Free subscriptions to the following magazines are available by vivi07


									Free subscriptions to the following magazines are available through the Illinois State Library Talking Book and Braille Service and can be requested from your Talking Book Center. A brief description of each magazine is provided. AUDIOCASSETTE MAGAZINES RECORDED BY THE ILLINOIS STATE LIBRARY TALKING BOOK AND BRAILLE SERVICE ARE DISPOSABLE. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN MAGAZINE AUDIOCASSETTES __ AARP BULLETIN (monthly audiocassette) Legislative news of interest to retired people; health care and costs; Social Security. __ AARP THE MAGAZINE (bimonthly audiocassette) Features short articles on a variety of subjects of interest to the active person over age 54. Published by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). __ AMERICAN HISTORY (bimonthly audiocassette) American history with emphasis on specific events and personalities __ BETTER HOMES & GARDENS (monthly audiocassette) Practical advice on home and money management, with recipes, how-to-do-it home plans and decorating ideas. __ CAPPERS: TAKEN TO HEART FOR MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED YEARS (biweekly audiocassette) This down-home paper is filled with practical advice offering money-and- timesaving suggestions. Much of the material is submitted by the readership. __ CHOICE MAGAZINE LISTENING (bimonthly audiocassette) An anthology of unabridged articles, poetry, and fiction from one hundred magazines such as The Atlantic, The New Yorker, and Smithsonian. __ COUNTRY (bimonthly audiocassette) Rural and small-town living; crafts and foods; reviews of country inns and farm vacations. __ COUNTRY WOMAN (bimonthly audiocassette) Household, farm, and garden advice; crafts, decorating, and recipes. __ DIABETES SELF MANAGEMENT (bimonthly audiocassette) Current information about diabetes research and patient care.

__ DISCIPLESHIP JOURNAL (bimonthly audiocassette) Focuses on one aspect of your relationship with Jesus Christ and explores practical ways to enrich it day by day. It gives advice about such topics as dating, the importance of prayer, being a believer in the workplace, and plans for bible reading. Each issue also includes a study guide and discussion questions. __ GOOD OLD DAYS (monthly audiocassette) Articles written by senior Americans about experiences and memories from their childhoods. __ GUIDEPOSTS (monthly audiocassette) Consists of personal narratives about overcoming difficult odds through faith. __ HEALTHY EXCHANGES FOOD NEWLETTER (monthly audiocassette) A collection of low-fat, low-calorie easy recipes; including information on the diabetic food-exchange program. __ HUMPTY DUMPTY (9 issues audiocassette) Exercise, good eating habits, and safety are emphasized through stories, poems, comics, and activities in this health-oriented magazine. For children ages 4-6. __IN-FISHERMAN (bimonthly audiocassette) Freshwater fishing around the world; techniques of fishing and science of fisheries. __ KIPLINGER’S RETIREMENT REPORT (monthly audiocassette) Advice and trends of interest to retired persons and to those planning for retirement. __ MIDWEST LIVING (bimonthly audiocassette) Features articles on travel, places and events, food and dining, recipes, recreation, home and garden, and landscapes in America’s Heartland; Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. __ NARFE MAGAZINE (formerly Retirement Life) (monthly audiocassette) Subjects of interest to the retired federal worker. Official journal of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees. __ NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER (bimonthly audiocassette) Readers experience a vivid sense of each featured destination along with things to do through well-written articles. __ ORGANIC GARDENING (bimonthly audiocassette) Organic methods of gardening, cooking techniques, and nutrition.

__ PARENTS (monthly audiocassette) Articles cover a wide variety of topics of interest to parents; features include information on beauty and health, fashion, nutrition, and dual-career families. __ PLAYBOY: ENTERTAINMENT FOR MEN (monthly audiocassette) Fiction, interview and articles with a male perspective __ POPULAR SCIENCE (monthly audiocassette) New products, trends, and practical applications of science and technology. __ REDBOOK (monthly audiocassette) Fiction; child rearing and family relations; home decoration ideas; fashion and beauty hints. __ REMINISCE (bimonthly audiocassette) General-interest articles with sentimental reflections on the past. __ SATURDAY EVENING POST (bimonthly audiocassette) Provides health and medical information and advice in combination with classical art, illustrations, fiction and humor. __ SEVENTEEN (monthly audiocassette) Beauty and fashion for young women; articles on careers, education, family, social relations, and diet. __ SOUTHERN LIVING (monthly audiocassette) Gardening, history, and travel; recipes. Focus on the southern style of life. __ SMITHSONIAN (monthly audiocassette) Articles on natural history, science, archaeology, art history, and ecology; also lists and describes museum events. __ TASTE OF HOME (bimonthly audiocassette) Seventy-five practical recipes per issue; menus for entertaining and seasonal events. __ TIME (weekly audiocassette) Selections from Time magazine. __ US (biweekly audiocassette) Articles concentrate on Hollywood’s famous and not-so-famous; television and latenight talk show guests are saluted. __ WALLACE’S FARMER (monthly audiocassette) Farming in Iowa (hopefully will be applicable to Illinois farming too)

