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									                                                                                                                                   Faculté Jean-Monnet
La Faculté Jean-Monnet
        A letter from the Dean ...................................................................................            2
        Faculté Jean-Monnet and Paris-Sud 11 University ...............................                                       4
        Paris-Sud 11 University: key figures ...........................................................                      5
        Faculté Jean Monnet and Sceaux................................................................                        6
        Environment and history of Faculté Jean Monnet .................................                                      7
        Organisation chart .........................................................................................          8
Admission and enrolment
      Admission and enrolment ............................................................................ 10
      Faculté Jean-Monnet facilities at the Orsay campus ............................. 14
        School Office (SEVE) ....................................................................................             16
        Understanding the LMD .............................................................................                   17
        Licence Law – Economics - Management ...............................................                                  17
        Master 1 and 2 Law – Economics - Management ................................                                          18
        University diplomas (D.U.) .........................................................................                  20
        International mobility .................................................................................              21
        Institute of Judiciary Studies (IEJ) ............................................................                     22
        Institute for the Preparation of General Administration (IPAG)......                                                  23
        Further education .........................................................................................           23
        Faculté Jean-Monnet site plan and some useful numbers ..................                                              24
How to succeed in your studies
        University Information and Guidance service (SCUIO) ....................                                              26
        Tutoring ..........................................................................................................   26
        Foreign language courses ............................................................................                 27
        Internships and professional integration ................................................                             27
        Libraries .........................................................................................................   28
        IT resources ...................................................................................................      32
        Research centres at Faculté Jean-Monnet .............................................. 34
        Doctoral school ............................................................................................. 35
Practical information for students
    Student support ............................................................................................ 38
    Accommodation ............................................................................................. 40
    Foreign students ............................................................................................ 42
    Catering .......................................................................................................... 43
    Sport ................................................................................................................ 44
    Culture ............................................................................................................ 45
    Health ............................................................................................................. 46
    Student mutual funds ................................................................................. 47
    Support for student projects ...................................................................... 48
    Student associations .................................................................................... 50
    Parking ............................................................................................................ 54
University calendar .............................................................................................. 55
Faculté Jean-Monnet

                      A Letter from the Dean

                         F    aculté Jean-Monnet, Law-Economics-Management, part of Paris-
                              Sud 11 University, is one of the top French universities in terms
                      of scientific recognition and influence, one of five teaching and research
                      units (UFR), alongside the faculties of Science (Orsay), Pharmacology
                      (Châtenay-Malabry) and Medicine (Kremlin Bicêtre), UFR Staps (sports
                      science), engineering school (IFIPS) and Institutes of Technology (Orsay,
                      Sceaux and Cachan).

                          Founded in 1968, the Faculty developed its law department and, in
                      the 1990s diversified into economics and management. With more than
                      5,000 students at Sceaux (4,400), Orsay (850) and Fontenay aux Roses, the
                      Faculty offers a broad range of curricula in a dynamic environment, while
                      continuing to operate on a scale that is propitious to good interpersonal

                           Its courses include robust and reputed Licence (BA) degrees and a wide
                      choice of original Masters degrees, effective language courses, an Institute
                      of Judiciary Studies that has many alumni now working successfully in the
                      professions of lawyer and magistrate; it prioritises international exchanges
                      and the professional insertion of students and is also entering more stu-
                      dents into apprenticeship situations. Its open approach to international
                      collaboration has led to the creation of a series of MA courses: French and
                      Spanish Law; Law and Advanced Languages; Economics, Management
                      and Advanced Languages.

                          Its fast developing research centres are showing great dynamism, regu-
                      larly organising high-profile symposia.

                           After a long period of construction and renovation, the Faculty has ben
                      housed in new or rehabilitated premises since the start of the 2003 aca-
                      demic year. These robust, highly functional facilities in a totally renovated
                      campus environment provide an original response to the needs of research-
                      ers, students and personnel.

                          It is my sincere wish that our Faculty offer all students the opportunity
                      to continue their learning process in Law, Economics or Management in a
                      warm and friendly environment.

                                                                          Jean Pierre FAUGERE
                                                                          Professor of Economics
                                                                Dean of the Faculté Jean-Monnet

> Practical 

                    Faculté Jean-Monnet
G u i d e       f
student  <
Faculté Jean-Monnet

                      Faculté Jean-Monnet and
                      Paris-Sud 11 University
                           Like thirteen of the seventeen Universities in the Paris region, Paris- Sud 11
                      University was founded in 1970. It is multi-disciplinary. It covers all disciplines
                      except the human sciences. Paris-Sud 11 University is also one of the biggest
                      French universities in terms of range of courses and student population. It also
                      figures among the top French universities for the quality of its research work: it
                      ranked 64th in the list of the world’s best universities for 2006 established by the
                      Jiao Tong University in Shanghai. It is also ranked 16th among European uni-
                      versities and second among French universities. Paris-Sud 11 University has 120
                      research laboratories recognised by the State and is part of an outstanding scien-
                      tific environment with a host of nearby laboratories: CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique,
                      Supelec, Ecole Supérieure d’Optique and Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques.
                      The University covers five geographical locations: Orsay, Sceaux, Châtenay-Mal-
                      abry, Kremlin-Bicêtre and Cachan. It includes:

                      5 Training and Research Units (UFR) still sometimes referred to
                      as «facultés»:
                          • Law-Economy-Management (Faculté Jean-Monnet) in Sceaux and Orsay,
                          • Medicine (Faculté de Médecine) in Kremlin-Bicêtre,
                          • Pharmacology (Faculté de Pharmacie) in Châtenay-Malabry,
                          • Science (Faculté de Sciences) in Orsay,
                          • Science and Technique in Physical and Sports Activities (UFR STAPS) in

                      3 Technological University Institutes (IUT):
                          • Electrical engineering, industrial IT, mechanical engineering and produc-
                            tion automation in Cachan,
                          • IT, physical measurement and chemistry in Orsay,
                          • Management and commerce in Sceaux.

                      1 Engineering School (IFIPS) in Orsay:
                          • 3 strands: students, apprentices and further education,
                          • 5 specialities: electronics, electrical engineering, IT, materials and optron-
                          The University Web site gives access to general information on the institution
                      and on the central services, to all the Web pages developed by the different com-
                      ponents of the university and those developed by the laboratories:

                                                                                 Faculté Jean-Monnet
   Paris-Sud 11 University: key figures
Students (year 2006-2007):
  Nearly 27,000 students
  - 6,800 are registered on Licence (B.A.) courses and 4,500 are pursuing open
    Masters courses as part of the LMD reform,
  - 2,600 are studying for doctorates,
  - 600 are engineering students,
  - 4,500 are foreign students from 125 countries,
  - 3,200 are on further training courses rewarded by a diploma or an

Staff :
  - 3,000 lecturer-researchers and researchers
  - 3,200 engineering, technical and administrative personnel
  - 80 university library staff.

Research environment :
  - 500,000 m2 of premises of which 260,000 m2 are devoted to research,
  - some 200 research teams working in 120 internationally recognised
    laboratories, more than half in partnership with CNRS, INSERM, INRA,
    INRIA and CEA.

Faculté Jean-Monnet

                          Faculté Jean-Monnet and Sceaux

                          O    ur town is both proud and happy to host such a prestigious institution
                               as Paris-Sud 11 University’s Faculté Jean-Monnet, so efficiently led by its
                      dean, Jean-Pierre Faugère.

                          Higher education is a major aspect of life in Sceaux. Though the community
                      only has 20,000 residents, it welcomes a daily influx of nearly 9,000 students, at
                      Faculté Jean-Monnet, the IUT, the EPF Foundation and the preparatory classes for
                      the Grandes écoles, run at our two lycées, Lakanal and Marie Curie.

                          On January 1 2000, Sceaux and five neighbouring towns set up the joint com-
                      munity (communauté d’agglomération) of Hauts-de-Bièvre. Its president, Patrick
                      Devedjian, asked me to take charge of relations with higher education institutions.
                      One of the priorities of the joint community will be to do everything possible to offer
                      the best possible welcome to this student population (particularly for accommoda-
                      tion) and accompany the institutions in their development and their relations with
                      players in the economy.

                          To accomplish this we shall be working with public partners and in the wider
                      perspective of the Scientific and Technological Bièvre Valley. Our commitment is
                      embodied in the recent implementation of the Rubis telecommunications network.

                         I shall do my utmost to consolidate the partnership between the town of Sceaux
                      and Faculté Jean-Monnet in this fast developing environment.

                                                                                         Philippe LAURENT
                                                                                           Mayor of Sceaux
                                    Vice-president of the general council of the Hauts-de-Seine department

                                    Vice-president of the general council of the Hauts-de-Seine department
                                             First vice-president of the joint community of Hauts-de-Bièvre

                                                                                      Faculté Jean-Monnet
Environment and history of Faculté Jean-Monnet
      Just 4 miles (7 km) south of Paris, Faculté Jean-Monnet nestles in the pleas-
ant, green valley environment of Sceaux, a community whose sensitive urban de-
velopment has ensured that a prestigious past is still everywhere to be seen. The
campus is close to the Sceaux park and castle, a stone’s throw from the Ecole nor-
male supérieure in Fontenay, and within half a mile of the stunning house of the
writer Chateaubriand, with its magnificent park. A small campus backing on to a
green belt and built around a square lawn, it is easy to get around and offers many
places to meet up, get to know people and develop a true campus spirit.
       The nearby RER station provides a high-speed connection to the Latin quar-
ter of Paris and the edifice that is a symbol for all law and economics students:
the Panthéon centre, seat of the former Paris Facuilty of Law. Separate yet close,
Faculté Jean-Monnet has a twofold advantage: proximity facilitates scientific ex-
change, while separateness has enabled the development of original identity and

                                                            Jean Pierre FAUGERE

1968 Foundation of a Faculty of Law in Sceaux as an offshoot of the Faculty of
     Law in Paris
1972 Installation of the first language laboratories.
1973 The Faculty of Law in Sceaux becomes part of Paris-Sud 11 University.
1975 Introduction of the first post-graduate course: the DESS in Health Law.
1976 Creation of the DEA in International Private Law and the «International
     Jurists» programme in collaboration with ISIT (higher institute for
     interpreting and translation in Paris)
1978 First inter-university cooperation programme with the University of Kent in
     the UK.
1988 Foundation of the Institute of Public Business Law (Droit Public des
     Affaires) in close collaboration with the professional community, notably
     the Paris Bar. First courses in Economics and Management.
       The Sceaux Law Faculty changes its name to «Faculté Jean-Monnet, Law
1993 Foundation of the campus at Orsay.
2004 Introduction of the L.M.D. (Licence, Master, Doctorat) system.
2005    Completion of the L.M.D. implementation.

