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March 2002 Editors, Bev Hansen & Pamela Narlock 272-6211 272-4008

Translation – annual Countryside Homeowners dues are due now.

Neighborhood Plant Sharing

On Sunday June 23 from 2-3 p.m., we will hold our 2 annual plant exchange and sharing. The idea is to share, with your neighbors, those plants that need thinning in your garden. Most perennials should be divided anyway to remain healthy and vigorous. So instead of throwing them on the compost pile, bring them to the Plant Sharing. This is a great opportunity to do your landscaping without spending a cent. Don’t bring your wallet, because everything is FREE. You do NOT have to bring plants to take them home but it might help to bring your own containers to transport them. Everyone is welcome. Perennials, biennials, bulbs and shrubs are welcome also. Please have your plants identified and provide any planting instructions necessary, such as: likes sun, shade, wet or dry. You can stay the entire hour and talk with other gardeners or drop off your plants needing homes. See you there. The more the merrier.


Annual Meeting
Mark your calendars! Tuesday, April 30, 2002, 7:30 p.m. will be our GCPOA Annual meeting at Greenbriar School Auditorium, Northbrook (Cherry Rd. just west of the Library). The agenda will include a short business meeting, election of Officers & Directors, Peter Amarantos, the Northfield Township Highway Commissioner and a program by a representative of Orphans of the Storm. There will also be door prizes and refreshments.

2002 Annual Event
This years‟ annual event will be held in the fall rather than the summer. Stay tuned to the July News Notes for all the exciting details!

Glenbrook Sanitary District News
The Glenbrook Sanitary District is using a new billing format that has caused some confusion. The „Net Amount Due‟ refers to the amount you owe if the Sanitary District receives your payment before the deadline date. The „Gross Bill Amount‟ refers to the amount you owe if payment is mailed too late to be received before the deadline date. Your payment should be mailed several days before the deadline in order for it to be received on time. The District want to take this opportunity to clarify some of their billing procedures for its residential users. There are four billing quarters a year. You are currently billed a minimum charge of $40 per quarter or any fraction of a quarter. If you move from the residence, you will still be charged the minimum $40 charge for the last billing quarter or fraction of that quarter. If you have an extended absence from your residence, you are billed a minimum charge even if no water has been used during the billing quarter. If you anticipate a temporary residential absence, charges can be waived if Glenbrook Sanitary District is notified before you leave. Glenbrook Sanitary District is governed by rules, regulations and ordinances that dictate these procedures. All residential users are required to put down a security deposit before water service is initiated. This deposit is fully refunded when the property is vacated if there is no damage and all obligations (outstanding bills) have been met. If you have any questions about this information you may call Cheryl Thompson at James Anderson Company, 847-295-3322, Ext. 12.

Telephone Directory Updates
If you are a new resident or had an error in your directory listing last year and want it corrected, please call Bev Hansen at 847-272-6211 BEFORE May 1.

2001 Oakwood Road Eyesore
Many residents have been asking about the status of this house. After the fire occurred the Cook County Department of Building and Zoning condemned the house. Since then there have been two court hearings to determine the future of the property. The owner, Ken White, did not appear at either of the hearings. The County is unable to locate Mr. White. There is now an Order to Publish that will show the Courts intent to demolish the residence. This will appear in the newspaper for three weeks after which there will be another court hearing to request an Order to Demolish. Once this is secured the County will demolish the house. No further information as to the future of the property is available.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection
June 1, 2002 between 8 AM and 3 PM at the Community Parking Lots North, 720 Old Greenbay Road, Glencoe This is an opportunity for residents to clean out garages and basements and dispose of items that should not be thrown into the garbage landfills. The service is provided under the direction of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and sponsored by the Village of Glencoe and the Northern Cook County Solid Waste Agency. It is FREE to you. You may bring oil-based paints, thinners, chemical cleaners, antifreeze, motor oil, weed killers, insecticides and pesticides and similar household products. Florescent and other high-intensity discharge lamps are accepted. Do not bring: auto batteries, explosives, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, agricultural chemicals, and all business wastes. All materials collected are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. So load up your car and go to Glencoe June 1 . The workers will take the material out of your car for you. If you want to carpool your hazardous waste you can call Bev Hansen, 847-272-6211.

