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									   Well Rounded Business Marketing Training
Summary: The Business Marketing program at Centennial College
focuses on broad-based training in business and specific training in
marketing techniques and know-how.

What is taught in a Business Marketing training offering is just as
important as who is teaching it and the facilities to which students
have access during their time in the post-secondary program. At
Centennial College’s Business Marketing program (officially known as
Business Administration – Marketing), students study at the
institution’s largest campus, which also houses other School of
Business offerings. This is important as it allows for peer networking as
well as conversations with professionals who teach in a variety of
programs. Additionally, students benefit from a dynamic and
interactive environment that is facilitated by experienced faculty
members who encourage learning through case studies, guest
lectures, presentations, projects, and computer simulations and

As for the Business Marketing training curriculum, it takes three years
to complete and offers a balance between broad-based business
education and marketing know-how. The specialized marketing
training includes marketing research, marketing communications
(which includes advertising and promotion), interactive marketing
(which includes direct marketing, e-marketing and customer
relationship management) and brand planning. How does this
structure work? A common first-year curriculum among most
Centennial business programs provides students with the opportunity
to obtain an overview of business prior to specializing in a specific
area. Students then move onto the more focused business marketing,
which not only involves the previously mentioned learning techniques
and topics but also a practical experience through its industry project
component. During this aspect, students work in teams on projects
sponsored by an entrepreneurial endeavour, small business or major

It is also worth noting that Business Marketing program students have
the opportunity to obtain membership privileges with the Canadian
Marketing Association (CMA). Lastly, Centennial is a proud sponsor of
selected marketing students in national and province-wide academic
competitions, including the Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition
(OCMC), BDC and CMA competitions.
Applicants to this Business Marketing training are required to possess
at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or
equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older). They must
also have completed the English Grade 12 C or U or equivalent, or
skills assessment and Math Grade 11 C, M or U, or Grade 12 C or U or
equivalent or skills assessment.

Once they complete the program, students may pursue positions such
as: Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Analyst, Promotions Assistant,
Sales Representative, Assistant Brand Manager, Public Relations
Assistant and Advertising Assistant. In various ways, these
professionals manage the many links between an organization and its
customers. However, those who are interested in further studies have
the option to do so though articulated programs with selected
universities,  institutes    and    professional   associations. These
partnerships allow students to apply credits earned at Centennial
towards further study at other institutions. Partners of this Business
Marketing program in Centennial College include: Athabasca
University, Algoma University, Royal Roads University, Ryerson
University, Davenport University, Northwood University, University of
Lethbridge, Griffith University and University of New Brunswick.

Author Details: This article, written by Jason, details Centennial
College’s Business Marketing program, which leads to careers as
marketing coordinators, marketing analysts and much more.

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