                                                                                                                                       Faculté Jean-Monnet
                                                      PRESIDENT :
                                                     Anita BERSELLINI
                                                                                        General Secretary :
                                                                                       Jean-Pierre LECLERE
                                                Jean-Pierre FAUGERE
                                                                                                 REPRESENTATIVE of
                                                                                            the GENERAL SECRETARY
     VICE-DEAN                                                                                        Martine CARIS
     Jérôme FROMAGEAU
     International relations, Research
     Géraldine GOFFAUX
     Pedagogy - Communication                                                                                              SCHOOL OFFICE
                                                                                                                           Catherine PROUST

     DEPARTEMENT of RESEARCH and                                                                                                                          RELATIONS with
     DOCTORAL STUDIES                                                                                                                                    ACADEMIC STAFF
     Jérôme FROMAGEAU - Research                                                                                                                           Danielle LOPES
                                                                                                                                                                            Organizational chart

     Stéphane SAUSSIER - Doctoral School
     François JULIEN-LAFERRIERE – Theses                                                                                        FINANCE and
                                                                                                                            Clément CAMBON

     DEPARTMENT of LANGUAGE STUDIES                                                                                                                   HUMAN RESOURCES
     Jean CASSET                                                                                                                                      Evelyne LONGUEVILLE

                                                                                                                  PROFESSIONAL INSERTION and
                                                                                                                    VALIDATION of EXPERIENCE
     INSTITUTE of JUDICIARY STUDIES                                                                                        and QUALIFICATIONS
     Aurélie HARMAND-LUQUE                                                                                           Anne-Marie CHEOUX-DAMAS

                                                                                                                                                      COMMUNICATION and
     DEPARTMENT of                                                                                                                                       Soline CHASSINE
                                                                                                                            Francis VINCENT

    SHARED SERVICES AND PARTNERS                                                                                                                 OFFICE AUTOMATION and IT
    Information and Guidance (SCUIO) – Lydia LOUBET – Anne-Marie PASSAQUET – Martine PONS                                                               Jean-Paul BANKOLE
    Medical Service – Denise RANÇON-MOULY – Sylvie LAI –
                      – Catherine CLARO – Dominique LOCATELLI
    Social Service – Claude WENGER - Brigitte LETEMPLÉ
    Library (BU) – Christiane POLLIN – Catherine JACQUES                                                                   AUDIOVISUAL and
    Catering (CROUS) – Laureline CANAL                                                                                          MULTIMEDIA
    International Relations – Laurence PUEL                                                                                 Luc RONDELEUX
                     student  <
                     G u i d e       f
                     > Practical 

Admission and enrolment
    Faculté Jean-Monnet
Admission and enrolment
    Faculté Jean-Monnet

                              Admission and enrolment
                          Admission procedures
                               The following applies to students who have a French baccalauréat (or other
                          French qualification accepted as at least equivalent).
                               1) Baccalauréat obtained during the current year in the Paris region (Ile de
                               Applicants may indicate their preferred universities through the Ravel on-line
                          application programme in March or April.
                               If we are your n°1 choice, we will write you indicating the enrolment dates and
                          the formalities you will have to accomplish.
                               2) Baccalauréat from a previous year
                               You may pick up a form from our Registration Office or download it from our
                          Web site. You should complete and return it accompanied by:
                               - a letter of application clearly stating which degree you will be aiming for,
                               - the list of any grades received since you passed the Baccalauréat,
                               - a stamped, addressed envelope.
                               3) Baccalauréat obtained in another French region or a French overseas depart-
                          ment or territory.
                               You may pick up a form from our Registration Office or download it from our
                          Web site. You should complete and return it accompanied by:
                               - a letter of application clearly stating which degree you will be aiming for,
                               - the list of your Baccalauréat grades,
                               - a stamped, addressed envelope.
                               If your application is accepted, the administrative registration department
                          will send you a letter inviting you to register, along with the complete registration

                          Registration for 1st and 2nd year enrolment in BA (Licence) courses
                              Non E.U. foreign students.
                              1) Foreign students who already have or are preparing the French baccalauréat.
                              • Contact the French Embassy in your country of residence in order to collect a
                          blue pre-registration pack at the beginning of March. When you have filled in the
                          documents they will be checked by the Embassy’s cultural department which will
                          then forward them directly to the student’s first-choice University in April.
                              2) Foreign candidates with qualifications obtained outside France
                              • Collect the document pack entitled « Demande d’Admission Préalable » (Pre-
                          liminary Enrolment Request) between December 15 and January 15.
                              - Foreign residents: from the cultural adviser at the French Embassy in your
                          country of residence.
                              - French resident: from the University nearest your home ONLY for appli-
                          cants residing outside France in possession of a residence permit valid for at least
                          one year
                              – or via the Internet : (on-line since October).
                                           THE DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE RETURNED WITH THE
                                        ENDORSEMENT FROM THE EMBASSY OR THE UNIVERSITY
                                                   (OBLIGATORY) BEFORE JANUARY 31.
                              * Language test: for nationals of countries where French is not the official

                                                                                        Admission and enrolment
                                                                                            Faculté Jean-Monnet
language (except for members of the European Union, and holders of the DALF –
Diplôme approfondi de langue française) a French language proficiency test is held
in mid-February. A fee is charged to foreign applicants resident in France wishing
to pass this test, organised by the Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques.
     - Registration for the test via the Web site opens in December.
     Applicants submitting a preliminary endorsement request must pass this
     French nationals and applicants from E.U. countries
     • Residents abroad who either hold or are preparing a French baccalauréat
should ask for a pre-registration form for students outside the catchment area
from the School Office.
     • Holders of a foreign qualification should ask for a Validation of Personal and
Professional Experience and Qualifications (Validation des acquis personnels et
professionnels) from the local office:
     - by mail : 54 Boulevard Desgranges – Bâtiment A
                 92331 Sceaux Cedex - France
     - by e-mail:
     At any time between the months of October and May.

Enrolment in the 3rd year of a BA (Licence) course and the 1st year of a Master
    • Holders of qualifications gained outside France, or that are not sufficient for
access by right to the courses offered by the University: should ask for a Validation
of Personal and Professional Experience and Qualifications (Validation des acquis
personnels et professionnels) from the local office:
    - by mail : 54 Boulevard Desgranges – Bâtiment A
                92331 Sceaux Cedex - France
    - by e-mail:
    From the month of October to May 15 (these dates are not firm).

    NB: foreign students from non-E.U countries should note that admission
    to the 1st year of Master course or the 3rd year of the B.A. (Licence) course
    is not unconditional. You are strongly advised to complete the Demande
    d’Admission Préalable (Preliminary Enrolment Request) documents available
    from the French Embassy in your country of residence.
    Failing this, applicants for the 1st year of the Master course or the 3rd year of
    B.A (Licence) who are rejected by the Admissions Commission will not be al-
    lowed to register in the 1st or 2nd year of the B.A. (Licence) course.
    Important: registration for the 2nd year of the Master course is on the basis of
    the application forms only. The starting date for the withdrawal and return of
    application forms are announced in April on the Web site:

     Applicants who have already enrolled at a French university.
     Incoming and outgoing transfers
     Any French or foreign students having already enrolled at a French University
and who wish to continue or return to studies broken off at Paris-Sud 11 Univer-
sity must request the appropriate transfer forms from their current University.
     Students transferring from another University to enrol at Paris-Sud 11
     You can collect a transfer request form from our Registration Office (office
Admission and enrolment
    Faculté Jean-Monnet

                          B11) or from the Registration Office in your original University. You should com-
                          plete and return it accompanied by:
                               - a letter of application clearly stating which degree you will be aiming for,
                               - the list of your grades obtained since the Baccalauréat,
                               - a stamped, addressed envelope,
                               - any useful supporting document (e.g.: notification of a change of place of
                                 employment of either parents or spouse).
                               Applicants will be informed of the decision based on academic achievement
                          by the SEVE at the end of June.
                               Transfers from Paris Sud 11 University
                               To pursue your studies in another university you must complete your transfer
                          request form and send it to us accompanied by a Library discharge. This request
                          should then be submitted to the Registration Office (office B11) that will endorse
                          or reject your application (the latter eventuality may occur if you are involved in
                          litigation with your University Library).
                               Dual registration: please enquire at Office B 11.
                               Admission by Validation of experience and qualifications:
                               Applicants who do not fall into the categories mentioned above may nonethe-
                          less be admitted via a procedure to validate their prior experience and qualifica-
                               Application forms may be collected between October and May.
                               You will be informed of the decision of the pedagogic committee at the end
                          of June, and if you have been admitted will receive a letter inviting you to register.
                          You must comply with this procedure to register with the University’s administra-

                               General principle
                               1) Administrative registration
                               You must comply with the date indicated on the convocation. You may also
                          consult our calendar on our Web site
                               The forms you deposit for a first-time enrolment must be filled in completely.
                               Please note that the administrative enrolment procedure automatically also reg-
                          isters you with the
                               French social security scheme for students.
                               You may be affiliated to one of two separate centres. You should consult the
                          relevant documentation to ensure that you make the best choice regarding your
                          personal circumstances.
                               The administration is strictly neutral and is not able to advise you on this
                               Your fees cover:
                               - tuition,
                               - access to the library,
                               - a contribution to the Fonds de Solidarité et de Développement des Initia-
                          tives Etudiantes (FSDIE), see page 51,
                               - your subscription to the preventive medicine scheme,
                               - your subscription to the student social security system.
                                                                                          Admission and enrolment
                                                                                              Faculté Jean-Monnet
     Other fees:
     - access to the library holdings,
     - sports activities,
     - specific fees for students following Further Education or a specific Univer-
sity diploma course.
     Students on grants or other study allocations are automatically exonerated
from the payment of University fees. Requests for exoneration may be granted in
exceptional circumstances of financial difficulty (forms should be collected from
the School Office).
     2) Course registration
     Students register at the pedagogic secretary’s office. Registration for each se-
mester is mandatory.
     This registration determines how you will be allocated to groups for class
work and your examination timetable. It cannot subsequently be modified during
the semester.
                                 School Office (« Accueil et Vie de l’Etudiant »)
                                               Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 91 17 58 / 17 54
                                   Open Monday to Friday: 9:15 a.m. - midday /         
                                    Tuesday and Thursday: 1:15 p.m.- 4:15 p.m.

     3) Affiliation to the French student social security system
     This is obligatory for all students under the age of 28 (except for salaried
persons working more than 20h/month with a contract covering the period 01
/10/2007 to 30/09/2008.
     Affiliation is an automatic part of the administrative registration procedure
and takes effect as from the payment of the Social Security contribution, inclusive
in registration fees.
     Students on a grant and having received formal notification of their grant for
the year are exonerated.
     Supplementary coverage (Mutuelles)
     Joining a mutual fund scheme in France entitles you to coverage over and
above that offered by the basic student social security scheme (see page 50).
     Renewing registrations on line
     All students who have already enrolled at the University must renew their
     enrolment on-line. or
     Registration must be renewed in July or September, the two periods when the
on-line service is available. Note that precise dates are subject to modification
each year.
      For full details of this procedure see our Web site or contact the « School Of-
fice » department, Office B11.

        Faculté Jean-Monnet facilities
        at the Orsay campus

                                     ett   e

        RER B station
        Bures sur Yvette

     The buildings:
     236 bis: registration office, library, lecture hall, rooms for classwork
     236 ter: classrooms.
     237 : lecture hall, cafeteria.