__ WALLEYE (bimonthly audiocassette) Fishing techniques, boats, equipment, cooking, and environmental issues. __ WOMAN’S DAY (15 issues/year audiocassette) Home management with recipes, crafts, and decorating ideas. __ VITAL SPEECHES OF THE DAY (biweekly audiocassette) Features 8-10 speeches by individuals "who have attained leadership in the fields of economics, politics, education, sociology, government, criminology, finance, business, taxation, health, law, labor, etc."

This document lists all magazines produced or distributed by the National library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), Library of Congress, through its free reading program. These magazines are available at no charge through the Illinois State Library Talking Book & Braille Service and the Talking Book Centers to individuals who are unable to read or handle conventional print materials because of a visual or a physical impairment. To be eligible, a person with this impairment must be a resident of the United States or its territories or an American citizen living abroad. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN THESE MAGAZINES, THEY ARE DISPOSABLE.

__ AMERICAN HERITAGE (6 issues/year) audiocassette Articles on America’s social, educational, and cultural history. __ ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION AND SCIENCE FACT (10 issues/year) audiocassette (combined April--May, October--November issues) Short stories, novelettes, and features with science fiction themes. __ ASIMOV’S SCIENCE FICTION (10 issues/year) audiocassette Short stories, novelettes, and features with science fiction themes. __ THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY (10 issues/year) audiocassette (combined January—February, July—August issues) Articles on politics and current issues; fiction by contemporary American writers.

__ DAS BESTE AUS READER’S DIGEST (monthly) audiocassette German edition of Reader’s Digest. First-person articles, profiles, opinion pieces, and other general-interest articles. Selections come from Germanlanguage magazines as well as the American edition of Reader’s Digest. (Germany) __ BON APPETIT (monthly) audiocassette Articles on cooking, entertainment, and travel; recipes from well-known restaurants. __ BOY’S LIFE (monthly) digital braille, press braille Articles on the outdoors, sports, and hobbies, with adventure fiction and humor; ages 9-16. Published by the Boy Scouts of America. __BRAILLE BOOK REVIEW (bimonthly) braille, computer diskette, electronic text, large print Announcements of Braille books recently added to the Library of Congress collection; news and developments in library services for blind individuals. Braille edition includes one-line annotations of books in Talking Book Topics and Braille order forms. __ BRAILLE CHESS MAGAZINE (quarterly) press braille Articles on chess; news of current trends and competitions. (UK) __ BRAILLE MUSIC MAGAZINE (monthly) press braille Articles about classical music for professional and amateur musicians; reviews of new braille music publications. (UK) __ CONSUMER REPORTS (monthly) audiocassette In-depth articles that rate consumer products tested for quality, durability, and safety; also features general-interest topics such as health and money management. __ CONTEMPORY SOUND TRACK: A REVIEW OF POP, JAZZ, SOUND TRACK: A REVIEW OF POP, JAZZ, ROCK AND COUNTRY (bimonthly) audiocassette A sampler of articles from national magazines on jazz, rock, country, and pop music. __ CONUNDRUM (monthly) press braille Crossword and logic puzzles, anagrams, word searches and general knowledge quizzes. (UK) __ COOKING LIGHT: THE MAGAZINE OF FOOD AND FITNESS (11 issues/year) digital braille, press braille Short articles on exercise, food, fitness, health, and nutrition; each issue

contains approximately seventy recipes with emphasis on the use of fresh, natural ingredients and on low-fat cooking. __ CRICKET: THE MAGAZINE FOR CHILDREN (monthly) audiocassette Stories, poems, and articles by internationally known authors. Also includes songs, jokes and crafts. For ages 9 – 14. On one cassette with National Geographic Kids. __ DIABETES FORECAST (monthly) audiocassette Articles on health care, nutrition and research findings. Published by the American Diabetes Association. __ DISCOVER MAGAZINE: The World of Science (monthly) audiocassette Articles on ecology, natural history, science, and technology. Features news on breakthrough in science, technology and medicine. Includes book reviews, brain bogglers (puzzles), and awards for technological innovations. __ EBONY (monthly) audiocassette Articles on food, dress, leisure, travel, and personalities emphasizing achievements of African Americans. __ ELLERY QUEEN MYSTERY MAGAZINES (11 issues/year) audiocassette Mystery stories by established authors in the field and by new, previously unpublished writers. __ ESPN: THE MAGAZINE (biweekly) digital braille, press braille Up-to-the-minute sports news and information; player profiles. __ FOREIGN AFFAIRS (bimonthly) audiocassette Analysis of issues by statesmen, diplomats, and scholars and trends in international politics, law, and economics. __ FRANCE-AMERIQUE (bimonthly) audiocassette In French. French news analysis, trends, interviews, book and film reviews, travel, advice and resources to perfect French language skills; information articles on the French American community in the United States. __ GOOD HOUSEKEEPING (monthly) audiocassette Articles on family and home management, with features on food and decorating. __ HARPERS MAGAZINE (monthly, digital braille, press braille) digital braille, press braille General culture magazine with articles by well-known writers on politics, poetry,

