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To be prepared by the institution's Fiscal Office and signed by both Principal Investigator and Fiscal Officer DUE: February 1 for January Awardees and August 1 for July Awardees PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR/MENTOR: Type PI/Mentor Name Here INSTITUTION: Type Institute Here TITLE OF PROJECT: Type Title Here AWARD PERIOD: Type Award Years Here FELLOW: (Mentor Awards ONLY) Type Fellow Name here ADA AWARD NO.: Type # Here INSTITUTE AWARD NO.: Type # Here CURRENT REPORT PERIOD: Type Report Period Here

Current Award Budget

Approved Carryover (previous year)

Current Expenses (current
year only)

Requested Carryover

SALARY for Principal Investigator or Postdoc Fellow (Fellowships ONLY) FRINGE BENEFIT @ ____% of salary SUBTOTAL $ TECHNICAL PERSONNEL NOT applicable to Training Awards (itemize below by name and degree or title) $ $ -

$ $ $


$ $ $ $ $ SUBTOTAL $ SUPPLIES (categorize below) (Fellowhips not to exceed $3000/yr) $ $ $ $ $ SUBTOTAL $ EQUIPMENT (itemize below) NOT applicable for Training Awards $ $ $ $ SUBTOTAL $ OTHER EXPENSES (itemize below) Annual Report: Revised (10/15/07) $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $




$ $ $ TRAVEL (observe maximum) SUBTOTAL $ DIRECT COSTS TOTAL $ INDIRECT COSTS (not to exceed 15% of direct costs) NOT applicable to Training Awards GRAND TOTAL $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $


$ $ $ TOTAL AWARDED (Current Year Award Only):


TOTAL RECEIVED (Current Year Only): By signing below, I certify that this annual report is an accurate account of expenses and obligations made in accordance with the current ADA grant regulations made for the purposes outlined in the application, online, and award package. Additionally, written justification is being submitted for the grand total requested carryover if applicable. PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR/MENTOR: Type PI/Mentor Here Fiscal Officer: Type Officer Name Here Prepared by: Type Name and Title Here DATE: Type Date Here DATE: Type Date Here Phone: Type # Here SIGNATURE (Required Below):

SIGNATURE (Required Below):

Email: Type Email Address Here

Note: This report should be submitted as a PDF document merged with the scientific portion of the Progress Report. Signatures are required in order to complete the reporting requirements. Completed forms should be sent to Upon approval of the Progress Report, the renewal notification will be sent to the PI. Awards with reporting discrepancies will be placed on hold until all matters have been resolved. Thank you in advance for complying with ADA guidelines. *** See Report Legend tab for color coding key.

Annual Report: Revised (10/15/07)

Precalculated formulas. Do not type in these areas. Titles and Headings. Do not type in these areas. Instruction. Do not type in these areas. Please insert your information in these blank areas.

For more details, please review the grant stipulations


Each Annual Progress Report must be submitted with an annual financial report prepared by your Fiscal Officer. The report should be based on expenditures for the current grant year only (i.e., July 1– June 30 or January 1– December 31). Each report must be submitted on the lastest version of the form, which can be downloaded from the ADA Research website via the Grant Applications Forms link found at The completed financial portion of the report should be: 1) merged with the scientific portion into one Portable Document Formatted (PDF) document, and 2) sent to All reports, which do not adhere to the ADA format and/or do not have the required signatures, will be returned for revision and resubmission. All expenses must be itemized. Itemization may be attached or typed into the report. Each year of funding after the first is contingent upon approval of the Annual Progress Report and the availability of funds Unexpended funds can be automatically carried over from Year 1 to Year 2 as long as a carryover justification is submitted in the allotted report space so that ADA can maintain accurate funding records. Carryover of funds in subsequent years is discouraged and determined in a case-by-case basis. Any alterations in the approved award budget greater than 25% of each budget category require prior written approval of the American Diabetes Association and must adhere to category funding limits. Under no circumstances will the budget for a project be increased beyond the terms originally applied for and approved by the Association. Spending restrictions to keep in mind: - Travel expenses may not exceed $2,000 per year for Research, Clinical Research, Career Development, and Junior Faculty Awards. $1,000 for Mentor-based Postdoctoral Fellowship and Mentor-based Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship (for the fellow), $1,000 for Physician Scientist Training Award, and $500 for Medical Scholar Award - Book purchases may not exceed $500 per year - The following items may NOT be purchased with direct cost funds: - Rent for office or lab space - Computer hardware (e.g., desktop, laptop, printer) or telephone service support, unless adequately justified and approved in writing, prior to the purchase, by the ADA - Non-technical (custodial or administrative) support - Tuition, training stipends (with the exception of Physician Scientist and Medical Scholar Awards) - Relocation costs - Subscriptions and memberships (including ADA Professional Section membership)

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This is not a complete list. If you have any questions about whether you can purchase a particular item or service with direct costs, please contact Angela Van Valkenburg prior to the purchase. The Association reserves the right to refuse to pay for items or services with direct costs. Unsanctioned purchases will be deducted from the award or the requested carryover.

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