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									    Free Nero Kwik Media Software Creates 100% Customizable Photo Projects

Just in time for the holidays, Nero has added a new, enhanced service that will let
anyone design and print beautiful custom photo books, calendars and greeting cards
through its free Nero Kwik Media software.

Kwik Media lets you collect photos from all the PCs, Android smart phones and tablet
devices in the family and then sync, manage and produce memories for a lifetime in
smart, professional looking photo books and other projects.

The service makes it much easier to create projects from start to finish. Kwik Media
streamlines the whole process – allowing you to import photos from different devices
wirelessly, assemble your favorites into a file, and then make edits like red-eye removal,
enhancing and cropping, with just the click of a button.

Instead of using a bunch of different programs Kwik will have all your photos ready to
choose from, just pick a project and drag your photos into the order you want.

Best of all, Nero Kwik Media gives you complete creative control. Depending on the
occasion you can choose from dozen of background textures and layouts. The software
will then automatically create a suggested book layout or you can get creative and make
your own layout. Anything can be edited or changed. With just a swipe of the mouse,
you can move photos from one page to another, tilt them, resize them or put a photo in
an interesting frame.

Once your layout is finished, you can choose from a huge selection of themed clip art to
give your project your own personal style. Just pull in by drag and drop and size to your
preference. Kwik Media lets you give every project a personal touch.

Here are some ideas for holiday or year-round giving photo books:

      Create one-of-a-kind keepsakes to show grandparents how their grandchildren
       have grown throughout the year

      Capture a vacation trip forever

      Surprise one of the kids with a photo book of a birthday

      Keep family traditions alive with pictures of the cook in the family with their
       favorite dishes; include recipes to make a personalized cook book

      Make bed time fun by creating customized children’s books with pictures of the
       kids and your own story lines

      Let a serviceman know you are thinking of him at the holidays; send him a
       hardcopy book of fun family photos he can share with his buddies
You can also create calendars to keep memories alive all year round or greeting cards to
send fond moments to friends and family with the same easy-to-use features.

Photo products ordered through Nero Kwik Media are printed regionally from
professional printers. Books typically ship within five to 10 business days.

Kwik Media has other functions. You can use tools to create slide shows and post
photos and videos to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and other online social networks.

You can also use Kwik Media to manage your music and videos. For instance, you can
use the software to burn content to DVD and Blu-ray discs so all your entertainment is
conveniently in one place.

Visit to download the free software and get started.

Here are some images of finished projects:

You might also want to post this one minute video, which illustrates some of the layouts
and clip art you can choose from for your customizable photo book, calendar or greeting

If you need any additional information or have questions, send an email to

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