Wesley Bill by McNeeseSGA


									Bill S13-41                                                                 Senator: Shane Harris
April 17th, 2013

                                     Wesley Methodist Foundation
                                     2013 Global Leadership Summit

Whereas, The McNeese Wesley Methodist Foundation is a student organization whose objective is to
have a Christ-centered presence for the McNeese State University campus and to provide opportunities
for spiritual growth.

Whereas, The Wesley Foundation offers opportunities for spiritual growth, provides a safe haven for
students to socialize, make friends, and have a local ministry to become involved in. The Wesley
Foundation also offers multiple opportunities for anyone seeking ministry, mission trips, and worship
setting to practice their faith regardless of gender, background, race, sexuality, or religion.

Whereas, The Wesley Foundation does not require any dues from its leaders, members, or any student.
Its revenue is funded by volunteering, donations and fundraising in order to provide activities for

Whereas, The Wesley Foundation is participating in the 2013 Global Leadership Summit on Thursday,
August 8th and August 9th, 2013 held this year in Lake Charles, Louisiana to motivate and provide the
tools needed to become better leaders of their club or organization. We feel that this opportunity that is
being provided should be taken into consideration, in which we cordially extend our invitation to all
organizations that might be interested in participating with us. We are requesting money to pay for 86%
registration cost and we will be providing transportation and lunch for those committed to go. This event
will be mainly for leadership growth, not spiritual growth.

Whereas, the approximate cost of the event includes 12 student registrations at $75/student = $948;
$14/student for food = 168; and $3.85/student for gas = $46.20, which totals to $1,162.20

Be it Therefore Resolved, the sum of $862.20 for 12 students ($71.85 per student) to be appropriated
from the Organization Assessment Fund to defer the cost of The Wesley Foundation’s 2013 Global
Leadership Summit costs.

_______________________                                              _____________________________
      Davante Lewis                                                           Caleb Whalley
Student Government President                                          Student Government Treasurer

                                          Terence Delaine Jr.
                                      Speaker of the Student Senate

Davante Lewis      Josiah Eastman           Terence Delaine Jr.          Caleb Whalley      Maci Wilcox
President           Vice-President           Senate Speaker                Treasurer         Secretary

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