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2009 Region Leadership

ARMA HQ and Your Chapter: Resources for Success

What we’ll cover
• • • • • • Overview of ARMA International Member Services Communications Association Management System New Chapter Operations e-Handbook Leadership Development Overview of new Chapter Awards and Awards Recognition at Conference • Future resources being developed

ARMA Structure and Governing Documents
IRS - 501(c)(6) • ARMA International, its chapters and regions are not exempt from paying sales tax. ARMA and all chapters/regions are not-for-profit organizations; as such, they are liable for paying state/local sales tax. ARMA is NOT considered a non-profit organization, which would be exempt from paying sales tax on any purchases (for example: Red Cross is a non-profit thus do not have to pay sales tax).

“Not-for-Profit” What does it mean?
• The primary goal of the organization is to fulfill the needs of its members, rather than produce profits for owner/investors. It does not mean the organization should not make a profit. It can and should produce a surplus of revenues over expenses – the surpluses must be used to enhance the position of the organization and its mission.

ARMA and its Chapters and Regions:
• Chapter is a “subsidiary” of ARMA Int’l – issued a charter by ARMA • More than 11,000 members worldwide • 11 Regions (9 North America)
– Region Managers – Region Coordinators – Treasurers

• 120 Chapters
– Chapter Board/Officers (top 4 required) – Committees, task forces, etc – Members

Categories of Members
• • • • Basic Member (ARMA $175*) Student (ARMA $25) Retired (ARMA $25) Honorary (ARMA $0)

* All dues stated in U.S. Dollars

New ARMA Member Category
Provisional Member One time, 6-month trial membership; no charge; offered with qualifying purchase determined by HQ; renews into Basic Member; Chapter membership not included, however will be marketing to for chapter and other offerings. Must not have been an ARMA member for five years.

Insurance and Taxes
– Insurance implications
• Covered under ARMA General Liability up to $1 mill per occurrence (Chapters and Regions) • Directors and Officers Liability (Regions only) • Willis HRS Broker (new contact info)
– Barbara Henry, – (800) 258-9099 / +1 785-865-3358

– Tax implications
• Form 990 – filed with ARMA’s group tax return

– Chapter Connections – New/Terminating Member E-mails • New members, lapsing members • Be sure your server will receive message from exchange

New Association Management System!!
• Ability to join Chapter mid-year online • Easy and pro-active Chapter selection process when joining ARMA online

Chapter Operations e-Handbook
– Newly revised – Updated in real time – Chapter operations resources, forms, templates – Leadership Academy – Reports

Leadership Academy
• Online Courses
– “Personal Leadership Skills”
• • • • • 11 online modules 30-45 minutes per module Quiz at end of each module – 80% to pass 6.5 ICRM credits pre-approved Who in your region has completed courses?
– Check the e-Handbook!

– “Personal Business Skills”
• Next level of online courses – To be announced

• Login = Member i.d. number • Password = ARMA

Leadership Academy
• 2009 Region Leadership Conferences
• “Building Leadership Momentum: Putting Strategic Planning to Work” • Dale Mask, Alliance Training and Consulting

• 2009 ARMA Conference in Orlando
• “Project Management for the Occasional Project Manager” • Tuesday, October 13, 2009 • 8:00 to 3:00 p.m.

NO COST for ARMA Leadership!!
• Not ICRM pre-approved

2009 Conference Leadership Meetings
– Tuesday, October 13, 2009
• “Project Management for the Occasional Project Manager” • 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. • RSVP required – Watch for email announcements
– not ICRM pre-approved

– Wednesday, October 14, 2009
• • • • 11:30 – 1:00 p.m. 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. Chapter Awards Luncheon ARMA/Region/Chapter specific sessions Region receptions/networking Young Professional Networking event

– All events at the Orlando World Center Marriott

Grants/ Financial Support
– Leadership Training Grant
• Two per region, apply in Spring • $400 subsidizes travel to attend summer Region Leadership meeting

– Chapter Speaker Grant
• $500 to help defray cost of quality speaker at Chapter meeting/seminar • 25 per fiscal year – ongoing throughout year
– Applications in handouts

– Education Session Monitor (ARMA Conference)
• Complimentary Conference Registration

– Applications available at

Awards Program
New Chapter Awards - Recognized in 2010 • Chapter Participation Award • Chapter Leader of the Year Award • Innovation Award • Membership Recruitment Award • Chapter Merit Award

New Awards Recognition Program this year at the 2009 Conference

New Chapter Awards
• Chapter Participation Award
– Member attendance at Meetings/events – Participation on the Board

• Chapter Leader of the Year Award
– Outstanding chapter Board member; similar to Chapter Member of the Year, only for Board – Contributions to the chapter, region, and/or ARMA International – Supports and promotes ARMA International objectives

New Chapter Awards
• Chapter Innovation Award
– Innovative approach to a chapter operation
• Ex: approach to increasing membership, improving Board participation, attaining high quality speakers

• Membership Recruitment Award
– Greatest increase in membership vs. previous year – All chapters automatically entered

New Chapter Awards
• Chapter Merit Award
– Recognizes chapters that have actively participated in projects and programs at ARMA International
• Ex: Submitted forms on time; applied for HQ Grants; leadership attended Leadership Day at Conference; Leadership completed the online leadership academy courses, etc.

Current Chapter Awards
• • • • • •

Chapter Website of the Year Region Website of the Year Chapter Newsletter of the Year Special Project Award Chapter of the Year (new application process) Chapter Member of the Year

• Company of Fellows; Distinguished Service; Britt Literary; Zanotti; Cobalt

Awards Recognition at Conference
• Chapter Awards Luncheon – Oct 14
– Ticket/rsvp $20 – 11:30 to 1:00 p.m. – prior to Region and Chapter leadership sessions – Presentation of Chapter –related awards

• Opening General Session – Oct 15
Announcement of Fellows, Distinguished Service, Britt Literary, Zanotti and Cobalt

• Awards Reception – Oct 16
– No charge to attend Honoring ALL Awards recipients

Spring Recruitment Campaign
• Chapter prospect lists
– 2,000+ prospects from chapters in 2009! – 4,000+ from ARMA database and previous chapter submissions -- total mailing 6,000+ – May1 through August 1 new members to ARMA and Chapter -- $$ rewards!

• Direct Mail Campaign
– Two post cards, One letter

• Annual event

Marketing Your Chapter
• Refer to e-Handbook website at
– Online webinar
• • • • • SWOT analysis Talking the talk Building your prospect list Goals Branding and logos

Future Development
• Online real time report generation • Hardship payment option for members • Further Development of Education/Speaker Database • Chapter/Region Website Services
– Hosting/Content Management – Event Registration tools – Fall of 2009

• Chapter supply/gift online store

Who to Contact in Member Services
Tom Killam, Director,; 888-299-4319
– Region and Chapter questions; Leadership development and training; – strategic and succession planning; HQ/Region/Chapter inquiries

Trevor Mitchell, Sr. Mgr,; 888-298-7376
– – – – Chapter Operations; Roster concerns; Chapter leadership concerns Bylaws, chapter organizational questions Chapter Escrow Awards program

Bob Reinsch, Coordinator,; 888-299-7719
– Individual member concerns, dues payments, membership data issues for specific individual – Questions about missing members on rosters

Complete HQ staff listing in handouts

Thank you!