     Some useful numbers:
     . Caretakers Orsay: 01 69 15 46 03
     . Infirmeries Orsay : 01 69 15 76 07 / 65 39

> Practical 

                    Faculté Jean-Monnet
G u i d e       f
student  <
Admission and enrolment
    Faculté Jean-Monnet

                          School Office (SEVE)
                              Faculté Jean-Monnet considers its quality policy as part of a broad commit-
                          ment to making sure that the students enjoy their time at the University. The con-
                          cept of educational community is firmly anchored in the culture of our Faculty
                          and is implemented by the School Office (SEVE). All the School Office services
                          are concentrated in a single site to facilitate communication and welcome stu-
                          dents more efficiently.
                              Collectively involved in accompanying students throughout their course, the
                          School Office is always on hand to answer their queries about administrative and
                          educational issues and if necessary refer them to the appropriate organisations.

                                                          SCHOOL OFFICE
                                                     Officer: Catherine PROUST
                                      Assistants: Claudine TOFANICCHIO and Sylvie RUSSELL

                                   LAW                        SCHOOL                  ECONOMICS
                                EDUCATION                     OFFICE                 MANAGEMENT
                                 SECTION                                           EDUCATION SECTION
                                LICENCE                  Karima KERROUMI                   Officer:
                                 Officer:                                            Sylvie CORDEBARD
                             Nathalie GIMARD           Reception Enrolment
                                                          Administrative                  LICENCE
                            L1 - Valérie PEREZ           Transfers Grants              L1, L2 -In Orsay
                           L2 - Murielle POISOT           Julie TOURNIER              Laurence PEILLEX
                            L3 - Régis HAMON          Dominique BRETONIERE
                             L1, L2 - In Orsay                                         L3 – In Sceaux
                          Marie-Ange MARCHETTI             Validation of               Cécile MAUCERI
                                  MASTERS                Danièle DUBARRY                 MASTERS
                                   Officer:                                         M1 - Cécile MAUCERI
                             Liliane CHEVALIER                                     M2 - Lydie BALLANGER

                             M1 - Carole SEEL                                         Distance learning
                          M2 - Martine DE LA VILLE                                    Joëlle DOUKHAN
                           Béatrice BENATTAR
                           Anne-Sandrine BUAT             INTERNATIONAL                   Canège
                                                             RELATIONS               Laurence VAGNAIR
                                                           Florence PEYRE

                                                                                                                   Admission and enrolment
                                                                                                                       Faculté Jean-Monnet
BAC                                 +3                   +5               +6                       +8   +9   +11

                        ingenieur IFIPS

                                     Magistère                                               Doctorat
                             Licence                   Master

  Licence 1 Licence 2   Licence 3
                            ou                   Recherche
                         Licence         M1         M2
        DEUST              Pro                      Pro


  Concours  Etudes                                           d'exercice
    1re       de                              MASTER                                      MASTER
   année   Pharmacie

 Understanding the LMD

  DOMAIN           BRANCH                        CURRICULUM
  LAW              Law                           Private Law
                                                 Public Law
                                                 Corporate Law
                                                 Law – Languages and Civilisations
                                                 Law and Advanced Theory and Methodology
                                                 Licence (B.A.) with Validation of qualifications from
                                                 initial training
                                                 Licence (B.A.) with Validation of qualifications from
                                                 further training
                   Public                        Public administration (LAP)
  The University of Paris « Centre Audiovisuel d’Etudes Juridiques » also offers a distance
  learning course in law. Brochures are available from the Registration Office.

  DOMAIN           BRANCH                        CURRICULUM
  ECONOMICS Economics-                           Applied economics (fast track available)
  MGMT.     Management                           Business management
                                                 Commerce – Sales
                                                 Economics – Management and Law
                                                 Economics and Mathematics (2 years - L1 and L2)
                                                 Economics – Management and Languages (2 years – L1
                                                 and L2)
  It is possible to follow this course from home (distance learning and CANEGE digital

Admission and enrolment
    Faculté Jean-Monnet
                          MASTERS 1

                          DOMAIN     BRANCH          CURRICULUM               INTERMEDIARY DIPLOMA
                          LAW       Law              Legal and Fiscal         Maîtrise (M.A.) in Law,
                          ECONOMICS                  Consulting               speciality : Business Law
                          MGMT.                                               Maîtrise (M.A.) en Law,
                                                                              speciality Business Law with
                                                                              University Diploma in Law,
                                                                              Languages and Civilisations
                                                     Private and Judiciary    Maîtrise (M.A.) in Law,
                                                     Law speciality Private   Law or Careers in Law
                                                                              and Criminal Science
                                                     Business Law             Maîtrise (M.A.) in Law,
                                                                              speciality Business Law
                                                     Notarial Law             Maîtrise (M.A.) in Law,
                                                                              speciality Notarial Law
                                                     Notarial law with        Maîtrise (M.A.) in Law,
                                                     CSEN                     speciality Notarial Law
                                                     International            Maîtrise (M.A.) in Law,
                                                     Private Law              speciality International Law
                                                     Social Law               Maîtrise (M.A.) in Law,
                                                                              speciality Social Law
                                                     General Public Law       Maîtrise (M.A.) in Law,
                                                                              speciality Public Law
                                                     Public Business Law      Maîtrise (M.A.) in Law,
                                                                              speciality Public Law
                                                     International Law        Maîtrise (M.A.) in Law,
                                                     and European Law         speciality International Law and
                                                                              European Law
                                                     Law, Innovation,         Maîtrise (M.A.) in Law,
                                                     Communication,           speciality Business
                                                     Culture (DI2C)
                                                     Environment Law          Maîtrise (M.A.) in Law,
                                                                              branch Public Law
                          LAW       Economics,       Economics                Maîtrise (M.A.) in Economics,
                          ECONOMICS Technology       Technology               Technology and
                          MGMT.     and Territory    Territory                Territory

                                     International   International studies    International Studies

                          LAW       Management of Management of               Maîtrise (M.A.) in Management
                          ECONOMICS Organisations Organisations               of Organisations
                          MGMT.                   International               Maîtrise (M.A.) in Management
                                                  Purchasing &                of Organisations
                                                  Accounting                  Maîtrise (M.A.) in Management
                                                  Inspection Audit            of Organisations

                                                                                       Admission and enrolment
                                                                                           Faculté Jean-Monnet

LAW          Basic and          Basic private law (R)
             Applied Law        Contract law (R)
                                Processual law (R and P)
                                Public law (R and P)
                                Canon law (R)
                                European Notarial Law (P)
                                Penal Law and Practice of Penal Law (P)
             Corporate Law      Business lawyer (P)
                                Law of Products and Public Supply Contracts (P)
                                Public corporation and service law (P)
                                Business and E.U. Law (P)
                                Law and Labour Relations Practice (P)
                                Law of Construction and Urban Development (P)
                                International Business Law (P)
                                Supplementary Skills in the Management
                                of Organisations (P)
             Law innovation     Law on Cultural Heritage (P)
             communication      Law and Digital Creation (P)
             culture            Law and Technical Innnovation (P)
             (with Paris I)     Law and New Properties (R)
             Law                International and European Public Law (R)
             of international   Law and Space and Electrionic
             and European       Communications Activities (R and P)
             activities         E.U. Law and Businesses (R)
             International      Diplomacy and Strategic negotiations (R and P)
             studies            Management of Development projects in Africa (P)
                                Sustainable Agricultural Development (R and P)
             Law and            Medical responsibility (R and P)
             health             Regulatory aspects of the Health Care Industries (P)
             management         Pharmaceutical Marketing (P)
             Environment        Environmental Law (P)
                                Sustainable Agricultural Development (R and P)
             Science of        Management and Urban Sports Law (P)
             sport and society

ECONOMICS Economics,            Business and the European Market (P)
          technology,           Economics and Management of Information and
          Territory             Networks (R)
                                Innovation, Research promotion and
                                Transfer of Competencies (P)
                                Decentralisation and Territorial Economics (P)

R: Research
P: Professional

Admission and enrolment
    Faculté Jean-Monnet

                          MASTERS 2

                          DOMAIN      BRANCH          SPECIALITIES
                          MGMT.       Management      Businesses and Public Services (P)
                                      of              Strategy and Financial Engineering (P)
                                      organisations   Human Resources Management Audit (P)
                                                      Accounting, Inspection, Audit (P)
                                                      International Purchasing and Commerce (P)
                                                      Organisation, Strategies and Risks (R)

                           R: Research
                           P: Professional

                          UNIVERSITY DIPLOMAS (UD)

                          UD Gratianus (IC)
                          UD Changes in Chinese Business (AC)
                          UD Certificate in French Legal Studies (IC)
                          (programme agreements with Edinburgh, Leicester, Marburg, Madrid, Padua)
                          UD Public Business law (IC)
                          UD Initiation in Diplomacy and International Relations (IC)
                          UD Languages and Civilisations level 1 Law-Economics-Management (IC)
                          UD Languages and Civilisations level 2 Law-Economics-Management (IC)
                          UD Languages and Civilisations level 3 Law (IC)
                          UD Languages and Civilisations level 4 Law (IC)
                          UD Languages and Civilisations Chinese English (IC)
                          UD Training in Organisation Management (IC)

                          IC: Introductory course
                          AC: Advanced course


                          Preparation for French civil service entry exams (concours administratifs)
                          UD in legal studies for students at the Ecole du Louvre 1 (IC)
                          Certificate in general art history 1, awarded by the Ecole du Louvre to students
                          enrolled in L2 Law at Faculté Jean-Monnet (admission based on school record in

                                                                                       Admission and enrolment
                                                                                           Faculté Jean-Monnet
International mobility
                                         International Relations Department
                                                                    Building B - 
                                                    Ground floor - Office B 11   
                        Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 91 17 83 - Fax: +33 (0)1 40 91 17 15 

    Foreign exchange programmes are organised for first and second year Licence
(L2 and L3) students wishing to spend their third year of Licence (L3) or first year
of Maîtrise (M1) abroad in partner Universities in the following countries:
    Europe (ERASMUS programme):
     • for Law students: England, Scotland, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic
       (classes in English), Italy.
     • for students in economy and management: Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Ger-
       many, Italy.
     North America (for students in economy & management only):
     • the MICEFA programme offers some fifty universities in the USA and Can-
       • the CREPUQ programme is for universities in Quebec.

   - For the ERASMUS programme
   Collect the application form from the International Relations Department
   (SRI) between February and March. Applicants will be selected on the basis of
   the written application and an interview.
     Results of the selections will be published in April.
   - For the CREPUQ programme
   Contact the SRI at the end of October. Application forms must be
   returned at the start of February.
     The University in Quebec will itself select from among the applicants.
   - For the MICEFA programme
   Write to SRI or MICEFA:
       Centre Saint Jacques
       26 rue du faubourg Saint Jacques - 75014 PARIS
       Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 51 76 96 - Fax: +33 (0)1 44 07 18 10 -
   Important: you must register to pass the TOEFL English test no later than
   Applications must be deposited at the International Relations Department:

    • Erasmus allocation,
    •International mobility support (grant based on social criteria).