Garbage Service Reminder and More!
A Northfield Township ordinance states that garbage may go out no sooner than 7:00 p.m. the night before pickup. This applies to properly bagged and tagged grass clippings, tied and tagged brush, cardboard cartons, recycling bins, as well as garbage cans. More importantly, garbage at the curb is unsightly at any time and the appearance of our neighborhood would be vastly improved if garbage were put out as late as possible and the empty cans removed as early as possible. Also, don‟t forget that garbage is put out one day later in weeks where we have a Federal holiday on Monday. For questions or special needs for garbage, or yard waste removal, contact Waste Management at 1(800)964-8988. Additionally, please be reminded that the outer section of the green Countryside Telephone Directory contains a plethora of information. If you are planning additions to your home, you can read up on ordinances. RV, boat or trailer owners can learn how not to get cited. There is information on brush pick ups, Recycling, pet regulations, burning and the list goes on and on. Ignorance is no excuse and with all this information, there is no excuse to be ignorant! If you can no longer find the green outer portion of your Countryside Telephone Directory, please contact your Area Director. In keeping with the idea of maintaining the beauty of our neighborhood, we would like to thank everyone who displayed such magnificent Holiday decorations this year. We do believe this was the best year in a very long time. Keep up the good work, we will be the bright spot on the planet!

Annual Brush Pickup Dates
This year‟s annual brush pickup will begin on Monday, May 20. Additional dates will be announced in the Northfield Township News Letter due to arrive this week.

Northfield Township Tree Program
Again this year, Northfield Township is offering to plant trees in the parkway (the area up to 30 feet from the middle of the road). The price for these trees has been increased to $100. This price includes planting the trees. Though an increase over last years price, this is still an excellent price. The request for trees MUST be received NO LATER than April 22, 2002. To learn more about the program and find out what trees are available, read the Township News Letter. For those who like to get a jumpstart, you can get the tree order form from the Townships web site at:

It was certainly inspiring to see the American flag displayed throughout our subdivision and on many cars as a result of the 9/11 attack. The proper and respectful flying of the colors is, however, a responsibility. Check your flag to make sure it is not tattered or torn. All flags should be replaced when torn and disposed of respectfully. Keep those flags flying.

Special Thanks
Glenbrook Countryside Property Owner‟s Association (GCPOA) wishes to thank the crew that stuffed, sealed, stamped and addressed the membership letters. Ethel Langer, Jean Johnson, and Joan Eckstein met at Bev Hansen‟s house to spend several fun and conversation filled hours. Great Job and Many Thanks.

Get Well Wishes
Get well wishes continue to go out to Mel Wells of Birchwood Rd. and Ethel Langer of Elm Court.

The Association would like to extend its condolences to the family of Gordon Summerbell, 303 Red Oak. Donations can be sent to: Northwestern University Settlement Association, 1400 Augusta Blvd., Chicago, 60622, phone: 773-278-7471 “The family of Gordon Summerbell wishes to thank our friends and neighbors who sent thoughtful and loving cards of sympathy in our recent loss. All of you are much appreciated. Sincerely, Pat Summerbell”

New Residents
The neighborhood would like to welcome our newest residents:  Judith Franks-Farah, 2043 Oakwood  Margaret & Julien Borczyk, 1819 Oakwood  Banting Wu, 1950 Maplewood  Yoon Kim, 2041 Beechnut

Congratulations to our newest parents!  Nancy Herskovitz & Ben Szczepkowicz on the birth of Emily Grace born March 11 of 23 Cottonwood.

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