international affairs, education, and science; includes short stories, and satire. __ HEALTH AND NUTRITION NEWSLETTERS (monthly) audiocassette Selections on medical conditions of special interest to older adults; nutritional information, and ways to maintain good health from “Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing”, the John Hopkins Medical Letter-Health After 50; and Mayo Clinic Health Letter; and Nutritional Action Healthletter”. __ HEALTH NEWSLETTERS (monthly) digital braille, press braille Current health concerns, medical information, nutrition, and stress management from Harvard Health Letter, Mayo Clinic Health Letter, and University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter. __ HORTICULTURE: FOR GARDENERS EVERYWHERE (7 issues a year) audiocassette Gardening trends, products, and projects for amateur gardeners. __ KIPLINGER’S PERSONAL FINANCE (monthly) digital braille, press braille General-interest articles on managing finances, including taxes, investments options, real estate, insurance, and retirement planning. __ LADIES HOME JOURNAL (monthly) digital braille, press braille Articles and fiction intended for women; includes household hints, recipes, and ideas on fashion and beauty. __ MAGAZINE OF THE MONTH (monthly) audiocassette Special NLS program designed to provide a limited substitute for newsstand browsing. Readers are sent a different sample magazine each month. __ MARTHA STEWART LIVING: SHARING THE “GOOD THINGS” (monthly) digital braille, press braille Offers recipes and gardening, crafts, collectibles, reminiscence, housekeeping, and entertaining tips. __ MONEY (monthly) audiocassette Articles on money management, consumer, and family issues; includes regular columns with news and advice on jobs, taxes, Social Security, investments, products and services. __ MUSE: THE MAGAZINE OF LIFE, THE UNIVERSE, AND PIE THROWING (9 issues/year) digital braille, press braille Offers science, art, archaeology, and history activities for ages 10-15; includes contests and book and media reviews.

__ THE MUSICAL MAINSTREAM (quarterly) digital braille, audiocassette, press braille, large print Selected articles from national magazines about classical music, music criticism, and music teaching; lists new NLS music acquisitions. __ THE NATION (47 issues a year) audiocassette Covers foreign affairs, local and national politics, education, and law. Reviews films, theater, books, and the arts.

__ NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (monthly) digital braille, audiocassette,
press braille Articles on world geography and cultures, plant and animal life, space exploration, and ancient history. __ NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS (10 issues a year) audiocassette Articles for children about people, places, customs, animals, and plant life. On one cassette with Cricket. __ NATIONAL REVIEW (biweekly) audiocassette Presents a conservative viewpoint on business, politics, economics, education, and other subjects; edited by William F. Buckley, Jr. __ THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW (biweekly) audiocassette Literary articles and book reviews from the Sunday New York Times. __ THE NEW YORK TIMES LARGE PRINT WEEKLY (weekly) digital braille, press braille. Highlights from the New York Times. __ NEWS (quarterly) digital braille, digital text, press braille National and international developments in library services to blind and physically handicapped individuals. NLS Newsletter. The text of News is included in the cassette edition of Talking Book Topics. __ ODYSSEY: ADVENTURES IN SCIENCE (9 issues/year) audiocassette Focus on science with emphasis on earth science and space. Each issue explores a single theme in depth: for ages 10 – 16. __ OUTDOOR LIFE: THE SOURCE FOR HUNTING AND FISHING ADVENTURE (monthly) audiocassette Adventures and experiences in hunting and fishing; information on conservation and game laws; reports on sporting equipment and techniques. __ PARENTING: WHAT MATTERS TO MOMS (11 issues/year) digital braille, press braille Articles on child rearing from infancy through the mid-teens.

__ PC WORLD (monthly) digital braille, press braille Information for computer users about hardware, software, advanced technology, and trends in the field; columns on product reviews and helpful hints. __ PEOPLE (weekly) audiocassette News, articles, and interviews of celebrities __ PEOPLE en Espanol (weekly) audiocassette In Spanish. Features articles about entertainers and newsworthy

individuals of potential interest to Spanish-speaking readers.
__ PLAYBOY (monthly) digital braille, press braille Fiction, interviews, and articles with a male perspective. __ POETRY (11 issues/year) digital braille, press braille Contemporary poetry selected from a wide range of contributors and styles. __ POPULAR COMMUNICATIONS (monthly) digital braille, press braille Articles of current and historical interest specifically for the radio hobbyist.