Admission and enrolment
    Faculté Jean-Monnet

                          Institute of judiciary studies (IEJ)
                                                                                          IEJ SECRETARIAT 
                                                                                                  Building B 
                                                                                                 Office 418 
                                                                            Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 91 18 66 / 68 

                            The Institute of Judiciary Studies prepares students for the:
                              • entry examination for the Centre Régional de Formation Professionnelle
                                d’Avocats (CRFPA) (for laywers)
                              • entry examination for the École Nationale de la Magistrature (ENM) (for

                               The CRFPA examination is open to students holding an M.A. (Maîtrise) in
                          Law, registered at a Master’s I diploma, holding a Master in Law or Juridical Sci-
                          ence, and to students holding any of the qualifications recognised as equivalent
                          for entering a career as a lawyer (by French govt. order 25/11/98 modified by the
                          govt. order of 21/3/07).
                               Applicants must enrol as from the month of September at the IE Jsecretariat.

                              The external entrance examination for ENM is open to any of the following:
                          holders of a qualification obtained from a post-Baccalauréat course of at least four
                          years; holders of a diploma delivered by an Institute of Political Studies; former
                          students of the École Normale Supérieure. Students must be aged under 27 on
                          January 1 of the year of the examination.

                              Classes start in October.
                              Seminars (an average length of 2 hours) to help students prepare for the two
                          examinations are held late afternoon from Monday to Friday, and some classes are
                          available on Saturday mornings.
                              Mock examinations are generally held on Saturday afternoons.

                              Students may enrol for either preparatory course or, if they wish, for both,
                          but in the latter case will not be able to follow all classes for both courses as the
                          timetables overlap (in this case registration fees are reduced).

                              Information about IEJ and how it operates may be consulted on the Web site:

                                                                                         Admission and enrolment
                                                                                             Faculté Jean-Monnet
Institut for the Preparation
of General Administration
    IPAG (Institut de Préparation à l’Administration Générale) is a section of the
Faculté Jean-Monnet that is devoted to preparing students for the entrance exami-
nations (concours) for positions in the French civil service.

    IPAG offers two types of course:
     • A degree in public administration (Licence d’Administration Publique - LAP)
This course is sanctioned by a diploma and delivers all the knowledge and method-
ology required to pass the entrance examinations for the French civil service, while
at the same time delivering a university diploma at the end of the academic year,
provided that the student has completed course work, attended classes and shown
an appropriate level of motivation.
     • Preparation to public administration entrance examinations (PCA)
     This course supplements students’ knowledge in law, economics and general
culture, while at the same time enabling them to learn the methods required to suc-
cessfully negotiate the examinations (« dissertation », « note de synthèse », etc.).
     The academic team is made of lecturers and professors but also professionals
from the civil service who combine to deliver an ideal preparation for a career in the
civil service.


Further education
                                        Further education department 
                                                               Building A 
                                                Ground floor - Office A5 
                 Tel.:  +33 (0)1 40 91 18 20 - Fax: +33 (0)1 40 91 18 24 

    The Further Education department (Formation Continue) at the Faculté Jean-
Monnet organises vocational training courses and full-time diploma courses in
the fields of law, economics, and management.

    These courses are designed for anyone wishing to return to studying, what-
ever their current employment status, and who are seeking a new qualification,
an opportunity to retrain, or a career move.

     Faculté Jean-Monnet site plan
     and some useful numbers
                                        Fontenay-aux-roses                                                           Dir. Paris


                                                                                                                        N 20
                                                                                                            RER B
                        JEAN MONNET
                                   Bld Desgranges
       RER                                                                                   Bourg-la-Reine
     Robinson                              Place du Gal
                                             De Gaulle        Bld Colbert
                                                                                  Av. d
                                                                                        uP d Roo
                                  I.U.T.                                              D 60
                                                                                                   Dir. S
                                                                                                             x Ma
                                 D 67


                                                                                                            N 20



                                                                                                         La Croix
       Dir. Peti                                                                       y
                                                                                                         de Berny
                       rt                                                   ay-M
                                 N 186                               C haten
                                                              Dir.                                          N1
                      A 86

         Useful points
         . Telephone: Building E, next to room 6
         . Photo machine: next to the cafeteria
         . Photocopy machines: University library and Hall of Building A
         Useful numbers
         . Security: 01 40 91 18 81
         . Reception and switchboard: 01 40 91 17 00
         . Caretakers Sceaux : 01 40 91 17 16
         . Infirmeries Sceaux : 01 40 91 17 12
         Emergency numbers
         Emergency calls from a cellphone: 112
         Police: 17
         Fire service: 18
         Emergency medical care (SAMU) 15

                           student  <
                           G u i d e       f
                           > Practical 

         Faculté your studies
How to succeed inJean-Monnet
         Faculté your studies
How to succeed inJean-Monnet

                                University Information and Guidance
                                             Service (SCUIO) University Information and Guidance service
                                                                                                    Building B
                                                                                          Lower ground floor
                                                           Open Monday to Friday, 12:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. 
                                                                          - Thursday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 
                                                                           Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 91 18 38 / 17 98 

                                    Housed at the « Maison des études », the services dedicated to welcoming
                                students, and giving information and personal and vocational guidance are also a
                                part of each component of University life.

                                    Faculté Jean-Monnet operates a SCUIO (Service Commun Universitaire
                                d’Information et d’Orientation) office which has the following missions:
                                     • to welcome high school pupils and new students: information on university
                                       curricula and university life,
                                     • to develop documentation on training,
                                     • to help develop your academic and vocational projects: pursue studies, sup-
                                       plementary training, new guidance, job opportunities…
                                     • to prepare you for a job (CV, job application letter, etc.)
                                     • to help you consult software for orientation and career guidance
                                     • to organise conferences, meetings and workshops.

                                    Students have free access to four computers to conduct research, and connec-
                                tions to a WI-FI terminal are also available.

                                    Research assistants will be happy to help you in the documentation room and
                                guide you in your research. A psychological counsellor is also available and will
                                meet you by appointment for an individual interview.

                                     Faculté Jean-Monnet has set up a system whereby first year Licence students
                                can receive assistance in methodology in the form of tutoring from students who
                                are further forward in their studies. This is organised as from mid-October and is
                                provided on a voluntary basis.

                                     Tutors will help you to become familiar with:
                                    - the campus and the available services.
                                    - the types of exercices used in classwork.

                                    They are also on hand to answer your questions and generally help you to fit
                                in better with your adademic surroundings.
                                                                                                 Faculté your studies
                                                                                        How to succeed inJean-Monnet
Foreign language courses
                                                                       Building B
                                                                      Office 211
   The Department offers a wide range of half-yearly or yearly courses in
English, German and Spanish. These take the form of weekly three-hour class-
room sessions.
   The courses enable students with any level of language ability to follow a lan-
guage curriculum throughout their studies in law/economics/management.
    - Preparation for ASPLEF (Association pour la promotion des langues
      étrangères en France) examinations
    - Preparation for the University of Cambridge (UK) examinations: First Cer-
      tificate, Business English Certificate, Advanced, Proficiency,
   - Preparation for the London Chamber of Commerce examination,
   - Preparation for the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce examination,
   - Preparation for the Franco-Spanish Chamber of Commerce examination.
    Also, the Department offers a special University Diploma in Law/Languages
and Civilisations. This is a completely integrated curriculum followed as from
the first year (L1) of a Licence (B.A.) course. It enables students, subject to pass-
ing the admission tests, to study law and a combination of two foreign languages
(English-German, English-Spanish, Chinese-English).

Internships and professional integration
                                                              Building A
                                                            Office 414 
             Sceaux Tel.:  01 40 91 18 75 - Orsay Tel.: 01 69 15 70 56
     This service provides students with training in techniques and practical
advice for finding an internship in a professional environment or a full-time job.
     Colette Semaan, the professional integration officer, organises group sessions
mediated by specialised human resources and recruitment consultants. These
sessions are organised at the request of the teaching staff.
     The following topics are addressed:
     • Search strategies (recruitment practises, unsolicited applications, etc.),
     • Internet resources (how to find useful information quickly, etc.)
     • Job applications (writing a CV, a job application letter, etc.),
     • Interviews (preparing and succeeding).
     This is group work actively involving each participant. Workshops only con-
cern a small number of students and are held in a classroom. Three hours should
be allowed for each workshop.
     The following workshops are organised
•1 : CV                                 •2 : Targeting opportunities
•3 : Job application letters            •4 : Simulating a job interview.
    Display panels in the hall of Building B on the upper ground floor.
         Faculté your studies
How to succeed inJean-Monnet

                                     The seven university libraries at Paris-Sud 11 University form a shared docu-
                                mentation resource (Service Commun de la Documentation) available to students
                                and lecturers/researchers, in connection with the libraries of associated laborato-
                                ries and research centres.
                                     Students in Law, Economics and Management have access to three libraries,
                                two of which are in Sceaux and one on the campus at Orsay.


                                SCEAUX CAMPUS
                                   The University Library, accessible to all.
                                   The Research Library, reserved for Master 2 and Doctorate students.

                                                                              The Sceaux University Library 
                                                                                                  Building G 
                                                  Open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; 
                                                                       Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
                                                                   (Summer hours from July 2 to October 6: 
                                                        from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) 
                                                  Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 91 19 24 -
                                   The Paris-Sud 11 common library catalogue can be consulted on the library’s
                                Web site.
                                   Printed material
                                   • 60,000 books (5,500 acquisitions each year),
                                   • 450 legal, economic and general information periodicals,
                                   • Theses and memoires.
                                   Electronic documents,
                                   • The library has subscriptions to the leading on-line legal and economic da-
                                    Your library card will be delivered on presentation of your student card and an
                                ID photo. It gives you access to all the Paris-Sud 11 libraries.
                                    • You can borrow up to three books for a period of two weeks.

                                    • Sessions to present the library and electronic resources at the start of the
                                    • Documentary methodology (for L1 students).

                                                                                                  Faculté your studies
                                                                                         How to succeed inJean-Monnet
     • All services are accessible to the disabled,
     • Bibliographic information: libraries are available to help you to find the
       documents you need,
     • Wi-Fi terminals: you can access the Internet from your personal computer
       in our reading rooms,
     • Group work rooms: three rooms are available and can be reserved for
       groups of two to six students,
     • Rooms for lecturers and researchers: one room is reserved for teaching staff
       and students registered for doctorate courses at the Faculté Jean-Monnet,
     • Photocopiers: six photocopiers are available for the duplication of extracts
       of library documents (0.10 €/copy),
     • Inter-library loans: this service gives access to works not held at Sceaux but
       available from other French or foreign libraries along with photocopies of
       articles in reviews (a fee is charged for this service)


      A University Library, accessible to all.

