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									Australian Government Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office

INITIAL INVENTORY LISTING (nuclear materials and associated materials)
Permit Holder's details Name of Permit Holder:

Ref. N .
Permit number:

Material Description


Chemical formula

Weights Gross Compound Element Isotope

Material acquisition details

Storage Location


: ________________________________________________ :

(Signature) Date : ____/____/______


Form version 1 - Issued 22 December 2005

Australian Government Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office

Explanatory Notes
Form designed for permit holder to list all items containing nuclear material and associated material held by the permit, for the purpose for determining a permit holders starting inventory. Each item is on-reported to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as required under Australia’s treaty obligations with the IAEA. Ref. No: A sequential reference number is required for each form of this type submitted by the Permit Holder (eg 001, 002, 003 etc). Where amendments are made to a previously submitted form, please use the same reference with a sequential revision number (eg 003 Rev 1) Material category: The category of nuclear material or associated material i.e. either natural uranium (N), enriched uranium (E), depleted uranium (D), Thorium (T), Plutonium (P), heavy water (W) or graphite (G). Element weight: Refers to the contained weight of nuclear material in the compound. e.g. U weight = 84.8% U3O8 weight. Use compound weight for Heavy Water. Note on Units: Material Category Natural, Depleted, Thorium, Heavy Water, Graphite Enriched Uranium, Plutonium
Material Description 1 × jar of uranyl acetate. Item number 412-002 Sentinel 660 source projector. Serial No. 6172518 Cate gory N D Chemical formula1 UO2(CH3CO2)2.2H2O metal

Unit Precision Kilograms (kg) For >0.01 kg - Two decimal places. For <0.01 kg - As precise as known Grams (g) For >0.01 g - Two decimal places. For <0.01 g - As precise as known Example




Material acquisition details2 transferred from University of Birdsville in April 1988. Imported from the UK in March 2005

Storage Location Chemistry Store, Room 217 Radiation Store, NDT Company Pty Ltd head office

112 g 24 kg

75 g 16.8 kg

42.08 g5 16.8 kg

Signature: This form must be signed by a representative of the permit holder (i.e. the organisation) who will take responsibility and sign documents on behalf of the organisation.
1 2

Complete if known. Many jars of uranium and thorium chemicals have the chemical formula written on the label. Where available, it is necessary for ASNO to know the origin of items to ensure that items are not being double counted in ASNO’s records. Furthermore, for some materials imported from some countries 3 Total weight of the jar and contents. 4 For small jars of chemicals the compound weights can be estimate from the apparent volume of the contained compound. In this example a 100 gram jar of uranyl acetate is estimated to be three quarters full – hence 75 g. 5 Uranyl acetate is 56.1% uranium (compare with chemical formula) – 75 g × 0.561 = 42.08 g Form version 1 - Issued 22 December 2005

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