To Scan or Not To Scan That is the Question_ by yurtgc548


									      To Scan or Not To Scan:
       That is the Question!
Where are you on the Scale of 0 to 10?

     I don’t
    want to I see the OK, I’ll       The one who
      do it,   value,   outsource, does it easier,
0     it’s a
              but I’ll
             just do it
                          but to
                                   cheaper, faster,
                                      safer than
                                    everyone else
    of time in-house
    & money
         I don’t want to do it, it’s a
           waste of time & money
  • Preserve / Restore Quality
      – The quality of scanned images never deteriorate
      – Use Quality enhancement techniques to restore quality
  • Enhance Productivity & Reduce Overhead
      – Open up SPACE!
      – Improve data accessibility and streamline information retrieval
      – Upload to your Practice Management Database
  • Improve Data Safety and Information Security
      – Never lose any patient information again
      – Protect patients’ information using data encryption techniques
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        I see the value, but I’ll just
               do it in-house
  • Interruption to Routine Processes
      – Files scanning can be very time consuming, if not done right
      – A good size room in your office must be dedicated to the task
      – Supervision overhead will be significant for the office manager
        and the doctor
  • Endangering Information Safety & Security
      – Files could be lost, mistakenly shredded, or misplaced
      – Hiring a new employee for the task? Is it safe/secure?
  • Quality could be compromised for speed
      – It could take YEARS to scan patient charts file by file
      – Image quality could be very bad if the wrong settings are used

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                 OK, I’ll outsource,
                  but to whom?
• KNOW your criteria
    – KNOW your BUDGET and let the vendors know it. If you can not
      trust them with this figure, should not do business with them
    – KNOW your schedule and make sure the vendor is not too busy to
      meet your schedule
    – UNDERSTAND your software criteria to choose the right file format
• Select the RIGHT vendor!
    – Give the RIGHT information
    – Ask the RIGHT questions
    – Cost is NEVER accurate over the phone or email, you are not
      buying a PRODUCT, you are getting a SERVICE!
• Referrals! Referrals! Referrals
    – Referrals are always best, like in your own business!

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       Easier, cheaper, faster, and
        safer than everyone else
• Streamlined processes
    – Scanning experts like Tajann implement automated batch processes for
      merging, indexing, book marking, etc.
    – Each project is unique and one shoe does not fit all. The vendor should
      have the capability, and willingness, to develop specific automation
      processes for specific clients
• Free Consultation
    – Vendors should be upfront, honest, and willing to give you free
      consultation on your best option. This is not your area of expertise,
      dentistry is. If you do not get the right advice, you WILL make a mistake
• Long Term Association
    – A job completed successfully is the start of a new association, not the
      end of it!

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