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									              Local Safeguarding Children Board meeting – Executive Summary

                        6th July 2012, Oakenclough Children’s Centre, Wilmslow

Matters arising from the previous meeting included:-
  A self-assessment survey for schools has been completed, looking at issues raised by North
       Somerset LSCB’s Serious Case Review into the sexual abuse of primary school children by their
  Fintan Bradley, Head of Service: Strategy, Planning & Performance, brought a progress update on
       the Action Plan that came out of Cheshire East Council’s (CEC) Announced Inspection of
       Safeguarding and Looked After Children Services in July/August 2011.

Department of Education consultation on revised safeguarding statutory guidance
Consultation on a replacement to the 2010 edition of Working Together to Safeguard Children is open
until 4.9.12. It is proposed that there will three new documents:-

        Working together to safeguard children: draft guidance on what is expected of organisations,
         individually and jointly, to safeguard and promote the welfare of children;
        Managing individual cases: the framework for the assessment of children in need and their
         families: draft guidance on undertaking assessments of children in need; and
        Statutory guidance on learning and improvement: proposed new arrangements for Serious
         Case Reviews, reviews of child deaths and other learning processes led by Local Safeguarding
         Children Boards.
Tim Newton, LSCB Business Manager, will lead a task and finish group including Jonathan Potter, Moira
McGrath, and Dr Katina Marinaki to look at a LSCB response.

Multi-agency performance data
Glynis Williams, Safeguarding Manager Conferences and Reviews, presented draft of a new Safeguarding
Performance Report containing data from a range of LSCB partner agencies
  Safe in the Neighbourhood
  Safe in the home
  Safe in Educational Settings
  Child Protection Core Business
  Partnership/organisational
The report will continue to be developed, with the inclusion of more outcomes measures, benchmarking
information to compare with other Authorities, and further health data.
Pauline Ruth, Representative for the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector, and Gill McIntyre, LSCB Lay
Member, agreed to look at ways of how the document could be made available to the public.

Multi-agency Case Audit pilot
Kate Rose, Principal Safeguarding Manager, reported back on a Case Audit that piloted a methodology
developed from the systems approach now proposed for Serious Case Reviews.
The Audit considered children subject to a Child Protection Plan from July 2009 till the plan was
discontinued in October 2011. A group of the key professionals involved with the family talked through
the journey from all sides identifying key practice episodes that could provide useful learning for the
LSCB. Auditors also visited the children’s mother to gain her perspective.
Feedback was given to practitioners involved with about twenty learning points, but narrowed down to
three crucial points as follows –
       The need for training or tools to enable professionals to identify limitations in parental learning
        styles. How to ensure that the right messages are given to parents, and that those parents
        actually understand what they are being told in a Child Protection context.
       People’s perceptions of what abuse actually is, and how this challenge is taken to the public.
       How core groups work and the responsibility around them. If they are operated as a team they
        can work well, but a high level of pressure is put on to Social Care, when it is a shared
        responsibility. The challenge is around how the function of the core groups is improved and
        what the expectations are.
A progress report on the three key areas was requested by the Board in six months time.
It was agreed that the LSCB would take forward this model of Multi-Agency Case Auditing, looking at five
cases twice a year. Each case would require two auditors per case, one of whom will be a Board

SCIE Review
Kate Rose presented a report on evaluation and roll out of systems model for conducting Serious Case
Reviews (SCRs) developed by Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE). Following recommendations
agreed –
       That the Board agree that CE LSCB continue to develop the SCIE model for Serious Case Reviews,
        other case reviews, and case audits.
       That there is agreement that the next case review in Cheshire East (Serious Case Review or
        otherwise) is - Government exception allowing - conducted using the SCIE systems methodology.
       That Board members use their influence across other strategic Boards to promote this
        methodology in other case reviews (MAPPA, Domestic Homicide, and Adult Safeguarding), so
        that Cheshire East develops a single approach based on understanding why actions were taken
        and how professionals are influenced by the organisations and systems in which they are
Kate Rose gave a progress report on a workstream on Emotional Intelligence/Reflective Supervision,
originating from findings 7 and 8 of the SCIE Review regarding Child Z. A questionnaire has been
prepared for all LSCB partner agencies to report on arrangements for emotional support of staff.

Board Members’ Development Day 14th June 2012
Jan Horwath, Professor of Child Welfare at the University of Sheffield, delivered a second session
following up on one held in December 2011. This explored ways in which the Board can gather and
analyse information about outcomes for children receiving child protection services.

Cumbria Ofsted Announced Inspection report
Eleanor Roaf, LSCB Independent Chair, brought the report to Board for information as the LSCB in
Cumbria was heavily criticised. In future Ofsted inspections, the LSCB role will be under further scrutiny.

Domestic Abuse Guidance

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Judith Gibson, Cheshire East Domestic Abuse Partnership Co-ordinator, presented Cheshire East
Guidance On Safeguarding Children And Young People Exposed To Domestic Abuse. This was approved
by Cheshire East LSCB, and should be disseminated by all partners to frontline practitioners.
Perpetrator Service Provision
Judith also discussed services to perpetrators of domestic abuse in Cheshire East. This is important in
order to ensure a whole family response to domestic abuse, but currently is not provided at a sufficient
level. There is work underway to develop a combined family approach; in about twenty months time it is
hoped to combine funding for domestic abuse services. Cheshire East LSCB supported this initiative.
Cheshire East Domestic Abuse Partnership (CEDAP)
Cheshire East LSCB also agreed to a proposed change to CEDAP’s governance; CEDAP would become a
Domestic Abuse Commissioning, Performance, and Development Group, and would report to both LSCB
and LSAB.

Child Sexual Exploitation and Gangs
Kate Rose presented the summary of Cheshire East’s response to information requested by the
Children’s Commissioner’s Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups (CSEGG). Cheshire
East numbers are very low. The Children’s Commissioner published CSEGG emerging findings in July

Performance Report January – March 2012
Fintan Bradley presented report under current format for period Jan – March 2012. Data still developing.
Jonathan Potter commented that improvements in the child protection process should make a
difference. The Children’s Assessment team is now more robust, with ever improving changes. Still need
to look at outcomes and the ages of children.
More to be done to raise awareness of the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) around the
suitability of adults working with children.

Cheshire East LSCB Annual Report 2011-12

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The final draft of the Annual Report was presented for information. LSCB Members were asked to
cascade the report to their own management boards, and it can now be distributed to the Children’s
Trust and other strategic partnerships.

Any Other Business
  A letter from St Mary’s Hospital around the lower level than expected of referrals from Cheshire
     East to the Sexual Assault referral Centre (SARC) and the need to raise awareness about the referral

  The Multi-Agency Information Sharing Protocol has not been cascaded, practitioners remain
     unaware of it. It will be added to LSCB website, and Members asked to cascade to own agencies.

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Next Meeting
Date: Friday 7th September
Place: Training Suite 1, Macclesfield Town Hall.
Time: 9.30 a.m

For further information on any of the above issues or about Cheshire East Local Safeguarding
Children Board, email lscb@cheshireeast.gov.uk and visit http://www.cheshireeastlscb.org.uk/


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