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									                        Journal of the Early Republic
                        2013 Advertising rAtes And informAtion
                         The Journal of the Early Republic is a quarterly journal committed
                         to publishing the best scholarship on the history and culture
                         of the United States in the years of the early republic (1776–1861).

                                                               Published by the University of Pennsylvania Press

Issuance                                                       contact InformatIon
ISSN: 0275-1275                                                Reservations and inquiries should be sent to:
Frequency: Quarterly                                           Dave Lievens
Mail Dates: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter                       Editing & Production Coordinator
                                                               University of Pennsylvania Press
acceptance polIcy                                              3905 Spruce Street
All products, services, and ad copy are subject                Philadelphia, PA 19104-4112
to approval by the publisher before insertion. Notice          Email: lievens@upenn.edu
of cancellation must be received by artwork due date.          Phone: 215-898-7588
                                                               Fax: 215-746-3636
exchange ad agreements
The Press welcomes the opportunity to establish
ad exchange agreements with fellow publishers. Please
contact the Press if you are interested in finding out more
                                                                MAILINg LIST RENTAL
or discussing an exchange.                                       Subscriber mailing lists are available for rental
                                                                 by publishers and advertisers whose products would be
                                                                 of interest to our readers.
 Ads will be positioned at the back of each issue and
                                                                 Pricing and Formats
 on cover 3 (inside back cover). Only cover 3 positioning is     Electronic file: $175.00/ M ($175 minimum). Available
 guaranteed.                                                     by email attachment or on computer disk.

                                                                 Policies and Terms
 Half Page: $200    ∙   Full Page: $300    ∙   Cover 3: $350
                                                                 A sample mailing piece is required for all list rentals.
  Issue Closing Dates                                            Lists will not be provided until the sample has been
  Issue      Reservation       Ad Deadline       Publication     received, reviewed and approved by the Press and the
  Spring      12/5/12           12/19/12           2/24/13       editorial office. The Press reserves the right to deny
  Summer      2/15/13            2/28/13           4/30/13       use of any mailing list if it is deemed inappropriate.
  Fall        6/15/13            6/29/13           8/30/13       Lists are rented for one-time use only and are seeded
  Winter      9/14/13            9/28/13          11/30/13       to detect unauthorized use.

 MEChANICAL SPECIFICATIoNS                                       DISCoUNTS
  Journal Trim Size: 6” x 9”                                     Combine your list rental order with the placement
  Ad Dimensions: Half Page: 4¼” x 3½”                            of a full-page advertisement in the same title
     Full Page: 4¼” x 7¼” Cover 3: 5” x 7½”                      and receive a 15 percent discount on the list rental fee.

   ∙ Journal is printed offset on uncoated stock.
   ∙ Ads may be emailed as print-optimized PDF files.
   ∙ Images should be scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi.
   ∙ All fonts should be embedded (type I fonts
     recommended). Do not use Truetype fonts.
                                                                University of Pennsylvania
   ∙ Halftones are shot at 133-line screen.                                   Press
   ∙ No bleeds.                                                                        3905 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-4112
   Journal of the Early Republic is published for the Society for historians of the Early American
   Republic (ShEAR) by the University of Pennsylvania Press. ShEAR was established in 1977 to
   foster and improve the study and teaching of the history of the United States from the Ameri-
   can Revolution to the outbreak of the Civil War.

artIcles from the WInter 2012 Issue
“From a Nation of Drunkards, We have Become a Sober People”: The Wyandot Experience in the
ohio Valley during the Early Republic
shannon bontrager

“A Dangerous Set of People”: British Captives and the Making of Revolutionary Identity in the
Mid-Atlantic Interior
ken miller

Women and Property in Early Louisiana: Legal Systems at odds
sara brooks sundberg

“From the New World to the old, and Back Again”: Whig University Leaders and Trans-Atlantic
Nationalism in the Era of 1848
brian m. ingrassia

  2013 SUBSCRIPTIoN RATES                              oRDERINg INFoRMATIoN
  Students: $30                                        Journal of the Early Republic
  Individuals (income to $45,000): $40                 c/o SHEAR
  Individuals (income above $45,000): $70              3355 Woodland Walk
  Institutions: $120                                   Philadelphia, PA 19104-4531
  International orders please add $18 for shipping.    Phone: 215-746-5393
                                                       Email: info@shear.org


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