                                        The University Library, Orsay branch     
                                                               Building 236 ter
                           Open from Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. 
                               Tel.: +33 (0)1 69 15 46 11 or (0)1 69 15 56 04 

    Your library card will be delivered on presentation of your student card and
an ID photo.
     Each student may borrow up to five works for a period of two weeks.
     Your library card gives you access without other formalities to all the libraries
in the Service Commun de la Documentation of Paris-Sud 11 University, listed on
the back of the card.
     You can use
    • 5 Internet workstations: consultation limited to 30 minutes if there is strong
      demand – Priority to documentary research
    • 1 on-line catalogue listing and giving locations of all collections.
   In the library:
  • 20,552 documents
  • Newspapers, magazines, reviews
  • Annals of examinations from 1991 to 2006.

         Faculté your studies
How to succeed inJean-Monnet

                                   On the on-line catalogue:
                                    • Encyclopedias,
                                    • Newspaper and magazine articles,
                                    • Legal and economic databases.

                                RECEPTION AND SERVICES
                                   • Home lending service,
                                   • Reference library service – Document search facilities
                                   • Access to the Wi-Fi terminal for all students at Paris-Sud 11,
                                   • A photocopy machine is available to students (payment by cash or with a
                                     reloadable card at a degressive price)
                                   • Consultation of the Internet and electronic resources (documents can be
                                     printed with a photocopy card).
                                   A team is on hand to answer your queries.
                                   Please consult us if you need help for your research work,.
                                   You can make suggestions for acquisitions by e-mail to:

                                                                                              Faculté your studies
                                                                                     How to succeed inJean-Monnet
Research library
                                                                   Building A
                                                                Room A 205
                                           Open from Monday to Thursday 
                            9:00 a.m - 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. 
                                          and Friday 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
                                                  Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 91 19 47 

   The Research Library at Faculté Jean-Monnet centralises and manages the
documentation from seven research teams recognised by the Faculty:
    • Analysis of industrial and social dynamics (ADIS),
    • Centre for studies and research in IPR law (CERDI),
    • College of international studies (CEI),
    • Law and religious societies (DSR),
    • Charles Dumoulin Institute (ICD),
    • Institute of public law studies (IEDP),
    • Economic and social management of organisations (PESOR).

   The library has seven freely accessible computer workstations enabling:
   • Access to the Internet (Web and e-mail),
   • Access to a laser printer (a fee is charged: university library card system),
   • Access to digital documentation,
   • The use of the main common databases and those proposed by the Univer-
     sity library,
   • The ability to send selected documents from databases to your e-mail ad-

         Faculté your studies
How to succeed inJean-Monnet

                                IT resources
                                STUDENT ACCOUNT
                                    All students at Paris-Sud 11 University are fully entitled to register and have
                                access to the many services available on their student account.
                                    The account is activated through your Paris-Sud 11 University student num-
                                ber (8 digits) on your student card, and your date of birth. To activate your ac-
                                count, go to the student activation section in the Adonis directory:

                                    Your account will be created automatically and a password will be assigned
                                to you. You will be given an electronic address in this format «
                       ». You can change your password at any time.
                                    Your student account gives access to a set of different services:
                                     • Electronic mail (through an e-mail software or directly by webmail).
                                     • The University wi-fi network (several terminals are distributed throughout
                                       the classroom buildings and in the university library).
                                     • The training platform providing on-line access to documents for course and
                                       classroom work.

                                SELF-SERVICE IT ROOMS
                                   At Sceaux
                                   • Room B307, open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
                                     Some twenty workstations are available with Internet access, MS Office,
                                     Open Office and a range of specialised software. The room also has a print-
                                     er that you can use with your card.
                                   • Library and Research
                                     Library Workstations dedicated to documentary research are available.
                                   • Building 336
                                     Students have access to the Science Faculty rooms in Building 336.
                                   • Library
                                     Workstations dedicated to documentary research are available.

> Practical 

                    Faculté Jean-Monnet
G u i d e       f

student  <
Faculté Jean-Monnet

                      Research centres at Faculté Jean-Monnet
                           Research has a central role at Faculté Jean-Monnet. Along with teaching, it is
                      one of the main missions of our academic staff. Seven teams and an international
                      research group (GDRI, in association with the French National Scientific Research
                      Centre - CNRS), provide a platform for high-quality research in economics, law
                      and management, within the broader context of the predominantly science-ori-
                      ented Paris-Sud 11 University. A resource and decision support centre, the re-
                      search department has a mission, within the overall goals set by the Scientific
                      Council, of organising the administrative management and also assembling and
                      promoting all the scientific publications by our colleagues at the University.

                          ECONOMICS                              HISTORY OF LAW
                      ADIS (Analysis of industrial and social    DSR (Law and Religious Societies)
                      dynamics)                                  Directors:
                      Director: Stéphane SAUSSIER                Brigitte BASDEVANT-GAUDEMET
                                and Jean-Paul DURAND
                      PESOR (Economic and social                 PLURIDISCIPLINARY RSEARCH
                      management of organisations)               CEI (Interdisciplinary studies)
                      Director:                                  An alliance of CREMOC, CADMOS,
                      Sandra CHARREIRE-PETIT                     CECA, COBEA, GEKEM, GRAEEP, IDEST
                             Director: Daniel DORMOY
                      PRIVATE LAW                                htm 
                      CERDI (Centre for Studies and
                      research in IPR law - electronic           GDRI (International research group)
                      business, intellectual property)           CNRS Cultural Heritage, Art and Law
                      Directors: Pierre SIRINELLI and            Director: Jérôme Fromageau
                      Antoine LATREILLE                

                      ICD (Institut Charles Dumoulin)
                      Mme Pauline REMY-CORLAY and
                      M. Christophe SERAGLINI

                      PUBLIC LAW
                      IEDP (Institute of Public Law Studies)
                      François JULIEN-LAFERRIERE

                                                                                     Faculté Jean-Monnet
Doctoral School
                                                  Doctoral School Secretariat 
                                                            Ghislaine BONESIO 
                                                                      Building A 
                                                                     Office 302 
                                                     Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 91 17 61  

    The Doctoral School of Law, Economics and Management is one of the six-
teen doctoral schools at Paris-Sud 11 University.
    All the research teams at Faculté Jean-Monnet are involved in this institu-
tion which is endorsed by the French Ministry for University Education under
the terms of a four-year contractual agreement. It is multi-disciplinary, bringing
together researchers, jurists, economists and managers.

     At Paris-Sud 11 University, where the predominant disciplines are in hard
science, the Doctoral School at Faculté Jean-Monnet has a strong and distinctive
thematic identity. However it does enjoy support in many forms from the Univer-
sity’s other doctoral schools (Medicine, Pharmacology, Space science, Computing,

    The different branches covered by the Doctoral School at Faculté Jean-Mon-
net work on a wide range of research themes, but they are united by a common
approach, the need for a multi-disciplinary curriculum, the sharing of experience
and the imperative of working closely with students during their thesis, while
looking ahead to their professional opportunities.

    This cross-fertilization favours innovative research and is extended to col-
laborations with other universities and scientific bodies in France and elsewhere.

    The international dimension is a priority at the Doctoral School at Faculté

    The Doctoral School supervises theses in the following disciplines:
    • Private law,
    • Public law,
    • History of law,
    • Economics,
    • Management,
    • Politics.

    For more information on the Doctoral School or doctorate enrolment, please
contact the school Secretary’s office.

     Faculté Jean-Monnet
                                student  <
                                G u i d e       f
                                > Practical 

              Faculté for students
Practical informationJean-Monnet
              Faculté for students
Practical informationJean-Monnet

                                     Student support
                                         CROUS (Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires et scolaires) is an or-
                                     ganisation whose vocation is to contribute to the improvement of the living and
                                     working conditions of students. The Versailles branch is responsible for the area
                                     covered by the Academy of Versailles (including Paris sud-11 University). Its man-
                                     date includes the management of grants, university restaurants, and student ac-
                                         Grants are managed by the School Office («Accueil et Vie de l’Etudiant»),
                                                                      Office B11, « Accueil et Vie de l’Etudiant »
                                                                                                           Building B 
                                                                       Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 91 17 59 / 17 58 / 17 54
                                                                     Open to the public from Monday to Friday.
                                          Higher education grants based on social criteria (from 1st year of
                                     licence to master 1)
                                          Age conditions
                                          Beneficiaries must be under 26 on October 1 of the university year for a first
                                     allocation (except when specifically waived)
                                          Nationality conditions
                                          • Beneficiaries must be of French nationality;
                                          • Or a national of the European Union working or having worked in France;
                                          • Or a political refugee holding the card delivered by OFPRA (Office français
                                            de protection des réfugiés et apatrides);
                                          • Or a foreign national whose parents (father and mother) have been resident
                                            in France with their dependent children for at least two years.
                                          Academic conditions
                                          Grants will be allocated for each university year.
                                          You must be:
                                          • Holder of the Baccalauréat or of a title admitted as Equivalent for a first
                                          • Preparing a diploma entitling the applicant to a grant.
                                          • Following full-time studies at a normal pace.
                                          Applicants must not have interrupted their studies after the age of 26 (age on
                                     October 1 of the university year in progress).
                                          Grant application forms must be returned in the pre-printed envelope sup-
                                     plied by the Versailles branch of CROUS. Grants are not renewed automatically
                                     and students must renew their application each year.
                                     YOU CAN REQUEST THE STUDENT WELFARE (« DOSSIER SOCIAL ») FORMS FROM 
                                     THE CROUS VERSAILLES OFFICE WEB SITE
                                        Between January 15 2008 to April 30 2008 at:
                                     Grants based on university criteria
                                     MASTERS 2
                                        Grants are allocated on the basis of academic criteria.
                                        However, when applicants are deemed to have equal merit, priority is given to
                                                                                                      Faculté for students
                                                                                        Practical informationJean-Monnet
applicants who were already grant beneficiaries the previous year.
    The grant request is a two-phase process:
   1 - Students fill in the request form on the Web site:
      between January 15 and April 30 2008.
   2 – As from the start of the academic year and before October 15, the applicant
      collects the application forms for a grant based on university criteria from
      the grants office of the university at which he or she wishes to enrol, even if
      the university department concerned has not yet accepted the application.

    Honorific loans
    Honorific loans may be allocated to students of French nationality pursuing
studies in a higher education instiution governed by the French Ministry of Edu-
    Forms must be collected from and returned to the School Office (« Section
accueil et Vie de l’Etudiant »), Office B11.
    Collect forms before the end of September.
    1st round : forms must be deposited no later than October 15 2007.
    2nd round: forms must be deposited no later than February 1 2008.
    Conditions for allocation
    These loans are allocated at two annual sessions (mid-November and at the
end of March). Requests are submitted to the local honorific loans committee that
assesses each request on the basis of academic, social and local criteria.
    Students are not entitled to receive a higher education grant and an honorific
loan during the same academic year.
    Payment of honorific loans
    Beneficiaries of honorific loans undertake to start refunding them no later
than the tenth year following the year of graduation (acquisition of the grade or
diploma for which the loan was awarded). Loans are interest-free.

    Travel grants
    Travel grants help French students and grant holders to pay at least part of
their travel costs.
    To be entitled to this support, the student must be fulfilling an individual in-
ternship in a French overseas territory or department. The internship must nec-
essarily be an integral part of their university studies and its duration must be at
least one month.

