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08-17 Number Subject: Safety Guidelines for Live Holiday Trees and Decorations By Direction of: James P. Creedon, Secretary of General Services Contact Agency: Department of General Services, Bureau of Facilities Management, 717-783-5341 This circular contains information relative to fire prevention, spraying of trees and conservation of electricity applicable to Commonwealth-owned and leased properties. The following precautions must be taken to prevent fires during the holiday season: 1. All live trees, live wreaths and live garlands must be sprayed with a flameretardant agent. a. Agencies and offices in the Harrisburg area must have live trees, wreaths, and garlands sprayed and "Safety Tagged" by the Landscaping Grounds Section of the DGS Bureau of Facilities Management. Drop-off service is available at the Forum Building's lower dock area (enter from Seventh Street to underground driveway - a directional sign will be posted) from December 1 through December 15 from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. daily. No appointment is necessary. Trees, wreaths and garlands may be picked up anytime after they have been sprayed; however, please be aware that the spray can take several hours to dry. Call 717-787-4370 or 717-787-4831 if more information is needed about this service. b. Agencies and offices outside of the Harrisburg area must also have all live trees, wreaths and garlands sprayed with a flame-retardant agent. Proof of spraying must be retained for your building's Fire Marshal, Building Administrator or local authorities. 2. The "Safety Tag" must remain attached to the tree, wreath or garland for the entire time it is on Commonwealth property. Date: 11/24/2008 Expiration Date: 11/23/2009

Administrative Circular 08-17

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3. All trees must be watered daily to prevent drying. 4. Open-flame lighting devices, such as decorative candles, are prohibited. Due to fire/safety precautions, only UL-approved holiday LED and UL-approved mini lights will be permitted, and only for use on trees except as enumerated below. Lights are not permitted on wreaths, garlands or other decorations. a. In public areas, trees with lights are restricted to lobby, rotunda, or prominent public gathering areas within buildings. b. Only one tree with lights is permitted per office or bureau. c. The lights must be on timers or turned off after normal working hours. d. For the 2010 Holiday Season, only UL-approved holiday LED lights will be permitted for use on trees. Existing UL-approved mini lights may still be used for the 2008 and 2009 holiday seasons. 5. A fire extinguisher must be kept within 50 feet (travel distance) of all live trees, wreaths and garlands. 6. All trees must be removed by January 8, 2009. The DGS Fire, Safety and Environmental Section will conduct inspections of trees, wreaths, garlands and decorations for DGS-managed buildings in the Harrisburg area. DGS Building Administrators will conduct the same inspections for the Regional State Office Buildings in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading and Scranton. Should any violations be found, the inspector has the authority to require the removal of those trees and decorations. In any building not managed by DGS, the agency responsible for that building is required to conduct its own periodic inspections of all holiday decorations. These restrictions apply to all Commonwealth-owned and leased properties. No holiday lights will be permitted in dormitory room sleeping quarters. Agencies are to ensure that this information is made available to all personnel.

Administrative Circular 08-17

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