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					Ohio University & Technical
        By Alex Lehew
           Period 4
              Key Facts
• Located in beautiful Athens, Ohio
• Offers Associates Degrees, Bachelors
  Degrees, Graduates Degrees, and
• A small town setting
• Public school
• 17,228 Undergraduates, 3,109 Graduates
• The majority of freshmen scored between 500
  and 599 on the math portion of the SAT
• The majority of freshmen scored between 500
  and 599 on the verbal portion of the SAT
• The majority of freshmen scored between 18
  and 23 on the ACT
• Accepts early admission, and deferred
         Tuition and Costs
• Total cost for out of state student is
  $27,690 per year this includes tuition,
  room and board
• The average financial package is $5,729
         Programs Offered
• Offers many bachelor programs including
  radio and TV broadcasting, and creative
• Offers many special academic programs
  like student designed majors, and
  independent study
        Sports/Campus Life
• Many sports including Division 1 Football,
  baseball, ice hockey, and many more
• Has many clubs and activities as well such
  as a student run TV station
• Co-Ed housing options
           Career Connect
• Ohio University offers job interviews
  through career center on campus
            College Essay
• There is actually no essay required for
  application unless you want to apply in
  journalism in which you must write a 250-
  500 word essay explaining why you want
  to study journalism. Optional for all other
 Miscellaneous College Questions
• Average G.P.A. of admitted freshmen is
• Application deadline for fall classes is
  March 15th
• The average class size is 29 students
• There are 16 wonderful dining halls on
• Nearest major city is Columbus, Ohio
     Career: Technical Director,
• Directs technical aspects
• Discuss filter options of shots
• Trains workers in what to do
• Acts as the liaison between production
• Monitors broadcast of production
        Why is This for Me?
• Requires a realistic and artistic interests
  which I strongly have
• Requires achievement and independence
  work values which I have
• Two most important aptitudes are general
  learning ability, and verbal aptitude
           Skills You Need
• There are 3 major skills you need to be a
  technical director
• You need monitoring
• You need speaking skills
• You need active listening
             What to Learn
• If you are interested in this career you
  need to take some specific classes
• English
• Language Arts
• Technical Theater
• Theater Design and Technology
       Money and Overlook
• Average annual wage is $59,020, and
  entry annual wage is $22,870
• Average wage in Pittsburgh are is $58,370
  for annual, $29,890 for entry, and $79,120
  for experienced
• Stable outlook in PA and national but very
  small numbers
• Estimated annual job openings is 87
The End!

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