    Local community grants.
    If you are a resident of the Essonne (91) department and are 25 years old, the
department’s council (Conseil Général de l’Essonne) may be able to help you with
a grant.
    Applications from September 1 to October 31 2007.

    University Solidarity Fund (FSU)
    The FSU may grant individual aid to students in serious difficulty.
    You should make an appointment with our Service Social.
                                                                   Mrs WENGER 
                                                     Tel.: +33 (0)1 46 83 58 20

              Faculté for students
Practical informationJean-Monnet

                                          The application procedure for a room in one of the halls of residence run by
                                     the CROUS branch in Versailles, is the same as for your grant request based on
                                     social criteria. Simply mention on your student social forms that you are applying
                                     for a grant and for accommodation.
                                          CROUS allocates rooms to students according to availability.
                                          Rooms may be released for students on the waiting list (by order of indexed
                                     social priority) in the course of the year if there are any withdrawals.

                                     Crous de Versailles
                                     145 bis, Boulevard de la Reine              Bures Sud
                                     78005 Versailles                            Building 231
                                     Grants & Accommodation:                     91440 Bures-sur-Yvette
                                     Tél. : 0 810 001 541                        Tél. : 01 69 15 78 93
                                     Fax : 01 39 20 85 17
                                                                                 résidence l’Ile - Bures
                                     Nearby residences:                          14, rue du Dr Colle, Bâtiment 227
                                     SCEAUX :                                    91440 Bures-sur-Yvette
                                     Le Tocqueville                              Tél. : 01 69 07 68 96
                                     4, sentier de Fontenay
                                     Tél. : 01 43 50 76 71                       résidence le Bosquet,
                                                                                 BP 2, 91440 Les Ulis
                                     FONTENAY-AUX-ROSES :                        Tél. : 01 69 07 62 40
                                     résidence de Fontenay-aux-roses
                                     15, rue des Saint-Sauveurs                  Student accommodation:
                                     92260 Fontenay-aux-Roses                    CHATENAY
                                     Tél. : 01 46 60 88 10                       21, rue Henri Marrou
                                                                                 Tél. : 01 46 61 14 61
                                     MASSY :                                     (for women)
                                     EFIDIS student residence
                                     6, rue Eric Tabarly                         FONTENAY AUX ROSES
                                     Tél. : 01 69 20 81 71                       Lanteri hall of residence
                                                                                 7, rue Gentil Bernard
                                     ORSAY :                                     Tél. : 01 41 13 36 00
                                     UNIVERSITY HALLS OF RESIDENCE
                                     résidence La Pacaterie                      Other accommodation:
                                     Building 499, 91406 Orsay                   BAGNEUX
                                     Tél. : 01 69 15 75 98                       Foyer sncf
                                                                                 Tél. : 01 40 18 67 17
                                     résidence Fleming                           Foyer Victor Hugo
                                     rue Maginot, 91406 Orsay                    16, Av.Victor Hugo
                                     Tél. : 01 69 18 97 97                       Tél. : 01 45 36 11 90
                                     résidence de Bures Nord                     BOURG-LA-REINE
                                     Building 232,233                            4, rue Bobière de Vallière
                                     Tél. : 01 69 15 77 02                       Tél. : 01 47 02 43 36
                                                                                     Faculté for students
                                                                       Practical informationJean-Monnet
16, rue J.Pierre Laurens      8, place de la gare
Tél. : 01 41 13 00 50         92340 BOURG-LA-REINE
43, Avenue Gabriel Péri
Tél. : 01 41 13 00 40         ADELE :
                              Students looking for
MASSY                         accommodation can find help at
CIMADE International hostel
80, rue du 8 Mai 1945
Tél. : 01 60 13 58 90         ATOME : for accommodation with a
Autres :
                              SOGIPA : university halls of residence
                              Tél. : 08 20 00 05 94
Building 333 Campus
91405 ORSAY
Tél. : 01 69 15 52 52

17, rue de l’Yvette
91405 ORSAY
Tél. : 01 69 28 59 72

              Faculté for students
Practical informationJean-Monnet

                                     Foreign students
                                          All non-European nationals wishing to study in France must obtain a long stay
                                     visa bearing the word «student». Visa applications should be made to the French
                                     Consulate or Embassy in the student’s country of residence.

                                        • Within two months following their arrival in France, non-European students
                                     must apply for a temporary residence permit bearing the word «student».

                                         Where to apply for a residence permit:
                                         • For students living in the area covered by the Sous-Préfecture in Antony:
                                                                                                Mrs CHEOUX-DAMAS,
                                                                                                 Faculté Jean-Monnet
                                                                                          54, Boulevard Desgranges
                                                                                                92331 Sceaux Cedex
                                                                                                             Building A
                                                                                                            Office 412
                                                                                           Tel.: +33 (0)

                                         • For students living in the area covered by the Sous-Préfecture in Palaiseau:
                                                                              Permanence de la Maison des Etudes
                                                                                              Université Paris-Sud 11
                                                                                               Building 311 - Le Moulin
                                                                                                   91405 Orsay Cedex
                                                                                            Tel.: +33 (0)

                                         • For students living in an area covered by another Préfecture or Sous-Pré-
                                         contact the Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture of your place of residence.

                                                                                                      Faculté for students
                                                                                        Practical informationJean-Monnet
    Whether you just want a quick snack or a full meal, the campus at Sceaux has
a university restaurant facility with three separate rooms:
     • A cafeteria on two floors where you can get breakfast before you start
       classes, and a quick-service lunch. You can choose a standard menu or put
       your own menu together. There are sandwiches, salads, panini, hot-dogs
       and always something new at the start of the academic year. You can pay
       with a ticket or in cash.
     • A 350-seater restaurant where you can enjoy a full, balanced traditional
       menu for the price of a university restaurant ticket (2.75 euros for the 2006-
       2007 academic year), and a fixed grill menu comprised of steak and chips
       and a beverage.
     • A 90-seat brasserie, open to all, where you will find different set meals,
       mixed salads and grills. Cash payment only.
     • Automatic dispensers with confectionery and hot and cold drinks are
       also available at the university restaurant and elsewhere on the cam-
                    Restaurant tickets are available only in the University 
                restaurant hall, Building E; access by the pedestrian bridge 
                  then to the left, Monday to Friday, 11:45 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.

     The Orsay campus has two university restaurants each with a cafeteria and
     ORSAY University restaurant « LES CÈDRES » Building 406
     • University restaurant: Monday to Friday, 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and Saturday,
       11:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.
     • Cafeteria: Monday to Friday,7:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
   • Grill: Monday to Friday, 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
     Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 11:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. and 6:30
     p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
    • Cafeteria «le tropical»: open from 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., the pizzeria is open
from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
    BURES University restaurant - Building 230
    • University restaurant: Monday to Friday, 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
    • Corner Cafe: Monday to Friday, 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
     • Café des sports – set grill menu and University restaurant set meal: Monday
       to Friday, 11:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. non-stop. You can eat in a pleasant area
       with non-stop sports events on eight giant-screen TV sets.
    « L’Amphi » Brasserie - Building 332: Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
    « L’Expresceaux » Cafeteria - Building  237: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m.
– 3:00 p.m.

              Faculté for students
Practical informationJean-Monnet

                                                                                                  • Sports office, 
                                                                                                         Building G
                                                                                           Contact: Guy Papelier
                                                                                              Tel.: 01 40 91 17 91
                                                             • L’Association sportive de la Faculté Jean-Monnet, 
                                                                                                         Building G
                                                                                              Tel.: 01 40 91 17 90

                                         Most sports can be practised at the University whether for relaxation, lei-
                                     sure or competition. We invite you to enquire at the sports office and one of the
                                     sports associations (Association sportive de la Faculté Jean-Monnet) or FASEUPS
                                     (Fédération des Associations Sportives Etudiantes de l’Université Paris-Sud 11)
                                     which represents all student sports associations on each campus.
                                         Many sports tournaments, courses, trips or week-ends are organised through-
                                     out the year. You can set out to discover a new sport, meet other students who
                                     share the same passion as you or simply make new friends.
                                         A sport can also, in some cases, be part of your curriculum, counting as a UV
                                     or enabling you to pick up bonus points.

                                          Fitness room. Sports, for leisure (taekwondo, karate, aerobics, tennis, bad-
                                     minton, climbing, riding, golf, sailing) or competition (football, rugby, basketball
                                     for team sports, and a choice of individual sports).

                                         • SUAPS (Service Universitaire des Activités Physiques et Sportives)
                                         Building 225
                                         Contact Patrick Maupu
                                         Gymnase André Raquin
                                         Tel.: 01 69 15 77 04 -
                                          • ASESCO (Association des étudiants en sciences du campus d’Orsay),
                                            Building 225
                                         Secretariat open Monday to Friday 12:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
                                         Tel.: 01 69 15 79 32 -
                                         40 sports activities, organised tournaments…

                                                                                                     Faculté for students
                                                                                       Practical informationJean-Monnet
                                                         Paris-Sud 11 University
                                                    Cultural Affairs Department
                                                                     Building 330 
                                                            91405 ORSAY cedex
                                              Tel.: +33 (0)1 69 15 42 73 / 31 92 
                                                       Fax: +33 (0)1 69 15 55 88

    Paris-Sud 11 University also has a busy cultural life, offering students
and staff the opportunity to take part in a range of workshops. Many of
these are actively involved in the spring arts festival (« Printemps de la
Culture »), an event organised since 2000 by the University’s Cultural Af-
fairs Department. The festival spans all art forms and involves talented
amateurs and professional performers. The University also contributes to
the nationwide poetry week by presenting each year in March, its « Print-
emps des poètes ».
    Cultural workshops
    The cultural workshops, open to all students and University staff, of-
fer an opportunity to be involved in an authentic creative process. They
are run on a half-yearly basis by professionals in the different disciplines
(dancers, theatre producers, writers, journalists, actors, painters, photog-
raphers, etc.). Most of the workshops are held at Orsay, but each year the
range of options available at the other campus locations is extended.
    « Printemps des Poètes »
     Paris-Sud 11 University is actively involved in « Printemps des Poètes
» (poets in the springtime), a nationwide event, staging exhibitions, recit-
als, performances… An Inter-University Poetry Competition organised
in collaboration with the Versailles branch of CROUS has been running
since 2002.
     « Printemps de la Culture »
     « Printemps de la Culture » (culture in the springtime) is the annual arts fes-
tival organised by Paris-Sud University, from April to June at venues throughout
the campus. It is supported by local communities, the DRAC Ile de France and
prestigious cultural partners.
     All the arts are represented, notably drama, music, dance and painting.
     For more information on all these activities, and more generally, to find out
more about the University’s cultural associations, conferences, debates and cul-
tural partnerships, go to the Paris-Sud University Cultural Affairs Department
Web site at:

