The REALTORS® Property Resource™ is a national
                              database of assessor, recorder, and mortgage data,
                              foreclosure information, demographics,
                              neighborhood data, and more, integrated with
                              participating MLSs to arm REALTORS with the best
                              data available in one central location.

                              Since the first product offering launch in
September, REALTORS have been discovering the many ways they can use RPR
to access real estate data, as well as collect and disseminate information to their
clients and customers.
As a pilot participant, MLSListings receives updates also shared with Realtors and
other participating MLSs. The latest reports and plans are summarized below;
additional detail is available on the blog at

RVM Progress
The Realtors Valuation Model (RVM) was initially launched in October, 2010.
Since that time, it has undergone continued refinement and development. With
it, RPR seeks to develop a set of analytics which deliver the highest accuracy of
any product available in the existing AVM markets, one that is owned and
operated by the members of the National Association of REALTORS®, and one
that incorporates their skills through their listing content, reflecting the expertise
of their work with clients and customers, on a fully-authorized basis.

RPR reports that the RVM is being well received by the financial institutions, and
are extremely optimistic about the role it will play in RPR‘s future, as well as the
future of the real estate industry. For more information visit the RPR blog

Real Estate Executive Newsletter     Page 6 of 13                    April 18, 2011
New Training Features
Beginning April 1, RPR began using GoToTraining for its training seminars, to
make the learning experience for RPR users more interactive and useful for real-
world applications. In addition, we‘re overhauling our training schedule, which
will make it easier for our members to find and register for the classes they want
and need.

New Comps and Refined Value Functionality
Users now find it easier to work with and customize a property‘s comparables
and estimated value. The functionality of the ―Comps and Estimated Value‖ tab
on the Property Details pages has been separated into two tabs, one dealing
exclusively with comps (―Comps‖) and the other to refine a property‘s AVM or
RVM (―Refined Value‖). Users can now better control the comps they want to use
for a property, and the comps flow through to the Seller‘s Report.

On the Horizon
RPR is testing its next development build, encompassing work on the RPR Web
site, back office systems and a new Broker Tool Set being developed. The next
build also includes some 80 enhancements based on user tickets reported to
RPR‘s customer support team. Once implemented, the RPR website will have an
updated look and feel, with simpler and more prominent navigation, and
specialized navigation for authorized broker administrators.

Broker Tools
Extensive new back office infrastructure has also been added to the upcoming
development to support the Broker Tool Sets. Building on the data management
framework developed in the fourth quarter of 2010, these tools provide for the
administration of new functions including:

      New, Broker and branch office profile pages and administration, to
       facilitate management of Broker organizational membership, Broker Tools
       feature setup, customization, and management, and Broker account and
       contact management

      Branch office and agent opt-out management from Broker tools

      Broker and MLS user report exporting, to facilitate communications with
       Broker staff about the status of their users

      Administration of Broker service modules, including mortgage rates and
       rate administration, title, insurance, home warranty, concierge, and other

      A new "customer portal" – which allows broker mortgage companies to
       administer their own rate information, and provides a framework for
       Broker self-service of all broker tools after the beta testing period for the
       Broker tool sets has been completed

Real Estate Executive Newsletter     Page 7 of 13                   April 18, 2011
Chart enhancements and new chart delivery service
RPR has also made extensive modifications to the existing charts throughout
RPR, that also display in the RPR PDF reports, in order to fine-tune them, make
them more readable and visually appealing, and better present them in the
context of the report features of the RPR Web site. Nearly every chart on the
site was touched, and these will continue to be refined in tandem with the
creation of additional PDF reports for users. RPR has also developed a chart
delivery service that allows the Broker to specify any geography of interest, and
obtain any one of more than 16 available graphics on trends in that area. These
charts are produced from the rolled-up summaries in RPR, updated weekly. In
concept, they are very similar to some of the trend analysis and graphs that
display on the RPR Web site, but they differ insofar as they are designed
especially to be easily inserted in a Broker or MLS Web site, CMA, or other print

PDF report updates
"Housekeeping" changes were also made throughout all of the existing RPR
reports, unifying the framework that underlies them, refactoring the design and
presentation elements, and fine-tuning pagination and the order in which the
modules display.

The report generation page of the Web site was also modified to make it clearer
to the user how to manage the inclusion or exclusion of different modules in the
reports as they are customized, administer the retention or resending of the
reports, and the generation of more than one report at a time directly from the
reports management page.

Changes to search and maps
Additional enhancements include the ability to search places – generally smaller
towns – that are not available in the geographic boundary data sets RPR licenses
from various parties, as well as searching on ZIP codes associated with Post
Office boxes – a highly-requested feature from users who wanted to search in
proximity to Post Offices.

We will continue to provide regular updates to subscribers as RPR progresses in
its development.