__ POPULAR MECHANICS (monthly) digital braille, press braille
Practical advice for the amateur mechanic; information on automotive and home repairs; features new equipment. __ POPULAR MUSIC LEAD SHEETS (quarterly) digital braille, press braille Melodies, lyrics, and chords to popular songs ranging from golden oldies to recent hits. __ QST (monthly) audiocassette Contains project-building ideas and news on all aspects of ham radio. Official publications of the American Radio Relay League. __ QUARTERLY MUSIC MAGAZINE (quarterly) audiocassette Special NLS program designed to provide a limited substitute for newsstand browsing. Readers are sent a different music magazine each quarter. Covers a variety of aspects and types of music, such as opera, jazz, and country; and instruments such as guitar, and keyboard. __ ROLLING STONE (biweekly) digital braille, press braille American popular culture in the arts and entertainment industry. Provides record, video, audiovisual, and computer hardware reviews. __ SCIENCE NEWS: THE WEEKLY MAGAZINE OF SCIENCE (bi-weekly) digital braille, press braille

Excerpts of reports on current programs in science, medicine, and technology. __ SELECTIONS DU READER’S DIGEST (monthly) audiocassette French edition of Reader’s Digest. First person articles, profiles, opinion pieces, and other general interest articles. (Canada) __ SEVENTEEN (monthly) digital braille, press braille Beauty and fashion for young women; articles on careers, education, family, social relations, and diet. __ SHORT STORIES (monthly) press braille Stories from contemporary writers. (UK) __SMART COMPUTING (monthly) audiocassette Articles on home computing and reviews of computer software and hardware. __ SOUND AND VISION (10 issues/year) audiocassette Reports on new sound equipment and record reviews, with emphasis on popular music.

__ SPIDER: THE MAGAZINE FOR CHILDREN (monthly) audiocassette,
digital braille, press braille Stories, poems, jokes, and crafts for beginning readers ages 6-9. __ SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (weekly) audiocassette International sports news and articles with emphasis on American spectator sports. Features on sports personalities, sports events, and outdoor activities. __ SPORTS ILLUSTRATED FOR KIDS (monthly) audiocassette Sports news and articles for ages 8-13; features sports personalities, events, and sports cards; youth who are excelling in sports; regular column by youth discussing a controversial sport-related issue. __ SPORTS SCHEDULES (annual) digital braille, press braille Listings of games for six national sports leagues: American Baseball League, National Baseball League, National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Hockey League and Women’s National Basketball Association. __STONE SOUP: THE MAGAZINE BY YOUNG WRITERS AND ARTISTS (6 issues/year) digital braille, press braille Stories, poems, illustrations, and book reviews created by children through age thirteen. Features an activities section with suggested projects. __ TALKING BOOK TOPICS (bimonthly) audiocassette, computer diskette, digital text, large print

Announcements of recorded books recently added to the Library of Congress collection; news and developments in library services for blind and physically handicapped individuals. Cassette edition often includes text of News. One-line annotations of books in Talking Book Topics are included in Braille Book Review. Contents of both magazines are on the computer diskette. __ TRAVEL AND LEISURE (monthly) audiocassette Articles on vacation sites and tour destinations with tips on food and photography

__ TRUE WEST (11 issues/year) audiocassette
Nonfiction articles about the Old West, written by historians and western buffs. __ UPDATE (quarterly) digital braille, press braille, digital text News about volunteer programs and activities related to library services for blind and physically disabled persons. NLS newsletter __ U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT (45 issues/year) audiocassette News and commentary on world events. Abridged version, edited by U.S. News and World Report, editors. __VANIDADES (monthly) audiocassette In Spanish. General-interest women's magazine with an emphasis on style. __THE WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLD (51 issues/year) digital braille, press braille Compilation of book reviews appearing as a supplement to the Sunday edition of the Washington Post. __ THE WRITER (monthly) audiocassette New and established writers discuss their craft and work experiences; regular columns feature trade news, contest information and names and addresses of manuscript markets. __ YOUNG ADULT MAGAZINE OF THE MONTH (monthly) audiocassette Special NLS program designed to provide a limited substitute for newsstand browsing for young adults, Readers are sent a different sample magazine each month.

ADDITIONAL MAGAZINES Free subscriptions to the following magazines are available from the American Printing House for the Blind (APH). We will order a subscription

for any interested Talking Book patron. You should receive, and respond to, notice from APH when it is time to renew your free subscriptions. Please do not return these magazine cassettes, they are disposable. __ Newsweek (weekly) Cassette __ Reader’s Digest (monthly) Cassette, Braille

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