              Faculté for students
Practical informationJean-Monnet

                                            SUMPPS : the university service for preventive medicine and health
                                     at faculté Jean-Monnet
                                          The student preventive medicine service looks after your health throughout
                                     your university course.
                                          You are entitled to vaccinations, medical certificates, psychological support,
                                     ongoing help to give up smoking, prescriptions, and help if you are disabled. Nu-
                                     tritional advice is also available from a dietician.
                                          Regular and emergency care is provided
                                         At Jean-Monnet
                                         Building A – lower ground floor           8 avenue Cauchy - 92330 Sceaux
                                          Doctor D. Rançon-Mouly                     Tuesday and Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:30
                                     Bus 395, alight at the IUT:                p.m.
                                          Wednesday 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.            Wednesday 9:00 a.m. – 2:20 p.m.
                                     Monday 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.               infirmerie.droit-eco-gestion@u-psud.
                                          Tel.: 01 40 91 17 13                  fr
                                     Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.                  Tel.: 01 40 91 17 12
                                          Nurse: D. Locatelli
                                     Tel.: 01 40 91 24 01                                At the IUT in Sceaux
                                                                                    Psychologist: Mrs C. Claro
                                              2nd and 4th Mondays of each month
                                              the nurse will make an appointment for you
                                              Tel.: 01 40 91 17 12

                                         Dietician : Miss E. Peignée
                                              on Fridays, the nurse will make an appointment for you
                                              Tel.: 01 40 91 17 12

                                         Infirmery at Orsay: Building 336 – Ground floor
                                              Secretariat: 01 69 75 65 39
                                              Nurse: 01 69 75 76 07

                                         Note these three dates in the university calendar:
                                          - 03/10/07 Campaigns on smoking and contraception
                                          - 12/12/07 Campaign on AIDS
                                          - 05/03/08 Campaign on hearing
                                           Campaigns will be also be organised on road safety and stress.

                                                                                                    Faculté for students
                                                                                      Practical informationJean-Monnet
Additional Health Insurance Policy
     Though there is no requirement for students to join a mutual fund or take out
an insurance policy in addition to the obligatory affiliation to the French social
security system, it is a recommended precaution. Each mutual fund or insurance
company offers a range of packages or policies, low-budget or more comprehen-
sive. It is worth taking time to shop around, comparing prices, advantages and
rates of refund for medical costs. Study all the aspects of the products on offer
relative to your needs.
      Some practical details:
     - Student social security covers you from October 1 to September 30 of the
following year.
     - Students receving grants are exempted from the social security contribu-
     - Doctorate students are entitled to continue benefitting from the student so-
cial security scheme after the age of 28 (for a maximum of 4 years) provided that
they registered prior to reaching that age limit.
     The mutual funds manage the student social security.
     La Mutuelle Des Etudiants (LMDE)
     For all centres
     Postal address: Académie de Versailles 93699 Pantin cedex
     Reception: 10, rue de Linné, 75005 Paris (Mo Jussieu) 9:30 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
     6, rue des Fossés St-Jacques, 75005 Paris (Mo Luxembourg) 9:30 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
     Call centre: 3260, say the letters LMDE (French pronunciation). Advisers are
ready to take your calls Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
     For students at Paris-Sud University - Reception on the Orsay campus:

                                               La Mutuelle Des Etudiants (LMDE)
                      Building 332, 2nd floor, Office 230, Tel.: 01 69 15 66 90
      Open: From Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. 2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
                                                  Reception on the Sceaux campus
                                             Open every Wednesday in Building B.
     Société Mutualiste des Etudiants de la région parisienne (SMEREP)
     For all centres
     Reception: 54, bd Saint-Michel 75006 Paris, Monday-Thursday from 9:00 a.m.
– 6:00 p.m. and Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m..
     Telephone switchboard: 01 56 54 36 34
     Postal address: SMEREP, BP 617, 75662 Paris cedex 14 -
     For students at Paris-Sud 11 University - Reception on the Orsay campus:
       Société Mutualiste des Etudiants de la région parisienne (SMEREP)
                      Building 332, 2nd floor, Office 229, Tel.: 01 56 54 36 34
                                  Open: Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m., 
                                                      Reception at the Sceaux site
Open: Monday 12:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and Tuesday 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., 
                                                                       Building B.

              Faculté for students
Practical informationJean-Monnet

                                     Support for student projects
                                         The FSDIE
                                          Fonds de Solidarité et de Développement des Initiatives Etudiantes
                                                                           Service communication et édition
                                                                                           Building A – 3rd floor
                                                                            Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 91 17 29 / 18 17 

                                          The budget of the FSDIE, Fonds de Solidarité et de Développement des Initia-
                                     tives Etudiantes (Fund for Solidarity and the Development of Student Initiatives)
                                     is made up of regulatory contributions that are included in all students’ registra-
                                     tion fees. Its aim is to support student projects developed at Paris-Sud 11 Uni-
                                     versity. Different initiatives are entitled to receive financial support from FSDIE :
                                     sports and cultural activities, events that contribute to enhancing student life, hu-
                                     manitarian causes, etc.
                                          The procedure for the allocation of FSDIE support is for a proposal made by a
                                     faculty commission (« commission d’établissement ») and submitted to the Board
                                     (Conseil d’Administration) of Paris-Sud 11 University. As a general rule there are
                                     three rounds of aid allocation during the university year. Dates for depositing
                                     requests for support and Commission meetings are displayed on notice boards.
                                     At Faculté Jean-Monnet, the Communication and Pubications Department is re-
                                     sponsible for collecting and monitoring requests for support.
                                          You can receive further information and download the forms from the Paris-
                                     Sud 11 University Web site.

                                          ENVIE D’AGIR
                                          Envie d’Agir is a national programme to support young people’s sense of
                                     commitment and initiative.
                                          Envie d’agir has 3 goals:
                                          • To develop a sense of autonomy, responsibility and commitment among
                                     young people.
                                          • To foster talent, the ability to act and the creativity that are innate in young
                                          • To facilitate social and professional insertion.
                                          Envie d’agir brings support on the educational, technical and financial levels
                                     to accompany young people from the inception to the accomplishment of their
                                          Envie d’agir is open to all young people aged 11 to 30, irrespective of their sta-
                                     tus, social situation or level of qualification. Envie d’agir is open to all projects in
                                     any field, on condition that they are in some way useful to society: local animation
                                     and development, a creative cultural or scientific venture, international or local
                                     solidarity, voluntary work, a business project, etc.
                                          Information and methodological tools are available to young people on the
                                     dedicated Web site
                                          « ENVIE D’AGIR »: three mechanisms to encourage initiatives
                                          — Les fonds départementaux d’aide aux initiatives des jeunes (FDAIJ) sup-
                                     port the first collective or individual projects that may be useful to society or in
                                                                                                       Faculté for students
                                                                                         Practical informationJean-Monnet
the general interest. These funds are available to associations during the first three
years after their foundation. The financial aid granted by a departmental jury is
capped at 1,000 €.
    — Le concours de l’engagement is a competition encouraging the develop-
ment of sustainable projects or the development of new initiatives: aid from a
regional commission is capped at 1,600 €.
    — Le Défi jeunes is available to young people aged 18 to 30. Its aim is notably
to support projects with a more structured professional aim that have an impact
on a young person’s life. Projects to create business receive support and reinforced
expertise. The financial aid granted by a regional jury is capped at 8,500 €.
       For further information, go to the Web site or contact
your local Direction Départementale de la Jeunesse et des Sports.

     CLUB 92
     You are a student in the Hauts-de-Seine department and have a project either
for yourself or an association that you belong to.
     Each year the « Prospective et Création » Commission of Club 92 offers to
provide financial support to the best student projects to help to encourage a spirit
of initiative and contribute to the dynamism of higher education in the Hauts-de-
     You are invited to submit an application to the jury of Club 92 for any type
of project (social, educational, economical, cultural, etc.) excluding projects for
sponsoring and/or festivities, etc.
     These projects may receive encouragement in the form of a financial aid of
up to 1,000 €.
     Club 92 organises two rounds of grand allocation every year. For 2007 applica-
tions for aid had to be sent to Club 92 before May 21 2007 for the first round and
by November 26 2007 for the second round. For further information, see the Club
92 Web site:

              Faculté for students
Practical informationJean-Monnet

                                     Student associations
                                         The following is a non-exhaustive list of student associations. There are many
                                     other Master associations that are not listed here. New associations may be foun
                                     ed every year.


                                     A.D.E.P.T. association

                                          The aim of A.D.E.P.T. (Association des Etudiants de la spécialité Droit et Pra-
                                     tique des Relations du Travail) at Paris-Sud 11 University is to ensure that stu-
                                     dents’ course experience is lively, enjoyable and efficient. The association works
                                     in close collaboration with the course Director. It also represents the speciality in
                                     direct external contacts with professionals, at student exhibitions and many oth-
                                     ers events with which the association is involved throughout the year.

                                          The association’s many initiatives consist of creating stronger bonds between
                                     the different academic years and monitoring the evolution of our association.
                                     Members meet regularly at evening events; each year drinks are organised and
                                     alumni are invited to attend. New students are welcomed by their predecessors
                                     who share their experience and help them to find internships. To help to achieve
                                     these goals, a Web site helps to foster and consolidate these relationships not just
                                     within the university but in dealings with the professional environment. The as-
                                     sociation has set itself the task of working to promote the nationwide reputation
                                     of the speciality by:
                                          • enabling meetings between labour law professionals and academics in
                                            round tables;
                                          • maintaining partnerships and sponsorship arrangements with companies
                                            and law firms;
                                          • creating close links with publishers, notably Lefebvre, specialised in law.

                                         At the international level, the association organised a trip to Geneva, in March
                                     2007, to visit the headquarters of the International Labour Office, during which
                                     the year’s class attended conferences and debated issues related to international
                                     labour law. To help us conduct our missions, we are constantly looking for part-
                                     ners to help us fund our events and activities.

                                                                                                    Faculté for students
                                                                                      Practical informationJean-Monnet
The association of Sceaux Management
Alumini (AEGS)
                                                                     Building B
                                                                    Office 410

    The aim of AEGS is to help Management students to find employment via the
    alumni network.
   Our goals are to:
   - Organise a « Journée Forum » between professionals and students to promote
     the « Master de Gestion des Organisations » and « Licence de Gestion des
     Entreprises » diplomas,
   - Update the alumni directory,
   - Organise social evenings and meetings to create a sponsorship arrangement
     between former students and current students,
   - Create a Web site « AEGS Paris-Sud ».
     To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Faculté Jean-Monnet Paris-Sud 11,
we would like to organise a wide range of events. Please contact us if you would
like to help, as we always need volunteers!


Sports association
                                                                       Building G
                                                     Tel. : +33 (0)1 40 91 17 90

     The Sports Association (AS) welcomes you throughout the year to enjoy a
wide range of sports activities, either purely for leisure and fitness (taekwondo,
karate, aerobics, tennis, badminton, climbing, riding, golf, sailing) or more com-
petitively (team sports are football, rugby, and basketball, and individual sports
are also available), all for just 26€ per year (a small supplement may be requested
for some sports). The association also gives you access to a fitness/body-building
    During the winter holiday (in February) we also organise skiing trips to top
French resorts.
    Throughout the year we got together at some of Paris’ hottest night spots
(Duplex, Mix club, Planche, and others), and many other campus events (Xmas
drinks, football match involving teachers/students/ administrative staff, etc.)