       Save the Date - Market Makers: A Broker Forum, May 26

On Thursday, May 26, leading real estate brokers will gather to discuss the state
of northern California‘s residential and commercial markets, emerging trends
and technologies, and regional and national industry initiatives.

Presentations include an overview of the new REALTORS® Property Resource™
professional tool from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), results
from recent national and regional surveys on broker perspectives, and a
discussion on a new pilot program to develop an industry-vetted, legitimate and
consistent customer review process that consumers can trust.
Real Estate Executive Newsletter   Page 8 of 13                  April 18, 2011
   Speakers include:
       Robert Bailey, Bailey Properties; 2011 Chairman, MLSListings, Inc.
       Dale Ross, CEO, REALTORS Property Resource
       Marilyn Wilson and Victor Lund, The WAV Group
       Sara Sutachan, the California Association of REALTORS
       Larry Romito, Quality Service Certification (QSC)

   Space is limited. Reserve your seat today by clicking this link.

    New Rules Adopted by MLSListings‟ Board of Directors, Effective

                                  The MLS Rules Committee regularly meets to review
                                  current and emerging rules-related issues, both
                                  those raised by MLSListings subscribers as well as
                                  the latest recommendations provided by the
                                  California Association of REALTORS® (CAR)—based
                                  on rules issues raised to visibility across the state,
                                  known as ‗CAR Model‘ rules changes. As needed, the
                                  recommendations of the Committee are presented
                                  to the Board of Directors for consideration and
                                  possible adoption into the official MLS Rules.

                                On March 16, the MLSListings Board of Directors
   approved rules changes, as presented by the MLS Rules Committee, pertaining
   to commission negotiations, showing rules, the sharing of MLS content, historical
   data, and key and lockbox use clarifications. These rules are effective
   immediately, and are outlined below. If you have any questions regarding these
   or any MLS rules please call MLSListings Compliance at 408-874-0208 option 5
   or email

   The below rules changes are CAR Model Rules Changes, adopted by the Board of

 Added the following text at the end of the existing rule 7.15.2, Lender
  Approval Listings:
      “This section does not allow an additional reduction from the commission
     offered for items such as a short sale negotiator fee or other administrative
     costs of the transaction. Any reductions from the commission offered for
     such items should be factored in as a reduced amount the listing broker
     initially offers to a cooperating broker and may not be made a condition of
     the offer.”

       Impact of change: Codifies the MLS‘s current practice

   Real Estate Executive Newsletter      Page 9 of 13                  April 18, 2011
       of requiring that listing brokers reduce their initial offer of compensation
       instead of attempting to force cooperative brokers to pay facilitators or
       negotiators hired by the seller.

 Added rule: 9.10, Presence of Participant or Subscriber.
     A Participant or Subscriber must be present on the property at all times
     when providing access to a listed property unless the Seller has consented

       Impact of new rule: Agents must accompany their clients when showing a
       property at all times unless the Seller provides permission.

 Added the following text to 11.1.1, “MLS Content” Defined:
     “All printouts of data and content from the MLS computer database, and all
     MLS publications.”

       Impact of change: Adds definitions to include printed media and
       publications as MLS content.

 Modified section 11.4, Authority to Put Listings in MLS Compilation as
      By submitting any property listing data form to the MLS or inputting listing
      information into the MLS compilation, broker participants and real estate
      subscribers represent and warrant that they have been authorized to grant
      license and also thereby do grant authority for the MLS to include the
      property listing data in its copyrighted MLS compilation. By submitting any
      property listing data form to the MLS, broker participants and real estate
      subscribers represent and warrant that they have been authorized to
      report information about the sales, price and terms of a listing, have
      authority to grant and also thereby do grant authority for the MLS to include
      the sold information in its copyrighted MLS compilation, except where
      excluded under section 8.1.1.

       Impact of change: Requires added assurance of broker authority right to
       include content in the MLS.

 Adopted the following rule: 11.8 Database Preservation.
     No data may be removed from the MLS compilation other than by the
     service. Although a listing may be removed from display in the MLS
     compilation of current listing information, all data submitted to the MLS will
     remain in the database for historical and other purposes approved by the

       Impact of new rule: Provides for historical data to be preserved. An
       individual may not require content to be removed.

   Real Estate Executive Newsletter    Page 10 of 13                   April 18, 2011
 Added the following sentence to 13.3, Key Use and Service:
     Keys may only be used for the purpose of facilitating the sale or lease of a
     listed property.

       Impact of change: Keys may not be used for any other purpose e.g. repair
       or other access.

 Modified the language of 13.7, Removal of Lockbox, as follows:
     Within three business days after close of escrow, cancellation or expiration of
     the property listing, the lockbox must be removed.

       Impact of change: Provides clarity on conditions for lockbox removal.

