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					Guide to Pumping with the Avent Isis Breast Pump
Ok, so youve begun breastfeeding, but youre maybe having trouble feeding your baby as often as they want, or youre getting stir-crazy at home and want to get out there and be a human being again. Maybe youve tried breastfeeding outside the house, and youre getting looks from other women and you feel embarrassed and frazzled. It sure sounds like an Avent Isis Breast Pump would come in handy. Breast Pumping will allow you to store up a supply of breast milk for difficult situations, and to free you from having to pull up your shirt and expose yourself every time you need to feed. How does that sound for piece of mind?

Before you being using your Avent Breast Pump, dont forget to sterilize the collection bottles, tubing and other parts of the pumping system. The best and easiest way is to boil a big ol pot of water on the stove and dump in all the plastic pieces, letting them boil for 5 minutes to kill all germs that could contaminate them. Then, go sit in a relaxing and comfortable place and get ready to pump. Remember, its probably going to take anywhere from 10 " 30 minutes to pump if you havent done this before, so relaxing is key to getting it done and avoiding frustration.

The Avent Isis Pump makes it very easy for you to feel like the process is as natural as possible. It has a let-down pad, as well as control over speed and pressure, which mimic the suction of an infant. There are no complicated attachments to be made. Just follow the simple instructions included and you will be done pumping in anywhere between ten and thirty minutes.

Once youve expressed one or more bottles of milk from each breast, (and yes, dont just pump from one breast or the other one will quickly remind you that thats a bad idea) you can either feed it to your baby right then and there, or you can refrigerate or freeze your breast milk for later use. Remember, in the fridge, milk lasts about 7 days, and frozen, milk lasts about 2 months. Never re-freeze your milk, by the way, as it will compromise its integrity and safety.

There are specially-designed storage bags known as CSF " collect, store, and freeze bags that are made for breast milk. Obviously, theyre the best choice to store your breast milk. Theyre made from a sterilized plastic that prevents the milk from sticking to the sides of the bags, and keeps the milk in the best shape possible for later use.

Although using an electric breast pump takes time to get used to, many moms get discouraged because they find it difficult to pump at first. Remember, relax, relax, relax and youll express better and faster. The same goes for breastfeeding. If youre not relaxed, no ones getting any milk and everyone will be upset. Once youve got it down, youll feel great that you can create a backup supply of life-giving breast milk for emergencies, for travel, and for other family members to feed the baby if you desire. Welcome to the world of Avent Isis Breast Pumps.

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If you're considering breastfeeding and finding it difficult or very time-consuming, or you just want more freedom or for other family members to feed and bond with your baby, buy an Avent Duo Isis Breast Pump.