              Faculté for students
Practical informationJean-Monnet

                                     BDE Gecko
                                                                                                           Building B
                                                                                                          Office 410
                                                                                        Sceaux: +33 (0)1 40 91 19 93

                                          The BDE Gecko is the Office of Students in Economics-Management at Facul-
                                     té Jean-Monnet, for both the Bures-sur-Yvette and Sceaux sites. Its aim is accom-
                                     pany, help and bring together all the students in Economics and Management.
                                          A descendent of the BDE MSG, it organises a wide range of outings –like the
                                     celebrated « Week-end d’Intégration » for freshmen, skiing, and the end of year
                                     weekend ...- evening events and a wide range of operations including a sale of
                                     chocolates for Xmas, organised by the BDE with students at unbeatable prices!
                                          The high point of the social calendar is the end-of-year Gala, with cocktails,
                                     concerts, entertainment and an evening dance to celebrate the end of May ex-
                                          The BDE Gecko’s mission is also to help students in their studies, notably as
                                     an interface with the different Faculty departments, the teaching staff, etc.
                                          Moreover, the BDE provides academic support in the form of classes and mu-
                                     tual aid forums on the Web site:
                                          Throughout the year, the office looks for students motivated to contribute to
                                     the activities, bring in new ideas, new projects to help make the years of studies at
                                     Faculté Jean-Monnet unforgettable!


                                     MOVE Association:
                                     the Students’ Movement
                                                                                                          Building B
                                                                                                         Office 401

                                         WHO ?
                                         • A popular, motivated students’ association, made up of students at Sceaux
                                           and Orsay, whose aim is to improve the life of students at the Faculté Jean-
                                           Monnet campus.
                                         • It has 5 active members from the L1 to M2 classes that you can bump into
                                           every day in the corridors of the faculty or around the Cafeteria
                                         • Students have shown massive support for our commitment, reflected in the
                                           2006 elections, and we now have 4 seats at the Faculty Council UFR (twice
                                           as many as at the previous elections!), giving us greater weight to defend the
                                           students’ interests.
                                                                                               Faculté for students
                                                                                 Practical informationJean-Monnet
We now play a strong role in the organisation, management of the faculty:
• Defence of student interests in timetabling and the university schedule.
• Information on the faculty life by the creation of a Web site.
• Organisation of charity concerts, and barbecues at the faculty.
• Exhibition of Yann Arthus Bertrand’s photos on sustainable development.
• Conferences and debates on the genocide in Darfour, and Prison Life.
• Implementation of waste sorting and the collection of bottletops.
• Modernisation of infrastructures by the installation of drinking water foun-
  tains, outdoor tables, a bicycle garage.
• Rehabilitation of access for the disabled.


Other Associations
Amnesty International Sceaux

Association du Master de Diplomatie (AMASDI) -

Association du Master Juriste d’affaires

Bureau de la Culture Etudiante (BDCE) -

ERASMOUV’ (Erasmus students) -



              Faculté for students
Practical informationJean-Monnet

                                     Parking cards
                                     To obtain a parking card contact the Security office
                                                                                            Luc JAN et Serge BEZARD, 
                                                                                                              Building A
                                                                                                           Ground floor   
                                      (the office is on the right when you enter the building through the main entrance)
                                                                                                  OPENING TIMES 
                                                                  8:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. 
                                                                                              Tel.: 01 40 91 18 81 
                                                                                              Fax: 01 40 91 19 81
                                                                                           CAR PARK OPENING TIMES
                                                                                                7:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

                                         All requests to park outside these hours must receive prior authorisation
                                     (contact the Security office). If the request is accepted, the applicant must provide
                                     a copy of the vehicle’s ID (« carte grise ») and a telephone number.

                                         Car park access cards are provided by the Security office.

                                         Important: DRIVE SLOWLY on the campus and in the
                                         car park.
                                         • Watch out for pedestrians.
                                         • Do not park in reserved or prohibited places.
                                         • Do not park in a way that obstructs another vehicle.
                                         • If a material incident occurs the driver of the vehicle should contact his or
                                     her insurer. In the event of such an incident or a failure, the driver must contact
                                     the Security office.

                                        Entrance to the car park is from Boulevard Paul Langevin only. The exit is on
                                     Boulevard Desgranges (drive carefully, watching out for pedestrians).

                                         2007/2008 rates            Access card         10€
                                         Parking                    monthly             15€
                                                                    annual              120€

                                         Any month started must be paid.
                                         Payable by cheque at the Security office
                                         made out to « Agent Comptable de l’Université Paris-Sud 11 » or in cash at
                                         the Finance Department, Building A, 4th floor, Office 407.

     1        c a l e n d r i e r
                          semestre 2007-2008         u n i v e r s i t a i r e
              AOÛT             SEPTEMBRE                       OCTOBRE                     NOVEMBRE                                     DÉCEMBRE                                                                   JANVIER
     M   1            S 1                            L   1                       J   1 Toussaint              S 1                                           M   1 Jour de l’An
     J   2            D 2                            M   2                       V   2                        D 2                                      11   M   2
     V   3                                           M   3                       S   3                                                                      J   3
     S   4            L   3                          J   4                       D   4                   7    L   3                                         V   4
     D   5            M   4                          V   5                                                    M   4                                         S   5
                      M   5                          S   6                       L   5                        M   5                                         D   6
     L   6            J   6                          D   7                   3   M   6                        J   6
     M   7            V   7                                                      M   7                        V   7                                         L   7
     M   8            S   8                          L   8    Début des TD       J   8                        S   8                    Fin des cours        M   8
     J   9            D   9                          M   9                       V   9                        D   9                                    12   M   9
     V   10                                          M   10                      S   10                                                                     J   10
     S   11           L   10                         J   11                      D   11 Armistice 1918   8    L   10                                        V   11
     D   12           M   11                         V   12                                                   M   11                                        S   12
                      M   12                         S   13                      L   12                       M   12                                        D   13
     L   13           J   13                         D   14                  4   M   13                       J   13
     M   14           V   14                                                     M   14                       V   14                                        L   14
     M   15           S   15                         L   15                      J   15                       S   15                   Fin des TD           M   15
     J   16           D   16                         M   16                      V   16                       D   16                                        M   16
     V   17                                          M   17                      S   17                                                                     J   17
     S   18           L   17   Début des Cours       J   18                      D   18                  9    L   17                                        V   18
     D   19           M   18                         V   19                                                   M   18                                        S   19
                                                                                                                                                                     ACANCES.VACANC EXAMENS.EXAMENS.EXAMENS.EXAM

                      M   19                         S   20                      L   19                       M   19                                        D   20
     L   20           J   20                         D   21                  5   M   20                       J   20
     M   21           V   21                                                     M   21                       V   21                                        L   21                                           Reprise des cours
     M   22           S   22                         L   22                      J   22                       S   22                                        M   22
     J   23           D   23                     1   M   23                      V   23                       D   23                                        M   23
     V   24                                          M   24                      S   24                                                                     J   24
     S   25           L   24                         J   25                      D   25                  10   L   24                                        V   25
     D   26           M   25                         V   26                                                   M   25 Noël                                   S   26
                      M   26                         S   27                      L   26                       M   26                                        D   27                                                               1
     L   27           J   27                         D   28                  6   M   27                  11   J   27
     M   28           V   28                                                     M   28                       V   28                                        L   28
     M   29           S   29                         L 29                        J   29                       S   29                                        M   29
     J   30           D   30                     2   M 30                        V   30                       D   30                                        M   30
     V   31                                          M 31                                                                                                   J   31                                                               2
                                                                             7                                L 31

                                                                                                               Faculté for students
                                                                                                 Practical informationJean-Monnet

                                                                                                                                                                                           Faculté for students
                                                                                                                                                                             Practical informationJean-Monnet

                   me                                                                                                                                                                calendrier
         2 semestre                                                                                                                                                                universitaire                                   2008
               FÉVRIER                                        MARS                                     AVRIL                                                                 MAI                                            JUIN               JUILLET
     V 1                           S 1                                   M   1                                                 J   1 Fête du travail & Ascension                     D 1                                           M   1
     S 2                           D 2                               6   M   2                                                 V   2                                                                                               M   2
     D 3                       2                                         J   3                                                 S   3                                                 L   2                                         J   3
                                   L   3                                 V   4                                                 D   4                                                 M   3                                         V   4
     L   4    Reprise des TD       M   4                                 S   5                                                                                                       M   4                                         S   5
     M   5                         M   5                                 D   6                                            10   L   5                                                 J   5                                         D   6
     M   6                         J   6                                                                                       M   6                                                 V   6
     J   7                         V   7                                 L   7                                                 M   7                                                 S   7                                         L   7
     V   8                         S   8                                 M   8                                                 J   8 Victoire 1945                                   D   8                                         M   8
     S   9                         D   9                                 M   9                                                 V   9                                                                                               M   9

     D   10                    3                                         J   10                                                S   10                                                L   9                                         J   10
                                   L   10                                V   11                                                D   11 Pentecôte                                      M   10                                        V   11
     L   11                        M   11                                S   12                                                                                                      M   11                                        S   12
     M   12                        M   12                                D   13                                           11   L   12                                                J   12                                        D   13
     M   13                        J   13                                                                                      M   13                                                V   13
     J   14                        V   14                                L   14                                                M   14                                                S   14                                        L   14 Fête nationale
     V   15                        S   15                                M   15                                                J   15                                                D   15                                        M   15
     S   16                        D   16                            7   M   16                                                V   16                                                                                              M   16

     D   17                    4                                         J   17                                                S   17                                                L   16                                        J   17
                                   L   17                                V   18                                                D   18                                                M   17                                        V   18
     L   18                        M   18                                S   19                     Fin des Cours et TD                                                              M   18                                        S   19
     M   19                        M   19                                D   20                                           12   L   19                                                J   19                                        D   20
     M   20                        J   20                                                                                      M   20                                                V   20
     J   21                        V   21                                L   21                                                M   21                                                S   21                                        L   21
     V   22                        S   22                                M   22                                                J   22                                                D   22                                        M   22
     S   23                        D   23 Pâques                     8   M   23                                                V   23                                                                                              M   23
     D   24                    5                                         J   24                                                S   24                                                L   23                                        J   24
                                   L   24 Férié                          V   25                                                D   25                                                M   24                                        V   25
     L   25                        M   25                                S   26                                                                                                      M   25                                        S   26
     M   26                        M   26                                D   27                                                L   26                                                J   26                                        D   27

     M   27                        J   27                                                                                      M   27                                                V   27

     J   28                        V   28                                L 28                                                  M   28                                                S   28                                        L   28
     V   29                    6   S   29                                M 29                                                  J   29                                                D   29                                        M   29
                                   D   30                            9   M 30                                                  V   30                                                                                              M   30
                                                                                                                               S   31                                                L 30                                          J   31
                                   L 31

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