The Causes of World War Two

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					The Causes of
World War II
      What Caused World War II?
   There were 5 causes that lead to the rise of
    Hitler and the start of World War II
      Cause 1: The Harsh Terms of the
            Treaty of Versailles
   Treaty of Versailles included:
         Germany accepts responsibility for the war

         Germany pays war reparations to pay for damages it
         Germany must reduce its army to no more then
          100,000 men
         Germany may not have an air force or submarines
          and only permitted 6 ships
         Germany loses territory including coal rich areas on
          the boarder with France
         Germany must lose territory to Poland &
          acknowledge Poland’s independence
       Cause 2: Economic Problems
        Resulting From Depression
   Inflation – The German government borrowed lots of
    money to finance WWI. To repay this debt, the
    country simply printed more money.
          This devalued the currency and caused massive inflation
          Ex. In 1922 300 marks bought 1 American dollar. Only a year later
           it took 50,000 marks to buy the same dollar
    Economic Problems resulting in the
        Depression Continued…
   Huge inflation caused the Great Depression to have a
    more serious impact on Germany
           Reparation payments Germany was required to make combined with
            the problems of the Great Depression, the German people suffered
Cause 3: The Failure of the League of
   The League of Nations was an international organization
    created by the victors of the First World War, designed to
    never allow a World War to occur again
   It was a conference held in Geneva, Switzerland
   It did not have armed forces so it depended on the powerful
    nations to protect the world
The Failure of the League of Nations
   It did not have much chance for success because it did not
    have armed forces. It relied on its member’s actions to
    enforce the rules.
   The United States also refused to join which lowered its
       Cause 4: The Rise of Fascism
   Fascism is a political philosophy characterized by intense
    nationalism, militarism & elitism.
   Fascist governments controls all aspects of society including
    political, economical and social aspects.
   Fascism as a philosophy appealed to Germany in the early
    1930’s because it helped the Nazi Party stand out as a strong
    party with a clear mission of creating a powerful Germany
    Cause 5:The Policy of Appeasement
 The United Nations refused to interfere conflicts around the
  world, showed countries had no wish to get involved
 In the years leading up to World War II Britain and France

  wanted peace &
  avoided confrontations w.
  both Germany and Italy.
 No one wanted to fight!!!!!

 Appeasement means “to

soothe, pacify, or relieve”
             To Wrap It Up….
   These 5 factors led to World War 2 and the
    Rise of Hitler….

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