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SYZ & CO Private Banking : Company Profile and SWOT Analysis

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"This SWOT analysis and company profile is a crucial resource for industry executives and anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the company's business. WealthInsight's 'SYZ & CO Private Banking : Company Profile and SWOT Analysis' report utilizes a wide range of primary and secondary sources, which are analyzed and presented in a consistent and easily accessible format. WealthInsight strictly follows a standardized research methodology to ensure high levels of data quality and these characteristics guarantee a unique report."

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									SYZ & CO Private Banking


SYZ & CO Private Banking                                                        Key Employees
                                                                                Name                      Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                          Member - Executive
                                     Rue du Rhone 30, Geneva, Geneva, CH-                                 Committee - Banque SYZ
Headquarters Address
                                     1211 ,Switzerland
                                                                                Alfredo Piacentini        & CO SA, Co-Founder -
Telephone                             + 41 58 7991000                                                     SYZ & CO SA, Managing
                                                                                                          Director - SYZ & CO SA
Fax                                   + 41 58 7992000                                                     Member - Executive
                                                                                                          Committee - Banque SYZ
                                                                                Eric Syz
                                                                       & CO SA, Co-Founder -
                                     banking/about/index.htm                                              SYZ & CO SA
                                                                                                          Member - Executive
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange        N/A
                                                                                                          Committee - Banque SYZ
                                                                                Paolo Luban               & CO SA, Co-Founder -
Number of Employees                  N/A                                                                  SYZ & CO SA, Managing
                                                                                                          Director - SYZ & CO SA
Fiscal Year End                      December

Revenue (in US$ million)             N/A                                        Company Overview

                                                                                SYZ & CO Private Banking is the private
                                                                                banking and asset management arm of Banque
                                                                                SYZ & CO SA (SYZ & CO), which is based in
SWOT Analysis                                                                   Switzerland. The company offers a wide range
                                                                                of private banking and wealth management
Strengths                            Weaknesses                                 services to high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs
                                                                                have a net worth of US$1 million or more,
                                                                                excluding their primary residence). Key services
Awards and recognitions              Fee-based business model
                                                                                offered by the company include discretionary
                                                                                portfolio management, advisory services, and
Comprehensive service offerings      Legal proceedings                          hedge funds portfolio management. Under
                                                                                discretionary asset management, it offers a
Strong geographic network            Rating downgrade by Moody’s                three-stage investment process, which comprise
                                                                                defining risk profile of the client, portfolio
Opportunities                        Threats                                    management, and reporting services. Assets
                                                                                under management (AuM) of the company,
                                     Government interference and                which included private and institutional clients,
Business growth initiatives          regulations in the wealth management       stood at CHF25.0 billion (US$26.7) as on
                                                                                November 06, 2012. The company had historical
European Union’s UCITS IV Directives Increase in compliance costs               AuM figures of CHF21.2 billion (US$22.5 billion)
                                                                                as on December 31, 2011, which stood at
                                     Stiff competition in the private banking   CHF25.0 billion (US$26.7 billion) as on October
Expansion in the US
                                     market                                     31, 2011, and CHF24.8 billion (US$26.4 billion)
Increase in the number of HNWIs                                                 as on December 31, 2010. SYZ & CO Private
                                     Turbulence in the global economy
globally                                                                        Banking has a presence in Geneva, Zurich,
Scope for portfolio management                                                  Locarno, and Lugano in Switzerland. It also
services                                                                        offers private banking and wealth management
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