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									Arts Program Offers Humanities, Social Studies
                  and More
Summary: Centennial’s Arts programs run from one to four semesters
in length, depending on the student’s future goals.

Do you have an interest in social arts such as humanities, social and
communities’ studies? Do you possess at minimum an Ontario
Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student
status (19 years of age)? Additionally, have you completed the English
Grade 12 (C or U) or equivalent, or skills assessment? If you answered
‘yes’ to all of these, you may want to consider applying for Centennial
Colleges arts offering, officially known as General Arts and Science –
Arts, which takes only two semesters to complete. (Please note,
possession of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee
admission to program).

The arts program looks to ensure that students study a range of
subjects in the humanities and social sciences, and obtain
communications and learning skills. Students are given the power by
being able to determine the length of the program — running from one
to four semesters — depending on future goals. “One of the things in
which we take pride is that students leave here with a level of
confidence that they didn’t arrive with, “says Michael Simons, a faculty
member in the arts college program. “They leave knowing that in
some cases, there’s far more possibilities for what they can achieve
than what they first imagined when they got here.” Who would benefit
from this arts colleges training? First, students who are interested in
pursing an education in specialized programs such as Child Studies,
Communication Arts, Community Services or Hospitality and Tourism
Administration, should consider attending the General Arts program.
Also, students who don’t possess the academic admission credentials
needed to enter a university program of their choice would benefit
from upgrading credentials through the Arts program. Lastly, those
who wonder if college or university is the right choice for them would
find the format of the Arts program beneficial as on-campus
experience will allow them to gain insight into how post-secondary
programs are structured and what responsibilities they will have as

Some specific courses in the Arts program include: Math in a Digital
Age (enables students to not only focus on content, but also to
develop the thinking process that underlies mathematics. The course
integrates appropriate technologies into the learning and doing of
mathematics, while recognizing the continuing importance of
mastering essential numeric and algebraic skills); Concepts in Social
Science (main objective is to help students develop their ability to
think conceptually — that is, the ability to grasp abstract ideas and to
relate these various ideas to each other and to everyday reality. It is
called Concepts in Social Science because the ideas and theories it
presents are drawn from the social sciences; mainly psychology,
sociology and political science); Human Genomics: An Ethical View (to
some extent the course enhances technical knowledge of genetics, but
the primary focus of the course will turn on the social and moral
implications of the genetic revolution), and more.

After one year of study, with at least a 3.0 GPA, students may proceed
directly into the first year of a university arts program. Centennial
College’s Arts program has articulated programs with selected
universities, institutes and professional associations. These schools
include: Athabasca University, Griffith University, Ryerson University
and York University.

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Centennial College’s arts program, which includes courses such as
Concepts in Social Science, Math in a Digital Age and more.

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