   Additionally, the Board approved the following MLSListings rules change, not
   based on any CAR Model rules change:

 Modified 9.1.1 as follows:
     “9.1.1 Showing Access. Upon entry, listings must be available to show
     within three business days. Listings that specify “make offer subject to
     inspection” must be tenant occupied or present a safety or security issue,
     which shall be noted in the confidential remarks. Listings which the seller
     does not want to show subsequently must be temporarily withdrawn.

       Impact of change: All properties must be available to show within 3 days.
       Defines use of ―make offer subject to‖ language. Properties that will not be
       shown must be withdrawn.

                                  Upcoming Key Dates

          April 20, 2011              MLSListings Board of Directors Meeting
          May 4-7, 2011               CAR Spring Business Meetings, Sacramento
          May 9-11, 2011              NAR Midyear Meetings and Expo, Wash. DC

   A complete list of regional/national industry events and available registration
   links can be found on the Events Calendar at

                           Weekly Departmental Updates


   The Compliance Department handled 236 calls and 399 cases. The department
   worked 339 newly reported violations and 60 pending cases from the previous
   week. The majority of these calls involved remarks violations, incorrect statuses
   Real Estate Executive Newsletter     Page 11 of 13                April 18, 2011
and no photo. Of the 339 newly reported violations 277 of them were resolved
and for pending cases 90% were resolved. In addition, 138 listings were
reported via report a listing, bringing the current year-to-date total to 1,737.

Education & Outreach

Our Education and Outreach Services team continues to expand the breadth and
scope of its outreach to subscribers, providing both training opportunities and
informational visits to keep you apprised of the information and tools you need
to close deals and sustain and grow your business.

For the week ending April 14, the Education Services Team conducted a total of
9 classes with 99 attendees including the following classes:

                Education Services                      4/8/11– 4/14/11
                                                   Classes       Attendance
                MATRIX Essentials                            2       25
                RPR Demo                                     1       24
                RPR Workshop                                 3       20
                Personal Trainer- Matrix Easy 1              1        5
                MATRIX /REALIST CMA                          1       18
                MATRIX Masters                               1        7
                Total                                        9       99

Training events include new agent orientations, seminars, webcast tutorials, and
hands-on lecture-lab courses. In addition to instructor-led seminars, we offer
regularly scheduled live webcasts, and have a variety of videos available on

We encourage you to promote our ongoing training services on your Association
calendars, and to visit our Events page at MyNewPro for the latest schedule.
Onsite training events at individual companies can be scheduled by contacting
Mark Messimer at

Upcoming Association training events this week:

       April 20 -    Realist @ 10:00am
                     Location: SILVAR

       April 20 -    RPR @ 10:30am
                     Location: SBCAOR

       April 20 -    Matrix Masters @ 1:00pm
                     Location: SBCAOR

       April 20-     RPR @ 1:00pm
                     Location: SILVAR

Real Estate Executive Newsletter       Page 12 of 13                          April 18, 2011
       April 22-     Matrix Easy 1 @ 10:30am
                     Location: SAMCAR

       April 22-     Realist @ 1:00pm
                     Location: SAMCAR

Call Center/Support

The Call Center handled 1,396 cases last week, resolving 97.9% or 1,367 cases.
50 of these cases were related to MLSListings Pro access, searching and reports;
52 cases related to Matrix; 300 concerned listing assistance; 31 concerned
HomeWorks and 54 concerned reciprocal access. The remaining cases were
requests for basic support, with 92 regarding security, 181 regarding account
settings, 63 regarding PERKS products and 8 cases related to mobile access.
The average call length was 4 minutes, 6 seconds.

Of the total number of Matrix cases, approximately 8 concerned Client Portal/
Auto Email; 16 concerned Reports/Displays; 10 concerned Search; and 4
concerned CMA. Of the total number of reciprocal access cases, 33 were
regarding the East Bay MLSs; 8 regarded MetroList; and 9 regarded SFAR.

                          Customer Satisfaction Survey

For the week ending 4/14/2011, our subscribers rated six (6) different criteria
related to their customer support experience as follows:

      Staff professionalism & responsiveness – 89.6% very satisfied; 6.3%
       somewhat satisfied; and 4.1% neutral.

      Relevance and applicability of staff response to questions – 93.5% very
       satisfied; 4.4% somewhat satisfied; and 2.1% neutral.

      Staff effectiveness – 89.6% very satisfied; 8.3% somewhat satisfied; and
       2.1% neutral.

      Staff knowledge of the topic being discussed – 89.6% very satisfied; 8.3%
       somewhat satisfied; and 2.1% neutral.

      Follow-up – 83.3% very satisfied; 9.5% somewhat satisfied; and 7.2%

      Overall Satisfaction – 91.7% very satisfied; 2.1% somewhat satisfied;
       4.1% neutral; and 2.1% very dissatisfied.

Real Estate Executive Newsletter   Page 13 of 13                 April 18, 2011

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