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					Gina Talarico of Publishes Traditional Italian Recipes Cookbook

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EBook - Recipes from Calabria

New cookbook is all about family traditions and heritage.

Online PR News – 17-April-2013 – It wasn't until a school heritage project surfaced that a family decided it
was time to extract all those authentic, traditional family recipes from their Grandma Gina. The recipes were
not documented anywhere so in 2008,, Authentic Italian Recipes was formally
launched. As a result of the sites success, the cookbook followed. All those wonderful recipes which have
been enjoyed for years are now available to the general public. The cookbook which captures these
wonderful recipes was recently published, and it is entitled, Simple Authentic Traditional Italian Recipes:
RECIPES FROM CALABRIA (Amazon Digital Services, Inc, ASIN B00BEM0LH0, 71 pages).

Everyone loves Italian food and not just the pizza, spaghetti, meatballs, Wedding Soup or pasta fare. Most
people really enjoy a quality family meal with good food and banter. Recipes in this cookbook have been in
the family (la famiglia) for generations and by publishing this book families will be able to share the recipes
and traditions.

Many recipes in the cookbook are truly unique and have been influenced by the region of Calabria, Italy
where the author was raised. The region of Calabria is in the south and it stretches from the southern most tip
of the boot or toe, Reggio di Calabria, and almost to Paestum in the North. The recipes and food
combinations would be influenced from the ingredients and styles in this area. The goal of this recipe
cookbook is to help readers incorporate simple Italian recipes and cooking traditional Italian fare into a daily
menu. Staying in touch with family heritage, culture, food and recipes is once again gaining popularity. Simple
Authentic Traditional Italian Recipes cookbook will help families recapture those memories of cooking with

The challenge today’s generation has is not just getting these quality ingredients but getting the truly
authentic Italian recipes which are locked up in the heads of Grandma and Grandpa. This author has always
been a proponent of family meals and hopes these recipes encourage this generation to develop and pass on
the skill of authentic Italian cooking to the next generation.

THE RECIPES FROM CALABRIA COOKBOOK will encourage families to establish holiday traditions like
cooking Easter bread (Pane di Pasqua), rice balls, Italian wedding soup, fried bread as well as many others.
There are recipes for everything from entrees to soups, salads, and desserts.For good measure some
recipes perfected from years of managing a commercial kitchen have been tossed in.

GINA TALARICO is married and a mother of four boys, she volunteers and managed a commercial kitchen
for over 30 years. Many of her recipes and food articles have been published online.

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