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									The latest and amazing flagship smartphone announced by Samsung Galaxy S4
comes with lot of accessories to make your entertainment more richer and
joyful. Samsung wants it to be part of your life. To that end it has
created a lots of new accessories to expand the mobile’s capabilities.
let’s take a look at all the accessories offered by Samsung in Galaxy S4.

List Of Accessories In Samsung Galaxy S4

1. S Band pedometer

2. Game Pad

3. Wireless Charging Pad / Cover

4. Extra Battery Kit

5. Heart rate band sensor

6. A Body Scale

7. headset

8. Cases

1. S Band

Samsung has offered the S Band, the device which records your daily
activities. As you may know Galaxy S4 comes with specialized sensors
including a temperature and humidity sensor, as well as a pedometer, for
use with its S-Health fitness tracking feature. The new S Band works on
the S-health 2.0 app (included by default in Galaxy S4) which helps
record the user’s steps, calories burned and distance traveled. This
device is just outstanding and Samsung also claims it to be the
waterproof one. The S Band is also capable to test your sleeping
efficiency by measuring how much you moved while you slept. The
information is very much easier to get (about your daily activities) as
it synchronizes on the smartphone in your purse or pocket with the help
of S-health 2.0 app. S Band is available in four different colors. Just
think of how much exceptional device is this?

2. Game Pad

This time Samsung makes their gaming users more happy with the Game Pad.
The device offers a remote control function for gaming experience.
According to Samsung, it allows the user full Control with optimized
buttons. The device supports one touch Bluetooth pairing via NFC Tectile
technology, and offers gaming controls. The device holder slides out the
top of the Xbox-alike controller, which allows you to slide your phone
into it in landscape mode to enjoy the full gaming experience. Samsung
also unveils that the Game Pad will fit smartphones with screen sizes
from 4 to 6.3 inches. So we just hope that note 3 will sports 6.3-inch
3. Wireless Charger

After the Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung has featured the wireless charging
feature in the Galaxy S4. But, unfortunately Samsung didn’t reveal the
feature during the show at New York. It mirrors, the wireless charging
feature will be a regional (only for some countries), so perhaps that’s
why the Samsung stayed mum on the issue. According to the Engadget the
phone doesn’t comes with inbuilt wireless charging feature but it may
vary with the carrier offering the phone and the region. The CNET also
reports you’ll need a new back cover to enable wireless charging in the
smartphone. That means to get wireless charging, you have to replace the
back of the phone with the new cover.

4. Extra Battery Kit

Samsung offers the extra battery kit for heavy smartphone users, as the
Galaxy S4 comes with a removable back and battery, it signifies that you
can carry around a charged battery with you and swap when you need it.

5. Heart Rate Monitor

HRM is a heart rate monitor which runs with the Running Mate app. Samsung
claims that it helps to control the user’s exercise strength by checking
heart rate. HRM keeps track of your heart rate, so you can find out if
you’re really getting a thorough work-out. The HRM is a black band that
straps across your chest. It connects to the Samsung Galaxy S4 via
Bluetooth. In this case, this one would easily talk to the S Health app,
which will monitor not only your health status, but your physical
activity too.

6. Body Scale

Same as the Heart rate monitor, the Samsung body scale is Bluetooth
enabled and will talk to your S Health app. And again, much like the case
of the HRM, we’ve already seen plenty of other Wi-Fi connected body
scales, which come with their iOS or Android apps. The device supports up
to seven users via the S-Health 2.0 app, keeping track of your weight
over time. This scale uploads your data via Wi-Fi to the cloud, but
Samsung’s requires a Bluetooth connection to the phone to store weight

7. Headset
Samsung included the one more accessory in this line up as headset. The
headset is for music lovers as the set contains two speakers in each
headphone (woofer and tweeter) for more authentic sound, and an added
inline remote with volume controls and a control button to answer hang-up
calls. But I’d guess it’s meant only for US users, who usually don’t get
headsets bundled in their retail package, but this time may be happy.

8. Cases

Company is providing many varieties of covers in help to protect Galaxy
S4. While there are many colors available in the flip cover, the
protective cover plus claims to offer better protection for the

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